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Friday, August 24, 2012

Election 2012

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Some of my regular readers will notice that I have been avoiding the general topic of politics as it relates to the 2012 election. I intend to keep that direction when it comes to the candidates. I do not endorse any political ticket this year, and I have asked The Catholic Squire to refrain from endorsing anyone as well. I will however say, that because of Barack Obama's recent HHS mandate, any vote for him is material cooperation in the persecution of the Catholic Church. If you're a Catholic, and you vote for Obama, you just voted to allow the federal government to put your bishop or priest in jail -- literally! If you didn't know that, where the hell have you been for the last six months!?! Under a rock!?! Wake up and get informed. You can vote for the Republican ticket, you can vote for a third-party ticket, or you can choose not to vote at all in the presidential race. But if you vote for the Democratic ticket this year (Obama/Biden), you are committing mortal sin, by voting to persecute the U.S. Catholic Church. That's a fact, like it or lump it, but there it is.

Now in regards to the two Catholic candidates on the ballot this year (Joe Biden and Paul Ryan) we have a striking contrast which is cause for a good conversation of Catholic Social doctrine. Vice presidential candidate Joe Biden represents the classic example of old-school American Catholicism. It's the idea that Solidarity with the poor trumps all, even the right to life and traditional marriage, and as for Subsidiarity -- what's that? Meanwhile Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan represents a new vision of Catholicism in America, which is the emergence of the Catholic principle of Subsidiarity, along with a strong emphasis on the right to life and the traditional family. The question that remains is who's vision WILL prevail, verses who's vision SHOULD prevail?

In my opinion, Paul Ryan's vision WILL prevail in the U.S. Catholic Church eventually, even if Ryan does not win the vice presidential seat this election cycle. The Joe Biden vision is outdated, antiquated and somewhat heretical. However, that doesn't mean we throw out Solidarity with the poor. This is where the "rubber meets the road" in U.S. Catholicism today, and this election (regardless of who wins) will mark the beginning of a very long debate that will probably last us the next 20 years or so. How do we strike the balance between Subsidiarity and Solidarity? Of course, this goes without questioning the non-negotiable principles of life and traditional family. So where is the balance between Subsidiarity and Solidarity? I for one would point to the writings of G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc as embodied in the modern third-way economic model of Distributism. What are your thoughts? How do we find the balance?