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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Father Patrick Wissman strikes yet again

The Catholic Squire:

How will what follows sit with the Bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau? Father Patrick Wissman has repeatedly dissented publicly in his weekly column. This is yet another attempt by "Father Pat" to pit Pope Francis against Pope Benedict. Pope Benedict stepped down with seminarian numbers really rising again for the first time in half a century. Dead end? The emphasis below is mine. Pray for Bishop Johnston. 

Dear Parishioners,
This Sunday's Gospel is that of the Good Samaritan who shows himself to be a neighbor to the man who was attacked by thieves. The fact that he was a Samaritan as the story goes, is important because it was common for Jews to despise the Samaritans (who got everything wrong about God and the Patriarchs). During the history of our Catholic spirituality the duty to follow both commandments (to love God and our
neighbor) often emphasized one commandment over the other.

In an interesting turn of phrase, Pope Francis has said that the good Shepherd smells like his sheep. He said this to emphasize that the spiritual leaders of the faith must not be aloof from the 'flock'. They must mingle with the people and be at one with them so they can truly know them. He continued to indicate that if the Pastors and Bishops are taken up only with the matters of 'churchy' things (dogmas, what is right and
what is wrong, academic correctness), then the church becomes sick. The leaders as well as the laity must go out of themselves to embrace the whole world and all its concerns. Being too concerned about small rules and orthodoxy is in reality a distraction from the real Kingdom. I think that Pope Francis by this teaching saves us from the dead-ended view of Pope Benedict. As good a man as he is, he could not break
from his academic, doctrinal attitude which was being sparked by very conservative people who never understood the Good News to begin with. So our new Pope, with great love for Benedict will lead the church, not backward, but forward. Pray to the Holy Spirit for the courage to understand and see God's grace in the good that is done by anyone, even 'the Samaritan', the non-Christian and even by the 'atheist'.

Fr Pat

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