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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Southern Independence - A 12 Step Program

It is a common Southern tradition to place flags on the headstones
of our fallen Confederate soldiers.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The ideas I present here are by no means original. I have reproduced them, and modified them, as needed to fit this cause. The United States of America is sinking. It is a ship that is going down. Our problems far exceed those of national debt and economic recession. If only these two were all that faced us, we could conquer them in time. No, our problems are more deeply rooted. American culture is fractured and eroded. The very fabric of our once great nation is torn. It is impossible to restore the United States and so she shall go the way of all once great empires. America's problem is twofold. The first part is in Washington DC, and the second part is in New York City. This is because Washington and New York are joined at the hip. For the business of Washington is big business, and big business predominately resides in New York. Other cities play a role too, of course, but New York by far takes the lead. America's problem is that socialism and corporatism are just two sides of the same coin. For as the government structures the economy to favour big business, the normal and natural result of that is a cry for more government programs. Government gets bigger and business gets bigger. Smaller governments (state and local) become dependent on the federal. While smaller businesses (mom and pop stores) disappear completely off the map.

As American Southerners (Dixians), all of this is viewed as a direct assault on our people and our culture. In fact, it's nothing new. Our culture has been under siege since 1861. The government that now exists in Washington DC is not the constitutional republic our founding fathers created in 1776 - 1789. That government died in 1861 - 1865. What replaced it was an imperial republic, that has ever since grown in size, consuming everything in its path, until now it threatens every freedom our founders fought so hard to secure. This monstrosity, this empire, cannot be corrected. Every attempt at righting its trajectory has failed. It has become everything our founders fought to liberate us from, everything and so much more. What remains of our people and our culture is nearly lost, but we are not yet extinct.

To liberate ourselves from this empire, our Southern culture and economy will need to be fully restored. We must ready ourselves for the collapse that is inevitably coming.  Washington DC will fall eventually.  It will implode under its own weight.  We in the Southland of Dixie must be prepared for that catastrophic inevitability.  We must be prepared to pull ourselves up and rebuild in a way that only Southerners can.  There are many noble men and women who already make great sacrifices toward this end. However, this will take more than the sacrifice of a few patriots. It will instead require a complete reorientation of nearly every Southerner across Dixie. We must begin to think and act like our ancestors. There is no political party or popular ideology in today's world that will satisfy this need. Liberalism and Conservatism have offered us nothing but empty promises. Socialism and Libertarianism are ideologies that can never be fully attained. The Republican and Democratic parties have betrayed us all. What we need is a way of thinking that will return us to our land, our people and our heritage. With that, I will now present to you a simple twelve-step program, which if implemented by individuals on a large scale, will produce nothing short of cultural, economic and political independence for our people...

Dixie Independence -- A Twelve Step Program
Step 1.  Start thinking like a Southerner (Dixian).  There is a little word that every Southerner must know.  It's called subsidiarity. The principle of subsidiarity simply states that it is immoral and unjust for a higher governing authority to take over the function of lower governing authorities.  Higher governing authorities must take on a subsidiary roll to lower governing authorities, assisting only in ways that help coordinate and amplify what lower governing authorities are already doing.  This should only be done when needed and with the consent of lower governing authorities.  The lowest, and therefore most important, governing authority is the household family.  That is followed by the local community, churches and charities which must act in a subsidiary role to the family.  These are followed by city and county government, which act in a subsidiary role to local community, churches and charities.  These in turn are followed by the state government which must act in a subsidiary role to city and county governments.  Any national, federal, confederate or realm government must likewise take on a subsidiary role to the states.  Subsidiarity is a universal principle that applies not only to government but also to business.  Big businesses should not be permitted to take over and crush small businesses, but rather coordinate and amplify what smaller businesses are already doing. This preserves local economies, allowing people to retain their property, thus letting them provide for their own needs with the least possible dependency.  
Step 2.  Start looking at your possessions as resources rather than assets.  In other words, look at what you own and determine which ones you own, verses which ones own you.  You may need that car to get to work, but do you really need that jet ski that sits in your garage more than half the year?  Any possessions that drain you checkbook are worse than worthless.  They are a drain on your finances, sucking the life out of you.  Do you really need 150 television channels?  How much television do you really watch?  How much should you watch!?!  Take a look at the things you throw out.  Are you throwing out valuable property that can be used as a resource?  What if you saved cardboard, kitchen scraps, old potting soil and turned them into compost for gardening?  You could grow vegetables better than anything you could buy at the grocery store, and save money to boot!  We must own the means of our productivity if we are to truly be free.  This principle can apply to so much more than just growing your own groceries.  It can actually provide a means to make a living.  So look around the house and start thinking.  How can I make this thing work for me?  If it turns out you're working for it, then by all means, get rid of it somehow!  If you can sell it for some much needed cash, then at least it produced something.  Speaking of money; get your money out of those damn Yankee banks!  Even if your bank is locally owned, you know it's just a matter of time before it's bought up by one of those high financing mega-banks based in the North, and you know its just getting bailed out by your tax dollars.  Put your money into a local credit union instead.  Keep your money local, here in the South, here in your community, where it belongs.
Step 3.  Are you married?  Do you have children?  Get married and have a kid, then two, then three or four.  There is nothing more Southern than having a large family.  Learn how to take joy in God's gifts instead of man's.  Find your joy in love of God and family.  Nobody says "I wish I had more toys" on their deathbed.  It is only the love of family, and our hope in God, that brings us peace in the end.  Do yourself a favour and throw away the contraceptives.  The South needs more babies -- Southern babies -- to propagate our culture and values.  If you're not a family person, well that's okay.  Consider a religious life instead.  The world needs more ascetics and contemplatives who's love for God spurs them to great deeds of charity.  Such men and women are the heroes of any society.  Dixie needs more heroes such as these. 
Step 4.  Stop working long hours and put your faith and family first.  Hard work is good for the soul but too much is toxic for your life.  The notion of a person's value being derived from his/her level of productivity is a Yankee Puritan ideal that has broken countless families and driven many good people to an early grave.  If your job is too demanding, and there is no way to work out some flexibility, then it may be time to move on.  Money isn't everything, and nobody on their deathbed says; "I wish I worked more hours for my boss."  
Step 5.  Does your wife work outside the home?  Get her fired!  That's right, bring her home where she belongs, so she can be the queen of your castle, the domestic goddess of your home.  Many people don't realise how much a working wife and mother costs the family.  Daycare is a big enough expense, but consider the amount of eating-out that must be done, take home dinners, and of course extra gasoline that must be burned, just to get her back and forth to that job.  How many unnecessary assets (non-resource things) do you have because your wife is working and so you think you can afford it?  (I'm talking about that jet ski and cable TV again.)  When you add up the extra taxes, frozen dinners, fast food and extra gasoline; how much does your wife really make?  Is it worth it?  Is it worth all the extra expenses, crazy schedules, stress and household madness?  Give it some thought and do the math. 
Step 6.  Do you have a home management problem?  Ever go to the store to get something and find you've already got the same thing at home?  Can't seem to ever find a clean pair of socks, or a matching set of socks for that matter?  See steps 2 and 5. 
Step 7.  Do you work on Sunday?  Why?  If you're not in a public service job, like healthcare or police, you're really being anti-Southern by doing this.  Even God knew when to give it a rest.  Rest and relaxation saves lives and improves marriages.  Take an hour to give God his just deserves (go to church), then spend the rest of the day at play.  Enjoy some time with your family.  You'll be glad you did, and you'll be saving one of the cornerstones of our Dixie heritage.   
Step 8.  Start bartering again!  Yes, resurrect that old rite of our grandfathers.  Go to your neighbours.  Talk to them.  Figure out what they need that you might have, and what you need that they might have.  It doesn't always have to be things.  It could be services as well.  Remember, everything you barter can't be taxed by Uncle Sam, and that's one less dollar you have to surrender to our Yankee oppressors, in the imperial government, had you sold your goods or services instead.  See step 2. 
Step 9.  Grow your own food any way you can, even if it's in your basement under fluorescent lamps.  Learn to hunt or fish.  (A freezer full of fish can go a long way, and it will save your heart too.) The cost of food is skyrocketing, and there are many reasons for this, most of which are related to an overly-centralised economy.  See step 1.  However, you can do your part to help yourself, and your neighbours, by supplying your own food as much as possible, using it to barter with others, and of course when you must buy food, try to buy it from the most locally owned shop possible. 
Step 10.  Children learn by watching and doing, not by hearing lectures.  Teach your children how to fend for themselves by not only watching you do it, but by participating in the process.  Besides your love and faith, this is the greatest gift you can give them. 
Step 11.  Get your kids out of government-run public schools!  They are killing our culture and assassinating our history.  If you can afford a private or religious school, then consider sending them there.  Do your homework!  Many of these schools offer tuition assistance and scholarships.  Some of them only require church membership to qualify.  If you just can't afford private or religious schools, no matter what, then consider home schooling.  Impossible?  See step 5.  With the multiple networks of home school cooperatives available today, it is very possible for a single housewife to educate five children, while using them to help with household chores between lessons.  Not enough discipline in the home?  That's where you come in dads.  Make sure your children respect your wife's authority in the home while you're away working.  She is the queen of your castle.  Her words are your laws.  She bears your last name for a reason.  Whatever she says, it's no different than if you had said it yourself.  Back her up men.  You shouldn't be a tyrant, but then you shouldn't let your kids walk all over your wife either.  However, if both private schooling and home schooling really are impossible, and you must use a government-run public school, then you had better get involved.  Sit in on the board meetings.  Learn how things work and how to get changes made when necessary.  Likewise, get involved with your local city and state government as well.  Learn who your city councilmen are, as well as your state representatives.  Put their phone numbers on speed dial, and keep their email addresses in your computer. 
Step 12.  Honour our Southern history and strengthen our Dixie culture.  Of course learn the real history of the War for Southern Independence, but being an apologist for the Confederacy is just the tip of the iceberg.  You need to strengthen the culture as well.  Consider using the word "Dixian" in reference to yourself, for this establishes a clear national identity, and a clean break from the "North-South" paradigm our Yankee oppressors in Washington DC have used to dilute our identity for over a century.  Follow this twelve-step program, and refer it to others.  Learn how to dress, speak and act like a Southerner (Dixian).  Our ancestors were classy people.  We should be too, and this should really be reflected in our clothing and manners.  Women, start dressing like ladies.  Men, start dressing like gentlemen.  Let's put away the t-shirts, ball-caps and sneakers.  Let's put on some real clothes, full-brim hats (of various sorts), and stylish walking shoes or boots.  Ladies, please bring back the art of long dresses and skirts.  Gentlemen, show a little dignity please.  If you're feeling hot and uncomfortable, find some lightweight dress pants, rather than baggy shorts.  Let's start covering our heads again, to save our skin from the sun and give some meaning to hat fashion once more.  People will be shocked how quickly our culture will self-correct once we start dressing like a civilised people again.  Honour the important days of our Southern history, and most especially mark your calender for November 30th.  It is St. Andrews Day -- a cause for remembrance and celebration, regardless of your religious faith.  First, learn about St. Andrew, the brother of St. Peter.  A simple Google search will turn up plenty of information.  Perhaps a nice tradition would be to simply place two poles in the shape of an "X" for public display in your yard or painted in red on your window.  Maybe have a family pot-luck on that day, and bake a cake.  If you don't already attend a church that honours St. Andrew, ask your pastor to do something special on that day, then attend the service.  Finally, last but not least, forget about the bumper stickers and t-shirts.  Buy yourself a nice Dixie flag and hoist it high over your house or outside your balcony or porch.  It is the symbol of who we are, the Christian cross of St. Andrew, the patron of Dixie.  This is our real national flag, and the real symbol of who we are.  Keep 'em flying.