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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas

Catholic Squire: Christmas is around the corner and the Catholic Knight and I would like to make it a very special one for you or those close to you in this Year of Faith. We will be posting pictures over the next few days of books for sale in our collection. We are offering very generous discounts from the values of the books between now and Christmas Eve at midnight. For that reason, no prices will be listed until after Christmas. Make an offer and we will work with you! We want to make this Christmas season one where Catholic home libraries can be built up or started. All orders made through this offering of mine will see a percentage donated towards a priests vestments/sanctuary needs or at times to benefit a seminarian. Everyone wins if you make an offer on these books! Some of the pictures are blurry. Apologies.


We'll start with a Moral Theology Manual published in 1768 by Lugduni. It is titled "Insititutiones Theologiae Moralis". It is entirely in Latin. The title page has a few stains, as can be seen, but is still totally readable. The rest of the book is in even better shape. Not bad for 1768! More pictures or information available upon request. Make an offer.  

Next we are offering an 1866 "St. Bonaventures Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ: To which are added the devotion of the Three Hours Agony of Our Lord on the Cross and the Glorious Life of St. Joseph. This book is in English. I cannot find an earlier edition of this available online. The earliest I could find is from 1868. Everything is completely readable. The title page is representative of the condition of the rest of the book. More pictures or information available upon request. Make an offer. Year of Faith pick (Catholic Squire).

Next we have "Catholic Dictionary and Cyclopedia (1906) This book contains a Brief Explanation of the Doctrines. Discipline, Rites, Ceremonies and Councils of the Holy Catholic Church. The pages are completely readable and the cover is representative of the condition of the rest of the book. This book is in excellent condition. More pictures or information available on request. Make an offer. Year of Faith pick (Catholic Squire).

This next book is absolutely beautiful in its content. Don't let the aged cover fool you! It is "The Defenders of 
Our Faith" by John Gilmary Shea (1893). Year of Faith pick (Catholic Squire). The cover page with the coat of arms is 

representative of the condition of the rest of the book (it is blurry, but the condition shows)

Next we have a family Bible with NO genealogy listed in the section available for that. This Bible is FILLED with tons of additional content and beautiful color pictures run throughout it. It was printed during the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII. More pictures and information available on request. It has come unbound but I still have the cover as seen in the pictures that were taken when the Bible was already unbound. The pages themselves are nearly all still beautifully preserved. Even with the cost of rebinding in mind (for those who choose to go that route), we are making this Bible available for a very reasonable price. This is a real gem. I've seen the exact same Bible online (also unbound) for $645. DON'T let that deter you! It's Christmas: Make an offer.

This is a good start for now. Plenty more books from the 16th-20th centuries to come tomorrow. I cannot promise that we can meet any and all first offers. But we will do our best to provide well for the readers of this blog. So again, make an offer. The worst that can happen is we offer a few titles more in the range you are indicating towards. But I cannot stress enough that you should not let a books value deter you from making an offer. It is Christmas. 

God love you all.