Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Catholic and Orthodox Together Fight European Secularism

Metropolitan Kiril's meeting with the pope has fueled speculation that better relations between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Holy See could be on the horizon.

As the Moscow Patriarchate's external relations head, Metropolitan Kiril of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, met Pope Benedict XVI earlier this month, a demonstration was taking place in Moscow that would have pleased many in the Vatican.

Members of the Union of Orthodox Citizens were picketing the Moscow premiere of the film "The Da Vinci Code," based on Dan Brown's best-selling novel....
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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As Europe falls deeper into a Secular 'black hole,' Catholics and Orthodox are becoming the first Christians to realize that a house divided cannot stand. The divisions among Christians have weakened the Body of Christ, thus paving the way for the Secular abyss of relativism we see today. The time for "playing church" is over. Christians simply MUST unite to fight this common enemy, or else we will soon be conquered by it. It's time to honor Jesus last prayer for the Church, just before his passion and death. He prayed that we (Christians) may all be one, that the world might know who sent him. (John 17:20-21) In this prayer our Savior forever connected the effectiveness of evangelism with the sign of unity. Failure for Christians to overcome their differences results in disbelief for those we try to evangelize. They see our inability to overcome our own differences, and they question the legitimacy and power of "this Christ" who is supposed to draw all men unto himself. It would appear that after nearly 1,000 years of schism with the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches are learning that the only road to victory against Secular Relativism, just happens to go right though Rome.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The New World Order

The new globalists’ model of what is now called universal “governance” is in fact a colossal form of collectivism. As all ideologues do, they offer us superficial either/or choices. They do not understand that globalism will not change the fundamental human condition. World-shapers (rather, world-reshapers) are long familiar to those who have lived through radical political experiments, and we would do well to listen carefully to what the survivors have to tell us. Their experience is a crucial part of “the basic memory of mankind.” And they are consistent in their warnings that beneath the experimenters’ mental constructs, and even beneath their supposed humanitarianism, you will always find a killer. It is a fact that in the 20th century alone 170 million people were murdered by their own governments (this figure does not include human lives terminated through abortion and euthanasia). It is a fact that the majority of the murderous states were impelled by idealistic visions for solving the problem of man. Regardless of whether a killer is brutal and repulsive or whether he is altruistic and attractive (as he speaks in reasonable tones about the lives that must be subtracted from the human community), he is a killer. Presumption and arrogance over mankind always bring forth, in time, the fruit of death....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It has begun! The "springtime of evangelism" that Pope John Paul II invoked is now seeing its fruition in the Third Millennium. Recent scandals in the Catholic Church have merely been God's method of clearing the decks just before he sends his ship into battle. The final age of Christianity is underway. In the 21st century, I truly believe we can expect to see three major trends take place which will shape the religious-social-political environment for the entire Third Millennium....

1.) The alignment of God's enemies against traditional Christianity (this becomes more obvious every day, and will probably culminate in the creation of a religious "anti-church" that resembles Catholicism, but is fundamentally anti-Catholic -- especially on moral issues.)
2.) The decline of mainline Protestantism, followed by the self-destruction of Evangelicalism (conservative protestant churches, organizations and communities will not be able to withstand the coming cultural oppression of traditional Christianity. Conservative Protestant churches will scatter, heading underground, while some liberal Protestant churches will allign with the emerging "anti-church")
3.) The re-emergence of the Catholic Church as the dominating voice of ALL the Christian people

Major Signs of Religious Revival Seen in France and Quebec

May 26, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) - France, once called the Eldest Daughter of the Church, has begun to awaken from her deep secular slumber, and so has her daughter Québec. France and Québec have been the respective leaders in the European and North American continents in the culture of death, but there are definite signs of a promising renewal. Better yet, France may even have found its champion against what Pope Benedict has called "the dictatorship of relativism."

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I believe the above story is one of the signs of the emerging trends. In a previous story (read here), I documented how Germany has been profoundly affected in a positive way since Pope Benedict XVI's recent pilgrimage there. I suspect we will see similar effects in Poland within a year or so, since the pope is visiting there now. Rumor has it that Tony Blair has just invited the Pope to visit Great Britain, and in such a spiritual dead realm, I would suspect that the pope's visit there is liable to radically alter the religious landscape of that country within a decade or so.

In summary, the Catholic Church saved European civilization after the fall of the Roman Empire in 450 AD. The Church saved Europe once again from the advance of Islam in the latter middle ages. Under the leadership of Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church yet one more time saved Europe from the impending threat of communism. Finally, at the dawn of the Third Millennium, Europe is destined to be saved by the Catholic Church yet one more time from the "dictatorship of relativism."

The destiny of Europe seems clear. History will repeat itself at least one more time before the end. The only thing that seems to be unclear is the future of the United States of America. The trends of the future clearly point to the eventual restoration of a Catholic Canada. Mexico's previous experiment in Marxism has proved to be a total failure, and the Mexican people are once again turning to their Catholic faith for answers. In time, Mexico may one day give birth to a truly Catholic nation-state. But what of the USA; the last bastion of conservative Protestantism? In a place where the "Bible Belt" leads the nation with the highest divorce rate, the greatest number of unwed mothers, and rising teen pregnancy rates, one thing seems certain. The traditional religion of the American people (Protestantism) is failing to produce the discipline needed to lead America out of it's current economic and social problems. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church in America has been virtually crippled by the negligent leadership of liberal bishops. The USA hangs in Limbo for now, and the future does not look so promising at this time. Maybe we Americans need a visit from the pope too.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pope Will Fix Liturgical Abuses Gently and Firmly

The Vatican's top liturgy official said he expects Pope Benedict XVI to move against liturgical abuse with firm teaching and a gentle manner, recognizing that such mistakes often reflect ignorance, not ill will.

At the same time, the pope wants to offer reconciliation to followers of the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre -- but not at the cost of "disowning" the Second Vatican Council, said Cardinal Francis Arinze, the Nigerian who heads the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.

Cardinal Arinze spoke about the direction of the new papacy in an interview with Catholic News Service in early February. He said he expected important moves -- but not a purge -- to improve liturgy under Pope Benedict.

"I do not expect an aggressive correction of abuses. I don't think the pope is going to use the ecclesiastical hammer," Cardinal Arinze said.

"Pope Benedict has very clear doctrine and convictions. What many people may not know is that he is not rough. He is gentlemanly, in the sense of what the prophet Isaiah said: 'A bruised reed he will not break,'" the cardinal said.

Many liturgical abuses, Cardinal Arinze said, are "based on weakness of faith or ignorance" or on a wrong idea of creativity. Where improper practices occur, it is important to begin identifying them and talking about them, but without harming the people involved, the cardinal said.

That could be one reason the pope is focusing on the bigger faith issues, understanding that the quality of worship reflects knowledge of the faith, he said. A good example, he said, is the pope's first encyclical, "Deus Caritas Est" ("God Is Love")...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Order of Mass to Change SOON!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Wow! After being spanked by the Vatican, the US bishops are set to fix "defective" liturgy as soon as possible. See previous story for details..

Bishops to vote on new Order of Mass in English

The U.S. bishops will be asked to approve a new translation of the Order of Mass when they meet in Los Angeles June 15-17.

If the new translation is adopted as proposed and subsequently approved by the Vatican, Catholics will have to learn a number of changes in their Mass prayers and responses. Among the more obvious will be:

-- Whenever the priest says "The Lord be with you," the people will respond, "And with your spirit." The current response is "And also with you."

-- In the first form of the penitential rite, the people will confess that "I have sinned greatly ... through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault." In the current version, that part of the prayer is much shorter: "I have sinned through my own fault."

-- The Nicene Creed will begin "I believe" instead of "We believe" -- a translation of the Latin text instead of the original Greek text.

-- The Sanctus will start, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of hosts." The current version says, "Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might."

Approving a new text of the Order of Mass is only the first step in a long process of considering and approving a new translation of the entire book of prayers said at Mass. In the United States that book has been called the Sacramentary since 1970, but the Vatican wishes to restore the name Roman Missal, since it is an English translation, with minor adaptations, of the normative Latin "Missale Romanum."

Officials of the bishops' Secretariat for the Liturgy told Catholic News Service May 23 that it is uncertain whether the bishops will seek to publish the new Order of Mass for U.S. use as soon as possible or wait until they have the new English translation of the entire Roman Missal completed. Completing the entire Roman Missal is likely to take at least two more years.

Once the bishops adopt new liturgical texts, they must also be confirmed by the Vatican before they can be authorized for use...

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The Last 'Acceptable' Prejudice

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Stop and consider it for a moment. Suppose your at a rock concert, and the woman on the stage does something terribly offensive to blacks, with the INTENT of offending blacks no less. Suppose you're at a movie theater, and the movie you're watching turns out to be a thriller based on the concept that Judaism is a lie, and Jews are secretly conspiring to control the world through propaganda, coercion and murder. Suppose you're at a public gathering, and the man speaking behind the podium tells you that Islam encourages pedophilia, and that it's a religion made up almost entirely of pedophiles. Suppose you're sitting in a college classroom, and the professor goes on a tirade against Buddhism, and says that Buddhists are stupid for believing in such a stupid religion. How do you suppose these events (if they actually happened) would play in the media? Do you think it would go over well? Would these people be dismissed as "artists" and "exercisers of free speech." Of course not! They would be crucified by the media, tared and feathered by public opinion, and condemned as intolerant bigots. Some of them would loose their audiences. Some of them would loose their jobs. All of them would loose their public credibility and respect. This is the culture we live in today. It is a culture where all forms of intolerance are considered intolerable. Except of course when it comes to Christianity, and especially Catholicism. Here in the western world, the only form of intolerance that is tolerable is the kind that is directed against Catholics and Christians in general. Of all Christian denominations, it is Catholicism that is most especially considered 'fair-game' for public attack, slander, ridicule and defamation. Among entertainment and media elites, it is the last 'acceptable' prejudice.

They Have No Decency
Too many in media bash Catholicism - and get away with it

She's a mother who is very protective of her children. She is a believer who accepts the tenets of her faith. And yet, she continues to vent her hatred of all things Catholic. She's Madonna.

In her "Confessions" tour, the former Catholic and now practicing member of kabbalah appears with a crown of thorns while suspended from a giant mirrored cross. It's vintage Madonna: She went back to the well of anti-Catholicism one more time, proving that the old diva cannot dance and sing without exploiting Catholic iconography.

It's not just her. In February, hip-hop artist Kanye West graced the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns with "blood" streaming down his face. The piece, titled "The Passion of Kanye West," divulged the rapper's passion for pornography. It also revealed the Catholic-bashing agenda of the magazine and the musician.

It may be that "The Da Vinci Code" is one of the most inane movies to appear in some time, and it may be that its failure to persuade means Catholics have nothing to worry about. But if so, this is by default. After all, the book upon which the film is based is built on malicious lies about the Catholic Church.

One of the co-producers of "The Da Vinci Code," John Calley, was quoted last year saying the movie was "conservatively anti-Catholic." Leaving aside the silly qualifier, ask yourself: Is there a single producer in all of Hollywood who would boast that his movie is anti-Semitic, racist or homophobic? And to top it off, ask yourself why inoffensive depictions of Muhammad are rarely shown on TV or in newspapers?

The bias against Catholicism is palpable. No other segment of society is continuously the target of vicious jokes by the likes of Penn Jillette or Bill Maher. No other segment of society is subjected to the obscene assaults like those "South Park" delivers over and over again. And no other segment of society is routinely held up to derision on college campuses.

Consider that a student newspaper at the University of Oregon recently put a depiction of a naked Jesus Christ on the cross with an erection. It also showed a graphic of a naked Christ kissing a naked man, both sporting erections. And the response from the university's president? It was so weak that state lawmakers — after receiving color copies of the offensive pictures from the Catholic League — have decided to deal with this incident themselves. All because the president of the university found it politically incorrect to morally condemn the newspaper.

It's not just Catholics who are on the receiving end of these attacks — all Christians are fair game. NBC dumped "The Book of Daniel" because there was no audience for the script, but the producers surely thought there would be one. After all, who wouldn't want to watch a show where an Episcopalian priest dabbles in drugs, the wife is a boozer, the daughter is a dope dealer, one son is gay, the other is a womanizer, the brother-in-law is a thief and the father's father is an adulterer? Just your ordinary Christian family — in the eyes of Hollywood, that is...

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Gays Plan Pentecost Assault on Catholic Cathedrals

We see homophobia within the Church as both an opportunity for education, and a way to promote the idea of love of neighbor. We are calling for dialog...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The problem these "rainbow sash" people have is not with homophobia in the Catholic Church. The real problem they have is with the Catholic Church itself -- namely the fact that it teaches Catholicism. Homosexuality is a sin -- period! That teaching is not going to change - ever. Yet, change is exactly what they're looking for. In their fantasy land; what they want to see is the Catholic Church (particularly the pope) come out with the following statement...

"To all the Catholic faithful... I, Pope Benedict XVI, do hereby apologize to homosexuals, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans-gendered people all over the world, for the intolerance and ignorance the Catholic Church has shown to you over the last 2,000 years. Therefore, I solemnly declare, invoking the authority of Peter, that homosexuality is no longer a sin. Nor is there any sin with lesbianism, bisexuality, trans-genderism and so forth. From this time forward, it shall be open season on human sexuality within the Catholic Church. Whatever feels good, just do it. Furthermore, I hereby proclaim that all Catholics who disagree with this statement shall be automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church, and all children in Catholic schools shall from this day forward be educated in the 'higher moral standard' of homosexual behavior. To all homosexuals in the Catholic Church, I invoke God's blessing, and call upon you to lead the way into the Third Millennium."

Only then would these "rainbow sash" people be happy. When Catholicism ceases to be Catholic, and when Christianity ceases to be Christian, then and only then, will these "rainbow sash" people be satisfied. To them, and all who sympathize with them, I have this to say. Jesus died to forgive sin, not condone it! Give it up already! You're demonstrations are becoming tired and cliche'. The Catholic Church is NEVER going to embrace homosexuality -- ever. But there is one 'catholic style' church that already does. It's called the Episcopal Church USA, and it's waiting for you with open arms.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Mexico You Never Knew

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A lot of Americans are oblivious to the fact that Mexico had a Marxist revolution in the early 1900's, and is only recently emerging from that socialistic regime. This partially explains American politicians' reluctance to stop illegal boarder crossings over the last 30 years. About half of Mexico's economy is totally dependent on money sent back into the country by illegal aliens here in the United States. Part of the fear during the Cold War was that if the USA tightened boarder security, the Mexican economy would completely collapse. If that happened, American politicians feared the Mexican government would rear it's ugly Marxist head again, and go completely communist. Then the USA would be faced with the unsavory prospect of having to deal with a communist regime on our own southern boarder.

So American politicians quietly let illegal boarder crossing go on, providing only minimal support to boarder patrol agents. Now that the Cold War is over, the likelihood of Mexico returning to it's Marxist past is low. However, our boarder problem continues to worsen due to 30 years of inactivity on the part of our federal politicians. I'm talking about both sides of the isle here -- Democrats and Republicans. Keeping that in mind, I thought I would share with you a little tidbit of information about Mexico's Marxist past. The nation which so many Americans just assumed to be Catholic is actually one of the worst persecutors of Catholicism in this hemisphere....

The 1920s brought a revolution to Mexico, along with the widespread persecution of Catholics.

Missionaries were expelled from the country, Catholic seminaries and schools were closed, and the Church was forbidden to own property. Priests and laymen were told to denounce Jesus and their faith in public; if they refused, they faced not just punishment but torture and death.

During this time of oppression and cruelty, the Knights of Columbus did not retreat in Mexico but grew dramatically, from 400 members in 1918 to 43 councils and 6,000 members just five years later. In the United States at the time, the Knights handed out five million pamphlets that described the brutality of the Mexican government toward Catholics. As a result, the Mexican government greatly feared and eventually outlawed the Order.

Thousands of men, many of whom were Knights, would not bow to these threats or renounce their faith, and they often paid with their lives. They took a stand when that was the most difficult thing they could do, and their courage and devotion have echoed down through the decades...

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More Proof Democratic Party Wants Gay-Marriage

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here we have some more proof that the Democratic Party is the Party of Gay-Marriage. They want it. They're looking forward to it. And they'll do everything within their power to stop the American people from banning it....

Constitutional Same-Sex Marriage Ban Approved By Senate Committee

A U.S. senate committee voted to send a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on to the full Senate Thursday, amid intense debate and flaring tempers, reported the AP yesterday. The panel decided in favor of the amendment in a 10-8 vote along party lines...

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10 Republicans voted in favor of the amendment that bans Gay-Marriage, and 8 Democrats voted AGAINST the amendment that ban's gay marriage. So here we have more proof, that in spite of whatever they may say, the Democrats on Capital Hill WANT Gay-Marriage to happen in America.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Vatican Calls American Liturgy "Defective" -- Demands Reform

Vatican prods US bishops on liturgical translations

In a letter to the president of the US bishops' conference, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship has strongly underlined the importance of proper translations for liturgical texts.

Cardinal Francis Arinze warned Bishop William Skylstad that his office could not approve new translations unless they conform to the principles set forth in Liturgiam Authenticam, the Vatican instruction of March 2001. The cardinal also said that existing texts must be brought into conformity with Liturgiam Authenticam, and the US bishops will not receive permission to continue using defective texts...


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Though my knowledge of Latin is minimal, even I can tell there is a substantial difference between the original Latin text of the modern mass, and the English counterpart. This exists in many places, and I've always felt that something was lost in the English translation we currently use today. I'll give you just one small example. During Mass, when the priest says to the congregation "The Lord be with you," the response of the congregation is "And also with you." However, this response is NOT what it says in the actual Latin text. The official Latin response is "Et cum spiritu tuo," which is more accurately translated into English as "And with your spirit." The argument of the English mass translators is that the response "And also with you," is a more dynamic translation that supposedly captures the meaning of the original Latin text more accurately, even though it's not technically an accurate translation of the proper liturgical response. A lot of people buy into this argument, but I'm not one of them. Catholic Americans are not stupid. They are perfectly capable of understanding that when the text says "And with your spirit" it is a reciprocation of the priest's blessing "The Lord be with you." DUH! The American English translators have no need to 'dumb it down' for us. In doing so they effectively cut out a mystical element of the liturgy, which elevates the mind up into spiritual thinking, and they insult our intelligence.

The prodding letter from Cardinal Arinze to Bishop Skylstad was a response to an argument the American Bishops were using in an attempt to keep the current defective liturgy, even though the Vatican had instructed them to reform it five years ago. The gist of their argument was that Catholic Americans have been using the defective liturgy for so long, that it would be too hard on them to change it now. What a crock! The Vatican's polite response from Cardinal Arinze spelled it out plain an clear. It essentially said the current English translation is "defective." There is no excuse for that. Now fix it!

It will be interesting to see how long it takes while the U.S. bishops drag their feet on this one.

Mexico's Dirty Little Secret

Mexico Works to Bar Non-Natives From Jobs

If Arnold Schwarzenegger had migrated to Mexico instead of the United States, he couldn't be a governor. If Argentina native Sergio Villanueva, firefighter hero of the Sept. 11 attacks, had moved to Tecate instead of New York, he wouldn't have been allowed on the force.

Even as Mexico presses the United States to grant unrestricted citizenship to millions of undocumented Mexican migrants, its officials at times calling U.S. policies "xenophobic," Mexico places daunting limitations on anyone born outside its territory.

In the United States, only two posts — the presidency and vice presidency — are reserved for the native born.

In Mexico, non-natives are banned from those and thousands of other jobs, even if they are legal, naturalized citizens.

Foreign-born Mexicans can't hold seats in either house of the congress. They're also banned from state legislatures, the Supreme Court and all governorships. Many states ban foreign-born Mexicans from spots on town councils. And Mexico's Constitution reserves almost all federal posts, and any position in the military and merchant marine, for "native-born Mexicans."

Recently the Mexican government has gone even further. Since at least 2003, it has encouraged cities to ban non-natives from such local jobs as firefighters, police and judges.

Mexico's Interior Department — which recommended the bans as part of "model" city statutes it distributed to local officials — could cite no basis for extending the bans to local posts...

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Church Sex-Scandal Related More to Homosexuality than Pedophilia

Cardinal Pell:
"As you know most of the abuse, at least in the English speaking world, that is most of the clerical abuse, is not in the strictest terms pedophilia, but what's called ephebophilia, and that is with young fellows as adolescents after puberty. And what is significantly different, which you would also probably be aware, is that 80% of the abuse is with young boys. So I mean it's obviously connected with the problem of homosexuality.

"I also think it's connected remotely with false views of conscience, where people come to think that all truth is relative, and that you can choose for yourself, especially when the pressure is on. It's not too difficult to deceive yourself morally. That's especially true in matters of sexuality. Of course now there's a very organized push to entice people into the world of active homosexuality.

"All these factors have impinged on the Church life, and made it more difficult. I think we've made very, very considerable strides in addressing the problem of pedophilia. But we've also got to be aware that we don't allow problems to develop with homosexuality just between adults within the church. We've got to see that this is not tolerated amongst clergy and religious orders."

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Catholic Church Stands ALONE Against 'Dictatorship of Relativism'

Counter defamation of the Church, Vatican official urges

(CWNews.com) - The Da Vinci Code is a part of a campaign of "real defamation against the Church," according to a ranking Vatican official.

Archbishop Angelo Amato, who had earlier called for a boycott of the movie, denounced The Da Vinci Code again in a Radio Vatican interview on May 17: the day that Ron Howard's film version of the Dan Brown novel made its debut before critics at the Cannes festival. Archbishop Amato, the secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, appeared on Vatican Radio before critics gave their evaluation of the movie. The archbishop said that in today's world the Catholic Church is the sole visible and organized defender of marriage and family life. Therefore, he said, the Church is often a target for those who reject traditional moral teachings on issues of sexuality or bioethics...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Any practicing Catholic, who is in tune with current events, knows that anti-Catholicism remains as the last acceptable prejudice in the 'Politically Correct' world. As far as the mainstream Left is concerned, it's okay to rewrite the history of the Catholic Church, slander deceased clerics who can no longer defend themselves, and mock the religion in general, because that fits in with their agenda. Why? The Catholic Church remains as the world's sole visible and organized defender of traditional marriage, family values and unborn babies. It is true that there are smaller Evangelical churches, that hold to these same values, and they deserve recognition for that. However, these organizations are tiny compared to the one-billion member Catholic Church, and they are relatively unorganized as well. The Secular Left knows what it's doing. If they can successfully knock down the biggest boy on the block, the rest will run and scatter. Hence their concentrated efforts to attack, slander, belittle, and otherwise defame the Catholic Church. Baptists, Pentecostals, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists may not realize it, but like it or not, the Catholic Church is the best friend they ever had. Because, if ever Rome falls to the rising tide of anti-Christian prejudice and bigotry, their tiny denominations and affiliations will fall down like dominoes soon after. If ever the Catholic Church is made irrelevant in western civilization, smaller Christian organizations will have no choice but to go back underground and wait out the centuries of darkness to follow.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

'Da Vinci Code' Flops -- Film Critics Crucify Movie

Critics cruxcify 'Da Vinci Code' in Cannes

The most hotly-awaited movie of the year "The Da Vinci Code" failed to crack an audience of movie critics here at a sneak preview ahead of Wednesday's opening of the Cannes Film Festival.

Several whistles instead of applause were all that greeted the end of Ron Howard's 125-million-dollar film, and worse than that, the 2,000-strong audience even burst out laughing at the movie's key moment.

"I didn't like it very much. I thought it was almost as bad as the book. Tom Hanks was a zombie, thank goodness for Ian McKellen. It was overplayed, there was too much music and it was much too grandiose," said Peter Brunette, critic for the US daily The Boston Globe....

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Liberals More Likely to Believe "Da Vinci Code" Fable


Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on who is likely to believe the “Da Vinci Code”:

“According to Reuters, those in England who read the Dan Brown novel are twice as likely to believe the tale that Jesus had children with Mary Magdalene. Perhaps the most astounding figure is the 30 percent who believe this and haven’t read the book, not the 60 percent who read it and believe it to be true. To explain this, consider the data in the U.S.

“In a USA/Gallup poll taken this month, 72 percent of Americans said that no movie had ever had a profound effect on their religious beliefs in any positive or negative way; 21 percent said they saw a movie that strengthened their beliefs; and 4 percent said they saw a film that caused them to question their religious beliefs. A Barna Group survey reported yesterday that 24 percent of those who read the book said it was helpful in relation to their ‘personal growth or understanding.’ And only 5 percent said they changed any of their religious beliefs because of the Da Vinci Code.

“Why the disparity between England and the U.S.? There is an inverse correlation between religiosity and belief in the Da Vinci Code’s thesis: the more likely one is to attend church, the less likely he or she is to believe the book’s thesis. For example, the 2001 British census revealed that 72 percent consider themselves Christian, but only 8 percent regularly attend church services. Now consider that in the 2004 presidential election, 59 percent of regular churchgoers voted for Bush and only 35 percent of regular attendees went for Kerry. Couple this with the Barna data which found that liberals were twice as likely as conservatives to have altered their religious beliefs after reading the book, and the implications are obvious: those most likely to swallow the Da Vinci Code’s moonshine are those with the weakest faith, and those who are liberals (often one and the same).

“In other words, it’s always easy to seduce liberals—just invite them to reject religion, especially Christianity—and watch them lap it up.”


Monday, May 15, 2006

Vatican To Sue Itallian Press

It is foreseeable that it (the Vatican) will take legal action against those (certian Italian Newspapers) who have contributed to defame a number of Vatican officials,” the declaration concludes...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Enough is enough! The press, news media and entertainment industries have been slandering the Catholic Church for years, at the expense of the truth, let alone fairness. Now the Church has finally had enough. We can only hope our bishops here in the United States will follow the Vatican's lead in similar cases.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Use Abortion to 'Eliminate Poor'

In unearthed letter urged President-elect Clinton to 'reform' country

A letter to Bill Clinton written by the co-counsel who successfully argued the Roe v. Wade decision urged the then-president-elect to "eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of our country" by liberalizing abortion laws.

Ron Weddington, who with his wife Sarah Weddington represented "Jane Roe," sent the four-page letter to President Clinton's transition team before Clinton took office in January 1993.

The missive turned up in an exhibit put together by the watchdog legal group Judicial Watch, which has been researching the Clinton administration's policy on the abortion drug RU-486, notes James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web.

Weddington told the president-elect: "I don't think you are going to go very far in reforming the country until we have a better educated, healthier, wealthier population."

He said the new leader can "start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of our country."

Weddington qualified his statement, saying, "No, I'm not advocating some sort of mass extinction of these unfortunate people. Crime, drugs and disease are already doing that. The problem is that their numbers are not only replaced but increased by the birth of millions of babies to people who can't afford to have babies.

"There, I've said it. It's what we all know is true, but we only whisper it, because as liberals who believe in individual rights, we view any program which might treat the disadvantaged differently as discriminatory, mean-spirited and ... well ... so Republican."

Weddington explained he was "not proposing that you send federal agents armed with Depo-Provera dart guns to the ghetto. You should use persuasion rather than coercion."

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Homofascists March On

By Joseph A. D'Agostino

When Nazis are talked about today, there is usually no mention of certain of their prominent aspects. Of course, those aspects which don't fit into the politically correct view of history are those which get no mention. So you rarely hear of the Nazis' push for eugenic abortion, for euthanasia of the unfit (i.e., the disabled, sick, or dying), or their persecution of the Catholic Church. You are even less likely to hear of the prominent role that homosexuality and a hyper-masculine homosexualist ideology played in the early days of the Nazi Party until Hitler purged the most flamboyant of those elements, perhaps to prevent average Germans from turning away from the newly successful fascists.

Some of that spirit lives on and is growing. Today's homosexual "rights" activists are determined to impose upon Western society a neo-paganism that is anti-life, anti-family, and anti-religious, and they actively seek to punish those who disagree. Obviously, homosexuality is opposed to the propagation of new human life, and the huge campaign in favor of it we now experience comes at a time when birthrates have already fallen below replacement in almost every Western country. In fact, as early as the 1960s, Planned Parenthood listed the encouragement of homosexuality as one of the methods for reducing human populations. And male homosexual behavior spreads AIDS, which increases the death rate.

It may be illegal to say such things in the near future. Items:

  • On April 26, students at Midway High School in Wilmington, N.C. participated in the Day of Silence that homosexualists promote in the schools each year. They handed out flyers and remained silent for the day while the school condoned the activity. Yet the next day, which Christian activists call the Day of Truth, students were suspended for distributing cards that were pro-traditional morality. "Apparently, religion is not allowed in Sampson County schools unless the belief system in question supports the homosexual agenda," said Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman. "Public schools are open to the public, and that includes Christian families, too, who pay taxes and have the right to send their children to public schools without facing viewpoint discrimination."

  • Students wearing T-shirts that said, "Homosexuality is sin. Jesus can set you free" to Oakmont High School in Sacramento, Calif. on the Day of Truth were suspended. There are many more examples of this sort of thing. Can anyone send me documented examples of students being suspended or expelled from a public school for wearing a peaceful pro-homosexual message free of vulgarity?

  • The faculty of Ohio State University voted unanimously on March 13 to find the school's head librarian guilty of sexual harassment. Scott Savage's crime? He recommended four conservative books that included anti-homosexual messages as required reading for freshmen to balance the left-wing books others were suggesting. Apparently, The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian most offended the professors' sensibilities.

  • Massachusetts anti-discrimination law recently forced Catholic Charities of Boston, universally lauded for doing an excellent job in getting foster children adopted, to cease adoption services because it refused to place kids with homosexual couples. To one of the country's leading homosexual rights activists, Catholics' action in this matter did not fall under the rubric of religion, much less religious freedom. Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said, "What these bishops are doing is shameful, wrong, and has nothing to do whatsoever with faith."

  • Robert H. Knight of Concerned Women for America says, "In Northbrook, Illinois, J. Matt Barber, a manager in Allstate's Corporate Security Division, wrote an article on December 17, 2004, for a conservative website that expressed his Christian views on homosexuality. Following a 'customer' complaint by the homosexual pressure group Human Rights Campaign, Barber was called to meet with two human resources officials. . . . Barber was suspended without pay and immediately escorted off company grounds. Three days later, Barber, who had worked for Allstate for five years, was fired 'for writing the article.'"

One might think that publications for homosexuals, staffed by journalists who supposedly value free speech, would deplore these incidents as excesses committed by the fringes of their movement. Yet increasingly, they view any negative comments about homosexuality as "sexual harassment" and advocate banning such comments. On April 21, The Advocate blasted a Georgia Tech student suing for what it called "the right to be antigay." No one has such a right, according to The Advocate. "[Ruth] Malhotra, chair of the Atlanta university's College Republicans, believes she should be able to express freely her religious views opposing homosexuality, although what she considers freedom of expression is seen as harassment by others. In 2004 she sent a letter to a gay student activist that described the campus's gay rights group Pride Alliance as a 'sex club...that can't even manage to be tasteful,' adding that it was 'ludicrous' for the university to fund the group. Malhotra was later reprimanded by the dean." The Advocate did not claim the letter contained anything threatening....

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Church To Sue Ron Howard and Dan Brown?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Can you say "libel?" Can you say "slander?" Some Church officials are calling for a massive lawsuit against Dan Brown for his fictional book "The Di Vinci Code." The fictional novel implies that some of its background information is factual, and therein lies the basis of a potential lawsuit. Much of this background material accuses the Catholic Church, and Opus Dei, of a massive cover-up involving murder, genocide, and conspiracy to commit crimes against persons and people. In addition, this same background material implies that Christianity itself is a lie, and that Jesus Christ was anything but the the Son of God. The same are calling for a similar suit against Ron Howard for failing to provide a disclaimer on his film by the same name, which is based on Brown's novel. Surly, if the subject of the novel was Microsoft, instead of the Catholic Church, there would be legal hell to pay. Maybe it's an idea who's time has come. Perhaps it's time Christians start flexing a little legal muscle. This following story will elaborate...

Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code

In the latest Vatican broadside against "The Da Vinci Code", a leading cardinal says Christians should respond to the book and film with legal action because both offend Christ and the Church he founded.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, a Nigerian who was considered a candidate for pope last year, made his strong comments in a documentary called "The Da Vinci Code-A Masterful Deception."

Arinze's appeal came some 10 days after another Vatican cardinal called for a boycott of the film. Both cardinals asserted that other religions would never stand for offences against their beliefs and that Christians should get tough.

"Christians must not just sit back and say it is enough for us to forgive and to forget," Arinze said in the documentary made by Rome film maker Mario Biasetti for Rome Reports, a Catholic film agency specializing in religious affairs.

"Sometimes it is our duty to do something practical. So it is not I who will tell all Christians what to do but some know legal means which can be taken in order to get the other person to respect the rights of others," Arinze said.

"This is one of the fundamental human rights: that we should be respected, our religious beliefs respected, and our founder Jesus Christ respected," he said, without elaborating on what legal means he had in mind.

A transcript of the documentary, due to be screened in Rome later this month just before the release of the film version of the best-selling book at the Cannes Film Festival, was made available to Reuters.

The book, written by Dan Brown, has sold more than 40 million copies.

The novel is an international murder mystery centered on attempts to uncover a secret about the life of Christ that a clandestine society has tried to protect for centuries.

The central tenet of the book is that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children.


"Those who blaspheme Christ and get away with it are exploiting the Christian readiness to forgive and to love even those who insult us. There are some other religions which if you insult their founder they will not be just talking. They will make it painfully clear to you," Arinze said.

This appeared to be a reference to protests by Muslims around the world over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Last month, another broadside against "The Da Vinci Code" was launched by Archbishop Angelo Amato, the number two official in the Vatican doctrinal office which was headed by Pope Benedict until his election last year.

Amato urged a boycott of the film and Arinze, like his fellow cardinal, also blasted the credibility of the book.

"'The Da Vinci Code' presents (Christianity) wrongly ... any film produced on the basis of that book is already in error from the word go, no matter how interesting it might appear," Arinze said.

Catholic group Opus Dei has told Sony Pictures that putting a disclaimer on the movie stressing it is a work of fiction would be a welcome show of respect toward the Church...

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Could Germany Save Europe?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In a previous story (read here), I documented how virtually all of western Europe has fallen into a post-Christian era. The effects of this have been a negative population growth, and a growing interest among European youths in the occult and Islam. Current statistical analysis indicate that if things don't change soon, all of Europe will be Islamic by the year 2050. Now comes this story from Zenit. It would appear that something of a Christian revival is going on in Germany ever since the pope's visit in 2005. My question is this. If this rebirth of German Christianity takes off, and actually becomes a full-scale revival of traditional German Catholicism, could a Catholic Germany actually save Europe? People in the old country are starting to refer to Pope Benedict's election as "healing" and "rehabilitating" to Germany's national identity, which has been scarred by two world wars in the 20th century. Now some are starting to look to a revived Christian Germany as a nation that can lead the way for Europe in the 21st century. To me that almost sounds providential. Isn't that how God usually works?

Germany Sees Benedict XVI Differently Now
Says Berlin-based Journalist Vicente Poveda

ROME, MAY 4, 2006 (Zenit.org).- "Oh, mein Gott!" was the front-page headline of the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung the day after Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's election as Pope.

A year after that negatively charged exclamation, the headlines in the Holy Father's native country are highlighting the "beneficial" effect of the election of a German Pontiff.

There seems to be a rebirth of the faith in Germany, some observers say. The number of students of theology and of adult baptisms is increasing, as is that of Catholics returning to the Church.

Meanwhile, the number of those leaving the Church is decreasing, reveals a study carried out by Vicente Poveda Soler, correspondent of the main German news agency, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA).

Poveda explained during the fifth Professional Seminar of the Church's Communication Offices, held at the University of the Holy Cross in Rome from April 27-29, that "the main criticisms of Ratzinger were always in Germany."

But since his election to the papacy, "a new approach has been generated toward the figure of the Pontiff," said Poveda.


Benedict XVI's papacy "has been amply analyzed by the press as an important step in the total rehabilitation of the country 60 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Hitler's suicide and the end of World War II," said the journalist.

He gave numerous examples to illustrate this change. The German Language Society voted the phrase "Somos Papa" as the second most important expression of the year 2005, only surpassed by "Bundeskanzlerin," the feminine for "federal chancellor," after Angela Merkel's election.

The DPA's Spanish correspondent in Berlin pointed out that "the most important politicians of the country, from Merkel to President Horst Köhler and the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, spoke of their 'pride' over Ratzinger's election, despite the fact all of them are Protestants."

Moreover, Poveda observed that "the country's most popular television presenters, such as Harald Schmidt and Stefan Raab, acknowledge they read the Pope's works, whose sales took off after his election."

Poveda, who has a degree in institutional communication from the German Academy of Public Relations in Frankfurt, said that before there was a "negative environment against the official Church -- 'Amtskirche' -- that is, 'Rome,'" and it is due to a "strong media presence of Catholic critics: the Wir Sind Kirche group, Hans Küng and Eugen Drewermann."

The most significant change is that the Pope has passed from being regarded as "guardian of the faith" to "pastor."...

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Episcopal Church About to Implode!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: To all my Episcopal brethren out there... COME HOME TO ROME!!! Splinter groups will not work, nor can they. Episcopalians have been trying that for three decades now. The only way out of this mess is to come back into communion with the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican has now forbidden the ordination of all homosexuals to the priesthood. The Holy See has directed all of our seminaries to effectively become a "no gay zone." Under the protection of the pope, you will find refuge. It's time to leave the desert to the snakes...

Church Braces for Possible Election of Gay Bishop
Decision by Bay Area Episcopal diocese could reopen rifts caused by a similar vote in 2003.

The possible election this week of an openly gay bishop to lead a Bay Area diocese of the Episcopal Church would have repercussions likely to reverberate throughout the 77-million-member worldwide Anglican Communion.

On Saturday representatives of parishioners and clergy of the Diocese of California, which is centered in San Francisco, will select their next bishop from among seven nominees, including two gays and one lesbian...

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

CBS to Officially Promote Homosexuality to Teenagers

CBS Teams with Gay Group to Promote Homosexuality to Teens on TV

CBS television has teamed up with a homosexual advocacy group to provide public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at promoting the lifestyle to teens.

CBS has joined with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to run the PSAs, which will be dropped into the day-time soap opera “As The World Turns,” to promote acceptance of teen homosexuality. The program will air May 9...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here we go again. It's just one more example of where the Left-wing Liberals really want to take this country. So now we have a national television network OFFICIALLY promoting the homosexual "lifestyle" to teenagers. What's next; gay cartoons for children? I wouldn't be surprised.

E.U. Forces Gay-Marriage on Catholic Countries

EU to Force Poland, Malta, Italy to Recognize Gay “Marriages”
Is advancing leftist “soft totalitarianism,” that wants “atheist, nihilistic” state religion

The European Union continues to favour the homosexual movement’s program at the expense of national sovereignty and religious rights. A new law coming into effect today effectively orders the countries of the Union to “facilitate” homosexual partners who have “married” in their home countries and want to live or travel in countries where their unions are not legally recognized.

The law is intended to allow EU citizens to move around the Union as freely as they do within their own countries. The directive means that citizens within the EU will no longer be obliged to obtain a residence permit when moving to another member state. When registering in their new country, homosexual couples may use the European Courts to force sovereign countries to recognize their unions...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Wake up America! This is what the Left-wing Liberals want here in the USA too. Sadly, we live in a time when a vote for the Democratic Party, is a vote for this kind of pro-gay totalitarianism in the not-so-distant future.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

A Declaration of American Renewal

Leaders of values voters believe that we need a common declaration of our values and a common plan for solving the problems facing America. That is why we organized and drafted the Values Voters’ Contract with Congress. This document was drafted by a number of leaders. For a listing of a number of signers, click here.

There are two versions of the Contract: the full version and the short version. The full version underscores our founding principles, diagnoses our present problems, and lists practical solutions to these problems, including pending legislative remedies in many cases. The short version of the Contract begins with an abbreviated preamble and lists the same legislative remedies.

In any contract, both sides take action. We are petitioning Congress and asking them to enact the ideas stated in the Contract. As values voters we pledge to take action by informing ourselves and our friends and encouraging our elected representatives to enact the ideas stated in the Contract.

Your Role as a “ValuesVoter”

We invite you to join us as a ValuesVoter. A ValuesVoter is a person that believes in American values and is willing to ask their friends and elected representatives to take action in support of these values.

As a ValuesVoter, we invite you to do four things:

  • Read and sign the Values Voters’ Contract with Congress;
  • Encourage your friends to sign up as a ValuesVoter;
  • Encourage your elected representative to take action at appropriate times (we will let you know as these times arise).

Monday, May 1, 2006

May 1st. is "Illegal Alien Day"

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Let's celebrate reckless disregard for law and national security today -- May 1st -- "Illegal Alien Day." On this day we honor those who break our immigration laws, recklessly violate our national security, and illegally invade American territory under the cover of darkness. We can thank them for their part in the unemployment rate of American citizens, a rising crime rate, cover for drug smugglers, a strain on our welfare and social security system, as well as the creation of a two-class society in the United States where undocumented Mexicans work for below minimum wage. In a way, that's better than slavery! That is, if you're a wealthy big-business tycoon. Finally, let's celebrate May 1st. as a day of snubbing those who would dare to enter this country through the legal immigration and naturalization process. How dare anybody obey the laws of this land!?! So let's all say THANK YOU to illegal aliens, for EVERYTHING they do for this great nation.

On a more serious note, and for the record; this Catholic Knight supports REAL immigration reform, not amnesty, and not isolationism. Real immigration reform would entail three main things...
  1. Control of the southern U.S. boarder making illegal crossing virtually impossible.
  2. A comprehensive work program, allowing more migrant workers from Mexico legally, but in a way they could be documented and tracked.
  3. Deportation of all aliens living in this country illegally as punishment for violating our laws and disrespecting our national sovereignty.