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Thursday, November 8, 2012

America Is Dead

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Post election greetings from America! Yes, it's true. America is dead, but last Tuesday, it was NOT Barack H. Obama who killed it. No. The election, and now re-election, of Obama was just a sign that America died a long time ago. Obama didn't kill it. He's just a vulture picking away at the corpse. There is no reason to be angry with a scavenger. Everything Michael Voris said in the video above is true -- everything! Yes, Obama is an evil man, supported by an evil nation, and protected by an evil force. As I said however, this is to be expected. The nation succumbed to evil decades ago. I believe America finally died shortly after 9-11-2001. We had been slipping away on "life-support" for quite a long time (three decades to be exact), but it was our response to 9-11 that sealed the deal. Not only did we step up our global imperialism, at a time when we could no longer afford it, but we turned our nation into a police state as well, simultaneously encouraging massive consumerism (materialism) to counter the recession caused by 9-11. We did virtually NOTHING to stop abortion. Then the push came from within to legalise sodomite "marriage" and in time, it was only a matter of time, our people began to accept it.

What would have been the proper response to 9-11? Well, while it was perfectly righteous and just to go after the perpetrators who brought this evil upon us, even to the point of bombing the Taliban and supporting their Afghani resistance, our military exercise should have stopped there. Naturally, getting at Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist network was essential as well, but after this bombing of Afghanistan, this could have been limited to special operations. The war in Iraq was completely unnecessary, and according to the pope, unjust as well. Our intervention into sponsoring the "Arab Spring" was also unjust and unnecessary. After 9-11 we should have scaled back our military around the world, abandoning the global empire dreams of George H. Bush (senior) and the post Cold War era. We should have done some serious national soul searching, looking at the epic holocaust that is abortion, and enacting programs to reduce its number, while simultaneously giving states the right to ban it. Nationally, we should have looked at 9-11 as a harbinger of judgement against us, for our national sins, both domestically and internationally. Then we should have taken action both in our churches and politically to correct the wrongs of the previous thirty years. Alas, we did none of that. So seven years later, to the month, the Lord visited our nation again in judgement, and brought upon us the greatest economic disaster to hit out nation since the Civil War, for which we have still not recovered, and which also has still yet to play out fully on the global scene. In 2008, the Lord God, the Lord himself, gave us our new leader -- Barack H. Obama -- a crypto-Muslim to finish the job al-Qaeda started. This man is THE LORD GOD'S SERVANT which he has placed over us in judgement, and must be accepted as our due punishment for the sins we have committed as a people and a nation. We may resist his policies, but we must not resist him as our president. For this is God's will. Any attempt to unseat him now will be frowned upon by the Lord himself.

God has judged America, and found her wanting, allowed her to kill herself shortly after 9-11, and as now placed vultures over her to pick her corpse until it is clean. Obama didn't kill America. America was dead already. Obama is just cleaning up the dirty rotting corpse by picking away at it peck by peck until there is nothing left but dry bones. Do not be angry with the Lord's clean-up crew. We Americans killed America with our decadence and pride. As a nation we have been filled with greed, lust, hate and idolatry. We have loved the gifts on the Master's table more than the Master himself. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Perhaps you, as an individual citizen, are not to blame, but we, as a nation of people, are.

As for the U.S. Catholic Church; the party is over. We now have an archlaymen, in the form of Vice President Joe Biden, who carries more weight with the majority of U.S. Catholics (60%) than Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the USCCB. Yes, that's right, I said it. In the eyes of the majority of Americans who self-identify as "Catholics," the words of Joe Biden carry more weight than Timothy Dolan, and all the U.S. Catholic bishops combined, or even the Vatican and the pope himself! If this isn't a sign of a major internal problem within the U.S. Catholic Church than I don't know what is.

The response of the U.S. Catholic bishops to this election development will be telling and prophetic. Not only was Barack Obama re-elected, but so were a majority of pro-abortion congressmen and governors. In addition, some states legalised sodomite marriage (by popular vote!), and now the U.S. federal courts and Supreme Court will enshrine abortion-on-demand in America forever!!!! In addition to that, Obama's HHS Mandate will now be in full force, and this will be used against the remaining faithful U.S. Catholics, their priests and their bishops. Furthermore, there is now a well-funded campaign under way, among left-wing activists, to rob the U.S. Catholic Church of her tax-exempt status, which will surly result in the state seizure of Church property to pay fines in the not-too-distant future. Yes my readers, state-sponsored persecution of Catholics in America has just begun, and it's only going to get more intense in the months and years ahead.

So what will the U.S. Catholic bishops do in response to this? Will they shriek in cowardice, as they have done so many times before, to protect their precious tax-exempt status and try to please the very people who are now threatening to persecute them? Or will they stand in faith and courage, against the onslaught of predator wolves WITHIN THE CHURCH who have been preaching "another gospel" with impunity for decades? Will they act as BISHOPS and SHEPHERDS to clean up the mess that has become of their own sheep pen? Or will they turn a blind eye to the wolves within only to discover that the predators are now running the place? Now is the time of testing. Now is their time of trial. May they stand up to the challenge as Christ and his apostles would intend, because regardless if they are ready, the state will not distinguish between those who are and those who are not. My bishops, our government is coming after you, and I do hope you will stand as MEN, fighting for the gospel, and defending your sheep from the wolves, when it does. I do hope you will not cower to the spirit of this world and try to appease your enemies, both within and outside the Church, right before they fine you, take your parish properties, and throw you in prison. That day is coming and you know it.

As for the rest of us laymen who still remain faithful to Christ and his Church, we should be at peace. There is no need for anxiety. We have fought a good fight leading up to this election, and we have done what God had called us to do. He keeps track of these things, but it was not his will for us to prevail this time. An absolute clarity should overcome us at this moment and henceforth. We should now know God's plan and our place in it. God does not intend to save America. That should be crystal clear by the FACT that Barack Obama will now put judges into office that will galvanise America's staunch pro-abortion and pro-homosexual agenda, not only for America but for the whole world. God has allowed America to become a land of evil, that promotes evil worldwide, and as this election has painfully demonstrated, we the faithful are powerless to stop it. This is God's will for our nation, and for this reason, all sentimental attachment to our nation should henceforth be cut free and placed into the loving arms of Christ, his Catholic Church, and his blessed Mother Mary. We are citizens of Heaven now, agents of the Vatican, and soldiers of the pope. We are Americans by birth and circumstance only. Our love of country MUST come secondary to our love of Christ, Church and Sacrament. We are CATHOLICS FIRST and Americans only second. This will ready us for the days ahead.