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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why Obama is a Blessing to the U.S. Catholic Church

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I know this may seem strange to say, but it would seem that Barack Obama has done more to UNITE the U.S. Catholic bishops against the evils of big government intrusion than all the previous popes in recent memory. It's a sad observation, but nevertheless true. It would seem that a pinch of persecution was all that was lacking in American Catholicism to wake up the sleeping giant. In this sense, I will almost (note I said "almost") be sad to see Obama go in January, should Mitt Romney win the presidential race in November. Perhaps another four years of this tyrant Obama might see this pinch of persecution intensify to a sprinkle or a smattering. A few arrests of high profile bishops, for not obeying the HHS Mandate, might finally galvanize Catholic leaders to preach the FULL SPECTRUM of Church social doctrine, with highlights on the absolutely essential principle of SUBSIDIARITY which flies in the face of big government liberalism. Please don't misunderstand. I don't want to see our bishops go to jail, especially over this, but you have to admit something. Had they been doing their jobs correctly for the last few decades, none of this would have ever happened. Could it be that Obama is a blessing in disguise? Could it be that God is using this wicked and evil man in the Whitehouse to wake up the sleeping U.S. Catholic Church and purge her of all her nonsensical self-contradictions? Could it be that it just takes a pinch of persecution, (or maybe a little more), to get that job done? It's something to think about.