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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prophecy Update -- Petrus Romanus

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  A local blogger has done an excellent job dissecting Saint Malachy's prophecy about "Petrus Romanus."  You can find his commentary HERE.

Another insightful commentary on this topic can be found HERE.

Finally, Father Z weighs on on the matter HERE.


Franciscans of Portugal said...


Paul said...

Catholic Knight,
I believe our new Pope Francis is going to be the vanguard who brings back to the world Christ and His Church's message of love and foremost place to the poor and dispossessed and oppressed of the world. Like those in our own country who are virtually starving with their family on minimum wage jobs.
I am close with Fr. Fessio S.J. of Ignatius press having attended the Ignatius Institute he founded in SanFrancisco in the 80's-90's. It is well known, in Jesuit circles, that Cardinal Borgoglio is no friend of modernism, liberation theology or any other false doctrines that parade as catholicism. Fr. Fessio is elated over this new pope. They have both suffered much under unorthodox Jesuits, as i even did at times while attending Jesuit universities.
God, it seems to me, has once again shown His playful sense of humor.

Lawborn said...

I am glad someone pointed these things out about the Petrus Romanus prophecy. From what I gather no where in the prophecy does it even mention that Petrus Romanus is evil or bad in any way. He seems like a good shepherd to me.