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Friday, September 28, 2012

ELECTION 2012 - The Catholic Vote

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Please review the two videos posted above.  You will find them on every single page of 'The Catholic Knight' blog from now until election day in the United States -- November 6, 2012.  Please share these videos with every single Catholic you know, regardless if that Catholic is practising or not.

"The Catholic Knight" blog will not tell you how to vote.  That's right, I will not tell you how to vote or who to vote for.  I will tell you however, how NOT to vote, and who you should NOT vote for.

In summary, this is it.  A Catholic, under pain of mortal sin, may not (under any circumstances) vote for a candidate who supports any one of the following, when an alternative candidate opposes them...
  1. Legalised Abortion
  2. Legalised Same-Sex Marriage
  3. Legalised Persecution of the Catholic Church
Any candidate who supports any one of these three things is a wicked man/woman, and is not deserving of political office.  Catholics are morally obligated, under pain of mortal sin, to vote for a candidate who does not support these things, whenever one exists in any given election.

In the case of the U.S. Presidential election, I will make this one statement.  There are a number of presidential candidates who oppose all three of the above anathemas.  However, there is at least one who supports all three of the above positions.  That candidate's name is Barack H. Obama.

A Catholic may vote for a number of pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom candidates this November 6, but a Catholic may not vote for Barack H. Obama without committing mortal sin and putting his soul into the danger of Hell's fire.

Please share this message with as many Catholics as possible.  Thank you.