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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prophecy Update -- Petrus Romanus

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  A local blogger has done an excellent job dissecting Saint Malachy's prophecy about "Petrus Romanus."  You can find his commentary HERE.

Another insightful commentary on this topic can be found HERE.

Finally, Father Z weighs on on the matter HERE.

Monday, February 18, 2013


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT calls upon all readers of this blog to pray the following prayer every day until the election of a new pope...
"O Lord Jesus Christ, Supreme Pastor of your Church,we thank you for the ministry of Pope Benedict XVIand the selfless care with which he has led usas Successor of Peter and your Vicar on earth.Good Shepherd, who founded your Churchon the rock of Peter's faithand have never left your flock untended,look with love upon us now,and sustain your Church in faith, hope and charity.Grant, Lord Jesus, in your boundless love for us,a new pope for your Churchwho will please you by his holinessand lead us faithfully to you,who are the same yesterday, today and forever.Amen."
In honour of our Lady of Fatima, to whom this blog is dedicated, it would be helpful if the above prayer were accompanied by one decade of the rosary, concluding with the Fatima payer...
O My Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls into heaven, help especially, those most in need of thy mercy. Amen.
I also ask that you register your participation in this crusade at THIS WEBSITE.  Thank you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pope Benedict's Abdication

Catholic Squire: Born in the late 1980's, I have only ever called two men "Holy Father" in my life. On Tuesday, I lost the second one. He's not gone yet, but I already feel it. When I realized I was not dreaming, I fell to my knees and started to cry. I cried for the Church that I love so much, because I knew that health issues aside, this abdication is about more.

Commentary on the Abdication Itself 
I watched the video clips of the Holy Father dropping the Pastoral Staff and worried right then and there that perhaps his health was failing rapidly. But in my humble opinion if that were the case alone, he would simply "ride out" his final illness and commend his soul to Almighty God as the reigning Sovereign Pontiff. I had a sneaking suspicion that the SSPX situation and the "Vatileaks" scandal were major catalysts in the decision of the Holy Father, and, the Holy Father's brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger has recently confirmed that to be the case. 

The Vatileaks scandal is one that I am not nearly well versed enough on to comment on to any substantial degree other than to say that I would think that at that age, if you realized you were being betrayed at that level, you would not want to deal with it either and would realize that the extent of the corruption could be better handled by someone young and with the energy to clean house thoroughly. 

Regarding the negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X, the Holy Father has invested much time and effort into these negotiations and has seen nothing come of them. Again, at a certain point, after much so much has been put in with no results, frustration and even despair become almost understandable. However, I think that, just like with the "Vatileaks" scandal, there is plenty going on to sabotage the efforts of the Pope. I have listened to commentary from both sides, but with special interest to what Bishop Fellay has said throughout. I for one am convinced that just as Bishop Fellay says, he is indeed receiving two kinds of letters from Rome and receiving two substantially different treatments, regardless of the medium of communication. It is incredible to think that in this day and age, a group of men could get away with something like that. Well, it seems they didn't. The world knows now what Bishop Fellay is claiming happened, and, I'm sure, the Pope does too. That said, he abdicated, surrounded by wolves and seemingly not in the position to stop them. 

Commentary on the New Offer to the SSPX

I felt very strongly that, once the dust had settled from the announcement of His Holiness that he would extend one final offer to the SSPX. I learned tonight from the Rorate Caeli blog that this is indeed what has happened. I do not know what the conditions or requirements are, but it is very interesting.

Out of public life, the Holy Father has the next few weeks to devote to regularizing the SSPX. He and Bishop Fellay could conceivably meet, and Bishop Fellay could ask all the questions necessary to determine just where the Pope stands on things and it would then be crystal clear to Bishop Fellay as to whether or not a move towards Rome is possible. This can't happen though with all the politics and intermediaries and Congregations and media involved. This move from the Holy Father all but kills that interference. Should the SSPX not agree to what is in the appeal then it has been decided that the Pope will extend an offer to each individual SSPX priest. This is less than ideal because obviously it means less regularized clergy but it also means nearly no physical properties would transfer over, since, Bishop Fellay as the "CEO" would have to come along for that to transfer over smoothly.

His Holiness has made the case to the world that the Extraordinary Form is not dead and is not going anywhere. This is understood best by the new seminarians who are increasingly falling in love with this form of the Mass. Bishop Fellay and the SSPX are needed so bad in this fight. It is a fight that I strongly believe they would be more actively engaged in if they were fighting from a canonically regular perspective. They fight now, no one can deny that, and they have effected great change, both directly and indirectly. I humbly observe that they could have a much greater influence on those not open to or unexposed to the traditions of our holy faith and a bigger "base" if they would simply give a trusting "yes" to the Holy Father. Not a trusting "yes" to the modernists, not a trusting yes to all those still actively involved in the attempted destruction of the Church, just a yes to the Holy Father. He loves the Society. I dare say he loved Archbishop Lefebvre and was deeply troubled by the breakdown in talks in 1988, 17 years before he would ascend to the Throne of St. Peter. Since the beginning of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, this issue has been close to his heart. Have we prayed for him in this great undertaking?

Commentary on the Next Pope (Who he might be)

In 2005, I correctly predicted that His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger would be elected Pope. There were no other names on my list. This time, my list is quite a bit bigger. In no particular order:

His Eminence Antonio Cañizares Llovera: He is in charge of the liturgy and is sometimes referred to as the "Little Ratzinger". Enough said!

His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke: Admittedly, this is a long shot because he is an American, but it is not wishful thinking. He is involved in many Roman Congregations and has clearly won great favor with Pope Benedict XVI. 

His Eminence Angelo Cardinal Scola: I think this is another long shot because of his age, he is 71. I think the Cardinals will look to someone under 70. He is however the Cardinal-Archbishop of Milan and frequently mentioned as papabile. 

His Eminence Marc Cardinal Ouellete: His Eminence is the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops and at 68, "clocks in" just before that threshold of 70 that I think will play out to be a major factor in this coming conclave. The Cardinals do not want to gather in the Sistine to do this again just a few short years later.

His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith: Like Cardinals Burke and Llovera, Cardinal Ranjith is a strongly supporter of the "Benedictine" liturgical movmenet. Cardinal Ranjith is the Cardinal-Archbishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has the respect of those in other religions without compromising the faith, and has a darker complexion that many in the media are calling for in the next pope. What a surprise this would be for them as His Eminence is most certainly NOT their boy. 

If I had to pick a few that I would not want to see just for the sake of picking them so that readers can be aware of my picks without bias towards my favorites, I would say: Cardinal Turkson, Cardinal Sodano, Cardinal Bertone, Cardinal Maradiaga, and Cardinal Tagle round out my list. That is not to say that I would not give these men due obedience as the Vicar of Christ, I just for one reason or another would prefer to see another man elected. 

Commentary on the Next Pope (Who he won't be)

The Catholic Knight and I work together not because we parrot each others thoughts, but because we share a passionate love for the Church. We often do agree, but it is not guaranteed, and here, I must break with the Catholic Knight and tell you that it is my firm belief that we are NOT at the doorsteps of Peter the Roman. I have spent hours researching this over the last 12+ years and have concluded that Peter the Roman, IF the Prophecies of St. Malachy are real and not forgeries, is not slated by the author of the Prophecies to be next. It is widely held that "De Gloria Olivae" and "Petrus Romanus" were at one point united in the prophecy and split centuries later. That is possible, but what is more likely is that Petrus Romanus was simply given without a number (as it still appears) while the others were numbered and so what we have as an undetermined number of popes between Pope Benedict XVI and the end. I think the list stops here (again assuming for the sake of commentary on the conclave that it is authentic) because we are not meant to see past this point in history. I think something big is coming. I don't know what. I'm not even convinced it's "bad". But I do believe that if they are authentic and if we are not at the end, then we are about to be placed in the middle of a tremendous event in human history. I can't even begin to speculate on what that might be. But to my mind, if we entertain the legitimacy of the prophecies and buy my reasoning for why Petrus Romanus is not on the horizon, then we should fasten our seat-belts. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prepare for "Peter The Roman"

Pope Benedict abdicates the Chair of Saint Peter
Effective Februrary 28, 2013 at 8pm Roman Time
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  The announcement of Pope Benedict XVI's abdication of the papal throne came as a shock to the whole world.  The Catholic Knight will remain on a blogging hiatus for personal reasons, but will return briefly to comment on this unexpected turn of events.  I have been told the Catholic Squire has some fascinating comments on this subject too, so check back later for that.

First and foremost, while it is shocking that the pope, for the first time in 600 years, would abdicate the throne, the reasons for this must be put into perspective.  It does everyone a disservice to indulge in conspiracy theories.  The pope is ill.  Anyone who has been watching him over the last few years can see that.  You don't have to be a doctor to figure out that the man is suffering and winding down.  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger watched his close friend, Pope John Paul II, deteriorate on the Chair of Peter to the point of helplessness.  Simultaneously, he watched the scandals and corruption develop beneath his nose, while the holy pontiff became too ill to deal with them effectively.  Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) does not want the same thing to happen all over again.  He knows he's not getting any younger, that his days of sharp governance are coming to a close, and he simply will not sit idly on the Chair of Peter and watch the Church deteriorate beneath him because he is too weak to do anything about it!  That is his thinking.  It makes perfect logical sense, and it shows a deep sense of humility and love for the Church.  Pope Benedict has done what John Paul II should have done.  I am not criticising John Paul II here.  Rather, what I am saying is that considering what happened to John Paul II, nobody has the right to criticise this decision of Pope Benedict XVI.  He resigned freely, with forethought, and out of love for US !!!!  He didn't want us to endure again what we endured during the last decade.

I suspect that the Holy Father feels he has made all of the necessary institutional reforms he can make at this time.  The highlights of these being Summorum Pontificum and Anglicanorum Coetibus.  What is needed now is somebody who can keep this ship on its present course for a nice long period of time.  In other words, Benedict XVI has plotted the course out of the storm, turned the rudder of the ship accordingly, steered her in the right direction, raised the sails and got it moving again.  What is needed now is a strong hand that can hold the wheel steady for a decade or two.  That's something he physically can't do and he knows it.  Becoming the "Pope Emeritus," Monsignor Joseph Ratzinger, will gain certain advantages to achieve this end, and the Catholic Squire may soon post to further elaborate on that.
"In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end."
This is the prophecy we have all been waiting for.  We knew this day would come, and had Pope Benedict XVI simply died yesterday instead, the results would be exactly the same today.  We've known for the past eight years that we are but one heartbeat away from the fulfilment of this prophecy from Saint Malachy.  The time of "extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church" has come, and Pope Benedict XVI (the Glory of the Olives) knows the Church needs a strong leader in such a time.  For decades, centuries even, many have speculated that the "Glory of the Olives" and "Peter the Roman" are one in the same man.  We know with certainty now this is not the case, or is it?  Perhaps there is a connection between these two men that we could not see before.

The name "Peter the Roman" essentially means nothing.  All popes are "Peter" and all popes live in Rome.  I believe this phrase was used by Saint Malachy to deliberately obscure the identity of this man.  For if his identity could be discerned in advance, all the forces of Hell would be unleashed to stop him from ever taking the Keys of Saint Peter.  For now, "Peter the Roman" remains safely anonymous.

That he will "nourish the sheep in many tribulations" should be self explanatory, and this is why Pope Benedict has resigned.  Now that the direction of the flock has been corrected, the sheep must be nourished, and he knows that he neither has the strength nor time to do it himself.  The "Glory of the Olives" hands the Keys over to his successor freely to assure that there will be no delay in the flock's nourishment and little chance of the flock getting off course as a result of his complete absence (death).

It has been prophesied by many that the "city on seven hills will be destroyed" eventually.  There are only two Biblical cities that meet this description -- Rome and Jerusalem.  Catholic prophecies from multiple saints and mystics tell us that Rome will one day be sacked and decimated just as Jerusalem once was.  The Vatican will be overrun by rioting hoards, and the pope will flee for his life to suffer martyrdom elsewhere.  (Some prophecies indicate it might be in Germany.)  This event may be a long time off yet, much longer than many of us have suspected.  The question of course is when did the 100 years prophecy of Pope Leo XIII begin?  I have posted previously that I suspect that Fatima was not the starting point, but merely a final warning before the starting point.  For at Fatima, Our Lady prophesied that a greater war would come if the people did not repent.  That greater war did come in 1938 with the dawn of World War II and the red aurora borealis that was seen all over Europe that year, which Adolph Hitler himself said he took as a "sign" to begin his conquest.  The year 2038 will correspond with some other prophecies concerning feast dates, and if our interpretations are accurate, it means this next pope might perhaps have as long as a 25 year reign before the 100 year prophecy comes to a close.  It is interesting to note that Pope Leo's prophecy says 75 to 100 years.  If 1938 was the starting point, then this year (2013) marks the 75th year and the beginning of the 25 year home stretch before completion.

While many of those unfamiliar with Catholic prophecy might be inclined to think the "dreadful judge" is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, we know better.  The "dreadful judge" is none other than the Great Monarch.  The people he will "judge" will be the Europeans, and he will judge them by smashing what is left of their pitiful Secular democracies that will soon persecute the Church and lead their continent to ruin.  (I suspect the United States has a different fate in store and may already have come to fruition before the close of this 100 year prophecy.)  We know that after he has judged his people, a period of relative peace and evangelism will follow.  It is likely that more popes and monarchs will follow as well, in a line of further succession, until we eventually reach the final age of the Church in which the Antichrist will arise in Jerusalem to destroy everything the Great Monarch and his successors have created. That however, is another story for another time, and I suspect this blogger will be long dead and buried by then.

Today we await the fulfilment of the last pope of Saint Malachy's prophecy -- Peter the Roman -- whoever that may be.  I assure you he remains safely anonymous for now, and the name "Peter the Roman" probably means nothing in particular.  The following is a list of cardinals who are potential candidates based upon their age.  I suspect that quite probably, our next pope (Peter the Roman) may be found in the names below....

Alencherry, George, India, age 67
Barbarin, Philippe, France,     age 62
Betori, Giuseppe, Italy, age 65
Braz de Aviz, João, Brazil, age 65
Burke, Raymond Leo, United States, age 64
Cañizares Llovera, Antonio, Spain, age 67
Collins, Thomas Christopher, Canada, age 66
DiNardo, Daniel, United States, age 63
Dolan, Timothy Michael, United States, age 63
Eijk, Willem Jacobus, Netherlands,     age 59
Erdő, Péter, Hungary, age 60
Filoni, Fernando, Italy, age 66
Harvey, James Michael, United States, age 63
Koch, Kurt, Switzerland,     age 62
Marx, Reinhard, Germany, age 59
Nycz, Kazimierz, Poland, age 63
Puljić, Vinko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, age 67
Ranjith Patabendige Don, Albert Malcolm, Sri Lanka, age 66
Robles Ortega, Francisco, Mexico,     age 63
Ryłko, Stanisław, Poland, age 67
Sarah, Robert, Guinea, age 67
Scherer, Odilo Pedro, Brazil, age 63
Tagle, Luis Antonio, Philippines, age 55
Woelki, Rainer, Germany, age 56

Monday, February 4, 2013

RARE Missale Romanum

Catholic Squire: For your consideration we have a 1664 Missale Romanum available for our readers. This would make a great addition to any library and would make a great gift for a priest or a diocese or university. . Make an offer!