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Monday, October 15, 2012

UK Puts US to Shame

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: David Cameron has demonstrated true leadership and civility in his willingness to put the future of the United Kingdom at stake, and let the people of Scotland decide their own fate. What a magnificent demonstration of leadership and civility!!! Can you imagine what our own American history would have been like if Abraham Lincoln displayed a similar moral courage? Just imagine if Abraham Lincoln had sat down with Jefferson Davis, in private talks, and come up with an agreement and a date, in which the people of the Southern States (Dixie) could vote and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES their destiny. Just imagine that!!! No Civil War. No invasion of the South. No Sherman's march to the sea. No assassination of Lincoln and no "reconstruction" of the South that led to a century of poverty. Can you comprehend it!?! The British are really putting America to shame here. We look like barbarians compared to them now.

I personally don't agree with the Scottish reasons for separation from the UK, but it doesn't matter what I think about that, because I'm not Scottish. It's not my country so it's none of my business. However, I truly believe self-determination is the right of any people, and what the UK is doing here is setting an example for the world. This is how you handle secession movements. This is how it's done. If the majority of people don't want to be part of your union/kingdom/confederation any more, then let them go!!! Give them a fair opportunity to leave and see if they take it. If they do, there is nothing you could have done to win them over anyway. Any attempt to keep them involuntarily will only result in further resentment. Such is the case with the United States of America. To this very day, a deep resentment exists between the people of the South (Dixie) and the federal government -- 150 years later!!!

The people of Dixie have a heritage link to the people of Scotland. Many Southerners (Dixians) are directly descended from Scotch-Irish (Ulster Scott) lineage. This is the reason why many flags of the American South (including the Dixie flag) resemble the Scottish flag. Many Southerners (Dixians) will be watching the UK over the next two years, and regardless of the results of the independence referendum, many Southerners will have a nagging question ringing in their ears. "Why, oh why, were our ancestors not afforded the same right to decide for themselves?"

My own family comes from a hundred years of poverty, which directly resulted from the carnage of the Civil War and the pillaging "Reconstruction" that followed. Had Abraham Lincoln demonstrated the same moral courage as David Cameron, that would have never happened. Do you have any idea how many of my ancestors died in poverty needlessly because of Lincoln's ego? Some of my uncles were stillborn babies because of the poverty my grandparents suffered through. All of it the enduring legacy of Lincoln's savage war on his own people and the pillaging that followed.

To my UK readers, and anyone in the Commonwealth, be proud of David Cameron's actions here, regardless of what you think of him on other issues. He is a hero on this one. He is a shining example of the civility and decency the UK and Commonwealth have become. Y'all are an example of Christian civilisation that puts my own government (Washington DC) to shame.