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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Islamists and Secularists -- They Have So Much In Common

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So here we have yet more evidence that militant Secularism is really no better than militant Islam if you're an orthodox and practising Christian...
(Irish Independent News) - A HOMILY delivered at Knock shrine by the Bishop of Raphoe, Philip Boyce, is being investigated by the Director of Public Prosecutions following a formal complaint by a leading humanist who claims the sermon was an incitement to hatred.

The gardai have confirmed to former Fine Gael election candidate John Colgan that they have prepared and forwarded a file to the DPP after he made allegations that the address by Dr Boyce was in breach of the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act, 1989.

The homily, entitled: "To Trust in God" was delivered to worshippers during a novena at the Marian shrine in Co Mayo last August and subsequently reported in the media, including The Irish Times, under the headline: "'Godless culture' attacking church, says bishop."

Mr Colgan, a retired chartered engineer and economist from Leixlip, Co Kildare, referred in his formal complaint to two key passages in Dr Boyce's homily which he believes broke the law.

One of the passages referred to the Catholic Church in Ireland being "attacked from outside by the arrows of a secular and godless culture"....

read full story here
Yes, I said it, and I'll say it again. IF YOU ARE AN ORTHODOX AND PRACTISING CHRISTIAN, THAN MILITANT SECULARISM IS REALLY NO BETTER THAN MILITANT ISLAM. In the end the results will be the same under both. Stand up for your faith, and you'll find yourself behind bars, that is, if you're lucky! It is strange how Secularism and Islam are at war with each other, since they are both cut from the same cloth. Maybe it's just a competition for dominance thing.

Occupy Movement Goes Anti-Catholic

Occupy Protesters Smash Statue of the Virgin Mary
( – Demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street movement threw condoms on Catholic schoolgirls, refused to allow a Catholic priest to give a closing prayer, and shouted down a pro-life speaker at a Rhode Island right to life rally on Thursday, according to its organizer. The event marked the third time protesters associated with the movement have disrupted a pro-life meeting in a week...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here we have yet more evidence that the Occupy Wall Street Movement has been co-opted by George Soros and his powers planted within the Whitehouse. This blatant attack on Catholics synchronizes with the Obama administration's attack on the religious liberty of Catholics.

What started out as a relatively peaceful sit-in movement in New York has morphed into grotesque demonstrations of anarchy. The window of opportunity to reach the Occupy protesters has closed. They have been completely taken over by forces bent on destruction. The puppet-masters pulling the strings want this movement to become as radical and violent as possible, so as to scare the general population, and cause them to call upon the government to put them down. Once that public outcry is made, the Obama administration will spring into action with executive orders that will curb all the freedoms and liberties we once cherished. The trap is about to spring folks. Get ready.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Religious Freedom LOST In the United States

(CNA/EWTN News) - Pope Benedict XVI warned today of a “grave threat” to religious liberty in the United States that requires American Catholics to respond with intelligence and courage.

“It is imperative that the entire Catholic community in the United States come to realize the grave threats to the Church’s public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres,” he said Jan. 19 in an address to a group of American bishops visiting the Vatican.

The Pope said he was particularly concerned with “certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of American freedoms, the freedom of religion.”..

read full story here


(Star-Telegram) - The United States is a nation founded on the principle of life, liberty and justice for all. Throughout the history of this great nation, the religious communities and those in posts of civil authority have recognized that free practice of religious belief is foundational to our country.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...." But in recent days the latest salvo in the attack on religious freedom was fired by the Obama administration and, sadly, by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, a Catholic.

On Jan. 20, Sebelius announced the administration's decision to mandate the inclusion of particular health services in insurance coverage that would result in Catholic institutions having to provide coverage that violates Catholic Church teaching and, therefore, Catholic conscience.

The HHS ruling requires that sterilization and contraception, including controversial abortifacients, be among the "preventive services" coverage in almost every healthcare plan available to Americans, including health plans offered by religious organizations.

read full story here


(CNA/EWTN News) - Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan, head of the U.S. bishops' conference, says the Obama administration has revoked the religious freedom of groups that do not regard women's fertility as as “disease.”

“The Catholic Church defends religious liberty, including freedom of conscience, for everyone,” the New York archbishop and conference president wrote in a Jan. 25 Wall Street Journal editorial, addressing the government's final decision to require contraception coverage in most new health plans.

With this decision, the cardinal-designate wrote, “the Obama administration has failed to show the same respect for the consciences of Catholics and others who object to treating pregnancy as a disease.”

On Jan. 20 the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed it would impose the contraception coverage mandate on most religious institutions, with a narrow exception for groups whose main purpose is the “inculcation of religious values” among people of the same faith.

“Even Jesus and his disciples would not qualify for the exemption,” Cardinal-designate Dolan noted, “because they were committed to serve those of other faiths.”

Health and Human Services finalized the contraceptive mandate just days before the annual March for Life, an event that mourns the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In what is threatening to become the story of the 21st century, religious freedom is being lost (particularly for Catholics) in the United States of America. The culprit is in 'how' the courts and the legislatures interpret the term 'religious freedom.' In that, the judges and politicians are interpreting 'religious freedom' strictly in terms of religious worship, meaning freedom to engage in the ceremonial rites of one's choice. While religious conscience, the freedom to morally act according to one's beliefs, is being ignored. The latest case with the Obama administration and the HHS is just another link in a long chain of offences. This however, is Obama's second attempt to take what had been a state and local conflict to the national level.

Previously, Catholic Charities have been shut down in a few states throughout the Union, due to the Church's refusal to adopt children to homosexual couples. Furthermore, the City of San Francisco, one of the most homosexual-friendly cities in the nation, has openly condemned the Catholic Church in an official statement, calling upon Catholics to openly rebel against Church teaching. The United States Supreme Court has sanctioned this action, allowing the city statement to stand, without any fines or penalties.

Now, the Obama administration has made two direct attempts to undermine and attack the inner workings of religious institutions in America. The first was in the form of forcing churches to hire women and doctrinal dissenters to teaching positions within religious schools. Thankfully, the Supreme Court struck this down unanimously (9 to 0) in what was a humiliating defeat to the Obama administration. With that failure behind them, the Obama administration has pushed ahead full-speed toward forcing all religious institutions (especially the Catholic Church) to provide medical services that directly contradict religious conscience. The administration knows this and that is why it is doing this. By pushing forward in driving a wedge between religious worship and religious conscience, the administration knows it can make inroads into controlling religious institutions within the United States, with the long-term eventuality of defining 'orthodoxy' for them.

Catholic bishops across the United States are unifying against this clear threat to religious freedom that is presently under way. Catholics are being urged to contact their congressional representatives and demand a stop to this assault on religious liberty.  Non-Catholic Christians would be wise to join them.

Pro-Choice Catholic Politicians Excommunicate Themselves and are Unfit For Public Office

(California Catholic Daily) - When Sonoma County Pro-Life advertised its annual Rally for Life held last Sunday, it promised that its keynote speaker -- Santa Rosa Bishop Robert Vasa -- “is sure to challenge and inspire us all.” Bishop Vasa did not let them down.

“Any government leader, particularly those who claim to be Christian, who claim to be pro-choice, is unworthy of public office,” Bishop Vasa told the rally at Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa on Jan. 22. “Absolutely unworthy and absolutely unfit for public office.”

Politicians who support abortion are “as guilty of abortion as those who choose it themselves,” he said. And Roe v. Wade, said Bishop Vasa, was an “illicit and invalid” decision.

Because of its pro-abortion policies, said Bishop Vasa, the U.S. is no longer “the land of the free and the home of the brave. It's a land of the imprisoned and the home of the cowards.”

The bishop’s remarks, reported the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, brought cheers from a crowd of about 100 people who gathered in the afternoon rain to hear his speech.

“Vasa suggested such leaders who publicly hold such a position shouldn't accept communion at Mass,” reported the Press Democrat. “He also said they could be excommunicated, or banished from the church through their actions.”

“In some ways, they excommunicate themselves,” the Press Democrat quoted the bishop as saying in an interview following his speech....

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: While the excommunication scene above, from the film 'Becket,' seems a little 'over the top' with pomp and circumstance, I do think it accurately conveys the sentiments of most faithful Catholics today, particularly in the United States and Europe. How long must we endure the Church's tolerance of these scandals? How long will it be before the bishops finally say enough is enough? How many more millions of babies must die before the hierarchy FINALLY does its job? We are just sheep, but they are the shepherds. They carry the crosier for a reason. When will they finally drive out the wolves from among us!?! Your comments?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Need A Catholic Alternative To Medical Insurance

Click Above To View The Medi-Share Website
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  I originally posted this on February 10, 2011.  Now in face of the most recent developments regarding Catholic healthcare in the United States, it seems even more urgent.  So I am posting it again, hoping that my readers will take it upon themselves to start writing their bishops to get something done about this....

February 10, 2011

Medi-Share is an Evangelical Christian alternative to medical insurance, and it works! Basically the whole concept is based on the Biblical Christian model of shared responsibility and brotherly love.

Medi-Share is not medical insurance. It is a sharing technique in which monthly "share" funds are transferred between participants as the needs arise. It is what some might call a "Healthshare Cooperative" between Christians. Medi-Share does not guarantee that medical bills will be paid, hence the reason why it's not medical insurance, but nevertheless medical bills do seem to get paid anyway.

The reason why I'm bringing this up is because the Evangelicals are on to something here. They've discovered a way to bring an ancient Christian concept into the modern world. Unlike the Amish, who use a similar system on a more primitive level to pay for their medical needs, this method works for people living in the modern world and in secular life. It's a novel concept that is putting Catholics to shame and it's high time I think some of us look into this seriously.

We need a Catholic version of Medi-Share.

I say a "Catholic version" because Medi-Share was designed by Evangelicals primarily for Evangelicals, as can be demonstrated by their online Statement of Faith which each new member must sign on to in order to join. On the surface it may seem there is no direct inconsistency with the tenets of this creed and the Catholic faith, but because of the way it's worded, it would give some Catholics pause for concern. That's fine though. Medi-Share can have their Evangelical Statement of Faith, because in the end I believe the Catholic Church here in the United States can build a much bigger and better system, far more robust and able to handle a much bigger pool of participants. This is why I am calling upon all of my readers to act now by doing the following.
  1. Briefly look over the Medi-Share website.
  2. Write a brief letter (no more than two short paragraphs) explaining that we need a Catholic version of this type of healthshare cooperative here in the United States, and that it needs the full backing of the U.S. Catholic bishops. Be sure to include a link to the website -
  3. Send a copy of this letter to three key people: (1) your local bishop, (2) your parish priest and (3) the Grand Knight of your nearest Knights of Columbus council. Contact information for your local bishop can be obtained off your diocesan website. Contact information for your parish priest can usually be obtained from the phonebook or by simply visiting the parish office. Contact information for your nearest Knight of Columbus council can be obtained here.
  4. Send a copy of this letter to The Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl A. Anderson via email using this address: Be sure to type in the subject line "c/o Carl A. Anderson."
  5. Pray that something gets done!

The Shocking Conclusion About Genetic Homosexuality

Natural Selection
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: We cannot choose our temptations in life, but we do have a choice about our actions. Those who suffer from homosexual temptations have a hard burden to carry. Who knows what causes those temptations. Maybe it's genetic, or maybe it has something to do with experiences in early childhood. My personal suspicion: it's probably some combination of the two. Nevertheless, we all suffer from temptations in life. Straight married men suffer from the temptation to cheat on their wives, yet many of them choose not to. Straight celibate men suffer from the temptation to have sexual relations with a woman outside of marriage, yet many of them choose not to. I suppose there are some poor perverted people out there who suffer from the temptation to have sexual relations with teenagers and children, but many of them know it's wrong and choose not to. Entering the world of the bizarre, we know there are some people out there who even suffer from the temptation to have sexual relations with animals, yet even some of them may know it's seriously wrong and chose not to.  So my point is, just because your tempted to do something doesn't mean you are going to, and our temptations do not define who we are as a person. Our choices do that.

That being said there is a prevailing assumption in the Western world that homosexual people are simply 'born that way.' That their sexual temptations are 100% genetic, and they can never find fulfilment in life unless they act on those temptations. The assumption is that if you are tempted to 'be gay' then you must act on it, or else you are 'living a lie,' and going against nature. Much attention has been given to counter this argument, by pointing out as I said above that ultimately it is our choices that define us, not our temptations. Christian doctrine teaches us that sexual fulfilment cannot be found outside of God's natural plan for us, regardless of our temptations, and therefore we should seek God's will to find that fulfilment. There are of course those who try to twist Scripture and the authority of Church teaching to justify their homosexual sin, but for the most part, historic Christian sexual ethics are just discarded in favour of an evolutionary mindset that nature simply selects some people (randomly I suppose) to be homosexual. The assumption is if one experiences persistent homosexual temptation, than obviously God (or the gods, or mother nature, or whatever) wants that person to 'be gay.'

Rather than counter this argument, The Catholic Knight will now play devil's advocate and reason it through to the most logical conclusion. Let's suppose the homosexualists are right. Let's suppose it really is all about evolution and natural selection. Let's suppose people are predestined from the start, by genetic code, to 'be gay.' Let's just assume they are right and Christianity is wrong.

Now let's take this to it's most logical and natural conclusion.

Nature puts the sexual desire into all creatures to propagate the species. In other words, nature has only two rules. The first is 'make babies or die.' The second is 'only the strong shall survive.' So if we are to assume that nature is naturally selecting some people to be 'gay' than we can only assume one thing. Nature doesn't want them to reproduce, or at the very least, nature doesn't want them to reproduce as rapidly as 'straight' people. Because you see, the sexual urge in straight people remains the same. So unless they are artificially contracepting their natural reproduction, they will likely reproduce much faster than a gay person who is wasting his/her time having sexual relations with members of the same sex.

So why would mother nature want some people to have more babies and other people to have less? The second law of nature supplies us with the only logical answer, as cruel and insensitive as it may sound. Nature must only want the strong to survive. In other words, something must be genetically wrong with the gay people, which is why mother nature is trying to slow their reproduction and thus weed them out of the population.

When we eliminate the Christian explanation that temptations do not define who we are, this is the only logical explanation for the homosexual phenomenon. Nature has selected their gene pool for extinction, or at the very least, a significant population reduction.

I don't know about you, but if I suffered from homosexual temptations, I think I would prefer the Christian explanation over the genetic explanation. That's just my thoughts anyway. Maybe some people prefer to think of themselves as genetically inferior and therefore selected for extinction/reduction.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Catholicism and Science

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I have long advocated on this blog that Catholics should remain current on the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Why? Well, because I have discovered in my own personal life that a good understanding of the latest scientific theories, discoveries and laws not only helps me understand the universe better, but it also helps me understand the Catholic faith better. More importantly, it puts modern science into perspective.

You see, much of the science that atheists rely on to 'prove' their theories of godlessness is actually very old science. In fact, the science typically taught to high school students is actually over one-hundred years old. Unless you study science in college, and by that I mean such things as astrophysics or quantum mechanics, chances are, you probably don't have much more than a high school understanding of scientific theories. That understanding is certainly enough to get you through modern life, but it's not enough to really and truly understand the world around us. It is this lack of understanding that atheists rely on, to attack our religious faith.

Keeping in mind that the science atheist rely on is the same science taught to high school students is important, because that science is old and outdated. In fact, it's obsolete. Real scientists today consist of many different faiths and religions, and yes, some of them are atheists, but the latest theories and information they discover today are so fascinating, so compelling, that questioning another man's faith almost seems superfluous. Everyone's understanding of the universe is challenged -- even the atheist's. What we discover is that the universe is so incredibly 'different' than what we previously thought, and commonly experience, that it's really no man's placed to call into question the existence of God.

Every time I learn something new about the universe, my faith in God (and his Christ) is strengthened not questioned. Realising that none of this new understanding would be possible, without the existence of the scientific method, which was in actuality CREATED by the Catholic Church, again only reinforces my faith. The arguments of modern-day atheists often cause me to laugh, or at least chuckle a little, not just because of my faith, but because of my reason which is fuelled by the latest scientific discovery.

Some columnists have recently put forward the theory that modern Evangelicalism (at least as we know it) is dying, that its days are numbered, simply because it has embraced the Puritan idea that reason (science in particular) is the enemy of faith. Because of this, science is destined to crush the Evangelical model of Christian faith. In time, as our scientific understanding of the universe improves, those who embrace the Puritanical notion that faith and science are incompatible will eventually have to shelve either their faith or else their reason. Those who cling to faith will eventually be consigned to backwoods communities, living as the Amish, and shunning the modern scientific world (that is, until they need medical attention). While those who cling to reason will have to shelve their faith, embracing atheism or at the very least some form of agnosticism. Such a dichotomy is ridiculous and completely unnecessary. The Puritans were wrong about a great number of things, including their belief that faith and reason where incompatible. Is it any wonder their sect no longer exists? As for the Evangelicals, they had better learn to drop this notion and adapt quickly, or be consigned to the ash heap of failed ideas in the not-too-distant future. I've met some Catholics who cling to this Puritanical idea too. That is a huge mistake for them, at least on an individual or group level. The only redeeming thing about that is the Church itself does not embrace this view, which means the Church will soon leave them behind, along with those who still cling to the geocentric theory and a flat earth.

Catholics would do well to keep up on the latest scientific trends, and in doing so, I predict your faith will be enriched because of it. I don't say this because there is anything spiritually edifying in science -- there isn't -- but rather because Catholics who do this will begin to understand the fluid nature of scientific theories, particularly how they change and why. It isn't because scientists don't know anything. Actually they know quite a bit. They are, after all, very smart people. Rather, it's because they are like children still learning, and guess what? They will be the first to tell you that! While they understand much of how the universe works, they will tell you that for every answer they achieve, even more questions are proposed, making way for more discovery. The universe is much like this endless puzzle, and the more they put it together, the more they realise the puzzle is much larger than they ever previously expected. For example, imagine working on a puzzle, but you do not know how big it really is. There is no box to tell you. You simply reach into a hole in the floor and pull out a couple dozen pieces. You take some time to put that together, only to realise you just have a portion of a much bigger picture. So then you reach into the hole and pull out a few more dozen pieces. All the while your understanding of the picture is increasing, but as your understanding increases, you realize the picture is still much bigger. What started out as a hundred piece puzzle, has now turned into a thousand piece, and no sooner you put together a thousand pieces, you discover ten-thousand more pieces. This is how scientific discover is. Does it mean the scientists understand nothing? No quite the opposite actually. They understand much more than the common man, but when it comes to getting the big picture, they still have a very long way to go.

I want you to keep in mind that the scientific theories we use to send rockets into space and put men on the moon are based on theories developed over three-hundred years ago. Stop and think about this for a moment. The man who invented the science NASA now uses to send objects into orbit was Sir Isaac Newton. When he formulated these theories, the United States hadn't even been created yet. Men rode on horses' backs, sailed on the high seas with nothing more than the wind to propel them, and the sword, not the gun, was still the most reliable weapon ever devised. Yet from the theories this man developed (old and obsolete theories by today's standards) NASA has been able to send men to the moon, put a space station into orbit, and make multiple trips of unmanned vehicles to other worlds in our solar system. Granted, it took a few centuries for the engineering technology to reach a point where all this could happen, but we have Sir Isaac Newton to thank for all of it. The mathematical theorists of the 20th century have only begun to shape the world around us. Assuming we survive the secrets they've unlocked, and I suspect we probably will, there is no telling what kind of technology awaits us as a result of their contributions.

For years, understanding the latest scientific theories has been the job of geeks and nerds, for people who make it their career to understand these things. Of course, we should be nice to them, for in the course of just my lifetime, the geeks have inherited the earth (pun intended). Our whole modern life is owed to men such as these. Thankfully, some of these geeks have taken it upon themselves to explain their most recent discoveries in terms the rest of us can understand. They've produced documentaries that 'dumb it down' so to speak, for the rest of us to easily understand. In truth, I think this may be their greatest accomplishment, for in doing so, they open the eyes of the masses.

Modern atheists, militant secularists and moral relativists, depend on a public understanding of science that is old and antiquated -- essentially obsolete. By keeping people locked in the late 1800s scientific understanding of the universe, these people have been able to successfully crush the faith of millions. Today's elementary and high schools rarely ever teach anything beyond this level of scientific understanding. Yet by today's standards, these are just the basics. They are essentially no more than the ABC's of how the universe works.

Catholics who keep abreast on the latest science has to offer, even by just watching the layman's 'dumbed-down' version via documentaries, will quickly find themselves amused by the atheist's attempt to explain away God. The Catholic Church encourages the study of science, and in fact, the Catholic Church invented the study of science. So long as we always remember that science is not the study of truth, but rather the study of evidence, we will never get confused. The scientific method was never designed to teach us truth, it was designed to give us evidence. Truth is the stuff of philosophers not scientists, and any good scientist will tell you that. A scientific theory is nothing more than a certain explanation for the nature of things, until a better one comes along. The Catholic Church does not fear modern science, in fact, she invented it. Catholics should not fear it either, but rather embrace it, understanding that while evidence may come from science, truth comes from the Church, and it was the truth of the Church that gave us the process of discovering evidence, which is the scientific method.

Still we have the ignorant, who like to point to such historical examples as the Galileo affair to blemish the Church. I have answered those people soundly at this link HERE.

Today, I would like to encourage my readers to take an hour out of their busy schedule and watch this video HERE. It is a video documentary on the latest scientific understanding of the nature of the universe.  Then come back and leave your comments below...

2012 -- America's Last Stand -- This Is It !!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This year is America's last stand. There will be no more warnings. There will be no way of turning back after this election cycle. AMERICANS MUST REPENT!!!

So long as we turn to the government to solve our problems for us, so long as we abdicate our religious responsibilities to government programs, we replace the one true God for the cult of the omnipotent state. The family is the key. Sexual purity is the key. Mental and emotional purity is the key. Obedience to Christ and His Church is the key. Trust in Christ, his Mother and the Church (not the government) is the key. Our Lady of America shows the way. REPENT! The time is now! There is no time left!

For more information about the APPROVED PRIVATE REVELATION of Our Lady of America, which is endorsed by Cardinal Raymond Burke of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome, or if you would like to order an Our Lady of America medal -- click here to visit the website.

Especially in reparation for acts of violence committed against the human person through abortion and for the full legal Right to Life to be restored in the United States.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NEWS FLASH: Most of Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal Is Media Hype

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Just a little news flash for you folks out there in the blogisphere. In the wake of the Los Angeles diocese settlement over sex-abuse allegations, here are some little factoids you won't see in the anti-Catholic mainstream news media...
1. Reports of sexual-abuse in the Catholic Church are now at the lowest levels they've ever been since the 1950s...

2. The election of Pope John Paul II, followed by Pope Benedict XVI, appears to have contributed to a decreasing number in sexual-abuse cases...

3. Of all priests accused of sexual misconduct, the overwhelming vast majority of them are no longer in ministry...

4. Sex-abuse in the Catholic Church was often the result of Catholic churches failing to practice Catholicism... read the story here

5. 96% of all Catholic clergy in the United States had nothing to do with the scandal and were never accused of any sexual misconduct... read the story here

6. The sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was overwhelmingly the result of homosexuality not pedophilia... read the story here

7. Since the scandal broke in 2002, homosexuals have been barred from the seminaries entirely, and can no longer become priests, even if they promise to remain celibate... read the story here

8. Sexual abuse of minors is actually higher in Protestant churches than it is in the Catholic Church... read the story here

9. Since the 2002 sex-abuse scandal broke, the US Catholic Church has set a new national standard for institutional reform, and has led the way on strategies of protecting children from sexual predators. Today, other public service industries look to the US Catholic Church for leadership in this area.... read the story here

10. A child is nearly 100 times more likely to be molested in a Public School than in a Catholic or Protestant church... read the story here

Friday, January 20, 2012

Catholic Vote 2012

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What every Catholic needs to know....

Also see this.  A leading Traditional Catholic, distributist, author, columnist and president of the American Catholic Lawyers Association, has likewise come out in favour of Ron Paul...
Christopher A. Ferrara
(The Remnant) - No one is more critical of libertarian error and nonsense than this Remnant columnist, but given the field of liberals that American politics has always been, in this election Paul is far and away the liberal who will do us the least harm. And unlike the serial philanderer Gingrich, Paul is a genuinely decent man, concerning whom even the ultra-sensitive nostrils of the media jackals have been unable to detect so much as a whiff of scandal. In the rogues gallery of American party politics that is saying quite a lot...

read full story here
Dear Catholic reader, if you live in the United States, or you know any Catholic who lives in the United States, I implore you to share this video with as many Catholics as possible. Please get this message out. The future of the United States, and the stability of the world, hangs in the balance. Feel free to use the 'share' icons below, or cut and paste this URL to an email:

Please spread the word.

Black Ministers Protest The SPLC

H.K. Edgerton, former president of the Asheville North Carolina chapter
of the NAACP, stands in protest of the SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama.
Photo Courtesy of Dixie Outfitters
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Well it's about time!....
( - A coalition that includes black pastors and pro-family organizations held a protest outside the headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center yesterday to protest the organization’s ongoing “slander” against pro-family organizations.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has traditionally sought to counteract racist organizations in the south, has recently begun to categorize pro-family groups as “hate groups” for opposing the homosexual political agenda and condemning homosexual behavior as immoral.

Groups condemned as “hateful” by the SPLC include The Illinois Family Institute, Mass Resistance, Abiding Truth Ministries, and Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, all of which appeared at the protest or made supporting statements. The Family Research Council has also been condemned by the SPLC.

Among the African-American pastors protesting at SPLC headquarters were Pastor Glen Sawyer, of the Mt. Zion Church of God in Christ (Camden, North Carolina), Pastor Wil Nichols, Victorious Praise Fellowship (Durham, North Carolina), Pastor Jon Robinson, Kingdom C.O.M.E. Ministries (Clairton, Pennsylvania), and Pastor Kenneth Jefferson of Greater Harvest....

read full story here
In addition, the SPLC has been slandering traditional Catholics for a number of years as well, including the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) in particular. Dixie nationalists and Southern independence organisations are very familiar with the methods of slander and libel frequently employed by the SPLC.

Many Traditional Catholics have been
slandered by the SPLC.
Waving a Dixie flag and believing in state's rights (subsidiarity) does not make one a racist any more than worshipping at a traditional Latin mass and questioning some of the perverse interpretations of Vatican II. The SPLC uses the tactic of guilt-by-association, which in itself proves nothing, but in their case, the association is not always real to begin with. Sometimes it's just implied, assumed or even just made up. The SPLC lost all credibility with traditionalist and family values groups a long time ago. Now with this latest episode, it's become apparent that they've lost all credibility with a growing number of black communities around the nation.

Liberal Modernists love to cite the SPLC's research papers as 'proof' that their ideological opponents are motivated by 'hate.' They use them as a means to discredit their opposition without ever giving an answer to their opponents arguments. Organisations like the SPLC have for years given Liberal Modernists the ammunition they need to skate past the tough questions and scrutiny often applied disproportionately to traditionalist pro-family groups. The real bigots are the ones running the SPLC and now the whole world can see that plainly.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love Jesus but Hate Religion?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: On January 10, 2012, Jefferson Bethke uploaded a video to YouTube that recorded a poem he had written, in which he said that Jesus hates religion, that he came to abolish religion, and that Jesus Christ is opposed to religion. Of course, this is a highly Evangelical way of thinking, but the video was an overnight sensation. As of the date of this blog entry, it has received more than 15 million views. The video is here...

In addition to the Catholic reply above, the video has also prompted a response from Fr. Robert Barron here...

Anti-Dixie Bigotry in Southwest Missouri

(KY3) - Riley Collier loves flying the flag in the back of his pickup -- the Confederate flag.

"Just trying to express myself; it's just like bumper stickers or anything of that nature," said Collier.

He ran into a big problem, though, when he took it on his school grounds. Collier said school officials warned him to stop flying Ole Dixie.

"They said they could view the flag from inside the building, so it was a distraction to students apparently," said Collier.

So he took it down, but continued to fly it to and from Republic High School. In response, the school suspended Collier's driving privileges for 30 days.

"It would be easier and it would pacify them, but I just don't see why I should," said Collier.

When he earned his driving privileges back, his flag came back and that led to his second driving suspension.

Collier has the support of his dad.

"To my knowledge there's nothing in any of the school handbooks that says you can't do it," said Gene Collier.

"We don't articulate every rule and regulation; no school district could do that. We don't have the manpower, time, hours, energy to do all that," said Republic School District Superintendent Vern Minor....

read full story and watch video here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's a sad reality here in Dixieland, as the shadows of Reconstruction are continually cast over our people and our heritage. The latest episode hits close to home, in a small town just outside the Springfield Missouri area. Republic High School was built just one mile north of Wilson's Creek Civil War Battlefield. A small monument erected by the Sons of Confederate Veterans sits just atop a hill north of the battlefield site.

The Battle of Wilson's Creek was a Confederate victory, wherein the first Union general, Nathaniel Lyon, was killed in action. This whole region of Missouri was Confederate territory for a time. Missouri's alignment with the Confederacy is an interesting one. General Lyon himself stated he would rather see every man, woman and child in Missouri dead and buried than concede to the requests of neutrality from a state that had just recently voted to stay within the Union. Missouri congressmen changed their pro-Union tune quickly after finding themselves on the receiving end of General Lyon's unprovoked and unwarranted attack. They voted to secede from the Union just a few months later. It is reported that General Lyon was slated by President Lincoln to become the North's supreme commander after securing the Western front. God had other plans. Lyon was killed at the Battle of Wilson's Creek. General Ulysses S. Grant was then tapped by President Lincoln as his second choice.

Exactly one-hundred and fifty years later, a young man named Riley Collier would find himself a victim of the consequences of that war just one-mile north of where the Battle of Wilson's Creek happened. To the victor go the spoils of war, and to the victor goes the ability to rewrite history. My international audience may find it difficult to understand this. What does this little town of Republic Missouri have to do with the American empire and world history? It has a lot to do with it, because you see, the whole history of the Western world is wrapped up in the American Civil War. This is because the American Civil War was the conflict in which Empire America cut its teeth on the people of Dixieland. By vanquishing them on the battlefield, the American empire was born. What once was a constitutional compact between separate but equal and sovereign states, turned into an empire that was ruled by a centralised government in Washington City (today 'Washington DC'). Prior to the Civil War, the United States was always referred to in the plural -- the United States 'are.' After the Civil War, the United States was referred to in the singular -- the United States 'is.' What was originally E pluribus unum (from many came one) turned into Multa sub una (many under one). This led to the Western Expansion and the subjection of the Native Americans, followed by the 'Yankee Imperialism' of the early 20th century, ultimately leading to our intervention into World War I, which radically changed the course of the 20th century. Many historians agree that America's intervention into World War I is the direct cause that led to World War II. The Second World War elevated America to a world-wide superpower. Maintaining that superpower status, while also attempting to create a welfare state, is the main reason for our current economic woes.

What of the people of Dixieland? What became of them? Well, we still exist, but we are oppressed. Initially, the empire in Washington banned the Dixie flag, prohibiting its display under penalty of law. As reconstruction (occupation) came to an end, Southern children were taught to salute the American flag in stiff-arm Nazi fashion (called the Bellamy Salute - see here) and recite a 'Pledge of Allegiance.' They were also instructed in songs of Northern patriotism and Yankee anthems. The symbols of Dixieland, particularly the Confederate flag, was marked as a symbol of shame and children were instructed that it 'represented slavery.' Later, racists adopted it as one of their symbols too, which they held in reverence second only to the American flag. In time however, about a hundred years after the conflict that crushed our people, the Dixie flag returned to public view, and young men and women everywhere began flying it with pride again.

You will notice I refer to the flag as the Dixie flag, rather than the Confederate flag, and the reason why is because the Confederacy no longer exists, but the flag of Dixie does! The Dixie flag we commonly know today was never an official flag of the Confederate government. Rather, it is a variation of the Confederate Naval Jack flown on just a few ships during the Civil War. A smaller square version was flown over the battlefields on land. Today however, the naval version has been adopted as the most beloved symbol of the PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH. Not a symbol of any government, not a symbol of hate or ideology; but it is a symbol of a culture and a way of life.

It is for this reason the actions of Republic High School are so particularly distressing. It demonstrates a profound ignorance on the part of the superintendant, the principle and the faculty. It also demonstrates the extremely poor history lessons that pass for 'education' in this public school. One-hundred and fifty years after the battle that defined this region of Southwest Missouri, those running the public schools, just a mile north from where it happened, seem either unable (or unwilling) to educate their students about their own heritage. They would rather instead suppress it, resorting to extreme measures, not even defined in their own rules, to crush the spirit of a young man showing nothing more than pride in who he is and where he lives. This is the legacy of Reconstruction, and it is the shadow of political correctness, wherein those who are supposed to be 'leaders' in the community cower to the fears that some ignoramus of history might possibly be 'offended.'

Where is the 'tolerance' for this young man? Had the flag been a Mexican flag, and the student Hispanic, would the school have acted so boldly? Suppose the flag were the colours of some African banner, and the student Black? Would the school then act with such bigotry? No. Of course not. Only the Dixie flag gets such treatment in America. They claim it's because the flag is used by racists. What fools! The American flag is used by more racists than the Dixie flag. It's a fact. Look it up. Shall we ban the American flag too? It was not the Dixie flag that was saluted in stiff-arm fascist style by American schoolchildren for fifty years, but the American flag! So who has more right to be offended by the school's use of the American flag outside and inside its buildings?

The only thing the Republic School District has managed to do is galvanise this young man's love for the flag of his heritage, and simultaneously raise his awareness to the intolerance and bigotry many of his adult superiors have for it. Now he knows first hand what it feels like to be the victim of political and cultural discrimination.

If his classmates care for this young man, and what he believes in, they should support him. They should organise a protest, every one of them, wherein on a certain day they all bring in Dixie flags, on their cars, their book bags, stickers and banners, waving them proudly, facing suspension courageously and accepting it, as they tell their case to the local news media. The adults in Republic, those who still might care about intellectual freedom anyway, ought to do the same. If memory serves, the City of Republic once had a fish emblem on their city seal and flag. That symbol of Christian heritage was forcibly removed by a lawsuit from the ACLU. For years after that the city left that quarter of their seal and flag blank, while the people of Republic placed fish symbols and passages of Scripture on their own private property everywhere. Citizens of Republic Missouri! Aren't you tired of people in authority taking away the symbols of your heritage!?! Do you really want a sterile community void of any recognition of who your people are and where they came from? This time it's not the big bad ACLU abusing the national establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution. This time it's just some intellectual bullies in your own school district. Are you going to let them crush the spirit of your youth!?! Do something! Show your support! You just celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson's Creek for heaven's sake! It was a Confederate victory! Show the colours of your Dixie flags. Fly them in support of this young man and against intellectual tyranny in your public schools. If they are willing to so forcefully crush the spirit of this young man, what do you suppose they will do to YOUR CHILDREN when they get the opportunity!?!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secular E.U. Attacks Catholic Hungary

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  In what is a predictable move, the militantly secular European Union has launched a full scale legal attack against the people and government of Hungary.  The majority of people in Hungary are Catholic, and they have recently awaken from their long slumber to recognise the train-wreck that is the European Union.  In an attempt to save their nation from the threat of militant secularism and multicultural insanity, the people of Hungary have overwhelmingly elected a new government, and a new national constitution, designed to save their nation from financial, social and cultural ruin.  (read more here)  This new constitution limits the influence of non-Hungarians in positions of government and the media, establishes the cultural identity of Hungary as 'Christian,' recognises the unborn foetus as a person with rights and establishes marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

For this, both the United States federal government and the European Union have assailed the new constitution as borderline 'fascist.'  They have all but condemned it, and demanded it be revoked or at least modified to reflect the so-called 'values' of European secularism and multiculturalism.  Now the European Union has taken it to the next level, threatening heavy fines and penalties for such insolence as self determination.

Let us pray this monstrosity, that is the European Union, is dissolved quickly, that the people of Hungary may be delivered from their enemies in Brussels and Washington.  Oh God, let not the collapse of the European Union be delayed too long...
(Telegraph) - Prime Minister Viktor Orban's conservative Fidesz party has been condemned by the international community for introducing measures that threaten the independence of the media, the judiciary and the central bank since sweeping to power in 2010.

The Commission, the EU's executive, said the laws governing the central bank, the retirement age of judges and the country's data protection authority violated EU rules. They needed to be changed within one month if Hungary wanted to avoid a procedure that could end up at the European Court of Justice, the EU's highest court.

Failure to comply with the EU means that Hungary is also stalled in its efforts to negotiate financial assistance from international lenders as it tackles the threat of insolvency...

read full story here

Nigel Paul Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party, Exposed the EU in 2010

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Ordinariate Rumour Mill

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  In the quiet that seems to fall in the interim period between the naming of the new U.S. ordinary for Anglicans and his consecration, there has arisen the customary worries and fears that have sadly become all to common to this process.  I'm sure our Anglo Catholic brethren in England could attest to similar experiences, and our Anglo Catholic brethren in Australia should take note of this, as it will inevitably come to their shores.

At the centre of the controversy is a concern that 'dark forces' have infiltrated the ordinariate structure (which as far as I know consists of only two people right now) and are conspiring to thwart the work of the Holy Father by keeping admission to the ordinariate limited so as to insure its failure.  The main concern right now seems to be the notion that the nominated Ordinary and his assistant will not allow Anglican Use Pastoral Provision parishes into the ordinariate.

Okay, I know I may have oversimplified things here, but I think I captured the essence of people's concerns.  So let's break this down and analyse it a bit in a logical and dispassionate way.

First and foremost, the fears are understandable.  I will not sit here at my keyboard and disparage those who come up with such worries.  Considering the history from which many of these people came, their paranoia is justified.  Many of the Anglo Catholics entering the Church through the ordinariate have been traumatised by liberal Modernism in the Anglican Communion.  In addition, some have dealt with endless politics, division and strife following their exit from the Communion and their stay in the Anglican Continuum bodies.  Anglicans have been fighting a long, hard and losing battle that has lasted a generation.  They are shell shocked.  It is what I can only compare to a type of spiritual post-traumatic stress syndrome.  They need healing.  That is not going to come until they've been safe within the Catholic Church for a number of years.  In addition to that, we have those Anglicans who entered the Catholic Church some years back.  They too still carry some scars left over from their experience in Anglicanism, plus some minor battles with Roman bishops hostile to the Anglican patrimony.  As the creation of the U.S. ordinariate for Anglicans gets under way, it is understandable that tensions would arise.  There is a lot at stake here, everyone knows it, and above all, people just want to make sure this thing works!  So it only makes sense that this period of silence might be interpreted in a negative way, especially when some have been told to remain silent, and others have been told to wait on their local bishop.

Second, let us accurately assess the situation.  Both Father Jeffrey Steenson (the nominated Ordinary) and Father Scott Hurd are former Episcopalian priests who entered the Catholic Church through the Pastoral Provision.  Granted, neither of them adopted the Anglican Use as their speciality, but neither of them were ever required to.  That doesn't mean they have a problem with the Anglican Use.  It only means that it didn't suit the type of ministry they pursued.  It should be noted however, that both men were nevertheless Pastoral Provision priests, and that alone PROVES that the ordinariate is open to priests from the Pastoral Provision.  It proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt actually.  For if the ordinariate is not open to Pastoral Provision priests, than neither Father Steenson nor Father Hurd can be a part of it.  Thus the ordinariate does not exist!  In fact, however, it does exist, because Pope Benedict XVI says so.  Therefore we must conclude that the notion that Pastoral Provision priests cannot be part of the ordinariate must be false.  The very existence of Father Steenson and Father Hurd in the ordinariate demonstrates this beyond any shadow of a doubt.  Furthermore, by nominating a Pastoral Provision priest as Ordinary, the Holy Father has himself set the precedence of admitting Pastoral Provision priests to the ordinariate first, before all others, and demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that the ordinariate is open to them.

Third, the headquarters for the U.S. Anglo Catholic Ordinariate has been selected.  It is Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church in Houston Texas.  What is this parish?  Why it's an Anglican Use Pastoral Provision parish of course!   So if it is true, as some have suggested, that Anglican Use parishes will not be permitted into the ordinariate, are we then supposed to believe that the Ordinary has decided to set up headquarters in a parish that he cannot admit to the ordinariate?  Are we supposed to believe that the Ordinary will set up his cathedral in a parish not even owned or controlled by him?  Are we mad!?!  Of course Our Lady of Walsingham parish will become part of the ordinariate!  To think otherwise is insane!  Yet once again we have a precedence here.  The very first parish admitted to the ordinariate will be -- are you ready? -- an Anglican Use parish of course!  If this is the precedence, indeed if this is the pattern already established, than it looks to me like the Anglican Use parishes are first in line.

Fourth, based on the rumours that I have heard, and I am open to correction here, it sounds as if the nominated ordinary is simply trying to engage in proper episcopal protocol.  Currently, Anglican Use parishes, missions and societies are owned by the bishops of the respective dioceses they find themselves in.  Therefore, the bishops of those dioceses are in control.  That means they must ask permission to become part of the ordinariate, and wait until such permission is given and the Ordinary (Father Steenson) invites them to become part of it.  This is nothing more than showing respect to those with authority, and it is a central part of being Catholic.  If you don't like episcopal authority than go be a Baptist!  This is how it works in the Catholic Church.  One need not worry about those bishops being unfriendly to Anglican Use groups, because if they were, such groups would not exist in their dioceses.  They would have forbidden them.  So here is the good news.  Cheer up!  If you're part of an Anglican Use parish, mission or society in your area, than chances are you already have a bishop who is friendly to the Anglican Use tradition and is more than likely willing to cooperate with the pope's Anglican ordinariate vision.  If you're a member of a traditional Anglican parish seeking the ordinariate, than have no fear, you were who this ordinariate was designed for.  As for those of you who have nothing, but have been 'watching from afar' as they say, than you might have to wait until an ordinariate mission is available in your area, or else you can apply to the ordinariate and request one.

Now while we are waiting is the time to talk to your pastors.  If you're part of an Anglican Use parish, mission or society, ask him to petition your bishop to be transferred to the ordinariate, assuming that's what you want.  That's really all there is to it.  Once the petition is made, you need to give a little time for episcopal procedures to take place.  Then wait and see what happens.

For now, let's put aside the rumour mill.  It hasn't even been a month since Fr. Steenson was named Ordinary.  He's still trying to put things together I'm sure.  He probably hasn't even finished moving his office yet.  Relax.  Give things a little time to work.

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Idiots Try To 'Occupy' The Vatican

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What a bunch of IDIOTS! I can think of no other Traditional Catholic blogger, besides me, who has attempted to be fair and gentle to the 'Occupy' movement, but these people at the Vatican are morons! Wall Street I understand, Washington DC I get, but the Vatican? The Vatican!?! Seriously!?! Don't these dipsh*ts know the Vatican has done more for their cause than any other organisation in the world? Are these numskulls completely unaware that the Vatican is the only city-state in the world with a zero carbon footprint? Are these retards clueless to the fact that the pope has spoken out more times than any world leader against the inequity of wealth, the sin of greed, and the plight of the poor. Are these absolute moonbats knowledgeable of the fact that the Vatican gives no less than ninety percent (90%) of its annual revenue to charity!?! What an amazing display of PURE STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE!!! It is lunacy such as this that will eventually prevail in Europe, fulfilling the prophecies of old, that the Vatican will be stormed by a senseless mob, the pope will be wounded and flown to safety somewhere else, where he will eventually die in exile. Then, and only then, will the Angelic pope be elected, and the Great Monarch appear to 'judge his people' as the prophet St. Malachi foretold. I have always wondered what the phrase 'judge his people' meant in St. Malichi's prophecy. Now I know. He shall judge them for their stupidity!

William Wallace -- A Faithful Catholic

(Vatican Insider) -- He didn’t wear a kilt but a religious habit. Part warrior, part monk, he was above all armed with a “fervent Catholic faith”: this was the real William Wallace, the Scottish national hero, made famous by the Oscar-winning film “Braveheart” that came out in 1995, starring Mel Gibson. This is according to traditionalist website, which covers studies and research carried out in Scotland by the Society for Tradition, Family and Property, a body that was established to promote the thinking of the Catholic intellectual, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

According to the Catholic website, Gibson’s film is important in that it taught the whole world the story of the Scottish leader who led his fellow nationals in the rebellion against English occupation. However, it missed out one fundamental fact about the figure of Braveheart: his Catholic faith.

Since his birth in 1270, the young nobleman, Wallace, received a Catholic education. His career was allegedly church oriented: he was educated by the Augustinians and the Benedictines and apart from his mother tongue, Gaelic, he also spoke English, French, German and Latin.

Then, a series of violent episodes made him abandon religious life. An English patrol killed his father and eldest brother in cold blood, after they were found guilty of refusing to swear an oath of allegiance to Edward I of England and of supporting the Scottish sovereign, John Balliol’s cause instead. William consequently killed some English soldiers and went into hiding: this was the moment when the man who was to lead the revolt against the invader, with the help of the Bishop of Glasgow, was born...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It seems so common that people forget that if you called yourself a Christian anywhere in the Western World prior to the 16th century that meant you will likely a member of the Roman Catholic Church. After five centuries we have so easily forgotten that Christianity was essentially unified in the West prior to the Reformation and the words 'Catholic' and 'Christian' were completely synonymous. William Wallace was one such Christian, a devout Catholic and defender of his people.

Those of us who claim our cultural heritage from Scotland, particularly those of us in the American Southeast -- Dixieland -- would do well to remember that. Catholicism is just as much our cultural heritage as anything else.

Friday, January 13, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court Sides With Church Against Womenpriests

President Obama suffered a humiliating defeat as all nine justices
essentially threw his case out of the Supreme Court on its ear.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This will buy us some precious time...
(The American Catholic) - As expected, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a church school cannot be sued in court over an employee’s discrimination complaint.

In a unanimous decision SCOTUS overturned the earlier ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission et al which had allowed the lawsuit to move forward, saying the teacher’s work was more secular than religious.

The high court disagreed.

Consistent with precedent, SCOTUS ruled that the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion shields churches and their operations from the reach of anti-discrimination laws when dealing with employees of religious institutions. SCOTUS also extended this precedent to include complaints of discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act....

read full story here
The decision allows the Catholic Church, and other religious institutions, to freely practice religion in regards to clergy selection. The unanimous margin (9 to 0) by which the decision was made insures this will remain settled law (stare decisis) for some time. That's a very good thing, but we should not count on this remaining a permanent fixture of the American legal landscape. As we know, the Supreme Court does NOT write its decisions in stone. New presidents can nominate new supreme court justices, and new justices can overturn previous decisions. Therefore we should not get into the comfortable position of thinking the matter is settled. It is not.

What has been determined however is this. There are forces in this country (most recently concentrated in the Obama administration, but by no means limited to it) that are hell-bent on making sure churches are FORCED by law to hire female ministers. From a Catholic perspective this is particularly insidious, because if implemented it would mean the hand of the government is being used to interrupt authentic priestly ordinations and authentic apostolic secession. Nothing could make the devil happier!

The problem is not so much legal as it is cultural. Legal systems have existed in the Western World for centuries and we've never encountered a problem quite like this before. This kind of problem only arises when the culture itself is infected with the cancer of liberal Modernism. The only reason why the Obama administration was able to muster enough support to even put this case forward is because he was elected by a culture that tolerated what he said during the campaign and was pleased with the way he conducted himself in office. Indeed, had the culture been more 'christian' (small 'c' here) than a man like Obama would have never been elected in the first place. Then again, a man like John McCain would have never won the 2008 GOP primaries either.

In Europe the cultural problem is endemic to the whole region, save a few isolated spots here and there, with the nations of Hungary and Poland being exceptions for the time being. In the United States of America, things are a little different. For the most part, the entire Northern and Western portions of the United States have a similar problem as Europe, albeit not as severe yet, in that Christianity has been abandoned as a source of public moral guidance. In the Southern Midwest to Southeast (Old Dixieland) the problem still exists, but there is still a sizeable remnant that clings to the virtues of Christendom. Of course the biggest problem here is that most of those people are Evangelical Protestants and that makes them highly susceptible to change. The best thing that could happen to the American Southeast (Dixieland) right now would be for traditional Catholicism to move in and help crystallise the Dixieland tendency to cling to tradition. This would solidify the Old South's stand against Modernism.

I think perhaps what might have made this possible in Dixie is something really awful that may perhaps work its way out as a blessing in disguise. (God works all things together for good for those who love him.)  I'm talking about the loss of the Civil War. You see, ever since the South lost the Civil War, it has to this day found itself subject to the ridicule and oppression of Northern (Yankee) culture. Southerners (Dixians) continue to be mocked for their language, accents, manners, morals and beliefs. This has caused some Dixians to embrace Yankee Modernism, but it has also cause a lot more to dig in their heels, galvanise and defiantly hold their ground throughout the decades. It is perhaps this very form of liberal Yankee persecution that has in effect made it possible for the South to still find herself a bastion of faith and culture while the rest of America has gone to hell in a hand basket.

So why am I bringing this up, and what does it have to do with the recent Supreme Court decision? Well, as I said above, this recent decision buys the U.S. Catholic Church some precious time, but it does not settle the matter. The liberal Modernists (Yankee style) will return and this issue will be revisited sooner or later. Nothing will really change until the culture changes, and the one place in America where the culture is most likely to change in the Church's favour is in the American Southeast -- Old Dixieland. Catholics should concentrate our efforts there, to help galvanise what is left of Christendom in this region. There we can take our stand against the corruption of liberal Modernism in the rest of America. I firmly believe the Old South, of all places ironically, is the one area that is most likely to restore Christendom to the rest of North America. Of course many people say Catholic New England is the key, others say the Catholic portions of the American Southwest are the key. I say none of the above. It's Dixie or nothing. You want to change the culture in America, than help make Dixie more Catholic, or else forget about it!

Ron Paul Surges in South Carolina - Rick Santorum Plunges !

Presidential Primary Preference:

South Carolina
Likely Republican
Primary Voters
Jan 11-12

Gingrich 25%
Huntsman 1%
Paul 20%
Perry 9%
Romney 29%
Santorum 7%
Other 2%
Undecided 7%

Mitt Romney leads the South Carolina Republican presidential primary with 29%. Newt Gingrich is in second place with 25% and Ron Paul is in third place with 20%.

Paul has gained the most and Rick Santorum has lost the most since the last American Research Group survey on January 4-5. In that survey, Paul was at 9% and Santorum was at 24%.

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  There is a bitter sense of vindication that comes from this.  Vindication because it proves that I was right.  Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that can beat Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  Bitter because it appears that not enough people are seeing that now, and this will inevitably result in the re-election of Barack Obama in November.

I don't know if Ron Paul will surge enough on his own to win South Carolina.  Certainly if Rick Santorum or Rick Perry dropped out right now, it would be 'game on' for Ron Paul winning South Carolina.  To my fellow Catholic supporters of Santorum out there, did you really think the 'he's a good Catholic' line would play well in South Carolina which has one of the smallest Catholic populations in the entire United States?  You have to understand, a large number of Evangelicals (most concentrated in South Carolina) really see no distinction between Catholics and Mormons.  They are both viewed as a 'cult' by Evangelicals, and some might even see the Mormons as less threatening.  Newt Gingrich's popularity there is mainly from name recognition and folks remembering his 'Contract with America' back in 1994.  I dare say a good number of voters in South Carolina don't even know he's Catholic.

Santorum and Perry are finished.  The best thing they could do is drop out and let their delegates go to Paul and Gingrich respectively, giving Romney a real run for his money.  Alas, I fear they will continue to divide the conservative vote in the Republican Party, allowing Romney to skate right into the GOP convention with the most delegates this August.

A Romney victory in August spells an Obama victory in November.

Now that being said, and all rancour aside (my own included), let's analyse something a little more dispassionately.  Regardless of what anyone says about this primary process, and regardless of whoever wins the GOP nomination, there is one thing that is absolutely clear and cannot be denied.  Ron Paul has changed the face of the Republican Party -- forever.

What we have right now is an entire section of the Republican Party (about 20%) that has rejected the status quo precedents set by previous GOP administrations and congresses.  What we have is a political party that is now about 20% more 'libertarian' than it was just ten years ago.  We have a party that is 20% more likely to embrace a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy.  We have a party that is 20% more likely to want to abolish the Federal Reserve.  We have a party that is 20% more likely to embrace states rights and decentralisation.  This is why GOP icon Sarah Palin has warned Republicans not to alienate the Ron Paul supporters.  For in alienating them, they risk the breakup of the Republican Party entirely.   The only GOP candidate bringing in sizable numbers of young energetic voters right now is Ron Paul.  It is clear, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the future of the Republican Party is going to reflect Ron Paul's thinking a lot more than any other political candidate.  Paul has made his mark on the GOP, and it is a mark that is here to stay, unless of course the GOP rejects it.  If they do that however, the GOP rejects its future and consigns itself to a generation of irrelevance.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The New Hungarian Constitution

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  A reader of this blog recently asked what my views were on Hungary's newly adopted Constitution which not only acknowledges, but honour's and enforces, Hungary's Christian heritage.  In my opinion, Hungary's new constitution is a good thing and a sign of things to come. While from a democratic standpoint this may seem extreme to some Americans, we have to remember that Hungary IS NOT a federal republic made up of multiple smaller republics (like the United States). Rather, it is a singular republic nation-state. Therefore, as a singular republic nation-state, it has the right to govern itself as it sees fit, and that would include protecting its historic Christian culture in a era where that is under siege by militant Secularism and Multiculturalism, which has resulted in the emergence of militant Islam knocking on their front door. While of course I think a return to the Hapsburg Dynasty, or some form of constitutional monarchy, is preferable, this is the next best thing.

I do hope the emerging founding fathers of the renewed nation of Dixieland will look to Hungary as a model to consider when drafting a new constitution for the reborn Confederate States of Dixieland (CSD). That being said, we have to remember that a Confederate constitution need not be so strict because a revived Confederacy will be a composite of multiple sovereign states. Thus a Confederate constitution would only need to support those actions deemed necessary by the states. So for example, if the State of Alabama, for example, decided the best way to heal its own wounds inflicted by militant Secularism was to enact a constitution similar to the one in Hungary, but customised to address Southern issues, than the Confederate government's only responsibility would be to support that state's right to govern itself that way.

Our Lady of Fatima prophesied that entire nations would soon vanish as a result of this great Chastisement coming upon the earth and I am now convinced the United States is one of those nations. What replaces the former USA will likely be a Balkanised version of North America. My hope is that all of these newly formed nations will use Hungary's new constitution as a template to remodel their own governments as needed to address North American issues which thankfully are not nearly as severe as Europe's problems.

This new Hungarian constitution is a sign that the old order of militant Secularism and Multiculturalism has miserably failed. A growing number of the European population is striving for a return to something more traditional - something akin to Christendom. Our Catholic prophecies tell us they will, after much strife, eventually get what they want in the form of a new Holy Roman Empire. I think the Hungarian constitution is a sign of this, a precursor, and of course the Hungarians will likely have the least trouble integrating into the new Christendom when it comes, (that is assuming they survive the Chastisement to come), because they're government was already prepped for it.

I believe the time has come for Catholics all over the world, particularly here in North America, to abandon the militant Secularism and Multiculturalism that has brought the Western world to ruin - both socially and financially. I believe the time has come for Catholics to abandon those forms of government that are actively promoting militant Secularism and Multiculturalism. This would include, but is not limited to, the United States federal government (seated in Washington DC), the French Republic, the German Republic, the Russian Federation, and all monarchies that are no longer Catholic. When I say abandon these regimes, I am not talking about violent revolution, which contradicts our Christian virtues. Rather, we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, paying our taxes and obeying the laws, but all the while supporting alternate forms of government which may arise in their place, so long as those governments are friendly to the virtues of Christendom.

Considering everything that has happened, I believe this to be our religious duty as Catholics. In those places where some alternative form of government may exist in embryonic stage, which is friendly to Christendom, than that alternate form should be supported and embraced by Catholics, all within reason and civility. In those places where no such alternate government exists, than I believe it is incumbent upon Catholics to create one, all within reason and civility. The time to act is now! The Secularists and Multiculturalists have failed us. The time now has come for all good men to come together and save our civilisation from complete ruin. We should show our Secularist Multiculturalist governments a vote of 'no-confidence.'

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney will be the GOP Nominee

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Mitt Romney has just won the New Hampshire primary on the heels of a very narrow victory in Iowa.  Rick Santorum lost to Romney in Iowa by just eight votes but was soundly beaten by him in New Hampshire by 26 percentage points.  Romney also bested Ron Paul by 12 percentage points.  While a New Hampshire victory was predictable for Romney, it has reinforced the notion that he can easily carry all of the New England states in future primaries.

Rick Santorum's best chance at making a comeback is in South Carolina at the end of next week, where he trails Romney by an average of 10 percentage points, depending on which poll you believe.  Even if Santorum manages to pull out a narrow victory in South Carolina, that victory will be short lived when Florida holds its primary ten days later, where Romney leads against Santorum by 20 percentage points and Gingrich by 10 percentage points.  Then comes Nevada in February, followed by Main, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan and Washington.  Romney will win all of these states.  By the time we get to March, Romney will have so much momentum behind him that he will be nearly invincible. Romney will have won every single primary, with perhaps only one exception (South Carolina), and that's only if Santorum is incredibly lucky.  What we are witnessing is a repeat of 2008 but worse.  Romney is going to skate into the convention with more delegates than anyone else, while Santorum and Gingrich battle it out for second place.  Ron Paul, will not win a single primary, as expected and planned by those who control the type of candidates we get for the general election.

So the international corporate-money cartel wins again.  Americans will choose between Romney and Obama in November.  Both are corporate whores.  Both serve the money cartels.  Both will give us more of the same.  There is your choice America.  Enjoy.

A Dixieland Manifesto

We the people of Dixieland (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia) do hereby declare ourselves a separate and distinct people from the rest of the United States of America.  We come from diverse ethnic, religious and social groups, but we are united in language, culture and history.  We repudiate the moral abominations of slavery and segregation that were thrust upon us by the prevailing political and economic forces of their time.  We stand together in Christian fraternity and charity toward our fellow man.  We pledge to each other our Christian faith, our undying loyalty and our sacred honour.  For it is in this context alone that true and equal freedom enters into the lives of men.

For one and a half centuries our lives have been dominated by the prevailing influence of the United States federal government's imperial power.  Upon exercising the rights defined under the U.S. Declaration of Independence, our ancestors were met with the most fiendish hostility perpetrated against our people by a government sworn to protect those rights.  Never in the history of North America has such savagery been unleashed by the sons of European Christendom.  Even the British showed far more civility when dealing with their rebel colonies.  What followed this American apocalypse was a period of occupation, wherein the rights of our ancestors were stripped for a generation, and the ability to govern ourselves was made a mockery.  What followed this was a century of repression that goes on to this day, wherein our history is maligned, our symbols outlawed, our language mocked and our children propagandised to despise their own heritage.   These evils alone were insufficient to crush the tolerance of a Christian people.  For over a hundred years we pledged our allegiance to the American empire, we raised her banner proudly to prove our patriotism, we sang her anthems and sent our sons to die in her wars.  We have done everything humanly possible to demonstrate we are 'good Americans,' far more than any other quarter of the empire, and we have quietly dismissed the words of intolerance and mockery that have repeatedly been uttered against our people and our heritage.  In every way imaginable, for one-hundred and fifty years, we have followed the command of our Lord and Saviour to 'turn the other cheek' and 'carry the cloak two miles instead of just one.'  For this we were met with the following.

During the last generation the American empire, with its power seated in Washington DC, has levelled an absolute war of legal oppression against our Christian faith and our Dixieland culture.  This warfare began in the federal courts, denying our children the right to pray in public schools.  This later extended to the suppression of all religious expression on all government owned properties.  Everywhere the government advanced, religion was forced to retreat, and so it seemed as time passed, the government was advancing everywhere.   Then again in the federal courts, the government stripped our states of their right to regulate and prohibit infanticide in the form of surgical and chemical abortion.  This has resulted in a holocaust of death that has most severely affected our black population in what can only be compared to a form of racial genocide.  Under the guise of 'compassion' our people have been heavily taxed by this imperial regime, and their wealth 'redistributed' through government agencies, to create a welfare dependent class of people, which again has disproportionately affected our black population, re-enslaving them in what has come to be called the 'government plantation.'  Through all of this, the churches have been robbed of their God-given commission to feed and care for the poor, relegating many of their religious duties to social events.  This combined with the imperial regime's refusal to allow states to regulate profanity and obscenity on the public airwaves, has led to a moral and social decline that is unprecedented in Western history since the fall of the Roman Empire.

Now with all this under way, this imperial regime which reigns over us, with the threat of the most malignant force should we dare to assert our political independence again, has taken its warfare against our faith and culture to the most extreme levels.  Under the auspices of 'tolerance' churches are forced to shut down their charitable programs.  Christian pastors face the threat of prosecution for reading portions of the Bible that contradict this new government sponsored 'politically-correct' orthodoxy.  Homosexuality is promoted as 'normal,' even 'desirable,' and those who protest are labelled 'intolerant' and 'hateful,' forced to fear government reprisals should they dare to resist.  Public school children are suspended or expelled for expressing their Christian beliefs or cultural heritage, and these are just the beginning of human rights violations.  Over the last half-century this American empire has become a worldwide superpower, and so has thrust its weight into the far corners of the earth.  Today the empire heavily taxes her people, most especially the sons and daughters of Dixieland, to pay not only for its colossal welfare state, but also for its police actions around the world.  What it lacks in tax revenue it supplements in money printing through the unelected and unaccountable Federal Reserve banking system.  This creates inflation which acts as a double tax on our people, impoverishing us even further, and robbing our children of any hope for the future.  With these revenues the empire intervenes in the affairs of other governments across the globe, inciting their hatred of us, and provoking their retaliation against our people, leaving us nothing to show for it but a massive national debt that can never be repaid.

The empire has also waged a war against small family-run business, granting favours to large corporations, thus destroying the very fabric of our independent economy.  Our people have become 'wage-slaves' to large national and international corporations, that pay us barely enough to survive and place many of our people on government program dependency for food and medical necessities.  To complain against these unfair business practices is to be told we are 'lazy,' as we are forced to send our wives and older children into the workplace just to keep our households solvent.  Meanwhile the few good paying jobs that exist are exported overseas, as the empire tells us this is a 'good thing' for America citing reasons that are simply unintelligible to us. For all of our loyalty, for all of the imperial flags waved across Dixieland, for all the anthems we have sung and the pledges we have made, for all the blood spilled by our sons and daughters in the empire's endless international wars, we are left with this?  This is our legacy?  This is our inheritance?  We are left struggling for financial solvency, apologising for our culture and fighting for our religion?

We are disgusted with the outcome of this venture into American imperialism and are forced to conclude, after a century and a half, that the surrender of the Army of Virginia at Appomattox was a mistake.  We are left with the sad realisation that our people would have fared much better had General Robert E. Lee taken his troops into the hills and fought a perpetual conflict of guerrilla warfare, rather than surrender to superior Union fire power.  We are heartbroken that after one-hundred and fifty years of promising and proving our fidelity to the empire, we have once again become her enemies, simply for being what we are and for no more than that.

Therefore, without resorting to acts of violence, which contradicts our Christian virtue, we individually and communally pledge to undertake the following measures...
  1. We shall no more hide the symbols of our identity in shame.  We adopt the Confederate Naval Jack as the symbol of our people and our struggle, pledging to display it whenever possible, in the most honourable and dignified way.  This 'Christian Cross of St. Andrew' shall be the sign of our resistance.
  2. We shall in every way identify our land as Dixie or Dixieland, and our people as Dixians, Dixons or as the citizens of our respective states, so as to separate ourselves from the directional designation of 'Southerners' which geographically ties us to the United States.  We must in every way assert ourselves as a separate and distinct people.
  3. We shall seek to restore the manners and chivalry of Christendom in our homes, neighbourhoods and religious congregations.
  4. We shall endeavour to persuade our local and state elected officials to enact laws that enforce the virtues of Christian civility.  
  5. We shall likewise endeavour to persuade our local and state elected officials to unceasingly petition the empire (Washington DC) for provisional self-governance, with the long-term goal of full independence.  This pressure must continuously be applied to the empire even if Washington's answer is always 'no.'  Likewise, we should make sure this call for independence is well known in the United Nations and the international community, thus making our struggle an international embarrassment to the empire.
  6. We shall culturally adjure the realm by cutting off our families from the popular media.
  7. We shall remove our money from national and international banks, supporting local credit unions instead.
  8. We shall refuse to shop at 'big box' superstores owned by massive corporations, endeavouring instead to keep our money local, finding locally owned, or worker-owned (cooperative) places to do our business.
  9. We shall endeavour to press our local and state politicians to break up monopolies, allowing for cooperatively owned competition in energy production and manufacturing.
  10. We shall in every way seek a return to a simpler way of life, honouring the religion of our antebellum ancestors, showing Christian charity toward our neighbours, impartial to race, colour or creed, as we attempt to restore a remnant of Christendom for ourselves and our posterity.