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Friday, March 31, 2006

Catholic Church: Latin is coming back soon!

Universal approval of Latin Missal could be on the way

Vatican City, Mar. 31, 2006 (CNA) - The St. Pius V Missal, which the Catholic Church used until 1962 before it was replaced by the new ordinary following the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, could be approved for universal use, according to sources close to the Vatican.

The decision on the use of the Missal, which was the subject of consultations between Pope Benedict XVI, the cardinals of the Church and the heads of the different Vatican diacasteries, could be announced after another meeting the Pope has scheduled for April 7 with Curia leaders.

The Pius V Missal contains the Mass celebrated in Latin according to the “Tridentine” rite and is currently allowed only with the permission of the local bishop. Universal approval would mean the traditional rite could be celebrated freely throughout the world by priests who wish to do so...

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In what is sure to be some of the most exciting news to come out of Rome in a while, the old Latin (Tridentine) mass is coming back! Not only is this sure to please older generation Catholics, but in a surprising development, it's sure to please a lot of younger generation Catholics too! All over the world, particularly in the USA, the old Tridentine mass is winning the hearts of young people. It just goes to show you can't keep something so beautiful and classic down for long. The resurgence of the Tridentine mass also serves another purpose. It dispels liturgical confusion! The old Latin rite has a tendency to anchor parishes in the historic roots of the Catholic Church. Consequently, those that regularly celebrate it, also find a centering effect in their celebration of the Novus Ordo (new vernacular mass) as well. It helps them remember that they're Catholic and how they should be doing things. The return of the St. Pius V Missal will be welcome news to so many people, and I applaud the pope for this decision. May God bless him!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

U.S. Politicians Discuss 'War on Christians'

Tuesday capped a two-day conference that covered ''every aspect'' of the far-reaching assault on Christians and Judeo-Christian values.

WASHINGTON – Tuesday capped a two-day conference that covered “every aspect” of the far-reaching assault on Christians and Judeo-Christian values from activist organizations, government, Hollywood and America's cultural elite.

Around 400 evangelicals packed into a ballroom at the Omni Shorehman Hotel in Washington, D.C., for the conference on the “War on Christians and the Value Voters in 2006.” The two-day event featured panel discussions including "Christian Persecution: Reports from The Frontlines," "Jews Confront The War On Christians," "Hollywood: Christians Through A Distorted Lens," “The Judiciary: Overruling God," and "Taking Our Faith To The Ballot Box."

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's nice to see a Catholic in this predominately Evangelical event. Senator Sam Brownback was there. Really, Catholics and Evangelicals need to hook-up more on these things. Just because we see differences between us, doesn't mean our enemies in the world do. In fact, Hollywood views all of Christianity through a distorted lens, and that would include Catholics and Evangelicals together. Honestly, those who despise Christianity really don't care if you're Catholic or Evangelical. To them, we're just two peas in a pod. They'll attack one group just as easily as the other. I dare say that if Catholics and Evangelicals could WORK TOGETHER on projects such as this, the result would be a religious voting-block so formidable, that virtually no politician would be able to get elected in this country without pandering to it. Hollywood would be economically forced to market to this group as well. I really do see the possibility of this happening, and I hope Evangelical and Catholic leaders are already starting to coordinate their efforts. If they're not, than shame on them.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Pope Says; Christianity is a Relationship, not an Ideology

Rome, Mar. 27 ( - Christianity is not an ideology, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) told parishioners at a church in the eastern section of Rome on March 26...

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This one should please the Evangelicals out there. It's something that most practicing Catholics already know. Catholicism is the epitome of that relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Wilberforce Republican Unites GOP For 2008

Meet the next President of the United States...

Senator Samuel Brownback

The Economist, March 11, 2006, p. 30 ("Lexington" column).

Anyone who saw Brownback aggressively question Roe v. Wade during the televised Supreme Court confirmation hearings knows that he is highly intelligent and articulate. He is poised and in command of the facts. In addition, he does not fit the biased stereotype of the Christian right that the mainstream media loves. The magazine column describes the difference. Brownback is quite concerned with human rights abuses and poverty overseas, whether in North Korea or the Sudan, whether involving fighting HIV or fighting sex trafficking. He is concerned with prison reform here at home. He is one of the sponsors of a new African-American history museum to be built in D.C. and "now wants an apology for Native Americans." That's enough to make the liberal media spin in dread because Brownback is more than a match for anyone else on the political scene. Most of all, the American people will like him. Compare all of that with the power-obsessed, pessimism of the stalwarts of the Democratic Party; and it's easy to see which type of politician is more appealing now and in 2008.

William Wilberforce (1759-1833) was a British politician who also had a conversion experience as an adult. He was an evangelical Protestant social reformer whose efforts were crucial in the elimination of slavery in the British Empire one month after his death in 1833 (see Encyclopedia Americana under "Wilberforce"). Like Wilberforce, Brownback is a leading force in dismantling the Culture of Death. For Wilberforce, the Culture of Death was exemplified by the dehumanization of legal slavery. For Brownback, the Culture of Death in its current form is found most blatantly in the dehumanization of legal abortion. One remained an evangelical Protestant, the other became an evangelical Catholic. Both are what history needed at a crucial moment.

Europe's Baby Bust

(BBC News): EU states are trying to understand why the birth rate is falling - and if anything can be done to stem the decline. All this week, the BBC News website is asking women in various countries how they feel about being asked to have more babies, and how easy or difficult it is to combine motherhood and work.

Here, the BBC News website's Clare Murphy asks why governments are so concerned about the size of their populations.

William The Conqueror was counting people nearly 1,000 years ago, and his European descendants are still at it. Small, today's politicians contend, isn't beautiful.

Europe's working-age population is shrinking as fertility rates decline. In a fit of gloom, one German minister recently warned of the country "turning the light out" if its birth rate did not pick up...

read full story here

Yes, Europe is in trouble. As the native European population declines, the EU will have no choice but to import more immigrants to fill the space, or else loose their welfare state due to a declining worker population. Unfortunately for Europe, the majority of people who want to immigrate to the EU are Muslims from Africa and central Asia. Thus Europe's declining native population will ultimately be replaced by a rising Muslim population. Demographic studies indicate that Muslim families reproduce at an average of 3.5 children per household, while native European families only reproduce at an average of 1.3 children per household. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. The EU is steadily becoming an Islamic state. Conservative estimates predict the Muslim takeover will occur sometime within the next 50 years. I, on the other hand, think it will happen much sooner because of a social phenomenon I like to call "critical mass." My theory of "critical mass" basically proposes that when a certain cultural group becomes large enough, thus reaching a "critical mass," it starts to attract converts from other cultural groups. The critical mass level can vary from society to society, so it's impossible to predict exactly what percentage that critical mass is. Suffice it to say, it's probably somewhere around 25%. The Islamic culture of Europe is reproducing at a shocking rate already, and once the EU starts importing more Muslim immigrants to save their welfare state, that growth rate will only increase. I suspect Europe will probably meet its Islamic critical mass in about 30 years or less. Once that happens, native Europeans will start converting to Islam in large numbers, and once that happens -- it's over. Europe will be lost to Islam indefinitely.

EU governments are now asking why? Why did this happen, and what can be done to stop it? The Catholic Knight has the answer, and it's anything but original. The social and fiscal liberalism, prized by European intellectuals for decades, has finally taken its toll. Secular Liberalism encourages a materialistic outlook on life, which in turn results in lower birthrates. {see details here} Those lower birthrates eventually put the liberal welfare state in jeopardy. You need more workers than receivers to keep a welfare state working. So the only answer liberalism has to offer is "get more workers." But if governments can't get those workers from their own populations (due to falling birthrates), they must look elsewhere. Thus immigrants become the primary source of much needed population growth. This isn't as big of a problem in places like the USA, because North America has a vast resource of immigrant population just south of the boarder in Catholic Mexico. While the USA has historically been a Protestant nation culturally, a slow immigrant transformation into a Catholic nation is a change, but not a dramatic one. Granted, Catholics and Protestants have had their history of differences, but when a population shifts from one form of Christianity to another, you generally don't see the "clash of civilizations" like you do when a population shifts from Christian to Muslim. Unfortunately, the EU doesn't have a vast resource of Catholic immigrants to draw from, like the USA does. The majority of people who want to move to Europe just happen to be Muslims, and so long as native Europeans fail to reproduce, European governments are forced to take what they can get.

So what's the solution? Simple. The Secular Liberalism, prized by European intellectuals for decades, must be abandoned. If it isn't, than it's over for Europe. The Muslim takeover of the EU will no longer be a question of if, but rather when? To survive as non-Muslim entities, European governments must do a critical thing. They must embrace Christianity as their national identity, and stop adopting policies that make it difficult for churches to function. Christianity must be given a level playing field with other religions both on an official level, and on a cultural level. The secular media must be careful how it portrays Christianity, so as to not unfairly slander it. The public school systems must be mindful of Christian students and their religious obligations. They must also be willing to fire any teacher that abuses their position to ridicule the Christian religion.

But why should the EU do these things? How does embracing Christianity solve Europe's Muslim population problem? Putting aside all personal prejudice; let us look simply at the historical record. In the last 2,000 years; Europe has existed under three cultural paradigms. The first was ancient Paganism, which eventually resulted in a static population growth rate, and an eventual decline of the governing empire. The second was Christianity, which resulted in a positive population growth rate and the rebirth of western civilization. The third was Secular Liberalism. While it's only ruled for less than a century, it has already resulted in a negative population growth rate so profound that it threatens the existence of western civilization itself. Of the three paradigms, the third (Secular Liberalism) has proved to be the biggest failure. As far as population growth is concerned, even ancient Paganism would be preferable. But history demonstrates that Christianity (particularly Catholicism) works best. The shocking truth that nobody seems to want to admit is this. The only thing that can stand as a long-term barrier between western civilization and Islamic law is a robust Christian religion. Europe abandoned this model less than a century ago, and now because of that, Europeans stand to loose everything within a generation.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Now San Fransisco Officially Condemns Evangelicals

More than 25,000 evangelical Christian youth landed Friday in San Francisco for a two-day rally at AT&T Park against "the virtue terrorism" of popular culture, and they were greeted by an official city condemnation and a clutch of protesters who said their event amounted to a "fascist mega-pep rally."

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Well, I guess Catholics and Evangelicals are in good company now. Just a few days back, the city publicly condemned the Roman Catholic Church in an official statement by the board of supervisors. {read that story here} Now the city is going after Evangelical groups. Who would have thought that a common enemy -- extreme liberalism -- would do more to unite Catholics and Evangelicals than all the ecumenical efforts of the last five-hundred years. It's funny how things work out. Catholics and Evangelicals often see vast differences between each other, but in the eyes of a fascist form of extreme liberalism, running cities like San Francisco, we're just two peas in a pod. If only Catholics and Evangelicals could see each other, the way the our enemies sees both of us together.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vatican Planning Reconciliation And Renewal

If you like the old Latin mass, than you'll love today's news. The Vatican is contemplating a full reconciliation with traditionalist groups who split away from the Catholic Church after refusing to give up the old Latin rite. In addition, the Vatican is contemplating some sort of revival of Latin in the Church (probably a moderated one), to renew the Church's heritage and history. Also making news, the Church is reconsidering what it's position is toward the religion of Islam. I imagine the latter has something to do with the disturbing rise in terrorism and radical sects within Islam.

Vatican outlines Thursday discussions between Pope, Cardinals

Vatican City, Mar. 24, 2006 (CNA) - Today, the Vatican released the official account of Thurday’s Day of Prayer and Reflection, in which Pope Benedict and members of the College of Cardinals discussed four key issues facing the Catholic Church today. The meeting came ahead of this morning’s Public Ordinary Consistory in which 15 new cardinals were created.

The four topics, according to a Vatican communiqué released this morning, included first, the mission of bishops emeritus within the Church, second, efforts which should be and are being made toward the reconciliation of members of the Fraternity of St. Pius X, third, liturgical reform and use of the St. Pius X Latin Missal, and lastly, the Church’s position toward Islam...

read full story here

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

OFFICIAL: San Francisco Hates Catholicism!

Hey, I just thought ya'll should know what the city government of San Francisco really thinks of the Roman Catholic Church. If you're a practicing Catholic, who believes what the Church teaches, just consider the following to be addressed to you....

San Francisco City Government Calls Catholics 'Hateful, Discriminatory, Insulting, Ignorant'
Top Cardinal is "decidedly unqualified", says resolution

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2006 ( - In one of the most startling attacks on the Catholic Church coming from a governmental body in the United States in half a century, the governing body of the city of San Francisco - the Board of Supervisors - voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a non-binding resolution blasting the Catholic Church for its opposition to homosexual adoption.

While many city's residents agree with the Church's stand against homosexual adoption, the resolution stated "It is an insult to all San Franciscans when a foreign country, like the Vatican, meddles with and attempts to negatively influence this great city's existing and established customs and traditions, such as the right of same-sex couples to adopt and care for children in need."

The city supervisors levelled an ad hominem attack on former San Francisco Archbishop William Levada, who has been appointed to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), one of the most senior posts in the Church. " Cardinal Levada is a decidedly unqualified representative of his former home city, and of the people of San Francisco and the values they hold dear,'' the resolution stated.

The supervisors also demonstrated their childishness as they attempted another dig at the Cardinal by indicating in the resolution that the CDF was once known as the Office of the Inquisition. "That the Board of Supervisors urges Cardinal William Levada, in his capacity as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican (formerly known as Holy Office of the Inquisition), to withdraw his discriminatory and defamatory directive that Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco stop placing children in need of adoption with homosexual households," reads the resolution.

The resolution attacked the teaching of the Catholic Church that homosexual adoption does "violence" to children since they would be placed in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development. The resolution blasted the teaching as "hateful and discriminatory rhetoric (that) is both insulting and callous, and shows a level of insensitivity and ignorance which has seldom been encountered by this Board of Supervisors.''

read full story here

You know, it makes me wonder how many other politicians across America are just itching to say something like this, but have been afraid to because of political fallout. I want to thank the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for giving an official voice to the new anti-Catholicism of our time. This new anti-Catholicism hates the Church not for sectarian issues based on doctrine, but rather political issues based on morality. To those who promote this bigotry, freedom of religion only exists when the religion agrees with their politically correct orthodoxy. All across America a new anti-Catholicism is seething in the cauldrons of ultra left-wing Liberal activists. Now they can proudly say the city government of San Francisco leads the way in propagating their hatred for traditional Christian religion.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Crusades Finally Vindicated!

I've always held that the crusades were a legitimate military response to Islamic jihads against Christianity and western civilization. Studying the history of Islam prior to the crusades vindicates them entirely. It is only modern Politically Correct (PC) fascists who try to pervert the history of that time period to portray Christianity as the aggressor, when the historical facts clearly reveal that the crusades were primarily a defensive campaign. It should be pointed out that the Holy Land (Palestine/Israel) was peacefully occupied by Christians prior to the invasion of Islamic hoards, who took the Holy Land by force, and then attacked and killed European civilians making pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Then only after Muslim forces continued to push their way northward into central Europe, Christian forces finally struck back in the conflicts known as 'the crusades.' While some atrocities are undeniable, for the most part, the Christian knights who fought the crusades were heroes -- even by today's standards...

Vatican conference defends Crusades

VATICAN CITY, Vatican City (UPI) -- A conference sponsored by the Vatican portrayed the Crusades as a heroic response to the Muslim invasion of the Christian Holy Land.

The view of history put forward by scholars who attended the weekend symposium at Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University were at variance with those expressed by the late Pope John Paul II in 2000, the Times of London reported. He apologized to Muslims for the series of invasions of their lands.

Pope Benedict XVI was apparently one of the Vatican conservatives who disagreed with John Paul.

Italian historian Roberto de Mattei called the Crusades "a response to the Muslim invasion of Christian lands and the Muslim devastation of the Holy Places."

While some of the historians who attended acknowledged that Crusaders sometimes mistreated Muslims, they said that the reverse was also true and typical of the age.

The First Crusade was invited by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius, who asked for help because Muslims were barring Christian pilgrims from the holy sites. Ironically, later Crusaders sacked Constantinople.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Does Anything Good Come Out Of Massachusetts?

Boston Gay Adoption Row Reveals Growing Gap Between Church, Society

BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts, one of the most Catholic states in the country, is witnessing an ever-widening rift between church and state on a raft of social issues, from gay marriage and abortion "buffer zones" to stem cell research and emergency contraception...

read full story here

This story kind of epitomizes what I've been saying for a few years now. Does anything good come out of Massachusetts? When it comes to politics, morality and social issues, it looks like the answer is loud and echoing "NO!" Massachusetts is lost. It is officially a post-Christian state, in which virtually all traditional Christian influence over state law as been shed in exchange for a "new morality" based almost entirely on secular relativism. The fact that Massachusetts is thoroughly post-Christian should be no surprise to anyone. Most people in the Bible Belt states have known that for years. What's frightening is the prospect that Massachusetts could become the front runner of other New England states, and is perhaps a glimpse of what will become of the entire nation in another 20 years or so. Because of that, I think we need to take a closer look at the most liberal state in America, to find out what went wrong, and how to prevent it from happening elsewhere.

I think what caused Massachusetts to fall off the deep end was two major factors, and both of them involve the role of the Catholic Church in that state. The first factor is liberalism, and I don't mean the political kind. Yes, it's true that Massachusetts is probably the most politically liberal state in the Union. (California, Oregon and Washington trail not too far behind.) I would contend, however, that Massachusetts' liberal sway in politics is built upon the Church's liberal toleration of unorthodoxy and immorality. I think it's important to point out that the states' two U.S. Senators, (the most liberal in the U.S. Senate), also happen to be professing Catholics who have never been censured by the bishops of their state or the archdiocese of Boston. The Code of Canon Law n. 1369 instructs all bishops: "A person is to be punished with a just penalty who gravely harms public morals." I can't think of two characters in the United States Senate who fit this description better than Senator John Kerry and Senator Ted Kennedy. With their public support of abortion-on-demand, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning and homosexual "marriage," (based on their own statements and voting records:, there really is no doubt about this. Both are already excommunicated de facto from the Catholic Church by virtue of the fact that neither can lawfully receive communion in the Church anymore, because of their public stand on abortion. But this action was taken by the Vatican, not the archdiocese of Boston or the bishops of Massachusetts, and it was general toward all Catholic politicians who support abortion. Kerry and Kennedy where never mentioned by name. Yet even though these two high profile men already fall under a de facto excommunication, neither has received censure from their local bishops. I think this says something about the state of the Catholic Church in Massachusetts. It's broken. Further more, it would appear that it's been broken for a long time now. Even worse, it would seem that it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed anytime in the near future. The nature of the first factor leading to the decline and fall of Massachusetts is the Catholic Church's absolute and complete failure to do it's job in this state. The Massachusetts bishops have not only been negligent in their duty, but one could argue they've been completely derelict in their duty all together. The purpose of a bishop is to teach, correct, reprove and when necessary -- discipline. Obviously, there just hasn't been enough of that going on in Massachusetts. Politicians like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy shouldn't be able to even use the word "Catholic" in reference to themselves, without some kind of rebuttal from the Massachusetts bishops. That's because they're not Catholic by any stretch of the imagination. They forfeited that designation years ago with their public support of abortion on demand. Yet the Massachusetts bishops stand by and do nothing. That is problem number one folks. Take this as a lesson on "how NOT to run a church." Such lack of disciplinary action sends a permissive message to the laity. While the Church in Massachusetts speaks out against the evils of abortion, human cloning and homosexual "marriage," it does absolutely nothing to discipline those who publicly contradict the Church in all of these teachings. So while the Church says one thing, it effectively winks and nods at the other. That may not be the message the Massachusetts bishops intend upon sending, but it is nevertheless, the exact message the Catholic laity in Massachusetts is receiving. How else could so many Catholic voters consistently and repeatedly reelect politicians like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy -- over and over again? Of course the two U.S. Senators from Massachusetts are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. We see the results of this same problem permeated through the entire state government of Massachusetts -- including its judges.

The second factor is of a more recent origin, and while it probably played little role in the decline and fall of Massachusetts, it is however playing a huge role in Massachusetts' chance of reform anytime in the near future. For the time being anyway, Massachusetts is adrift in a sea it cannot be rescued from. It will continue to decline and fall for an indefinite period of time. The factor I'm talking about is the recent sex-abuse scandal that rocked the archdiocese of Boston and sent shock waves throughout the Catholic Church all over America. To make a long story short, the bishops of Massachusetts have lost their credibility -- almost completely. An entire generation of Massachusetts Catholics have lost confidence in them, and it's a confidence that will probably never be restored in this generation. So the bishops can say whatever they want, but nobody is going to listen to them. The only hope the Massachusetts bishops have at ever restoring credibility is a course of action they are not likely to take. In today's liberal society, it's a course of action many people would consider draconian. It needs to be done, but we all know it's probably never going to happen. What is that action? It's a simple house cleaning. The bishops need to go back to the old days, when Catholics were expected to be Catholics, or face the consequences. The purging of the Massachusetts Church needs to start from the top down. Liberal and permissive priests need to be put on notice. Abusive priests need to be laicized (defrocked) without delay. Catholic politicians who publicly endorse abortion need to be formally excommunicated -- immediately! While the Catholic laity needs to be regularly and consistently educated on the evils of abortion, human cloning and same-sex "marriage." They need to be told that their Catholicism hinges upon these things, that failure to resist these things puts one in "bad standing" with the Church. Finally, the bishops need to make it clear that those Catholic laymen who go public with support for these things, will run the risk of suffering formal excommunication as well. Yet even if all of these things are done, I believe there still is no hope at restoring confidence for Massachusetts bishops among the members of this generation. I believe the fruit of these disciplinary measures will not be seen until the next generation comes of age, but that's only if the Church starts today, and yet we still have not seen any indication that these things are scheduled to begin anytime soon.

So what's the moral to this story? Simple. If you want to learn how NOT to run a church, look no further than the Catholic Church in Massachusetts. If bishops want to see strong Catholic intervention in the policies of state and local governments, they're going to have to start disciplining those who knowingly work against it. This was not done in Massachusetts, and now just look at the mess.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Is this journalism?

This has got to be the yellowist piece of "journalism" I have seen to date.

Thanks AP for showing your true colors.

Father Loses Taste for Revenge in Iraq

CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent
Fri Mar 17, 2:23 PM ET

AL-ASAD, Iraq - In the desert chill, on the lonely nighttime roads of Iraq, Joe Johnson looks out over his machine gun and thinks of Justin. It was on Easter morning 2004 that a chaplain and a colonel appeared on Joe and Jan Johnson's Georgia doorstep with the news. Justin, the boy Joe had fished and hunted with, the soldier son who'd gone off to Iraq a month earlier, was suddenly dead at 22, killed by a roadside bomb planted in a Baghdad slum. (read more here)

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Liberal Baby Bust

What's the difference between Seattle and Salt Lake City? There are many differences, of course, but here's one you might not know. In Seattle, there are nearly 45% more dogs than children. In Salt Lake City, there are nearly 19% more kids than dogs.

This curious fact might at first seem trivial, but it reflects a much broader and little-noticed demographic trend that has deep implications for the future of global culture and politics. It's not that people in a progressive city such as Seattle are so much fonder of dogs than are people in a conservative city such as Salt Lake City. It's that progressives are so much less likely to have children.

It's a pattern found throughout the world, and it augers a far more conservative future - one in which patriarchy and other traditional values make a comeback, if only by default. Childlessness and small families are increasingly the norm today among progressive secularists. As a consequence, an increasing share of all children born into the world are descended from a share of the population whose conservative values have led them to raise large families.

Today, fertility correlates strongly with a wide range of political, cultural and religious attitudes. In the USA, for example, 47% of people who attend church weekly say their ideal family size is three or more children. By contrast, 27% of those who seldom attend church want that many kids.

In Utah, where more than two-thirds of residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 92 children are born each year for every 1,000 women, the highest fertility rate in the nation. By contrast Vermont - the first to embrace gay unions - has the nation's lowest rate, producing 51 children per 1,000 women.

Similarly, in Europe today, the people least likely to have children are those most likely to hold progressive views of the world. For instance, do you distrust the army and other institutions and are you prone to demonstrate against them? Then, according to polling data assembled by demographers Ron Lesthaeghe and Johan Surkyn, you are less likely to be married and have kids or ever to get married and have kids. Do you find soft drugs, homosexuality and euthanasia acceptable? Do you seldom, if ever, attend church? Europeans who answer affirmatively to such questions are far more likely to live alone or be in childless, cohabiting unions than are those who answer negatively.

This correlation between secularism, individualism and low fertility portends a vast change in modern societies. In the USA, for example, nearly 20% of women born in the late 1950s are reaching the end of their reproductive lives without having children. The greatly expanded childless segment of contemporary society, whose members are drawn disproportionately from the feminist and countercultural movements of the 1960s and '70s, will leave no genetic legacy. Nor will their emotional or psychological influence on the next generation compare with that of people who did raise children....

read full story here

Europe To Fall To Islam By 2050

As I've said in this blog before, western civilization has only one hope of survival -- traditional Christian values! That's because traditional Christian values includes belief in larger traditional families, the rejection of abortion, and shunning of artificial birth control. Because western civilization has largely rejected traditional Christianity, these values have fallen by the wayside, and as a result materialism has prevailed. It's an undisputed fact that materialism results in smaller families, more abortions and widespread use of artificial birth control. Demographically this reduces the number of Christians, Jews and Secularists in western society -- making plenty of room for Muslims to move in and take over.

To all proud European and American Liberals out there, I've got some advice: You better make sure the few kids you have brush up on Arabic, because it won't be long before they'll be needing it. It might be a good idea to invest in the burka market too, as it won't be long before it skyrockets in the western fashion industry...

European Mullah Claims Islam Will Win

Norway's most controversial refugee, Mullah Krekar, told an Oslo newspaper on Monday that there's a war going on between "the West" and Islam. He said he's sure that Islam will win, and he also had praise for suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

"We're the ones who will change you," Krekar told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet in his first interview since an uproar broke out over cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims.

"Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes," Krekar said. "Every western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries are producing 3.5 children.

"By 2050, 30 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim."

He claimed that "our way of thinking... will prove more powerful than yours." He loosely defined "western thinking" as formed by the values held by leaders of western or non-islamic nations. Its "materialism, egoism and wildness" has altered Christianity, he claimed....

read full story here

Was Bush Right All Along?

As time passes, I suspect more classified documents will be revealed, giving us some glimpse into the inside information the Bush administration was getting prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003...

Newly released document links Saddam to al-Qaida
Indicates regime was cooperating with bin Laden group to strike U.S.

Among the pre-war documents posted online yesterday by the Pentagon is a letter from a member of Saddam's intelligence apparatus indicating al-Qaida and the Taliban had a relationship with the regime prior to the 9-11 attacks.

The letter by the member of Saddam's Al Mukabarat to a superior, dated Sept. 15, 2001, reports a pre-9/11 conversation between an Iraqi intelligence source and a Taliban Afghani consul.

The documents were released yesterday at the direction of National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.

Among the first batch of the thousands expected to be declassified over the next several months, the Al Mukabarat document was translated from the original Arabic by a contributor to the online forum Free Republic.

Laura Mansfield, an independent Middle East analyst, examined the translation for WorldNetDaily and said it appears to be accurate.

The letter indicated Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan were in contact with Iraq – noting a specific visit to Baghdad – and said the U.S. had proof Saddam's regime and al-Qaida were cooperating to hit a target in the U.S.

The document said the U.S. was aware of such a relationship and could strike Iraq and Afghanistan if the attacks proved to be tied to bin Laden and the Taliban.

The translated text is as follows:.

In the Name of God the Merciful

Presidency of the Republic

Intelligence Apparatus

To the respectful Mr. M.A.M

Subject: Information

Our source in Afghanistan No 11002 (for information about him see attachment 1) provided us with information that that Afghani Consul Ahmad Dahestani (for information about him see attachment 2) told him the following:

1. That Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan are in contact with Iraq and it that previously a group from Taliban and Osama Bin Laden group visited Iraq.

2. That America has proof that the government of Iraq and Osama bin Laden group have shown cooperation to hit target within America.

3. That in case it is proven the involvement of Osama bin Laden group and the Taliban in these destructive operations it is possible that American will conduct strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. That the Afghani Consul heard about the subject of Iraq relation with Osama Bin Laden group during his stay in Iran.

5. In light of this we suggest to write to the Commission of the above information.

Please view… Yours… With regards

Signature:……, Initials : A.M.M, 15/9/2001

Foot note: Immediately send to the Chairman of Commission


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Conscience must concur with church's moral teaching

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Responding to a recent statement by Catholic Democrats in the House of Representatives affirming "the primacy of conscience" in their voting decisions, three key leaders of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said conscience "must be consistent with fundamental moral principles," including the church's opposition to abortion.

"As members of the church, all Catholics are obliged to shape our consciences in accord with the moral teaching of the church," said a "Statement on Responsibilities of Catholics in Public Life," which called abortion "a grave violation of the most fundamental human right -- the right to life....

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In what should be a 'no-brainer' for Catholics in the USA, the Church has had to remind some that the catechism's teaching on conscience is not an excuse for sin. There are absolute standards of right and wrong, which the Church does still teach, and always will teach -- forever! For years this nonsense has been going on. Many Catholic Americans have been falling back on the Church's teaching about conscience as a "way out" of following the Church's teachings on everything else. It's used as a means of excusing inexcusable behavior of all sorts. All across America, young Catholic men and women are "living together" outside of marriage. Their rationalization is "conscience," in which they excuse this sinful practice as "acceptable in God's eyes" because of their particular circumstance. So many more Catholic married couples use it as an excuse for using artificial birth-control, while they live childless for the sake of material wealth and convenience. Even so many more Catholics use it as an excuse for voting for political candidates who support abortion-on-demand. Peculiar how vigorously they cling to one Church teaching (conscience) while they simultaneously ignore every other Church teaching on morality that's connected to it. So once again, the 'late great Catholic Church in America' reminds her children (and those politicians who represent them) that her moral teachings are not for sale. The moral standards of the Church are absolute, and only when these absolutes are followed, can the Church teaching on conscience be fully understood and implemented properly.

Your thoughts? Can Church teaching on conscience be used to effectively override Church teaching on some other moral issue?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Homosexuality Now Driving Catholic Church Out Of Adoption Business

Homosexual Adoption Ends 100 Years of Adoption Services by Boston Catholic Charities

BOSTON, March 10, 2006 ( - The board of directors of Catholic Charities today announced that Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Boston, will not seek a renewal of its contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide adoption services. Catholic Charities will work with the Department of Social Services and other appropriate agencies to make this transition as smoothly as possible....

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San Francisco to “Review” Gay Adoption Policy in Response to Levada Directive

SAN FRANCISCO, March 10, 2006 ( - Archbishop William Levada, the current Prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), has announced that no bishop should allow homosexual partners to adopt children through their charitable agencies.

The statement was sent in an email to the Archdiocese of San Francisco Catholic Charities citing recent documents from the CDF published under then-Cardinal Ratzinger. “Catholic agencies should not place children for adoption in homosexual households,” Levada wrote.

“The reasons given in the document, as well as the potential scandal for the faithful should an archdiocesan agency act contrary to the clear teaching of the church's magisterium, require that a Catholic bishop follow this clear guidance from the Holy See in his oversight of Catholic diocesan agencies,” he wrote.

The Archdiocese, of which Levada was recently Archbishop, has responded that it would ‘review’ Levada’s “request.”...

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Tennessee Joins 3 States Banning Abortion

Tennessee has just joined Missouri, Mississippi and South Dakota in a statewide move against abortion, in what is becoming a bandwagon phenomenon in the USA....
Tenn. Senate Backs Anti-Abortion Step

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The state Senate on Thursday passed a proposal to amend the Tennessee Constitution so that it doesn't guarantee a woman's right to an abortion.

The 24-9 vote was the first step of many toward officially amending the state constitution. The measure would go before voters if the General Assembly approves it twice over the next two years...

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Most Americans Believe Abortion is Wrong

Poll also shows 61% know someone who has had procedure

With the abortion debate in focus following South Dakota's new law challenging the Roe decision, a new poll finds 55 percent of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong most of the time.

Just 32 percent disagree, according to the survey by Rasmussen Reports.

Americans under 50 are slightly more likely than their elders to believe abortion is morally wrong, the poll found.

As WorldNetDaily reported, South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds signed into law Monday a highly restrictive bill aimed ultimately at overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, banning abortion in nearly every case and punishing doctors who perform one with a $5,000 fine and five years in prison. It allows abortion only in the event a mother's life is in danger, making no exception for rape or incest. The legislation is expected to be held up by court challenges, however.

The Rasmussen study found three out of five Americans, 61 percent, know someone who has had an abortion. Among those people, 55 percent believe the procedure is morally wrong most of the time...

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Catholic League president Bill Donohue accused two mid-Western newspapers today of ganging up on the Catholic Church:

“On Sunday, March 5, the Telegraph Herald, a Dubuque, Iowa newspaper, started an eight-day series exposing sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Dubuque. The series looks at sexual abuse by priests over decades, complete with accounts from alleged victims and portraits of their alleged victimizers. The titles assigned to each story are revealing: ‘A Culture of Catholicity’; ‘Victims Tell Their Stories’; ‘Unholy Fathers’; ‘Raising the Bar’; ‘Are the Children Protected?’; ‘The Effect on the Good and Holy’; ‘The Support Groups’; and ‘Apology and Forgiveness.’

“On Sunday, March 5, the Chicago Sun-Times ran a long article by a local columnist for some other newspaper, Tim Placher, entitled, ‘Bless Me Father, for You Have Sinned: A Suburban Newspaper Columnist Tells the Story of How He Fell Prey to a Predatory Priest.’ It is a detailed account of what allegedly happened to him in 1979.

“There is only one reason why these articles are being printed now—it’s in vogue to bash the Catholic Church. If bigotry isn’t in play, then it needs to be explained why the Telegraph Herald decided to run an eight-part series on the dirty laundry of the Dubuque archdiocese extending back decades but not on the dirty laundry of local school districts? It is beyond dispute that the public school industry houses more sexual abusers than any other comparative group, so why hasn’t the Dubuque community been treated to a litany of sordid stories on how school superintendents ‘pass the trash’ (this is code for passing molesting teachers from one school district to another, a practice so common it has its own argot)? And are there no columnists or reporters at the Chicago Sun-Times who have been sexually abused by a public school employee? Even if it occurred in the 1970s, isn’t it worthy of being told now?

“To be sure, we expect more from priests than teachers. But the disproportionate coverage given to priests cannot be fairly justified.”

Bishops Hail SD Abortion Ban

PIERRE, S.D. (CNS) -- Two Catholic bishops hailed South Dakota's new law banning nearly all abortions, but they also urged efforts to transform people's hearts and minds to reject abortion and build a culture that respects all life from the moment of conception to natural death.

On March 6 in Pierre, the state capital, Gov. Mike Rounds signed into law a bill prohibiting all intentional abortions except those to save a mother's life.

Bishop Blase J. Cupich of Rapid City said South Dakota citizens and their elected officials "can be justifiably proud of their efforts to restore the rights of the unborn child," but "a change in law and structures," he said, "is not sufficient."

Society must build a culture of life that "begins with the unborn" and also ensures livable wages, education, adequate health care, help for single mothers and "an end to the death penalty," he said...

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Any thoughts?

Friday, March 3, 2006

Missouri Becomes Third State to Propose Abortion Ban

South Dakota has done it. Mississippi is considering it. Now Missouri is the latest state to propose legislation banning nearly all abortions.

Republican State Senator Jason Crowell introduced the resolution yesterday. It would ban all abortions in Missouri, except when giving birth would put the mother's life at risk. If the legislature endorses it, voters would decide on the ban in November.

While the U.S. Supreme Court has spoken on the matter with Roe versus Wade, Crowell wants them to reconsider. He hopes a new state law will force a future showdown in the courts. Crowell says, "The only way in which to overturn a Supreme Court decision, is with a new Supreme Court opinion."

He adds, "This is about no longer playing on the fringes of abortion, and putting squarely before the Missouri voters, an up or down vote."

If voters approved the measure, it would be in conflict with existing constitutional law. St. Louis University law professor Roger Goldman says it will likely be struck down in state and federal courts, and he expects the U.S. Supreme Court would not agree to hear the case...

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Thursday, March 2, 2006


Variation in divorce rates among Christian faith groups:

Denomination (in order of decreasing divorce rate) % who have been divorced
Non-denominational (small conservative groups; independents) 34%
Baptists 29%
Mainline Protestants 25%
Mormons 24%
Catholics 21%
Lutherans 21%

Barna's results verified findings of earlier polls: that conservative Protestant Christians, on average, have the highest divorce rate, while mainline Christians have a much lower rate. They found some new information as well: that atheists and agnostics have the lowest divorce rate of all (about 21%). George Barna commented that the results raise "questions regarding the effectiveness of how churches minister to families." The data challenge "the idea that churches provide truly practical and life-changing support for marriage."

Variation in divorce rates by location:

The Barna Group study found:

Area % are or have been divorced
South 27%
Midwest 27%
West 26%
Northeast 19%

The Associated Press computed divorce statistics from data supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Health.4 They found that Nevada had the highest divorce rate, at 8.5 divorces per 1,000 people in 1998. Nevada has had a reputation as a quickie divorce location for decades. People from other states visited Nevada, fulfilled their residency requirements, got divorced and returned home single.

The data showed that the highest divorce rates were found in the Bible Belt. "Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Oklahoma round out the Top Five in frequency of divorce...the divorce rates in these conservative states are roughly 50 percent above the national average" of 4.2/1000 people.

bullet11 southern states (AL, AR, AZ, FL, GA, MS, NC, NM, OK, SC and TX averaged 5.1/1000 people. (LA data is not available; TX data is for 1997).
bulletNine states in the Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT) averaged only 3.5/1000 people.

Some of the factors that contribute to a high divorce rate in the Bible Belt, relative to Northeastern states are:

bulletMore couples enter their first marriage at a younger age.
bulletAverage household incomes are lower (OK and AR rate 46th and 47th in the U.S.)
bulletThey have a lower percentage of Roman Catholics, a denomination that does not recognize divorce. Anthony Jordan, executive director of the Southern Baptist Convention in Oklahoma commented: "I applaud the Catholics," says Jordan. "I don't think we as Protestant evangelists have done nearly as well preparing people for marriage. And in the name of being loving and accepting, we have not placed the stigma on divorce that we should have."
bulletSome factor in conservative Protestantism -- which is prevalent in the Bible Belt -- may causes a higher level of divorce.


Soviet Union 'ordered Pope shooting'

LEADERS of the former Soviet Union were behind the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II in 1981, an Italian parliamentary investigative commission says in a report.

A final draft of the report, which is due to be presented to Parliament later this month, was made available by the commission president, Senator Paolo Guzzanti.

"This commission believes, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the leadership of the Soviet Union took the initiative to eliminate Pope John Paul," the report said.

"They relayed this decision to the military secret services for them to take on all necessary operations to commit a crime of unique gravity, without parallel in modern times."

A 30-page chapter on the assassination attempt was included in a wider report by the parliamentary Mitrokhin Commission, which probed the revelations of Vasili Mitrokhin, a senior Soviet archivist during the Cold War who defected to Britain in 1992....

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I have only two words to add to this story: REMEMBER FATIMA!

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


A “Statement of Principles” has been released by 55 Catholic Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Commenting on this statement is Catholic League president William Donohue:

“The House Catholic Democrats who signed this statement—and 17 of them did not—are trying to convince the public, and especially Catholics, that one can be a good Catholic and differ with the Catholic Church on abortion. They agree with the Church about the ‘undesirability of abortion,’ adding that ‘we do not celebrate its practice.’ What gives them pause is not explained, but one thing is certain: there is not a word in the statement that commits these Catholics to work towards a change in the Democratic Party’s Platform on abortion. Thus, even the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion is not so undesirable that it must be opposed.

“The statement is driven by fear. The fear is the Abortion Albatross that is literally strangling them from getting their message out. Recall that in 2004, 48 Catholic members of Congress—all Democrats—signed a letter to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington warning him that if some bishops were to deny Communion to abortion-rights advocates it would ‘revive latent anti-Catholic prejudice, which so many of us have worked so hard to overcome.’ Funny we never recall one of them joining with us to denounce the incestuous relationship that existed for years between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Catholics for a Free Choice, a notoriously anti-Catholic front group: a link with the bigoted group was posted on the DNC’s website for years.

“Perhaps the most convincing evidence that this statement is a sham is the fact that Rep. Rosa DeLauro is the point person for this effort. There has never been an abortion she couldn’t justify, including the killing of an innocent child who is 80-percent born. Indeed, she previously served as the executive director of EMILY’s List, the richest pro-abortion organization in the country. So with her at the helm, the ‘Statement of Principle’ is nothing more than a ‘Statement of Politics.’ Thus, the Abortion Albatross remains securely in place.”

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

States Move to Ban Abortions

A state House committee voted to ban most abortions in Mississippi, which already has some of the strictest abortion laws in the nation.

The bill approved by the House Public Health Committee on Tuesday would allow abortion only to save the pregnant woman's life. It would make no exception in cases of rape or incest. The bill now goes to the full House, which could vote next week, and then to the Senate.

South Dakota lawmakers passed a similar bill last week that was intended to provoke a court showdown over the legality of abortion.

The Mississippi lawmaker who introduced the near-ban, Democrat Steve Holland, said he acted because he was tired of piecemeal attempts to add new abortion restrictions year after year...

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The battle is on, and it's states-rights vs. judicial-activism. These laws are sure to end up on trial in the U.S. Supreme Court, and that is specifically what they're designed to do. In this season of Lent, let us use this time to pray for a positive outcome in these cases, so that the unborn may be saved and a terrible holocaust be lifted from our land.