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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dixie Catholics -- Our Time Has Come

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  After a long hiatus -- I'm back!  Quite frankly, I didn't think I would come back, and up until today, I actually believed my blogging days were over.  However, after the encouragement of some local friends, a priest from Florida and an article from a reporter who desperately tried to reach me while I was gone, I came to the conclusion that the mission of The Catholic Knight is not yet over.

Spread the word far and wide, to Catholics everywhere throughout the Southland of Dixie that our time has come.  The time for evangelism is now!  I will be blogging less often these days, but over the following weeks I will share some evangelistic resources that are specifically geared toward reaching Southerners with the message of the Catholic Christian faith.  These resources will naturally be useful to Catholics outside of Dixie too, but they will be specifically geared toward the Bible Belt.  Be prepared.  Get ready.  Spread the word.  The Holy Spirit is moving over Dixie right now, and He is building up the Roman Catholic Church of Jesus Christ.  I am going to make a prediction here that may astound you, but here it is.  Within a generation -- just 40 years -- Dixie will become a predominately Catholic nation.  That's right, I said it, and I'm standing behind it.  The Bible Belt of the United States is going to convert, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop this from happening.  Many will laugh and scoff at this notion, but I tell you, it will happen.  This is why I say get ready and be prepared, because you want to be used by the Holy Spirit in this new evangelism that will hit the Southland like nothing anyone has ever seen in the history of North America.

Once Dixie has rediscovered her Catholic roots, it will lead to a cultural renewal as well.  There will be a resurgence in the Celtic culture of Dixie.  This primarily includes the Scottish and Irish cultures, but others will be remembered too.  I strongly encourage Dixie Catholics to begin promoting this if you already haven't. It is time to re-familiarise ourselves with our Celtic cultural roots, pass this on to our children, and share it with others. We should be particularly interested in sharing this with our black brethren here in the South, and making sure to invite and include them in all of our cultural celebrations.  For our culture is their culture too.  We must break down this artificial cultural divide that exists between blacks and whites in the South.  There is no cause for it.  It is artificial, and it must be brought down.  This is best done with good Christian hospitality.  Teach them our common Celtic culture, which we inherited primarily from the Scots and Irish who settled the South, and imparted that to all of us, regardless of our racial ancestry or ethnic origins.  We must fully include all peoples in our Pan-Celtic culture, and build the bridge we were meant to have.  It is our sacred right to have this Pan-Celtic cultural bridge.  It is who we are.  God wills it.  Let's stop kicking against the goads.

Robert Berthelier's Interceltic Flag
Symbols are important.  Above you will notice I've placed the symbol of the Keys of Peter within a Dixie flag.  This is simply to symbolise the growing and permanent presence of Catholicism in Dixie. The Southern banner has been embroiled in more than a number of controversies lately, and while we know these controversies are artificially contrived by the race-baiters who keep Southerners perpetually divided against each other, we must remember two things.  The Dixie flag is something that can never be taken away from us, and simultaneously, we Southerners are not limited to just one symbol.  While we should ever determine to reclaim our beloved Dixie banner from those racists who stole it from us, and the "politically correct" crowd who seek to help the racists in their theft, we should consider other symbols that also define us, lest we become a caricature of ourselves.  I would like to suggest, as one possibility, the InterCeltic banner created by Robert Berthelier in the 1950s.  The following describes it's symbolism...
(CRW Flags) - A report of a previous flag is given by Divy Kervella (1998) in "Emblèmes et symboles des Bretons et des Celtes". According to the author, there is no Interceltic flag recognized by all. The most known was created by Robert Berthelier, from Brittany, in the 50's. It is made of a green field charged with two yellow interlaced triskells, the first of them symbolizing the Gaelic countries (Scotland, Man, Ireland) and the second of them symbolizing the Brittonic countries (Wales, Cornwall, Brittany). Each of the six nations is therefore symbolized by a branch of the triskells. The triskells are inscribed in a yellow Celtic circle, which has been used by the Celts as a rallying sign since the beginning of the century. Green symbolizes both fredoom and the sea which links the Celtic countries. 
Green and yellow have been used as the Celtic colours since the birth of the Celtic movements. For instance, the movement Bleimor used a green flag including a yellow circle.

My point here is that there is more than one way to symbolise Southern Dixie culture.  This is just a suggestion, but I think it's a good one, and if my fellow Southerners are agreeable to it, then perhaps the time has come to start making these banners.

Finally, in order for a future Catholic Dixie to become a powerful influence on North America, Western Civilisation and all of Christendom, she must be set free.  By that I mean set free religiously, culturally, economically and politically.  I say this in the name of justice.  To begin this process I want to suggest to my fellow Dixie Catholics that we start offshore, across the Atlantic Ocean, in one of the lands that gave birth to our homeland of Dixie.  I'm talking about Scotland.  In September of 2014, the Scottish people will vote on a referendum, which if passed, will give them peaceful secession from Great Britain and independence!  We must support them on this, and encourage them to be brave and vote in favour of independence.  A free and independent Scotland will not only help the Scots determine their own destiny among nations, but it will also pave the way for a free and independent Dixie.  "If the Scots can do it, then so can the Dixians," they will say. The peaceful secession of Scotland from Britain will set an international precedence that will put tremendous pressure on Washington DC when the time comes for a second, and peaceful, chance at Dixie independence.  I encourage you to visit the Scottish National Party's website, show your support on social media, and even post a copy of this promotional video on social media as well...

After watching this promotional video for Scottish independence, Southerners here in Dixie will see striking similarities between the situation of Scotland and of Dixie.  In time perhaps similar promotional videos will be produced in Dixie and played on Southern television stations.  For now however, let us throw our support behind Scotland and cheer them on.  Once they have their independence, ours will not be far behind.

Let us push forward now with our faith, our culture and our freedom.  Please share this article with others using the "share" icons below.  Our time has come.  Prepare yourselves.