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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Road To Schism - The Association of U.S. Catholic Priests

A liberal "Catholic" mass in which a female "priestess" presides.
This is a vision of Vatican II shared by many Modernist Catholics.
(TBO) - But with the tradition-minded Pope Benedict XVI at the helm of the 1 billion-member church, there's been a slow shift toward returning to some of the old practices and structure.

That's a concern for some clergy.

This week, about 240 priests from around the country are meeting at Saint Leo University in St. Leo for the inaugural assembly of the newly formed Association of U.S. Catholic Priests. Among its goals: To be a "voice of hope" and to "celebrate and implement the visionary concepts of Vatican Council II."

The Rev. David Cooper, a Milwaukee pastor and board chairman, says keeping the spirit of what was intended by the council — which opened in October 1962 and concluded in December 1965 — is urgent, given the direction the church seems to be taking.

"We're not positioning ourselves to be a controversial voice, but a collaborative one," he says. "With fewer priests and smaller dioceses spread out, you can feel isolated. This gives us a place to gather and share our concerns and goals....

....So the association will adopt a resolution asking that the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University do a nationwide survey on the reception of the new missal.

Besides providing a forum for priests and serving as a "spiritual and psychological advocate," the association also intends to support female church colleagues, some of whom are now under scrutiny by Rome.

This week, representatives of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious met with Vatican officials to discuss the growing tension between the two sides. Church hierarchy has accused American nuns of flouting core doctrine and taking an overly liberal "feminist" bent, and said it will reform the group — which represents 80 percent of Catholic sisters — to adhere to church teachings....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So begins phase 2 of the slow motion train wreck that is the U.S. Catholic Church. Phase 1 was completed last year with the "American Catholic Council" designed call into question the liturgical and doctrinal reforms of Pope Benedict XVI.  Now we enter phase 2, wherein Modernists priests are beginning to rally together and form their own group.  It's not that such a gathering of priests is bad -- far from it -- it is rather the issue they are gathering around.  Right from the start, the stated purpose is to foster a vision of Vatican II that is opposed to the pope's vision.  I have no hesitation in saying the pope's vision of Vatican II is the ONE AND ONLY AUTHENTIC VISION there is.  Everything opposed to it is rebellion, and while they certainly will not say it openly, this group "The Association of U.S. Catholic Priests" is indeed a rebellious organisation.  It is rebellious against the pope and every bishop in union with his vision of the Second Vatican Council.

Rebellious organisations can only produce one thing -- schism!  Now it may not happen overnight.  These things usually smoulder for a while before actually bursting into flames.  It may take years before we see this organisation for what it truly is -- in all its rebellious glory.   Nevertheless, the associations it is already making should raise a few red flags.  The LCWR is most certainly a rebellious organisation, beyond any shadow of a doubt, which will undoubtedly lead to schism of more than a few religious sisters (nuns).  The Association of U.S. Catholic Priests has already voiced its support of this organisation over the Vatican, as well as a vision of Vatican II that is opposed to the pope.  Can there be any doubt what this organisation is, and what it intends to do?  In the short-run it will attempt to strong-arm the U.S. Catholic Bishops into compliance with its will over and against the Vatican.  If however, they should fail in that objective, and they will for the most part, then they will pave the way for phase 3 of the impending schism in the U.S. Catholic Church.  What is phase 3?  Simple, it will be the alignment of a few bishops with the intentions of The Association of U.S. Catholic Priests over and against the Vatican and the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference.  Once that happens, all the pieces will be in place, and schism will be inevitable.  We only need sit back and watch the whole thing unfold.  I say just give it a three to five years.  That's all the time they really need.