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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pope Benedict's Abdication

Catholic Squire: Born in the late 1980's, I have only ever called two men "Holy Father" in my life. On Tuesday, I lost the second one. He's not gone yet, but I already feel it. When I realized I was not dreaming, I fell to my knees and started to cry. I cried for the Church that I love so much, because I knew that health issues aside, this abdication is about more.

Commentary on the Abdication Itself 
I watched the video clips of the Holy Father dropping the Pastoral Staff and worried right then and there that perhaps his health was failing rapidly. But in my humble opinion if that were the case alone, he would simply "ride out" his final illness and commend his soul to Almighty God as the reigning Sovereign Pontiff. I had a sneaking suspicion that the SSPX situation and the "Vatileaks" scandal were major catalysts in the decision of the Holy Father, and, the Holy Father's brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger has recently confirmed that to be the case. 

The Vatileaks scandal is one that I am not nearly well versed enough on to comment on to any substantial degree other than to say that I would think that at that age, if you realized you were being betrayed at that level, you would not want to deal with it either and would realize that the extent of the corruption could be better handled by someone young and with the energy to clean house thoroughly. 

Regarding the negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X, the Holy Father has invested much time and effort into these negotiations and has seen nothing come of them. Again, at a certain point, after much so much has been put in with no results, frustration and even despair become almost understandable. However, I think that, just like with the "Vatileaks" scandal, there is plenty going on to sabotage the efforts of the Pope. I have listened to commentary from both sides, but with special interest to what Bishop Fellay has said throughout. I for one am convinced that just as Bishop Fellay says, he is indeed receiving two kinds of letters from Rome and receiving two substantially different treatments, regardless of the medium of communication. It is incredible to think that in this day and age, a group of men could get away with something like that. Well, it seems they didn't. The world knows now what Bishop Fellay is claiming happened, and, I'm sure, the Pope does too. That said, he abdicated, surrounded by wolves and seemingly not in the position to stop them. 

Commentary on the New Offer to the SSPX

I felt very strongly that, once the dust had settled from the announcement of His Holiness that he would extend one final offer to the SSPX. I learned tonight from the Rorate Caeli blog that this is indeed what has happened. I do not know what the conditions or requirements are, but it is very interesting.

Out of public life, the Holy Father has the next few weeks to devote to regularizing the SSPX. He and Bishop Fellay could conceivably meet, and Bishop Fellay could ask all the questions necessary to determine just where the Pope stands on things and it would then be crystal clear to Bishop Fellay as to whether or not a move towards Rome is possible. This can't happen though with all the politics and intermediaries and Congregations and media involved. This move from the Holy Father all but kills that interference. Should the SSPX not agree to what is in the appeal then it has been decided that the Pope will extend an offer to each individual SSPX priest. This is less than ideal because obviously it means less regularized clergy but it also means nearly no physical properties would transfer over, since, Bishop Fellay as the "CEO" would have to come along for that to transfer over smoothly.

His Holiness has made the case to the world that the Extraordinary Form is not dead and is not going anywhere. This is understood best by the new seminarians who are increasingly falling in love with this form of the Mass. Bishop Fellay and the SSPX are needed so bad in this fight. It is a fight that I strongly believe they would be more actively engaged in if they were fighting from a canonically regular perspective. They fight now, no one can deny that, and they have effected great change, both directly and indirectly. I humbly observe that they could have a much greater influence on those not open to or unexposed to the traditions of our holy faith and a bigger "base" if they would simply give a trusting "yes" to the Holy Father. Not a trusting "yes" to the modernists, not a trusting yes to all those still actively involved in the attempted destruction of the Church, just a yes to the Holy Father. He loves the Society. I dare say he loved Archbishop Lefebvre and was deeply troubled by the breakdown in talks in 1988, 17 years before he would ascend to the Throne of St. Peter. Since the beginning of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, this issue has been close to his heart. Have we prayed for him in this great undertaking?

Commentary on the Next Pope (Who he might be)

In 2005, I correctly predicted that His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger would be elected Pope. There were no other names on my list. This time, my list is quite a bit bigger. In no particular order:

His Eminence Antonio Cañizares Llovera: He is in charge of the liturgy and is sometimes referred to as the "Little Ratzinger". Enough said!

His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke: Admittedly, this is a long shot because he is an American, but it is not wishful thinking. He is involved in many Roman Congregations and has clearly won great favor with Pope Benedict XVI. 

His Eminence Angelo Cardinal Scola: I think this is another long shot because of his age, he is 71. I think the Cardinals will look to someone under 70. He is however the Cardinal-Archbishop of Milan and frequently mentioned as papabile. 

His Eminence Marc Cardinal Ouellete: His Eminence is the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops and at 68, "clocks in" just before that threshold of 70 that I think will play out to be a major factor in this coming conclave. The Cardinals do not want to gather in the Sistine to do this again just a few short years later.

His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith: Like Cardinals Burke and Llovera, Cardinal Ranjith is a strongly supporter of the "Benedictine" liturgical movmenet. Cardinal Ranjith is the Cardinal-Archbishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has the respect of those in other religions without compromising the faith, and has a darker complexion that many in the media are calling for in the next pope. What a surprise this would be for them as His Eminence is most certainly NOT their boy. 

If I had to pick a few that I would not want to see just for the sake of picking them so that readers can be aware of my picks without bias towards my favorites, I would say: Cardinal Turkson, Cardinal Sodano, Cardinal Bertone, Cardinal Maradiaga, and Cardinal Tagle round out my list. That is not to say that I would not give these men due obedience as the Vicar of Christ, I just for one reason or another would prefer to see another man elected. 

Commentary on the Next Pope (Who he won't be)

The Catholic Knight and I work together not because we parrot each others thoughts, but because we share a passionate love for the Church. We often do agree, but it is not guaranteed, and here, I must break with the Catholic Knight and tell you that it is my firm belief that we are NOT at the doorsteps of Peter the Roman. I have spent hours researching this over the last 12+ years and have concluded that Peter the Roman, IF the Prophecies of St. Malachy are real and not forgeries, is not slated by the author of the Prophecies to be next. It is widely held that "De Gloria Olivae" and "Petrus Romanus" were at one point united in the prophecy and split centuries later. That is possible, but what is more likely is that Petrus Romanus was simply given without a number (as it still appears) while the others were numbered and so what we have as an undetermined number of popes between Pope Benedict XVI and the end. I think the list stops here (again assuming for the sake of commentary on the conclave that it is authentic) because we are not meant to see past this point in history. I think something big is coming. I don't know what. I'm not even convinced it's "bad". But I do believe that if they are authentic and if we are not at the end, then we are about to be placed in the middle of a tremendous event in human history. I can't even begin to speculate on what that might be. But to my mind, if we entertain the legitimacy of the prophecies and buy my reasoning for why Petrus Romanus is not on the horizon, then we should fasten our seat-belts. 



StevieD said...

"The celebration of the Mass will be banned in all/many invaded countries, many priests go into hiding and many are killed, especially in France.
The Pope flees Rome and goes into hiding together with some of the Cardinals. He is discovered and murdered (NOTE – Saint Pope Pius X had a vision of this and said that the Pope involved would bear his name which could be Pius or, his own baptismal name, Benedict). After the period of the chastisement has lasted for 3 and a half years when things are at their worst’ a Great Sign will appear in the sky causing mass conversions to Catholicism (Christ on the Cross according to St. Faustina). However the fighting continues for a short period.
The French civil war opponents have fought to a standstill with many deaths and the French turn to the Pope for a solution. A new Pope proposes that the French accept rule by a member of their former Royal Family (The ‘Great King’ foretold by many saints), this man will eventually become a great and saintly emperor in Europe and will rule very wisely."

Catholic Mission said...

The recent statement by Archbishop Gerhard Muller on their patience being limited indicates that the Vatican does not want a doctrinal solution to the SSPX issue which will say that the Council is traditional and in accord with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Syllabus of Errors.

Instead the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Muller wants the Society of St.Pius X (SSPX) to accept a false Vatican Council II in which salvation in Heaven is considered visible to us all on earth.This premise makes the Council modernist.

The SSPX and all good, non political Catholics are correct in rejecting this version of the Council.A reconciliation with the SSPX is possible if the CDF and the SSPX could acknowledge these three steps:
1. There is no explicit to us salvation, in the present times (2013) mentioned in Vatican Council II.
2. Since there is no explicit to us, physically visible salvation LG 16 etc does not contradict Ad Gentes 7 which says all need faith and baptism for salvation.
3. So LG 16 etc does not contradict extra ecclesiam nulla salus or the traditional teaching on other religions, both sides could agree upon this.

Archbishop Augustine Di Noia Vice President of Ecclesia Dei said elements of sanctification (LG 8) are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.So this is a break with the past.He mentioned this in the interview with Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register. Those saved with 'elements of sanctification' in other religions are physically visible to the American Archbishop of Ecclesia Dei.So every one does not have to be a visible member of the Church for him. For him this irrationality(the dead who are saved are physically visible) is a contradiction to the dogma on salvation and to Vatican Council II (AG 7) .

Bishop Gerhard Muller himself endorsed this leftist, irrational version of Vatican Council II in another interview with Edward Pentin.He said those saved in invincible ignorance are exceptions to the dogma. So for him the dogma is no more relevant for the present times.Invisible cases are exceptions.

Obviously a matured, rational German Archbishop is saying that he can physically see the dead saved in invincible ignorance. Otherwise how could invisible cases be an exception to the dogma ?

This is the irrational, political version of the Council which the SSPX has to accept or the CDF Prefect will lose his patience.

This version of the Council is a break with the past. The Archbishop himself recently said that those who interpret the Council as a break with the past, traditionalists and progressivists, are heretical.Archbishop Muller interpreted the Council to Edward Pentin as a break with the past.This was when he suggested that LG 16 (invincible ignorance) is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Since the SSPX affirmed the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus in their General Chapter Statement (July 19,2012) the SSPX should have called a Press Conference to point out the CDF Prefect's doctrinal error. How can invincible ignorance be an exception to extra ecclesiam nulla salus and Ad Gentes 7 when these cases are invisible for us ?How can Archbishop Muller interpret the Council as a break with the past when he suggested that LG 16 (invincible ignorance) is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?

If the CDF penalizes the SSPX it will be for not accepting the dead man walking version of Vatican Council II. The CDF Prefect will have lost his patience because the SSPX will not say 'Yes' to a Vatican Council II which says we can see the dead who are exceptions to the Syllabus of Errors and extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Siobhan said...

I think you narrowed down the choices very well. Another one to consider is Philippe Cardinal Barbarin of France who appears to be solidly conservative and has a deep Marian devotion. Perhaps he can lead France back to the Church?

Paul said...

When I hear things relating to SSPX and their view that the papal seat is vacant, (I must admit that) I have a difficult time understanding how this is believed.

They seem to say either that God has allowed the Catholic Church to enter into a time where there is no real Shepard, or Pope, if you will, or that the Church was given continuity through one man who was not the pope. I guess that would be Archbishop Lefebvre.
On historical grounds, I have no reason to believe this.

Arius was a bishop, Priscillian was a bishop, and many other bishops like them founded, or popularized, theological movements that created rifts and schisms in the Church. All were either opposed or corrected or excommunicated by various popes.
Now we have a bishop who headed another break primarily driven by a change in form of liturgy -a form not even used by the Eastern Catholics. A form that did not exist in the early Church. So I simply don't get it. This looks to me like yet another schism.

Even Protestantism and Mormonism were founded with, among other notions, the basic idea that the Catholic Church had gone astray from God's original intent. Schisms using this idea are not at all new.

Many in my family attend the Latin mass at St. John Cantius in Chicago (as do I when my family is in town for vacation). And even though I do not personally prefer the Latin mass, I do love it (it is a part of the Church after all, just as the Eastern rites are!) and respect and love those who love it.
But I simply can't abide the point of view that says that a sign that the Church must have left God is evidenced by the fact that that Church has changed its form of Liturgy. A liturgy that was originally prayed in the vernacular of its founder and then in many other languages, licitly, over many centuries.

Maybe I don't understand something basic regarding the SSPX view. But it looks to me like schism on their part.
That being said, I have nothing but respect for SSPX people and their love and desire for a beautiful and reverent liturgical form. They obviously have great artistic taste that is sadly lacking in many (but not all) who attend non-Tridentine liturgies. But I simply can't believe that the likes of Mother Teresa and PBXVI were capable of those depths of holiness through a liturgy that is not lawful.
I've gotta go with: the seat is plenty warmed by a legitimate successor of St. Peter along with the historical precedent that there were many before who broke with the Church and brought others with them. There have been too many breaks that looked good to many in the heat of the historical situations of days now long gone. All of those historical periods had their Judases in the Catholic Church in both plain view and hidden from sight -just as the Catholic Church does today. Some of those Judases were even popes -as Dante so eloquently warned us. I simply can't believe that for (the many genuine people of) the SSPX it is all today somehow completely different.

sspx said...

A to arms.
I am not a good writer. So i will make this simple. I am a convert to the church. I have no religious background to speak of and the person i was before the begining of my coversion was not a good one. The reason i say this is this I no the state of the world out there in away I would hope that most people dont. And let me tell you it is scary very very scary. Something is very wrong. Now my reason for a call to arms. I personly do not belive the consecration of Russia has ever been performed properly you might you might not but given recent events The resignation, the lightning that struck the Basilica, the metor that blew up over Russia one might concider if GOD is saying something. So i ask this of you Mr. Knight rally your troops they will listen to you ask them to pray The Fatima inttentions as if they were given yaesterday with the inttentions that if it has not been done properly it will be. I myself will pray a Rosry every night this week at seven moutain time zone I would ask that you and any others that would like to join me. God Bless.

Paul said...

Praise God for your conversion sspx, praise God! God had to make me catholic from birth because He knew i'd never have either the will or humility to do so on my own.
My wife and i will join your nightly rosary, but we will have to say it whenever we get a chance because my wife is in the third trimester of pregnancy and we have to say it at whatever hour she has enough energy.
We'll pray for Russia's conversion ( i think the consecration was good, but that doesn't matter much: we are not obliged to believe it has or has not. We aren't obliged to believe anything on the matter!) But we must pray for Russia because our mom in heaven asked us to!
I took the meteor and lightning strike as positive signs that God is connected with Rome and Russia. No one died in either of them, they were both physically beautiful, and the main piece of the meteor went into a lake which is the safest place it could have landed -and the odds of it hitting water in that area is miniscule. Also, Russia opposes both the US/London AND Euro banking cartels which are trying to take over the world for secularism. Granted that Russia is no angel in this opposition, it is necessary that the Federal Reserve and Euro banking devils are opposed by powerful interests. Russia is changing, slowly, for the better in my estimation. Public schools teach religion there now and both the Catholic and Orthodox churches are growing. It is the opposite in the US and Europe where every authority -political, economic, cultural etc. are hell bent on stomping any mention of God out of existence.
I love praying for Russia and those poor people who are trying to rebound from the evil atheistic communism of last century. So as they say in poker, -i'm all in!

Paul said...

p.s. Just to be very clear, I am a devoted believer in the Fatima apparitions -I even help with the travelling Fatima statue in our area. As the Church allows, I believe that Mary, God's mom, appeared to those holy kids for the good of the world.
From there, i don't try to extrapolate much via intrigues that have sprung up regarding events since those apparitions, -it can end up wasted time better used in meditation on the rosary's mysteries. I try to be simple and say the rosary every day as our Catholic Knight encourages.
For me, that is where the peace Mary promised is.

Esther Ong said...

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