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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

After Amerika

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I disagree with Michael Voris on one point. He said "IF" Obama is re-elected the transformation from America to AmeriKa will be complete. I say it doesn't matter if he is re-elected or not. If he is, the transformation will be quicker, but even if Romney is elected, the transformation is still under way, though perhaps at a slightly slower pace. It has become painfully obvious now that America is already Amerika, the transformation will complete either sooner or later, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. With that transformation will be the completion of Amerika's demise, as we lose our superpower status and global influence. Considering the nature of Amerika, and what Amerika represents, the only thing a good Catholic can say is "good riddance."

So what comes after Amerika? That remains to be seen, but I suspect it is safe to say that the entire world will be transformed rather quickly. The United States is the economic capital of the world. It has become the grease that has kept the wheels of progress turning for nearly a century. Without the United States, the world will immediately devolve into a power struggle to determine who will take our place. Will it be Russia? Will it be China? Will it be something new coming out of Europe? We can only hope that whatever it is, there is some connection to ancient Christian virtues, or else we will all see this cycle repeat itself in rather short order.

What of the American people? What will happen to them? Well, that should be obvious, should it not? America began as an agrarian economy, and to an agrarian economy we shall return. Our largest export, outside of oil, is food. America has fed the world. Amerika continues to feed the world, and Americans will feed the world in the future, even if they're not called "Americans" anymore. Could the United States break up into multiple smaller nation-states and confederations? A lot of signs seem to point in that direction. Yes, possibly, that could really happen.

What of the governments of the future? What will they look like? Today, just one Western nation leads the world in that department, and for this, it receives the scorn of the Western powers that be. That nation is Hungary. It has put laws into place that protect its Christian heritage, and enforce basic Christian morality. Hungary may receive the scorn of the West today, but in the future, it will lead the West (by example) into economic/social/moral recovery. Someday Americans will find themselves under a government (or governments) like this one, and the North American continent will be a better place because of it.

After the Constitutional Convention in 1787 an old woman approached Benjamin Franklin and ask what the convention had given us. Franklin responded "We've given you a Republic madam, if you can keep it." That last phrase, "if you can keep it," has proved to be a prophetic question, because history will record that we could not.