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Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Listings for the Books Sale (And Good News!)

Catholic Squire: After considering the fact that the books are still being made available on this website, I've decided to extend the "make an offer" phase of the book sale to the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6th). Don't forget that your purchase of the books, in addition to supporting the efforts of those behind the scenes on this blog, will also go to help priests and seminarians. Please do not leave any comments with offers but rather email the address listed below. Here are further titles for your consideration (in addition to the previous posts books):


This is an Acts of the Apostles in Greek and Latin with Commentary, published in 1647. The book is indeed a bit aged as can be seen from the cover. But the pages are represented well by the title page posted. Further pictures and information available on request. I could only find 3 copies of this in *world* libraries on an internet database search. Make an offer.

Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Enough Said. Actually, a lot can be said about this book. This is the resource to consult to determine if a book has been forbidden to read or not. The list was abolished by Pope Paul VI. So, shortly after this publication in the ninth year of the pontificate of Pope Pius XII, the Index breathed its last. 1948. More pictures and information available upon request. Make an offer.

The Impending Crisis of the South. 1857. First Edition. A book sale on The Catholic Knight is NOT complete without offering a book on US History. The book is in very good condition as can be seen. More pictures and information available upon request. Make an offer.

The Works of Charles Dickens Vol. 1 Illustrated. 10 timeless stories and 40 illustrations. From what I can gather on the internet, this is one of the better copies around. More pictures and information available upon request. Make an offer.

This last book offering for the day I hesitated to include and indeed did not yesterday, but have decided to do so, again, with the support of the Church in mind. It is an 1862 Mission Book. These are found all over the internet selling for between 30-100 dollars for the 1928 and 1947 editions. The story behind this book is incredibly fascinating. The Redemptorists would hand these out at the two Redemptorist parishes in Baltimore after their parish missions at the German Churches. The parishes, being German  had the books of course available in German for the faithful. Well, there were a few copies printed in English (1862) without permission from the Superiors. The brother was ordered to cease and was later kicked out of the Order for going to Rome to obtain permission to print (he also did this without permission). This, according to research I've done and in consultation with the Redemptorist Archivists, is the only surviving copy of the earliest English version. The copy in the Redemptorist archives from 1862 is in German and in bad condition. This book is nearly pristine and retains all of the gold leaf. It is an absolute treasure. This one cannot be parted with as easily as the others, but I wanted to post it with the hopes that someone might come forward looking to own this piece of history. Make an offer. Just like with the other treasures listed, don't hesitate, worst case, I send you to the best books I can do for the price you offer.

God love you all.