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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Review: Catholicism for Protestants

Click Image Above to Order a Copy
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A friend of mine, who lives in the area I used to live (yes I moved), has completed his book and sent me a copy for review. After reading it, I am delighted to report that the book is excellent! I highly recommend it for all of my readers. The book is small and compact. It is written in a simple Question & Answer format, like a traditional catechism, and is designed specifically to reach Protestants in the Bible Belt. However, it is good review for Catholics too, and will help us learn how to talk to Protestants in a way that is non-threatening and yet very direct. Specifically, it puts Catholicism in terms that Evangelical Protestants can easily understand. It should be an essential item in every Catholic's library. Cost is reasonable too. Pick up a copy soon, before his distribution goes mainstream. In my experience, prices usually go up when that happens. Just click HERE or on the images above or below.

UPDATE 8-20-2013:  I see that Michael Voris of "The Vortex" (ChurchMilitant.TV) has just given a glowing review of the book as well (see here), as he interviewed my good friend.  Miss ya buddy!  I knew you had it in you.