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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fatima Unfolding ?

(The Guardian) - Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, has signed into law a measure that stigmatises gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality. 
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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  I believe we may be witnessing the early signs of the final prophecy of Fatima unfolding before our eyes.  "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph." -- (Our Lady of Fatima, 1917) We know, based on Fatima and other prophecies, that this triumph of the Immaculate Heart has something to do with Russia and the restoration of European Christendom.  It is not the purpose of this article to ascertain if Russia has been properly consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary yet.  Let us leave that debate to the experts.  The final prophecy of Fatima is unconditional, regardless of the consecration.  She plainly said: "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."  This happens regardless of our faithfulness or faithlessness.  The level of our faithfulness merely determines how much suffering we must endure until her Immaculate Heart finally does triumph.  What is beyond debate now is that Russia is doing something very unexpected, and that unexpected thing is very, very good!

As the Western world continues to decline into the "tyranny of moral relativism," the Russian government has allied with the Russian Orthodox Church and is spearheading a crusade against Western relativism, championing Christian virtue, and openly defending persecuted Christians in the Middle East -- particularly in Syria right now.  There is much debate about Russia's motives for this, but I assert that is a moot point.  Who cares what Russia's motivation is!  She is the last remaining superstate to defend Christianity.  Morally speaking, she is the last one standing.  Every other Western nation has fallen.  Outside of the Vatican itself, there is no other significant Western power leading the way.  Russia is Christianity's point guard for the world now, the moral compass of planet earth, because she is using faith in Jesus Christ as her true North.  Something is definitely happening, and we Catholics need to wake up and pay attention.  The beginning of the end of the old Masonic order is upon us, and Russia appears to be leading the charge toward a new revival of Christendom.

Where is the United States of America in all of this?  America is a big part of the problem.  In fact, we could say that America is THE problem right now, because our federal government is fuelling the rise of militant Secularism in the West and sponsoring the persecution of Christians in the East.  America is now, and always has been, the champion of the old Masonic order, that is now in its death throws.

As it was in World War II, so it is today.  Just as Russia and America allied to defeat Nazism, so it is time for Western Catholics to ally with the Russian Orthodox to defeat a great and powerful evil rising in the West.  Start "friending" Russian Orthodox clergy on Facebook and other social networks.  Make connections!  Strengthen our ties!  Prepare for our future Christian D-Day.  Prepare to "storm the beaches of Normandy."  Russia is fighting back!  We have a powerful ally!  Our time has come.  


Alan Aversa said...

Deo gratias!

Too bad the Orthodox don't believe in the indissolubility of marriage, though… Maybe, Deo volente, that will be Putin's next accomplishment? The illegalization of divorce?

Servent of the Cheif said...

If a nation is able and willing to defend the Truth and acts upon it, why would God deny that nation its ambitions? Russia has many geopolitical interests tied up in the middle eastern region but at the end of the day the simple fact of the matter is that Russia and Putin, like America, did not have to pay one whit of attention to Christians at home or abroad in order to achieve them, but chooses to do so. I believe that at the very least whatever becomes of this Syrian crisis, Russia will succeed because of all the players on the field, it has the most favor with God or at the least, does not need to worry about the greater portion of His wrath.

Chantal said...

Makes me want to move to Russia.

Paul said...

Thanks for the article Catholic Knight!
I am good friends with the Russian Orthodox priest here in town ever since he brought in his wife's VW Bug about six years ago to have it painted at our shop. They are former hippies turned Orthodox and have five or six children. Also their parish runs a coffee shop in town that sells all kinds of great books including good Catholic ones! Fr. and i have usually talk spirituality nuanced toward doctrinal issues that separate our churches. He is very holy and his parish has about four people under 30 for every one above 50! And many of them were mostly smoking pot before finding Jesus in the Orthodox Church.
Our bishop has asked me to keep up the friendship and wants me to introduce him to Fr. Anthony at some point in the future. Fr., for his part is looking forward to that day as he is deeply interested in the reunification of churches. So i have permission to attend as many liturgies as i like as long as i don't receive the sacraments there, of course, but at my true parish.
The liturgies are absolutely breathtaking: Vestments, chanting, incense, silence, bowing and a reverence that is simply otherworldly -there is no other way to describe it.
Thanks again for the article and i encourage anyone who has an Orthodox church nearby to make a visit and see if such East/West dialogue is possible there also.

Jim J. McCrea said...

Russia is doing the right thing there!

Steve Dalton said...

I hate to be a wet blanket, but isn't this embrace of Russia just a little bit premature? My Finnish grandfather used to tell his children, "Never trust the Russians". AFAIC, that's good advice. Their history shows they can't be trusted. They have always been an expansionist military power since the time of the Czars. The Orthodox Church has been a puppet of the State since the time of Peter The Great. while it's nice to know that the Russ has taken a stand against sodomy, that doesn't mean squat. The Fatima prophecies say Russia has to be consecrated to Mary's sacred heart by the Pope in union with all the bishops of the world. The fact that Russia is still Orthodox, and still is under the control of what used to be called the KGB is proof that event never happened. so, keep praying for it to happen.

Paulr said...

Had a Russian priest at our Parish 2 weeks ago. He was not Russian Orthodox, he was one of us, Catholic, and telling us about the new revival of the Church there. Please don't forget about our Russian Catholics also. Catholic Knight, I couldn't agree more with your assessment, this modernist, relative moral war has been ongoing. As much as I hate to see it, America is fueling this evil. I'm a Catholic first, and American 2nd. Tell all your fellow Catholics what's going on, it's eye opening and True.

Paul said...

Mr Dalton,
When i was in fifth grade my parents had me read a little book called "You can Trust the Communists to be Communists". And i must say i liked it. I also agree it would be silly to simply trust Putin. He is out of favor with a majority of younger voters (who tend to follow a moral code of hedonism) and his alignment with the Orthodox Church can be read as a cooperation for his continued attempt to keep the virtual autocracy going.
That being said, his intentions are not necessarily the most important factor to consider.
I believe i mentioned it before on this blog but there was a guy named Joseph Fouche who was part of the evil crowd that brought down the Church and monarchy during the French Revolution. When things began to spiral out of control under Robespierre during the Reign of Terror, Fouche began to spread rumors to his colleagues that they were next on Robespierre's list to be sent to the guillotine. He convinced so many of them with this fear that a coup was created and Robespierre was killed instead. The present sad state of France and the Church notwithstanding, many scholars see this coup as a turning point very much for the good. Not a few speculate that France could today be completely pagan and could even still be using the 10 day week calendar devised by the satanists who wanted to turn men into economic chattel that work 9 days in a row before a day of rest. Not to mention that all Christian religion could still be banished and, some even say, this paganism could have spread throughout much of the world!
It was the evil genius Fouche that God in His inscrutable wisdom used to destroy the evil of the revolution. So may it be with Putin and Russia.
There is also the life of Clovis, first Catholic king of France, husband of St Clotilde and acquiantance of St. Genevieve. He converted mostly to please his wife and expand his power. He was a cruel man before conversion and a cruel man after. But he did show signs of softening before his death. France, from that less than perfect king, went on to solidify her title 'First Daughter of the Church' and helped future popes spread Catholicism throughout Europe and beyond.

God does not need human perfection, or even holiness, to accomplish His work!
The great Gothic architects from Abbot Suger on were so aware of this fact that they actually built imperfection into their masterpieces of stone to drive the point home that we should be humble in our imperfections (as we try to become better -even perfect). This humility is meant to drive us into the hands of God's mercy.
If you are curious to look up this truth set in stone, do an internet search using the keywords "gothic asymmetry". There you will find that Suger made the cross forming transepts of Notre Dame de Paris 6-7 feet askew from perfect symmetry. And he was only the first, for the medieval men, who had no illusions of utopia like modern men, knew by instinct that they were very imperfect. They relied on God to bring beauty from those imperfections.

Catholic Knight said...

For the sake of clarity, please note, nowhere above did I suggest that we Catholics should place our trust in Vladimir Putin or the Russian government in general. It is obvious that the government (Putin and friends) is using Orthodox Christianity for political gain. No government uses religion for altruistic reasons. Nevertheless, in spite of that, Orthodox Christianity is advancing, and in the end, it will most certainly outlive those in the current government who use it. Likewise, the reunion of Orthodoxy with Catholicism is likewise inevitable. So once again, this advance of Orthodox Christianity will not only outlive, but also outgrow, those who use it for political gain.

Contrast this with the Western governments right now, that actively work against Christianity in almost every way imaginable, even to the point of promoting policies in the Middle East that actively slaughter Christians there.

The point here is not to paint any political leader or government as somehow benevolent. That would be naive. They are all wicked in one way or another. Rather, when it comes to secular governments (Russia, USA, EU, etc.), I think it's more beneficial to ask ourselves which one is the least dirtiest shirt in the laundry right now. They're all dirty, but some are more dirty than others. For all of the wickedness of Russia's leaders, they are actively supporting something that is good in spite of themselves. Also in spite of themselves, this good will outlive the political purposes for which they are supporting it.

Right now, nobody else is standing up to the militant homosexual lobby. Nobody else is standing up to the militant Islamofascists slaughtering Christians in the Middle East. On the contrary, America is actually supporting these things, and the EU is too. Only Russia stands against these great intrinsic evils at this moment in history. The political reasons behind it are not important -- not when you're the last man standing.