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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gay Priests Banned As Teachers Too!

As this story continues to develop, it would appear that while gay priests (already ordained) are grandfathered in under the new Vatican rules, they will not be permitted to hold any kind of a teaching role in the seminaries. This means the ban on homosexuals in the seminaries is complete and absolute. Not only will actively gay seminarian candidates be turned down for admission, but so will previously ordained gay priests who want to apply as teachers. The implication is clear. Catholic seminaries are to be a No Gay Zone!

Vatican letter says norms on priesthood must be 'faithfully observed'

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- A cover letter accompanying the Vatican's instruction on homosexuality and the priesthood said the new norms must be "faithfully observed" and taken into account in the drafting or updating of each country's seminary guidelines.

The letter also made clear that, while the text does not apply to those already ordained, priests with homosexual tendencies should not have educational roles in seminaries....
{read full story here}

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

Feast day: November 30
Patron of Fisherman

Andrew, like his brother Simon Peter, was a fisherman. He became a disciple of the great St. John the Baptist, but when John pointed to Jesus and said, "Behold the Lamb of God!" Andrew understood that Jesus was greater. At once he left John to follow the Divine Master. Jesus knew that Andrew was walking behind him, and turning back, he asked, "what do you seek?" When Andrew answered that he would like to know where Jesus lived, Our Lord replied, "Come and see." Andrew had been only a little time with Jesus when he realized that this was truly the Messiah.

From then on, he chose to follow Jesus. Andrew was thus the first disciple of Christ. Next, Andrew brought his brother Simon (St. Peter) to Jesus and Jesus received him, too, as His disciple. At first the two brothers continued to carry on their fishing trade and family affairs, but later, the Lord called them to stay with Him all the time. He promised to make them fishers of men, and this time, they left their nets for good. It is believed that after Our Lord ascended into Heaven, St. Andrew went to Greece to preach the gospel. He is said to have been put to death on a saltire cross, to which he was tied, not nailed. He lived two days in that state of suffering, still preaching to the people who gathered around their beloved Apostle. Two countries have chosen St. Andrew as their patron - Russia and Scotland. St. Andrew is also venerated as the patron of the American southern states (i.e. "Dixie"), due to the large volume of Scottish immigrants that settled the area during the antebellum period. This is why the saltire cross is featured on the state flags of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

CBS Pope Movie to Debut

Perhaps in an attempt to repair damage to its credibility, and restore friendly relations with Christian audiences, CBS is preparing to air a made-for-TV movie about the papacy of Pope John Paul II. The movie comes with approval from the currently reigning Pope Benedict XVI, who viewed it earlier this month. Reports indicated that Benedict was pleased with the film, and used it as an opportunity to remind the faithful of the enduring legacy of his predecessor. The four-hour mini-series was shot on location in Poland and in Italy. It will be broadcast at 9pm EST, (8pm CST) Sunday, Dec. 4 and Wednesday, Dec. 7, on CBS.

CBS may want to take note of the free advertising it's now getting on my blog for this film. All television networks should understand that when they provide good family entertainment, which places Christianity in a positive light, they can expect approving reviews from conservative bloggers. I wonder what the ratings for CBS will be like this Sunday and next Wednesday. If they're good, I wonder if CBS will get the message.

Cafeteria Catholics at Crossroads

No gay clergy!
No women priests!
No gay-marriage!
No acceptance of abortion or artificial birth-control!
No more liturgical abuses allowed!

More conservative liturgy reforms on the way!
More use of Latin on the way!
Stronger papacy on the way!

What is a liberal "cafeteria" Catholic to do!?!

Faced with a brutal decision; liberal "cafeteria" Catholics are being forced to choose between accepting a more conservative Roman Catholic Church, or leaving it for one of these liberal alternatives...

Episcopal Church USA
American Catholic Church
Liberal Catholic Church

Vatican Paper: 'Homosexuality Destabilizes Society'

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican newspaper said on Tuesday that homosexuality risked "destabilizing people and society", had no social or moral value and could never match the importance of the relationship between a man and a woman.

The remarks were contained in a long commentary published to accompany the official release of a long-awaited document that restricted the access of homosexual men to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

The article by Monsignor Tony Anatrella, a French Jesuit and psychologist, said homosexuality could not be considered an acceptable moral alternative to heterosexuality.

"During these past years, homosexuality has become a phenomenon that is always increasingly worrying and in many countries is considered a quality that is normal," the article in L'Osservatore Romano said.

The article was specifically approved by the Vatican's secretariat of state...
{read full story here}

Well, it's official, and it's about time. Finally, the Vatican stands out as a voice of reason in a world gone insane. It never ceases to amaze me just how far western civilization has sunk in the course of just one generation. Forty years ago, most people would agree that homosexuality destabilizes society and serves no social or moral value whatsoever. The Vatican echoes that common sense today, but the reaction of the western world is predictable. All across Europe and North America the cries of "bigotry" and "discrimination" will ring out. The Vatican will be attacked by the popular media, and the pope will be assailed as a "backward zealot." Politicians and the press will side with homosexual lobbyists and the Catholic Church will be deemed a "threat" to society.

Sadly, some western bishops will choose to side with secular society over the pope, and in doing so, their sheep will pay the price. Many have predicted a schism in the western Catholic Church. This may very well be the catalyst. I suspect, however, the real result will be an exodus of liberal "cafeteria" Catholics from the Roman Catholic Church. (No big loss there!) There are plenty of alternatives waiting for these folks in the wings. They can always turn to the schismatic "American Catholic Church" which is a liberal form of Catholicism no longer in communion with Rome or the rest of the Catholic world. If that's not good enough for them, they can always turn to the Anglican churches in North America and England. I suppose a few Catholic bishops may try to break their diocese' away from Rome in schism. They will pay the price if they do -- by public excommunication.

All I can say is THANK GOD we have a pope who is finally dealing with the decadent excesses of western society.

Pope To Abandon Theory of Limbo

THE Catholic Church is preparing to abandon the idea of limbo, the theological belief that children who die before being baptised are suspended in a space between heaven and hell.

The concept, which was devised in the 13th century and was depicted in numerous works of art during the Renaissance, such as Descent into Limbo by the painter Giotto, and in Dante's masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, is of a metaphysical space where infants are blissfully happy but are not actually in the presence of God.

The idea of limbo was developed as a response to the harshness of early Church teachings which insisted that any child who died before he or she was baptised would still be stained by Original Sin and so would be condemned to hell.

The belief, which is unique to the Catholic Church, has fallen out of favour over the past 50 years. It is rarely mentioned and until recently has been left in its own kind of limbo.

However, an international commission of Catholic theologians, meeting in the Vatican this week, has been pondering the issue and is expected to advise Pope Benedict XVI to announce officially that the theological concept of limbo is incorrect.

Instead, the new belief is expected to be that unbaptised babies will go directly to heaven....
{read full story here}

Actually, there is nothing new about this, but I suppose this would be the first time the theory was officially dropped in a formal way. To make matters clear, Limbo has always been a eschatological THEORY. It has never been proclaimed as an actual doctrine. The theory became popular in the late middle ages, and has since lost popularity among most Catholic theologians. Since the Second Vatican Council, the theory was relegated to the attic of irrelevance, as the Catechism clearly states that unbaptized babies who die are trusted to the mercy of God, who is able to save them, and who Himself is not bound to the sacraments.

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
1257 The Lord himself affirms that Baptism is necessary for salvation. He also commands his disciples to proclaim the Gospel to all nations and to baptize them. Baptism is necessary for salvation for those to whom the Gospel has been proclaimed and who have had the possibility of asking for this sacrament. The Church does not know of any means other than Baptism that assures entry into eternal beatitude; this is why she takes care not to neglect the mission she has received from the Lord to see that all who can be baptized are "reborn of water and the Spirit." God has bound salvation to the sacrament of Baptism, but he himself is not bound by his sacraments.

1261 As regards children who have died without Baptism, the Church can only entrust them to the mercy of God, as she does in her funeral rites for them. Indeed, the great mercy of God who desires that all men should be saved, and Jesus' tenderness toward children which caused him to say: "Let the children come to me, do not hinder them," allow us to hope that there is a way of salvation for children who have died without Baptism. All the more urgent is the Church's call not to prevent little children coming to Christ through the gift of holy Baptism.

Pope reiterates opposition to abortion, contraception

Pope Benedict XVI in a speech at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy on Friday reiterated the Roman Catholic Church's support for natural family planning, Reuters reports (Reuters, 11/25). In his speech, the pope discussed the university's Paul VI's International Scientific Institute Of Research On Human Fertility And Infertility and its research on "responsible reproduction." He said the institute is working "to give a sound scientific basis to the natural control of human fertility and to attempt to overcome infertility by natural means" (Agence France-Presse, 11/25).

He also commended Pope Paul VI's 1968 papal letter, Humanae Vitae -- which outlawed all forms of contraception -- for discussing the "natural regulation of human fertility," and he repeated the Catholic Church's stance on overcoming infertility "in a natural way," Reuters reports. Under Catholic doctrine, birth control and condoms are prohibited and natural family planning practices, such as the rhythm method, in which couples abstain from sex during a woman's fertile period, are allowed. The Roman Catholic Church in June of last year was successful in helping to block a referendum that would have dismantled Italy's law on artificial reproduction, according to Reuters (Reuters, 11/25)...
{read full article}

Within just the first few days of the new liturgical year under our new pope, Benedict XVI has come out swinging.

US Bishops Starting to Come Around

Boston Archbishop to Homosexuals: "Because we love you, we cannot accept your behavior."

BOSTON, November 28, 2005 ( - Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley wrote a pastoral letter last week calling on Catholics to show true love to persons with homosexual tendencies. This is done he said by telling them that homosexual acts are sinful, he said. Otherwise, the bishop continued, we are dangerously "deceiving people."

After clarifying that the Catholic Church does not tolerate unjust discrimination towards persons with homosexual tendencies, the leader of the Catholic Church in Boston reminded Catholics that although Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery, he did however - after saving her life - tell her "Go and sin no more."
{read full story here}

St. Louis Archbishop Orders Priests to Preach on Embryo Research

ST. LOUIS, November 28, 2005 ( - Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis has again stepped up to the pro-life plate missed by many elsewhere in the Catholic hierarchy. Burke ordered the priests of his St. Louis Archdiocese to preach on Sunday about why embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) cannot be allowed and to instruct the Catholic faithful not to support it. The direction is in response to a petition about to circulate that would amend the state constitution to protect ESCR.

In a move that is bound to stir up the usual secularist suspects with screeches of “separation of Church and state,” Burke has issued a letter to his priests saying, “The church has a moral duty to inform its members of the moral dimensions of their actions.”

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Burke distinguished himself as one of the few US bishops willing to weather the wrath of the ACLU and media by saying that Democrat candidate John Kerry would be refused holy Communion in his diocese for supporting abortion on demand...
{read full story here}

It looks like some of the US Bishops are starting to come around. It's always encouraging when you see the leaders of your Church stand up and do the right thing.

Tale of Two Cities

Catholics Warn Anglicans Over Women Bishops

The Roman Catholic Church has issued a scathing critique of Church of England plans to admit women bishops, warning that the reform would "radically" impair their relations.

In an official paper, the Catholic bishops said that consecrating women was "a tremendous and intolerable risk" that could cause "irreparable damage", both within and outside the Anglican Church....
{read full story here}

Anglicans Criticizes Vatican Over Gays Priests

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Gay U.S. Anglican bishop Gene Robinson said on Thursday a Vatican document barring practicing gay men from becoming Roman Catholic priests showed a profound misunderstanding of homosexuality.

The document, due to be published next week, says men with "deep-seated" gay tendencies cannot become priests and that only those who have overcome their homosexuality at least three years before ordination can do so.

"I think the Vatican, or whoever wrote this statement, should spend a little more time listening to its gay and lesbian members rather than putting out statements," said Robinson, having read media reports on the document...
{read full story here}

A tale of two cities has begun; the Vatican verses the Anglican Communion, as the lines are drawn for what is sure to be the ecclesiastical battle of the 21st century. The Vatican, on the right, appeals to traditional Christian values upheld by 20 centuries of Tradition and the testimony of Sacred Scripture. On the left, the Anglican Communion navigates a course plotted by the 'political correct orthodoxy' of mainstream western society. In between; a war of words is developing which is sure to attract conservative Anglicans to the Vatican, and liberal 'cafeteria' Catholics to the Anglican Communion.

In the end, only Rome can survive. Why? Because the Vatican, headed by Pope Benedict XVI, has charted a course that appeals to the basic moral values of historic Christianity. In doing so, the Vatican embarks on a journey that is consistent with the Biblical Scriptures and the historic teaching of all Christian denominations before the age of 'political correct orthodoxy.' When people seek religious values, they're looking for something consistent, that doesn't change with the times. Why would somebody turn to a religion to get values they could easily acquire from the Oprah Winfrey Show? Popular culture already espouses the values pursued by the leadership of the Anglican Communion, and the thing is, many Anglicans already know that. That's why a good number of Anglican bishops are already seeking a way to re-enter the Catholic Church under a newly restored 'Anglican Rite.'

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Prepare for Advent, Christmas with 'spiritual fervor,' pope says
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Wearing a heavy red cape to protect him from the cold, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Christians to prepare for Advent, which begins Nov. 27, and for Christmas with "spiritual fervor."

"I ask you all to prepare for Advent with spiritual fervor, drawing from the word of God and the Eucharist interior energy for welcoming the Lord who comes," he said at the end of his Nov. 23 general audience....
{read full story here}

The season leading up to Christmas is marked by the lighting of candles in the Advent wreath. In Christian tradition candles symbolize Christ, the light of the world.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

To Pope Benedict XVI...

In regards to the recent document affirming the current ban on homosexuals in the priesthood, I just want to say one thing on behalf of myself and my children...


Your courage on this will be hailed for ages.

Please feel free to enter your own message of thanks to Pope Benedict XVI below...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Vatican 'Gay' Priest Ban Forcing Dissidents Out of the Closet

ROME, November 23, 2005 ( - The leak of what has been confirmed by various sources as the Vatican document barring from entering the Catholic priesthood men who are homosexual, has spurred comments from various leaders within the Catholic church. Some of those comments have exposed the commentators as willingly and resolutely opposed to the Catholic teaching on the matter of homosexuality and the priesthood.

In addition, faithful Catholics both within the hierarchy and among the laity have spoken up to defend the Vatican's statements, despite media animosity from the guardians of political correctness.

Apart from the usual anti-Catholic groups, which to no-one's surprise used the leaked document as yet another opportunity to bash the Church, Catholic priests opposed to the Vatican stand have exposed themselves publicly. In addition to Rochester, NY, Bishop Matthew H. Clark, and Rev. Timothy Radcliffe, the former international leader of the Dominican Order, who came out against the long-standing Vatican position in recent weeks (see coverage ), the controversial Archbishop of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony has, through the diocesan spokesman, not surprisingly also come out against the Vatican teaching....
{read full story here}

The document is a God send! It's bringing the Church's troublemakers out into the light for all the world to see. Now those within the Church, who oppose the Church, can stand up and be counted publicly. I certainly hope the Vatican is taking note of this, and jotting down a few names.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sneak-Peek at Controversial Vatican Document

The 'Tablet' and N.O.R. have released an unofficial English-version copy of the controversial Vatican document affirming the current ban on homosexuals in the priesthood...
{read the document here}

If this English-version document is an accurate representation of the authentic Latin one, which has not yet been released, I have no problem with it. I would have preferred a little stronger language, with perhaps a more clearly defined goal in the opening text, but it will do.

Essentially the document says if you’re gay, don’t apply for holy orders. It also outlines the means through which the Church is expected to “verify” a seminarian’s sexuality and honesty. If the document is implemented as it is written, then I think it’s safe to say that it would be virtually impossible for a gay man to make it to ordination without winning an academy award for best acting. Even if he manages to do that, the document leaves the seminarian with the long term guilt of having achieved ordination through dishonest means, which is inconsistent with the office he desires to hold. In other words; if you’re gay, you can’t be a priest unless you lie, but if you lie, you’re not worthy of being a priest. I would say this would be sufficient discouragement for most homosexual men seeking ordination, especially when it’s far too easy for them to get what they want in the Episcopal Church. If they want it that bad, it would be a lot easier to go Anglican -- and I predict many of them will do just that.

As for the “transitory homosexuality” thing, it appears that the document is just covering all the bases. It’s a way of saying a candidate was once gay, but isn’t anymore. There are a small number of people who fit this description. For example; some young men were victimized by older homosexual men during their teen years. Sometimes these men explore the “gay life” for a while, only to discover that it’s terribly wrong and they want out. The Scriptures give account of these people: “Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” - 1st Corinthians 6:9-11

It is possible to be involved in some abhorrent sin (even homosexuality) and repent. Such previous involvement may leave the psyche scarred with occasional homosexual thoughts, but it does not mean the person scarred wants to go back to that kind of sin. The message I’m getting from the document is that men who have a history of homosexual behavior, but have since repented, will be watched very closely. They will have to submit some form of proof that they’ve been free of this behavior for at least three years before they can even be admitted to the diaconate. Having provided such proof will only alert seminary directors to their previous problem, which will only increase their scrutiny of the seminarian. This is hardly a “back door” or a “loophole.” The message here is that if you’ve had any kind of a homosexual past, you must prove that you’re free of it, and we (the Church) will be watching you.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Calling the Church to Suicide: The Liberal Agenda

David Klinghoffer in reviewing the book, The Empty Church: The Suicide of Liberal Christianity by Thomas Reeves has this to say:

Since the 1960s and ‘70s, the mainline denominations have bled between a fifth and a third of their congregants. The liberals in charge of the denominational bureaucracies think they know why. In our “post-Christian” era, they maintain, old-fashioned Christianity repels potential churchgoers. The solution is to follow the descending path of modern culture to whatever depths it leads us. Except that it doesn’t work that way. The more heterodox—multicultural, multi-doctrinal—the churches become, the more congregants they lose, and yet they keep at it (Klinghoffer, WSJ).

Some would have the Catholic Church follow in the footsteps of those mainline denominations. This would be suicide for the Catholic Church...
{read full story here}

Catholic Monsignor Arrested in Phoenix

PHOENIX (AP) - The former vicar general of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix was arrested Monday on charges he fondled boys and young men and asked them questions about sex that he misrepresented as being part of confession.

Monsignor Dale Fushek becomes one of the highest-ranking priests to be charged in the sex scandal that has engulfed the church. The vicar general is the highest-ranking administrator of a diocese next to the bishop.

Fushek was charged with three counts of assault, five of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and two of indecent exposure...
{read full story here}

And so the seemingly never-ending saga continues! I hope the US Catholic Church has learned it's lesson. When you ordain people with disordered sexuality (i.e. homosexuals) to the priesthood, in the name of "being inclusive," you're just begging for this kind of trouble. Social Liberalism doesn't work -- especially in the Church. Just read the following article for more details: {Homosexuality Not Molestation - PDF format}

Gingrich sees Iran threat to U.S. like Nazi Germany

Ex-speaker latest official to raise alarm on threat of nuclear EMP attack by Tehran

WASHINGTON – The threat posed to the national security of the United States by Iran was likened only to the one posed by Nazi Germany in the 1930s, by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who suggested Tehran could be planning for a pre-emptive nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack on America that would turn a third or more of the country "back to a 19th century level of development."

Gingrich made the stunning statements, which echo warning of other congressional leaders and national security experts, in testimony before a subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last week...
{read full story here}

Amazing! Sometime recently {here} I predicted that Iran's new president would be the next Hitler. Now the former Speaker of the House backs me up on that. What is even more amazing is that the USA, along with the rest of the western world is effectively following the exact same path on dealing with Iran as it did with Nazi Germany -- a lot of talk with no action. I suppose appeasement comes next. Then only one thing can follow -- World War III.


Dear Catholic Members of Congress:

On December 2, the Center for Policy Alternatives is holding its annual Summit on the States at the Capital Hilton. Included in this year’s program is a meeting hosted by Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) titled, “Progressive, Pro-choice and Catholic—An Endangered Species?” The strategy session is expected to include presentations from Catholic pro-choice members of Congress.

CFFC is not simply an abortion-rights group—it is a profoundly anti-Catholic organization. That is why the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has twice voted to condemn CFFC as a fraud. CFFC’s president, Frances Kissling, has even gone so far as to say that her goal is to “overthrow” the Catholic Church.

My reason for writing is plain: any Catholic who consorts with CFFC is no friend of the Catholic Church. Accordingly, I urge all of you not to attend this session. In the event you decide to be a part of Kissling’s session, I can assure you that I will give your presence at this event free publicity: your constituents need to know who their leaders really are.


William A. Donohue, Ph.D.
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Friday, November 18, 2005

Conservative Catholics Ready to Rumble with Dissenters over Homosexual Priest Ban

VATICAN, November 18, 2005 ( - Less than two weeks away from the widely rumoured November 29 publication date of a new Vatican document dealing with homosexuality and the priesthood, dissenters from the church's stand against ordaining homosexuals - among them priests and bishops - have taken their claims public...
{read full story here}

All I have to say about this is look at the story I covered below about the troubles in the Anglican Communion {click here to read}. If the Catholic bishops don't want to find themselves sinking into complete irrelevancy, than they had better stand up and lead their flocks! Failure to call a spade a spade will only result in trouble down the line. Unless the Roman Catholic Church wants to go the same way as the Anglican Communion, it had better stand up and do something about this homosexual problem in our seminaries. Yes, the sex-abuse scandal of 2002 was indeed a homosexual problem, not a pedophilia problem. The research data determines this conclusively. You can read the study for yourself here: {Homosexuality Not Molestation - PDF format}

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Anglican Archbishops threaten split over gay clergy

Revolt against leadership of Rowan Williams leaves church facing schism

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, faced the gravest threat to his authority as leader of the worldwide Anglican communion last night, as nearly half the church's presiding archbishops launched an unprecedented attack on his leadership over the issue of gay clergy.

In terms which call into question the archbishop's continuing leadership of the 77 million-strong church - the third largest Christian denomination - 17 of Anglicanism's 38 primates issued a highly personal letter criticising his personal ability and demanding that he should take action against "unrepented sexual immorality" in the church....
{read full story here}

I really have nothing to say about this, other than just pointing out that the leaders are supposed to LEAD, not straddle the fence. I just hope this serves as a lesson to Roman Catholic (as well as Anglican) bishops around the world. Social Liberalism doesn't work, especially when applied to the Church. Love does not equal approval. Jesus Christ died to forgive sins, not condone them.

Evolution/Creation Debate Flames Anew

Vatican Official Refutes Intelligent Design

The Vatican's chief astronomer said Friday that "intelligent design" isn't science and doesn't belong in science classrooms, the latest high-ranking Roman Catholic official to enter the evolution debate in the United States.

The Rev. George Coyne, the Jesuit director of the Vatican Observatory, said placing intelligent design theory alongside that of evolution in school programs was "wrong" and was akin to mixing apples with oranges.

"Intelligent design isn't science even though it pretends to be," the ANSA news agency quoted Coyne as saying on the sidelines of a conference in Florence. "If you want to teach it in schools, intelligent design should be taught when religion or cultural history is taught, not science."

His comments were in line with his previous statements on "intelligent design" _ whose supporters hold that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by a higher power.

Proponents of intelligent design are seeking to get public schools in the United States to teach it as part of the science curriculum. Critics say intelligent design is merely creationism _ a literal reading of the Bible's story of creation _ camouflaged in scientific language, and they say it does not belong in science curriculum.

In a June article in the British Catholic magazine The Tablet, Coyne reaffirmed God's role in creation, but said science explains the history of the universe...
{read full story here}

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Well, there they go again. This time AP (Associated Press) screwed it up. Once again, the mainstream media fails to clarify the Church's position, and presents the theory of origins as an "either-or" scenario. The Vatican has never refuted "intelligent design" in and of itself. In fact, the Church specifically teaches that "intelligent design" is the ONLY way in which the universe could have been created. Having said that, I must point out that many Church teachers reject the teaching of "intelligent design" as a scientific theory. That is because such attempts to make it a scientific theory frequently try to use the first chapter of the Bible as a science textbook, a purpose for which the Bible was not designed.

I'm afraid the whole evolutionary/intelligent-design debate has been framed by history in such a way as to make it look like an "either-or" proposition. At least, that's how it looks on the surface anyway. For that you can thank Karl Marx -- the founder of socialism and communism.

You see Karl Marx was a great admirer of Charles Darwin, and he saw his evolutionary theory (on the origin of species) as a great tool for undermining religious thought in modern culture. Later, the communists of Russia would use Darwin’s theory for just that purpose. The Soviet Union spent years teaching school children evolutionary theory before they were ever taught socialist economics and communist philosophy. That’s because the Theory of Evolution was thought of as a sort of “foundation” upon which all of godless communism was built. By the time the theory of evolution hit the classrooms of America, this communist practice was already underway. Thus, evolutionary theory became inseparably “married” to godless atheism in the minds of almost everyone throughout the world.

Right on cue, atheists within America embraced evolutionary theory for much the same reason communists did. The press picked up on this of course, and highlighted it during the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925. Therein, the newspapers reported that God himself was on trial before the scientific evidence of evolutionary theory. When it was ruled that evolution could be taught in the classrooms as a “scientific theory,” the press carried the story as if science had just beat God in the courtroom. It was at this point that Protestant Fundamentalism became the sworn enemy of evolution forevermore.

In truth, evolution (as we currently understand it) is probably NOT how things really happened. It is also true that evolutionary concepts, in and of themselves, are not necessarily anti-God. It is altogether probable that God uses evolution as a tool to affect the changes he wants. Recent innovations in evolutionary theory have proposed that the process of evolution actually happens very rapidly as a survival mechanism, in confined areas, and then remains dormant for eons at a time, until it is needed again. This is a radical departure from previous thought, which proposed that evolution happened very slowly, with random changes (or “mutations”) over time. This new way of thinking actually creates a lot of room for changes to happen much more quickly -- almost instantaneously -- in the overall march of time.

For the Christian, only one thing matters. God created.

That’s it. There doesn’t need to be an elaborate explanation as to how. Science is free to explore this topic at will, but in the process of doing that, Christians must never loose sight of the revealed truth that God is the God of nature, and all of natures laws. The concept of man evolving from lower species is not entirely foreign to Christian thought. Even the Genesis creation story tells us that "God formed man out of the slime of the earth" (Genesis 2:7). What the Scriptures don't tell us is how. For the human body is clearly modeled after the primate design. No reasonable person can deny this. That being the case, it is not unreasonable to suggest that God may have actually used some primate DNA to come up with the human genetic code. Evolution may very will explain how we human beings acquired our physical bodies, but it does not in any way explain why we are spiritual beings. Unlike our biological cousins (gorillas, chimpanzees, orangoutangs, etc.), human beings tend to have a spiritual dimension that cannot be fully explained by science. This is where written revelation comes in, because the Scriptures tell us that God breath his own Spirit into us at the dawn of the human race (Genesis 2:7), and it is for this reason the Scriptures tell us that mankind (unlike the rest of the animals) was made in God’s own image (Genesis 1:26-27).

If evolution is true, (and indeed it would appear that some aspects of it are), then we need not worry about it diminishing the dignity of mankind. For whatever primates came before us (so-called “missing links”), they were not human. The first man was created at the moment God gave him an immortal soul, and this could not have possibly happened until AFTER the human genome was completed.

As for the Biblical six-days of creation, no Christian need worry about that either. The Bible gives two creation accounts -- not one. The first is in Genesis chapter 1, and the second is in Genesis chapter 2, starting at verse 4. Both contradict each other. Genesis 1 tells us that God created the world in six days. Genesis 2 tells us that God created the world in one day. Genesis 1 tells us that God created the animals BEFORE mankind. Genesis 2 tells us he created animals AFTER mankind. Clearly, the contradiction of these two creation stories is telling us not to take them literally. Rather, it would seem the Scriptures are asking us to look into the spiritual truths they are trying to convey.

Yes, the Scriptures are true -- always. It's just that we human beings don't always interpret them truthfully. We often impose our own preconceived notions upon them. For thousands of years, men interpreted the Genesis chapter 1 account as literal, while simultaneously ignoring the obvious contradictions in Genesis chapter 2. Could it be that we were missing the whole point all along?

Canadian Government Caught Funding Anti-Christian Bigotry - Minister Won't Apologize

OTTAWA, October 27, 2005 ( - A Conservative MP has discovered through documents obtained under Access to Information that Status of Women Canada has been funding anti-Christian bigotry and pro-abortion activism. However, in a startling exchange of correspondence, the Minister responsible for the funding neither offered to pull the funding nor to apologize to Christian Canadians for funding groups which defame them...
{read full story here}

How much you wanna bet this kind of stuff is going on in the US federal government too? Lord knows the US media is full of it!

Catholic bishops denounce capital punishment

Draw distinction with abortion

WASHINGTON -- The US Conference of Catholic Bishops yesterday overwhelmingly approved a new statement of opposition to capital punishment, asserting that it contributes to a culture of death and violence in the United States...
{Read Full Story Here}

Well, in principle I oppose the death penalty too. However, we're now living under a judicial system so gutted by social liberalism, that heinous criminals are subject to parole far too often. If we could just lock these people up in a hole, and keep them there for life, I would venture to say that almost everyone would be against the death penalty. That's the trick though. The rot of social liberalism has now reduced the penalties for heinous criminals, so they can get out of prison and do it all over again.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Massachusetts Bill softens bestiality statute

Four state legislators in Massachusetts have introduced a bill that would soften the crime of bestiality, a move pro-family activists say is a natural progression of the state's legalizing same-sex marriage...
{Read Full Story Here}

So does anything good come out of Massachusetts anymore? I mean, there aren't many states in the Union that can boast of electing the most self-loathing liberal Catholics in the history of the world -- Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Nor are there many states in the Union that can boast of being the epicenter of the greatest scandal ever to rock American Catholicism -- the Boston sex-abuse scandal of 2002. Of course, Massachusetts is the first state in the Union to legalize gay marriage. Now we have this. So it seems that the elected officials of Massachusetts were so concerned about the supposed "rights" of beastophiles, that they've got nothing better to do than try to lower the penalties for engaging in this perverse behavior. I suppose the next step will be to try to legalize pedophilia too. Why, if the State of Massachusetts keeps this up, it won't be long before the Catholic sex-scandal of 2002 won't even be criminal anymore. After all, we cannot forget the supposed "rights" of child molesters now can we. It just goes to show that once the rot of social liberalism is allowed to fester unchecked, what it produces isn't very pretty.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Supreme Knight Calls on Senators to Reject Prejudice

In a letter to each member of the U.S. Senate, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson warns that some "abortion rights partisans who oppose the Catholic Church's teaching on abortion" are opposing the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito (photo) to the Supreme Court because he is a Roman Catholic. The letter asks the senators to "disavow any effort to decide Judge Alito's nomination on the basis of his faith, or the degree to which he is presumed to be a faithful Catholic."
{Read Full Story Here}

I'm proud our order's Supreme Knight has taken this bold stand against anti-Catholic prejudice among far left-wing liberals. Unfortunately, many of our nation's politicians are already beholden to them. While this would include most Democrats on Capitol Hill, Republicans are not immune either. It's no secret that left-wing liberals can't stand the Catholic Church's teachings on moral issues like abortion. They never miss an opportunity to verbally slam the Church in one way or another. Now they have no problem calling into question Judge Alito's "ability" to function as a Supreme Court justice, solely because of his Roman Catholic faith. They're also calling into question the religious makeup of the court, when he is confirmed. The argument will be that the Supreme Court is now "too Catholic." Of course the implication of this argument is that Judge Alito should not be confirmed because his personal Catholic faith would make the Court "too Catholic." Therefore, he should be dumped as a nominee based on his religion.

The religious argument against Alito sounds ridiculous once you spell it out in plain and simple English as I did above. But that's not how their argument is going to be framed in the course of public debate. Indeed, their anti-catholic position is sure to be more subtle in presentation. But it is what it is. The Constitution specifically demands "no religious test" for nominees to public office. Our liberal opponents on the far left would do well heeding the advice of our nation's founding fathers.

It will be interesting to see how self-loathing liberal Catholics, like Ted Kennedy, articulate their grilling of Judge Alito at the Senate confirmation hearings in January. I predict self-loathing liberal Catholics, like Ted Kennedy, will be asking the majority of questions alluding to Judge Alito's private religious beliefs. Coming from another Catholic, (albeit a self-loathing one), will help to deflect charges of anti-catholicism from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. When you really think about it, however, it actually does more to validate the charges of anti-catholicism. This is because Senator Ted Kennedy is obviously not a 'practicing' Catholic, namely because of his support of abortion rights, among many other things. Once again it goes to show that liberals have set Catholics up with an unfair choice. They can either be good Catholics, or good liberals, but never both at the same time. Senator Kennedy is the little darling of the far-left precisely because he is a non-practicing Catholic. He does have the "Catholic label," which makes him a good tool for pushing the liberal agenda among Catholics. But the dirty little secret is this. If Senator Kennedy ever grew a spine, or a conscience, he might actually come out against abortion, perhaps citing religious beliefs as his reason. If he did however, he too would immediately be labeled a Catholic "puppet" by his friends on the far-left, just like any other Catholic who would do the same. It's a tight corner these liberals are painting themselves into. With each and every question they ask of Alito in January, they're bound to get an answer that pleases practicing Catholics. It won't be long before America's viewers start to wonder why this guy is getting such a hard-time by the Senate. I seriously wonder how many practicing Catholics will leave the Democratic Party because of the Democratic Senator's treatment of Judge Alito.

Meet The New "Hitler"

The Catholic Church Breaks its Silence over the Islam of the Ayatollahs

ROMA, November 11, 2005 – At the very moment when Iran is more at the center of the world’s attention than ever – on account of its nuclear weapons program and its restatement of its desire to eliminate the state of Israel – even the Vatican, which is usually prudent diplomatically, has made a little foray out of its customary silence.

On October 28, a press release from the Holy See press office, which was dictated by the secretariat of state, condemned “some particularly serious and unacceptable declarations denying the state of Israel’s right to exist.”
{Read Full Story Here}

I'm calling attention to this story in case some Iranian playwrite tries to rewrite history twenty years from now, as German playwrite
Rolf Hochhuth did back in 1963 concerning the World War II legacy of Pope Pius XII. {For Details - read my story on "The MYTH of Hitler's Pope"}

Make no mistake about it. The recently elected Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is the new 'Adolph Hitler' of our time. He was one of the Iranian terrorists who kidnapped American hostages during the late 1970s. Now, he's risen to the highest office of the land. This man is a dangerous monster, who is going to lead his people into a terrible war.

For the record; the pope is condemning his actions starting right NOW. So I hope nobody tries to change the story of what really happened a decade or two from now. Hey! Before you accuse me of being paranoid, just consider that I'm only learning the lessons of history. This kind of historical revisionism has already happen once regarding a 20th century pope. I would just hate to see it happen again with a 21st century pope.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Anti-Christian rampage by 2,000 India Muslims

Organized vandals in buses burn churches, convent, schools, homes of pastors, priests

They came in buses to the small village of Sangla Hill in the Nankana district of Punjab in India.

Some 2,000 organized Muslims first vandalized three churches, a nuns' convent, two Catholic schools, the houses of a Protestant pastor and a Catholic priest, a girls' hostel and some Christian homes, according to Asia News.

Then they burned them to the ground, while about 450 Christian families fled yesterday. They have not returned.

The Justice and Peace Commission accuses the police of "criminal negligence" because they did not intervene...
{Read Full Story Here}

Well, it looks like the jihad against western culture wasn't enough for them. Now it seems like radical Islamic Fundamentalists are orchestrating a worldwide jihad against Christianity. Click Here to see what I mean.

Friday, November 11, 2005

MSNBC/Newsweek Promote This Blog

This blog was recently featured, along with some others, on the MSNBC/Newsweek website: CLICK HERE TO SEE

Simply click on the link above and scroll down to the link titled "European Jihad."

Wal-Mart Apologizes to Catholics and all Christians

Catholic League says retail giant has satisfied Christmas demands

After a series of reports by WorldNetDaily, Wal-Mart officials have satisfied demands by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, which had called for a national boycott after accusing the retail giant of discriminating against Christmas while promoting other seasonal holidays by name, such as Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said Wal-Mart has apologized, withdrawn "its insane statement" on the origins of Christmas and revised its website.

"This is a sweet victory for the Catholic League, Christians in general, and people of all faiths," Donohue said. "And it means that Wal-Mart can now enter the Christmas season without this cloud hanging over it."
{Read Full Story Here}

It just goes to show what can happen when Christians are willing to stand up and rock the boat a little. In all fairness to Wal-Mart, the executives in charge probably never intended to offend Christians or Christianity. Such a move would be bad for business. They were probably just indifferent toward the secularization policy that effectively turned their Internet Christmas display into a second-rate holiday. This of course was compounded by the bizarre and inflammatory opinions of the former associate named "Kirby." I applaud Wal-Mart for taking swift action in dealing with this problem. They've made a good business decision and I'll have no problem shopping there next week. Who knows! I might even pick up some "Christmas" decorations!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Papa Ratzi Post: Pope Echoes Arguments of Intelligent Design Advocates

I made a sizable contribution to the comments on this story. It can be read here...
Papa Ratzi Post: Pope Echoes Arguments of Intelligent Design Advocates

Vatican Preps to Reclaim Europe

Professor given key role in promoting Christianity

A leading Catholic thinker in Scotland has been given a key role in the Vatican's long-term campaign to promote Christianity in Western culture.

John Haldane, professor of philosophy at St Andrews University, is to become consultor to the Pontifical Council for Culture. The 51-year-old, who has written for The Herald, said it was time to "reclaim Europe for Christianity"...
{Read Full Story Here}

I just hope it works! It's going to take a lot more than the appointment of a theologian to a Vatican post to get the job done, though I praise the pope's action. Here, at the dawn of the 21st century, Europe has been totally secularized, and North America is quickly following in her footsteps. Ever since World War II, Europe has been sliding down the slippery slope of secularism. North America is not far behind. Most Europeans are no longer Christian. In fact, in some countries in Europe, such as England and France, there are more practicing Muslims than there are practicing Christians. The once great cathedrals of Europe have become little more than museums and tourist attractions. Christianity is all but dead on the European continent.

There is only one problem with this. It defies human nature. You see, human beings are born with an innate curiosity for the supernatural. That's because our psyche is designed with a spiritual component as well as a physical one. When this basic human need for the supernatural is not met, people will develop all sorts of abnormal spiritual behavior to fill the void. This may be one reason why there are so many tales about ghost hauntings and alien abductions in our culture today. These things may very well be abnormal responses to the psyche's spiritual need not being met -- examples of the human mind's desperate need to fill a psychological void. The point is that vacuums must be filled. You cannot create an empty space and expect it to stay empty forever. Sooner or later, something is going to fill it. That's the problem with secularization of societies and cultures. It creates an unnatural vacuum in the spiritual component of a civilization. Sooner or later, it's just a matter of time before something is going to fill that void, and when it does, it might not be what we expect or want.

For decades now, Christian leaders have warned us that the secularization of our society will result in the rise of occultism among young people. These seemingly prophetic warnings have come true both in Europe and North America. The ARIS survey of the American adult population indicated a growth in the Wiccan (modern witchcraft) community of 17 fold between 1990 and 2001 - the highest of any faith group monitored. This would indicate a doubling in numbers of adherents about every 2.5 years. If this growth rate continues unchanged; Wicca will be the third largest religious group in the U.S. by about 2012, just behind Christianity and Judaism. I have been unable to get actual statistics for the growth of Wicca in Europe, but I think it would be safe to say the growth rate is much higher there, and there may already be more practicing Wiccans than there are practicing Christians in western Europe. So in the name of secularization, Europeans have managed only to exchange Christianity for Wiccan occultism as their dominant social religion. Secularization created a vacuum by sweeping away one religion, and the void was simply filled with another. You can't defy human nature. The human psyche needs to be satisfied by the supernatural. If that satisfaction is not readily available in a secularized society, the human psyche will simply reach out to whatever it can in order to get that satisfaction. It's just human nature. There's no use in denying it.

What presents a particular threat to Europe and North America is the fact that occultism is relatively unorganized, and unorganized religions don't last very long. They are soon replaced by organized religions. The last time western occultism was organized was back during the days of the ancient Roman Empire, when caesars were worshiped as a gods, and the state (government) was considered the ultimate divine authority. Unless Europeans are willing to go back to the days of the caesars, they had better brace themselves for the next takeover of an organized religion. Only two candidates remain as plausible contenders. The first is Christianity, and the second is Islam. Since unorganized (occult type) religion cannot sustain itself as the dominant religion for long, and organizing occultism (under a caesar) is no longer an option, it's just a matter of time before one of the two remaining organized religions (Christianity and Islam) make a surge on the European continent. Only one question remains. Which one will it be? Will Europeans submit to the cross of Christianity once again? Or will they bow down to the crescent of Islam this time? Recent social unrest in Europe suggests that Islam has already made strong inroads into European culture, and if given enough time, it will eventually take over European society. France is already paying the price for this with nationwide Islamic riots. As I write this, some 250 cities remain burning in France while the French government struggles to regain control. It may be politically incorrect to say this, but Islam doesn't have much of a record on keeping the separation of church and state. It seems to me, that if Islam ever becomes the dominant religion in Europe, government enforcement of Islamic law will not be far behind.

So I have a warning for Europeans now, and North Americans later, especially to the women of both continents. Enjoy your freedom now while you have it, because unless you and your children return to the practice of Christianity, you can look forward to a future filled with head scarfs and burkas. It may take some time for that to happen, but I have no doubt that the children born now will live to see the day. Remember the vacuum of secularization I mentioned above, and how unorganized occultism (like 'Wicca' and such) do not last as popular religions for very long. Secular vacuums must always be filled, and unorganized religions never survive the mainstream. Organized religion always moves in to takeover eventually. Since a return to the organized occultism of caesar is not likely, it looks like the future belongs to either Christianity or Islam. This is just a fact of historical precedence. It will either be one or the other, and thanks to the jihadist tendencies of the past, history has proven they cannot coexist peacefully. The choice is yours. So, which shall it be?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Many Protestants discovering devotion to Mary

Columbia, S.C, Nov. 09, 2005 (CNA) - They’re praying the rosary, holding Bible studies which look at Mary as a model of Christian holiness, and wearing trendy t-shirts emblazoned with things like ‘Mary is my home girl.’ The odd thing is that they’re Protestant.

The State, a South Carolina newspaper recently reported that devotion to Mary is on the rise--particularly among non-Catholics.

Although there are still theological divides on the proper role of Mary, a study released by Anglican and Catholic church leaders in May, suggested that the Blessed Virgin ought to be an important figure of devotion for all Christians...

Read Full Story Here

Yes, many Protestants are discovering that Catholics aren't so crazy after all. In fact, some of my Baptist friends are finding their church's silence on Mary quite puzzling. The Scriptures present her as the most devout and holy woman to ever walk the face of the earth. Her act of submission to God allowed her to become the vessel through which our beloved Savior entered the world.

Biblically speaking, the very flesh and blood of Jesus come from Mary. The Scriptures tell us he was her Son (Matthew 1:25), and her "Seed" (Genesis 3:15). The term "seed" is a physical term, denoting blood lineage. Today, we would just as easily use the terms "genes" and "DNA" to describe the same thing. Yes, the Scriptures are telling us that Jesus bore Mary's genetic code, just as all children carry their parents DNA. The very flesh and blood of Jesus, which suffered on that cross at Calvary, was inherited from his mother -- Mary.

In Jewish culture, it was the mothers who were charged with the religious instruction of a child up to the age of twelve. So from Mary, Jesus learned not only his first words and his first steps, but also the teaching of the Mosaic Law (the Torah) and how it applied to the world around him. Much of Jesus' teachings can be seen in Mary's words uttered in the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) long before Jesus was ever born. As our Savior's first teacher; truly she was a remarkable woman.

Speaking of the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55), some of my Baptist friends have found it odd that most of their fellow Baptists scoff Catholics use of the "Hail Mary" prayer. Especially when so much of it is Biblical...

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. (Luke 1:28)
Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb (Luke 1:42)
Holy Mary, Mother of God, (John 1:1, 14)
Pray for us sinners, (Revelation 5:8; 8:3-4)
Now and at the hour of our death.

Granted, I don't yet know any Baptists who actually use this prayer themselves, but I do know some who understand where we Catholics are coming from when we pray it, and they agree with the Biblical premises behind it. It's nice to see that Mary is finally starting to get her rightful honor among some Protestants, and I hope to see this trend continue in the years to come.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

The Pope was Jewish says Historian

A MANCHESTER historian has claimed that Pope John Paul II was Jewish.

Yaakov Wise says his study into the the maternal ancestry of Karol Josez Wojtyla (John Paul II's real name) has revealed startling conclusions.

Mr Wise, a researcher in orthodox Jewish history and philosophy, said the late Pope's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all probably Jewish and came from a small town not far from Krakow.

The Pope was a priest and cardinal archbishop in the Polish city before his election to the papacy....
{Read Full Story Here}

If it's true, it does explain a lot of things, and I have always had my suspicions. Not that I'm an expert, but upon reading biographies on John Paul the Great, it always seemed that there were little hints dropped here and there. His mother died while he was very young. So he was fully assimilated into Polish Catholic culture, because his father was an ethnic Pole. However, Jewish ethnicity is officially determined by maternal heritage, and his family seemed to have lots of ties to Polish Jews in the area he grew up. Though none of the biographies I've read have blatantly said he was Jewish, the consistent theme of Jewish involvement with his family is of peculiar interest.

If it's true, John Paul the Great wouldn't have been the first Jewish pope in history. Of course, St. Peter (the first pope) was Jewish, as were his immediate successors -- Linus and Clement. It has been alleged by some historians that the first ten popes were of Jewish lineage. Some say we've had as many as twenty Jewish popes over the last 2,000 years.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

European Jihad?

Rage on Rue Picasso Will the riots swell the ranks of jihadists in Europe?
By Christopher Dickey

Nov. 14, 2005 issue - Word of the deaths spread quickly through Clichy-sous-Bois, a grim collection of housing projects an hour by train and bus from the center of Paris. Two teenage boys had been electrocuted while trying to hide near a transformer the night of Oct. 27. Rumor said they were running from police. Soon, dozens of angry young men came from the soulless high-rises looking for cops to fight and cars to burn on streets named, as it happens, after heroes of French culture: boulevard Emile Zola, allee Albert Camus, rue Picasso. Dead white men. "It's Baghdad here," the rioters shouted. Night after night last week, rage spread through the ghettos that ring Paris, then beyond to every corner of France. When a tear-gas canister exploded near a mosque in Clichy-sous-Bois on the fourth violent evening, a new cry went up. "Now this is war," said one of the vandals. Others cried "jihad."
{Read Full Story Here}

I hate to say it, but I told you so. I was wrong about one thing though. It seems to be happening a lot sooner than I originally expected...

Saturday, November 5, 2005

The MYTH of Hitler's Pope

It's hard to believe it now, but there was once a time when Pope Pius XII was loved and admired by the world. Chief among his admirers were European Jews. That's because Pope Pius XII single-handedly orchestrated the exodus of some 800,000 Jews from Hitler's Third Reich. As early as 1937, working with his predecessor (Pius XI), he drafted the only papal encyclical ever written in German -- Mit Brennender Sorge. "With Burning Sorrow" was the first blanket condemnation of Nazism ever published by the Vatican. Hitler responded by unofficially declaring war on the Catholic Church, and his subsequent treatment of Catholics became evidence of that. In his inaugural encyclical, Summi Pontificatus, published in 1939, Pope Pius XII made it clear that National Socialism (i.e. "Nazism") was completely and totally incompatible with the Roman Catholic faith. During World War II, allied aircraft even dropped some 88,000 copies of the document over Germany in order to undermine the Nazi government. So serious of a threat was Pius XII to the Reich, that Hitler even launched a failed attempt to kidnap the pope in 1943. The litany of praise for Pius XII from the Jewish community of that time was enormous. Even the chief rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, decided to take Pius XII as his baptismal name upon converting to Roman Catholicism. The following is just a small sample of quotes from the Jewish community after the war's end...

We share in the grief of humanity [at the death of Pius XII]…. When fearful martyrdom came to our people in the decade of Nazi terror, the voice of the pope was raised for the victims. The life of our times was enriched by a voice speaking out on the great moral truths above the tumult of daily conflict. We mourn a great servant of peace.
~ Golda Meir

No keener rebuke has come to Nazism than from Pope Pius XI and his successor, Pope Pius XII.
~ Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

In the most difficult hours of which we Jews of Romania have passed through, the generous assistance of the Holy See…was decisive and salutary. It is not easy for us to find the right words to express the warmth and consolation we experienced because of the concern of the supreme pontiff, who offered a large sum to relieve the sufferings of deported Jews…. The Jews of Romania will never forget these facts of historic importance.
~ Rabbi Alexander Safran, chief rabbi of Romania

The people of Israel will never forget what His Holiness and his illustrious delegates, inspired by the eternal principles of religion, which form the very foundation of true civilization, are doing for our unfortunate brothers and sisters in the most tragic hour of our history, which is living proof of Divine Providence in this world.
~ Rabbi Isaac Herzog, chief rabbi of Israel

I told [Pope Pius XII] that my first duty was to thank him, and through him the Catholic Church, on behalf of the Jewish public for all they had done in the various countries to rescue Jews…. We are deeply grateful to the Catholic Church.
~ Moshe Sharett (Israel’s first foreign minister and second prime minister)

But all of that changed in Berlin 1963. The left-wing socialist writer, Rolf Hochhuth, opened a fictional play entitled "The Deputy" in which he portrayed Pius XII as callous and indifferent to Jewish suffering under the Nazi Third Reich. Within just three years, books began to appear that were critical of Pius XII in his dealings with the Jews during Hitler's reign of terror, as if Hockhuth's fictional play were some sort of documentary. Almost immediately Jews came rushing to Pius XII's defense, including the American based 'Anti-Defamation League.' But forty years of bad press can do a lot of damage. By the 1990s Pius XII's reputation had come under serious fire. In 1999 author John Cornwell published a book entitled "Hitler's Pope," in which he gave credence to Hockhuth's fiction as if it were historical fact. "Hitler's Pope" was a best seller. This smear campaign was so successful, that most people today accept Hochhuth's fiction as the truth, and Pius XII's memory is virtually lost to an alternate history of fiction and fabrication.

All of that is about to change. Rabbi David G. Dalin has written a book debunking the lies of Cornwell's "Hitler's Pope." Rabbi Dalin's book is entitled simply "The Myth of Hitler's Pope." This will come as a bombshell to those who've subscribed to Hochhuth's fiction, and a disappointment to those who regularly use Cornwell's book as a challenge to Roman Catholicism. (I'm thinking of a Jehovah's Witness who came knocking on my door about a year ago.) All together Rabbi Dalin has shed some light on this topic and exposed the venomous lies for what they are. I have nothing to benefit from recommending this book here. I make no profit from its sale. My sole interest here is in promoting the truth. It is for this reason I recommend you purchase a copy of Rabbi Dalin's book from or some other retailer. When you're done reading it, please pass it on to a friend, or at the very least, donate it to a local library.

Jimmy Carter Blasts Democrats On Abortion

Carter condemns abortion culture
By Ralph Z. Hallow
Published November 4, 2005

Former President Jimmy Carter yesterday condemned all abortions and chastised his party for its intolerance of candidates and nominees who oppose abortion.
"I never have felt that any abortion should be committed -- I think each abortion is the result of a series of errors," he told reporters over breakfast at the Ritz-CarltonHotel, while across town Senate Democrats deliberated whether to filibuster the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. because he may share President Bush and Mr. Carter's abhorrence of abortion.
"These things impact other issues on which [Mr. Bush] and I basically agree," the Georgia Democrat said. "I've never been convinced, if you let me inject my Christianity into it, that Jesus Christ would approve abortion."
Mr. Carter said his party's congressional leadership only hurts Democrats by making a rigid pro-abortion rights stand the criterion for assessing judicial nominees.
"I have always thought it was not in the mainstream of the American public to be extremely liberal on many issues," Mr. Carter said. "I think our party's leaders -- some of them -- are overemphasizing the abortion issue."
While Mr. Carter has previously expressed ambivalence about abortion, his statements yesterday were "astonishing," said Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute at Concerned Women for America.
"He has long professed to be an evangelical Christian and yet he had embraced virtually all the liberal political agenda," said Mr. Knight. "Maybe with Jimmy Carter saying things he never uttered before, more liberals will rethink their worship of abortion as the high holy sacrament of liberalism."
{Read Full Story Here}

While I am no fan of Jimmy Carter, I have to admit, he's hit the nail on the head with this one. He's right! And I have to give credit where credit is due. I believe it is modern liberalism's very "sacrament" of abortion that makes it intolerant toward religion and people of faith. I also believe it is liberalism's "sacrament" of abortion that causes the liberal establishment (Democratic Party and mainstream media) to gravitate toward other interests (like euthanasia and gay-marriage) that traditional religion also finds repugnant. For once in a long time, Jimmy Carter actually got something right! In the Left's quest to be more "tolerant" it has actually become intolerant. By that I mean intolerant toward religion, values, and any person who would dare question the established liberal dogma of abortion on demand.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Chronicle of Anti-Catholic Bigotry on Judge Sam Alito

As I predicted, the anti-Catholic left just can't help themselves. These bigoted liberals can't hold back any longer. Once they open their mouths, evidence of their religious prejudice becomes painfully clear. This post will be updated periodically....

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The New Anti-Catholicism

An anti-abortion demonstrator rallies in front of the U.S. Supreme Court

An anti-abortion demonstrator rallies in front of the U.S. Supreme Court Oct. 31 after President George W. Bush nominated Judge Samuel Alito Jr., a Catholic, as a justice of the Supreme Court. If confirmed, Alito would replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. (CNS photo from Reuters)...
{Read Full Story Here}

Alito would be fifth Catholic on Supreme Court

By Jerry Filteau

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- If Judge Samuel Alito Jr. is confirmed as a U.S. Supreme Court justice, it would be the first time in history that the majority of justices on the nation's highest court are Catholic.

President George W. Bush Oct. 31 nominated Alito, a former U.S. attorney in New Jersey and for the past 15 years a judge on the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He is widely regarded as a strong conservative on an appellate court that is considered among the most liberal in the country.

The 55-year-old judge is likely to face strong Democratic opposition because on the appellate court he opined that it was constitutional to require wives to notify their husbands before having an abortion. That opinion came as a minority dissent in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, a landmark case contesting Pennsylvania's 1989 Abortion Control Act....

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Welcome to 21st century America! My how things have changed! In the early 20th century American Catholics were discriminated against in the workplace, looked down upon in society, and viewed as a threat to the American political system. Among the most militant anti-Catholics were Protestant Fundamentalists, who saw the pope as the Antichrist, and the Church itself as an anti-Christian "cult." Catholics were viewed as nothing more than whitewashed pagans, both ignorant and amiable. Fundamentalists worried that Catholics in high government offices might be too easily influenced by the pope and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Now it's a full century later. America still has it's old anti-Catholic Fundamentalists, but they are a dying breed, forced by progress into the attic of irrelevancy. Today, Catholics dominate the mainstream of American politics. But in the 21st century, a new form of anti-Catholicism has risen to the mainstream. It's not based on the old sectarian differences between Catholics and Protestants. Rather, it's based on the ideological differences between conservatism and liberalism. Now we live in a world where Catholics can be good Catholics, or they can be good liberals (Democrats), but never both as the same time. That's because the liberal establishment has created a mindset within the Democratic Party that when it comes to politics, the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic, meaning a Catholic who doesn't practice the teachings of the Church.

Liberal Democrats generally don't have a problem with Catholics, so long as they deny the Church's teachings on moral issues like abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality. Catholics have no problem ascending to the highest ranks of the Democratic Party so long as they are good liberals and bad Catholics. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Mario Cuomo and Nancy Pelosi; are examples of this. Their religious beliefs are considered untouchable by the mainstream liberal establishment. But when it comes to good practicing Catholics, like Supreme Court nominees John Robers and Sam Alito, their faith is "fair game." Consider the following remarks about John Roberts by liberals in the mainstream media and the Democratic Party...

Larry King (CNN, 8-4-2005): "Anyone have a problem on him being a devout Catholic?"

Bill Press (Sun-Sentinel, 8-2-2005): "It is absolutely essential to explore Roberts' religious beliefs as part of the confirmation process."

John MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine, (Providence Journal, 8-2-2005): "The Roberts couple seem to be very well-educated; I wonder whether in their high-minded socializing with Clarence and Virginia Thomas (at the College of the Holy Cross) and Robert and Mary Ellen Bork (at the lay Catholic John Carroll Society), they find time for informal book chat…."

Dahlia Lithwick, legal analyst for Slate, (NPR, 8-2-2005): "And I wouldn’t underestimate the influence of his religion, that Scalia and Thomas, one of the reasons they may not have drifted leftward has a lot to do with very, very strong religious views that pull them to the right. And I think that probably John Roberts will fall into that camp in that sense."

Christopher Hitchens (Slate, 8-1-2005): "If Roberts is confirmed there will be quite a bloc of Catholics on the court. Scalia, Kennedy, and Thomas are strong in the faith. Is it kosher to mention these things?"

Frances Kissling (NPR, 8-1-2005):
"If this pope will intervene in the ways he has already in Europe, it certainly raises questions for us in the immediate sense in terms of whether he thinks he can tell John Roberts how to vote when he gets on the Supreme Court."

Mario Cuomo (Meet the Press, 8-7-2005): "Are you (John Roberts) going to impose a religious test on the Constitution? Are you going to say that because the pope says this or the Church says that, you will do it no matter what?"

Tony Harris (CNN, 7-24-2005):
"Roberts is a Roman Catholic and a political conservative. This week on our ‘Faces of Faith’ segment we’re going to examine how his faith might influence his profession."

Nina Totenberg (NPR, 7-23-2005): "Don’t forget his wife was an officer, a high officer of a pro-life organization. He’s got adopted children. I mean, he’s a conservative Catholic."

Brian Mitchell (Investor’s Business Daily, 7-21-2005): "The left has other reasons to fear Roberts. Roberts is a Catholic. His wife Jane is a former executive vice president of Feminists for Life."

Jonathan Mann, (CNN, 7-20-2005): "He is a Catholic. His wife…is involved with a group called Feminists for Life, it’s an anti-abortion group."

Barbara Walters (ABC, 7-20-2005): "John Roberts is a, a Roman Catholic. How important to him is his religion? Do you think that it might affect him as a Supreme Court justice?"

We can expect more of the same on Supreme Court nominee Judge Sam Alito. Already the fossilized CBS reporter Mike Wallace snidely referred to Alito as a "nice Catholic boy" on Larry King Live (10-31-2005). To be sure, liberals will be more guarded on their comments this time around after being called on the carpet for their careless remarks on Judge John Roberts. But after all is said and done, they just won't be able to stop themselves from leaking their true anti-Catholic feelings from time to time. Make no mistake about it. The liberal template of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party is as follows. When it comes to politics and high government office, the only good Catholics are bad Catholics -- those who deny the teachings of the Catholic Church.