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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boycott the CCHD -- Don't Give a Dime!!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Please pass this video on to every single Catholic you know and beg them (if necessary) to watch this.


Tabitha said...

I don't plan on giving a dime not even a penny to this organization the parish I used to attend up until last month advertises them in their bulletin around the holidays.

docfrey said...

Sir Knight, I think we have a kind of false dichotomy at work here. It is not so much either "social justice" or "pro life" (since both have their overlappings which I will mention in a moment). Rather it is that the basic catechetical approach is a deliberate down playing of DOGMA, theology, spirituality, the quest for personal holiness and of course eternal salvation. Under the rubric of "pro life" we often find, mixed with anti-abortion movemnt, the anti-capital punishment, anti-war and environmental notion of "life in a more generic sense" No, Sir Knight, Mr Voris only has it partly right: the problem with the bishops is that they have stood by while millions of catholics have left the church or, as Voris says, become liberal pro Barry cafeteria catholics. Voris is correct, though, that the CCHD is a front for marxist, anti-catholic organizations, deserving NOT ONE NICKEL of any catholic's money. THere are other collections I also choose to boycott, such as the seminary "appeal" where dissent and post-Vatican II ideas on ecumenism are still taught. Yet how many priests will speak out against it?? Until the church gets back to preaching the gospel of eternal salvation, of ture morality, sin, confession, etc, it will be the same pablum week after week. Pete Frey

GREG KELLY said...

CK: Been SWcreaming from The Roof Tops for Years About This!

Paul said...

Thanks so much for this. I have never given to the CCHD and have taken hell for it, but have convinced many I know how evil it is over the years.

Thanks again CK and am glad you are doing blogs regularly again!

Pair O' Dimes said...

What am I to make of this, then?

In particular, this quote:

"It is important to note serious overall problems with the accusations of Hichborn and ALL. They rely almost exclusively on unverified web-based information and primarily on internet sites of organizations that are NOT funded by CCHD. These accusations are almost always made without contact with the CCHD funded groups or diocesan staff."