Friday, August 31, 2007

USA: An Anti-Catholic Nation

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The elephant in the living room that nobody wants to talk about is America's dynamic anti-Catholic history, and how it continues to plague Catholics today in it's latest metamorphosis. What began as Protestant prejudice, was adopted by the Enlightenment, and later transformed into the modern form of mainstream Liberalism. Today, it would seem that the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic -- meaning one who doesn't practice Catholicism. Those who fit this mold are rewarded with the highest offices in the land, and bestowed with wealth and power. Those who don't fit this mold, and faithfully adhere to the principles of the Catholic religion, are demonized and portrayed as something to be feared. The tactics are familiar. We've seen them before. They go back to the pre-revolution times of English colonialism. The reasons for anti-Catholicism were different then, but the methods were virtually identical.

It is convenient to close one's eyes, and pretend it doesn't exist, or to delude one's self to believe it's getting better. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's getting worse. The only thing that's changed are the players. Originally, Protestants eagerly jumped on board the anti-Catholic bandwagon. Today that's not so much the case. A few Protestants still present a significant problem, but for the most part, the majority have taken a more reasonable and tolerant attitude. However, as modern Protestants move away from their historic anti-Catholic positions, it is becoming plain to see that they themselves are now targets of the same kind of bigotry, in a more generalized "Anti-Christian" form, that seems to target specifically those Protestants that agree with the Catholic Church on moral and social issues. Aside from a few radical Fundamentalist sects, the players are much different today. Mainstream liberalism now presents the biggest problem, with a militant anti-Catholicism that is just as virulent as anything we've seen in the past, if not more so.

The institutes of anti-Catholicism are sweeping in American history. So much so, that they penetrate the very establishments of our national and state governments. A sizable number of states, including my own, contain thinly veiled anti-Catholic provisions in their state constitutions. The anti-Catholic culture of Washington DC is plain and clear for anyone to see. Just look at the treatment received by Supreme Court nominees Sam Alito, John Roberts and Clarence Thomas. Any candidate who demonstrated a strong leaning toward Roman Catholic faith and values was automatically suspect.

The following is a primer on anti-Catholicism in the United States of America...
We live in a society which not only proclaims freedom from discrimination for all its citizens, but has gone to the extent of enshrining this principle in law; however, all too often sections of the media make statements about Catholics or the Catholic Church they would not dare make about any other group in society.

Fr Massa's new book, Anti-Catholicism in America, is one of a few published in recent years on this topic. Investigating aspects of anti-Catholic ideology in America in chronological order, Fr Massa argues that, despite the separation of Church and State and the freedom of religious expression that underpin the American constitution, anti-Catholicism remains part of the American cultural mind-set.

The American ethos was grounded by 17th century immigrants who settled America at a time not only when "no popery" sentiment was at its height in England, but by groups of non-conformist Christians who were more anti-Catholic than others in English society.

The early American republic imaged Catholicism as the antithesis of its values, believing it repressed the rights of individuals to think and speak for themselves, citing the Inquisition as evidence to support such a belief. Furthermore, the Church's hierarchical, undemocratic structure was seen as in opposition not only to the American political structure, but also the church government structures of many Protestant denominations, where the community elected pastors and representatives to church governing bodies.

Anti-Catholic sentiment became more apparent in times of difficulties, for example, during depressions when some Protestant Americans blamed Catholic immigrants for taking their jobs.

Much earlier anti-Catholic sentiment had a religious basis: Catholicism was considered to be the "whore of Babylon" and lurid tales of priests and nuns such as Maria Monk were best-sellers.

Fr Massa examines modern day versions of this phenomenon, such as televangelist Jimmy Swaggart who, as the highest rating televangelist (before egregious details of his private life became public knowledge), proclaimed that Catholics were not Christian.

Similarly, tracts by Jack Chick reproduce in comic book form anti-Catholic rhetoric associated with an earlier age. The reader is told, for example, that asking Mary's intercession is really the Babylonian practice of worshipping Semiramis and that the mastermind behind the Holocaust was the Vatican, Adolf Hitler being a loyal son of the Church who carried out this crime against humanity on their behalf! And despite clear evidence that Chick's portrait of Alberto Riviera as an ex-Jesuit priest is patently false, such material is still readily available in print form or on the internet.

However, much modern anti-Catholic rhetoric is secular in nature and has been focused on the concern that Catholic politicians would merely be taking orders from the Church, concerns that peaked before President Kennedy's election. Fr Massa argues that his response drove a deeper wedge between Church and State than those advocated by his Protestant predecessors. The conduct of some Democrat politicians who in recent years have supported pro-abortion stances has put paid to this myth.....

read full story here

Public Schools Now Promote Witchcraft - Ban Christianity

(WND): A court decision that opens the doors of Culbertson Elementary School in Pennsylvania to books about witches – but rejects the Bible as being too "proselytizing" – is being challenged.

The Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund has submitted amicus briefs in a lawsuit filed when a kindergarten student, under an assignment in which parents were invited to read their child's favorite book, was denied permission to have his mother read a Bible story.

A decision in U.S. District Court that sided with the school's decision to ban the Bible reading, while allowing teachers to suggest reading books about "witches and Halloween," effectively "sounds the death knell for religious freedom in public schools," the ADF argues....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: And so the saga goes on in the endless chronical of the Paganizing of our nation's public schools. (see related story here)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Public School Nightmares

Illinois School District 126, covering Alsip, Hazelgreen and Oak Lawn, has defended its choice to assign summer reading to 12- and 13-year-olds that is replete with harsh profanity and references to teen sex (even teen sex with adults).

Prairie Junior High School’s required reading list for rising 8th graders gave children six books to choose from over the summer. Parents have complained that three of the six books contain adult content which is highly age-inappropriate. Those complaints, however, have fallen on deaf ears....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Good Lord, it just keeps getting worse. Let's go through the list of why Christian parents should NEVER send their kids to a public school....

1.) Poor education standards
2.) Excessive Violence
3.) Excessive Drugs
4.) Increasing Gang activity
5.) Occasional Massacres (think Columbine High School)
6.) Excessive child molestation (children are over 100 times more likely to be molested in a public school than a Catholic Church).
7.) Liberal indoctrination against God and traditional values
8.) No prayer allowed
9.) Control freak school administrators (who think they know better than you on what's best for your child)
10.) Teachers who have no problem exposing your kids to literary pornography and smut novels

Need I go on?

New U.S. Anglican Church Emerges

The Anglican archbishop of Kenya has consecrated two conservative U.S. priests as suffragan bishops to take over the pastoral care of congregations that have broken away from The Episcopal Church in the United States because of its pro-homosexual stance.

Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, leader of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), told the the Rev. Canon Bill Atwood and the Rev. Bill Murdoch during Thursday’s service at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi that as a bishop they are to “maintain the Church's discipline, guard her faith and promote her mission in the world.”

Hundreds of Christians, including around 10 primates from the “Global South”, looked on as Atwood and Murdoch pledged their word to “serve the international interests of the Anglican Church of Kenya, to serve clergy and congregations in North America under the Kenyan jurisdiction,” according to Reuters.

The 77 million-member Anglican Communion has been torn over homosexuality ever since The Episcopal Church – the U.S. arm of Anglicanism – consecrated the openly gay V. Gene Robinson as the bishop of New Hampshire in 2003.

A number of American clergy and dioceses have since turned to African churches for oversight because they refuse to compromise on biblical teachings regarding the sin of homosexuality...

read full story here


London, Feb 20, 2007 / 08:44 pm (CNA).- Leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion, meeting this week in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have issued an ultimatum to the Episcopal Church of the United States, demanding an end to the appointment of gay clergy and the blessing of same-sex couples...

... The Anglican Communion statement warns that if the above assurances can not be given by September 30th, the Episcopal Church could be removed from the worldwide Communion...

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's as good as over. Conservative Episcopalians might as well start making plans to leave the ECUSA now, or else they will be excommunicated from the Anglican Communion (along with the ECUSA). Their options are limited. They can either search for for a local parish of the emerging new Anglican Church of America, or they can join the Roman Catholic Church.

Missouri Strikes Back!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: After a slim defeat for pro-life Missourians last November, the deceptively worded "Amendment 2" was passed by Missouri voters who mistakenly believed they were authorizing stem-cell cures. In actuality, they were authorizing the legalization and public funding of human cloning. Now patriotic pro-life Missourians are striking back with their own constitutional amendment proposal.

A coalition of concerned Missouri citizens, doctors, and academics today launched the "Cures Without Cloning" initiative to prohibit human cloning in Missouri. Dr. Lori Buffa, of St. Peters, Missouri, filed proposed ballot language with the Secretary of State's office this morning.

"The Missouri Constitution currently allows for human cloning. It allows for the same cloning method that created Dolly the Sheep," said Dr. Buffa, who serves as chair of CWC. "This initiative will ensure this dangerous, unproven, unnecessary practice is prohibited, and allow us to focus on safe research that leads to lifesaving cures and treatments."

The measure has already received an endorsement from the Missouri Right to Life and the Missouri Conference of Catholic Bishops. If you live in Missouri, click here to support this effort.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

California to Ban Institution of "Marriage" Entirely!

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has told the state Supreme Court the term "marriage" can be terminated, because registered "domestic partners" already have all of the same legal rights, benefits, duties and obligations as married couples.

The warning comes from Vote Yes, an organization promoting a state constitutional amendment that would restrict marriage – and its benefits and obligations – to a man and a woman.

Schwarzenegger, as well as Attorney General Jerry Brown, recently submitted briefs to the state Supreme Court, which is considering a lawsuit that could result in "marriage" being granted to same-sex duos.

Brown, former governor of California and mayor of Oakland, unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for president three times.

As part of its deliberations, the court asked for the response from the attorney general and governor on the impact the decision could have on the state....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So this is what it's coming to? The homosexual lobby is so close to pressuring California into allowing gay-marriage, that the state's only recourse it to ban all marriage entirely -- turning everything into "domestic partnerships." Sorry, but this is a little creepy, and reminiscent of the old Biblical prophecy about the last days...

1st Timothy 4:1-2
The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry...

Let's dissect this passage...

1.) "in later times some will abandon the faith"
We saw the beginning of this in the so-called "Enlightenment" period (1700s), followed by the militant atheism after the industrial revolution (1880-1920).

2.) "whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron"
Hmm. What could Paul mean by this? When something is seared with heat, it becomes scar tissue, without feeling, having the nerves deadened. What could this describe better than homosexuality? A condition in which those who practice it claim they are "born that way," and there is "nothing wrong with it."

3.) "They forbid people to marry"
This has been a troubling passage to many Bible scholars. Throughout history, there has never been any civilization that has attempted to "forbid" marriage. So what could it mean? Many Protestant theologians have speculated that this has something to do with the celibacy rule in the Roman Catholic priesthood. That's a nice guess, an incorrect guess, but a good one nonetheless. This guess cannot be right because in actuality, the Roman Catholic priesthood does not forbid marriage at all. Forbidding means to eliminate entirely. Such is not the case with Roman Catholic priests. They can leave the priesthood anytime they want and get married. Furthermore, the Catholic priesthood also makes exceptions, allowing priests to marry in the eastern Byzantine Rite, and in the Anglican Use (emerging Anglican Rite). Actually, as flawed as that guess is, it merely demonstrates that up until now, we haven't had anything in history to measure up to the prediction of this prophecy. Now we have a glimpse of what this prophecy could mean in the future, with this legal drama unfolding in the California Supreme Court. If such a ban were to ever be put in force, either in California or somewhere else, it would create the sweeping elimination alluded to in this prophecy.

It doesn't stop there. The prophecy goes on...

1st Timothy 4:3
...and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.

I suppose this will be the next thing to come down the river. Perhaps within a generation or so, the wacky animal rights advocates will gain as much political clout as the homosexual lobby has today. "Impossible!" you may say. We'll I'm sure they would have said the same thing about "gay rights" back in 1955.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Catholics For Huckabee?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the wake of the poor performance of Senator Sam Brownback's presidential campaign, 'The Catholic Knight' is recommending that readers take a close look at Governors Mike Huckabee's presidential candidacy... Click Here He took second place in the Iowa Straw Poll and is a rising star in the Republican Party.

Born August 24, 1955 (1955-08-24) (age 52)
Hope, Arkansas
Political party - Republican
Spouse - Janet Huckabee
Alma mater - Ouachita Baptist University
Profession - Minister
Religion - Baptist


100% Pro-Life
Opposes Same-Sex Marriages
Opposes Same-Sex Civil Unions
Opposes Illegal Aliens
Supports Border Fence
Supports Death Penalty
Supports Iraq War Effort
Supports Fair Tax (abolishing income tax in favor of national retail sales tax)
Supports 2nd Amendment Gun Rights

This man appears to have the backing of the international community, as well as the religious right, and because of that, he will probably be the Republican nominee. I don't particularly care for some of his positions, but because I'm predicting there is a 50% chance this man will become the next president of the United States, I highly recommend practicing Catholics take a close look at him.

When Should We NOT Obey The Government?

Romans 13: 1-5
Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience.

Catechism 2242
The citizen is obliged in conscience not to follow the directives of civil authorities when they are contrary to the demands of the moral order, to the fundamental rights of persons or the teachings of the Gospel. Refusing obedience to civil authorities, when their demands are contrary to those of an upright conscience, finds its justification in the distinction between serving God and serving the political community. "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." "We must obey God rather than men":
When citizens are under the oppression of a public authority which oversteps its competence, they should still not refuse to give or to do what is objectively demanded of them by the common good; but it is legitimate for them to defend their own rights and those of their fellow citizens against the abuse of this authority within the limits of the natural law and the Law of the Gospel.

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Question? It is undeniable that Christians are commanded to obey the government, but where exactly do we draw the line? What kind of examples could we use to illustrate when it would be Biblically legitimate to disobey the government's orders?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sex-Abuse In Baptist Churches On The Rise

DALLAS (ABP) -- A recent sex scandal involving two North Texas pastors and the women who accused them of molestation is unusual because the victims -- by now beyond the statute of limitations for sex-abuse cases -- urged authorities and media to publish their names in conjunction with the case.

Typically, the names of sex-abuse victims are not publicized in an effort to spare the victim more emotional trauma. But Katherine Roush and Debbie Vasquez agreed to be identified in order to call attention to an increasingly prominent scathe of clergy sex-abuse cases in Baptist churches.

Larry Reynolds of Southmont Baptist Church in Denton, Texas, and Dale Amyx of Bolivar Baptist Church in Sanger, Texas, were accused in separate civil lawsuits of molesting Roush and Vasquez, respectively, during counseling sessions when the girls were 14 years old. The abuse continued for several years, according to charges.

Had the women, now adults, reported the molestation at the time of the crime, each man could have faced first-degree felony charges. In juvenile cases, victims can report a crime until 10 years after their 18th birthday.

Instead of the possible life sentence that would have gone with his felony charge, Reynolds issued an apology at a church Thanksgiving banquet as part of a settlement agreement. His suit was settled out of court. Vasquez's lawsuit has yet to be resolved.

Sex-abuse charges like the ones in North Texas have become increasingly common, with cases in Missouri, Kentucky and Florida making regional and national news. And some experts have said Baptist churches may be particularly vulnerable to this kind of abuse.

Inappropriate behavior by clergy cuts across all denominational ties and theological positions, ethicist Joe Trull said. But he says a case can be made that "nondenominational churches and Baptist churches who have autonomous church government are more vulnerable and susceptible" to instances of sexual abuse....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Sex-abuse cuts across all denominational lines, and according to insurance agencies, the problem is a little bigger in Protestant churches than it is in the Catholic Church. But before you assume this is a religious problem, you had better take a closer look. A recent study by the US government found that a child is more than 100 times more likely to be molested in a public school than in a Catholic or Protestant church (read more here). So when the facts and figures are reported correctly (something the mainstream news media consistently avoids) we get a completely different picture. Sexual abuse of minors is not a "Catholic problem," nor is it a "Protestant problem." Sexual abuse of minors is an AMERICAN PROBLEM, which infects virtually every aspect of America's public service to families and children. If anything, when one takes into account the data compiled on public schools, we find that the problem is significantly lower in religious institutions like Catholic and Protestant churches. That's the real story here. In the media's zealous effort to smear religious institutions with sex-abuse scandals, they intentionally avoid reporting the real problem - which is the overwhelming sexual abuse of minors in our nation's public schools.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Democrats Attack Catholicism In Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A Louisiana Democratic Party ad accusing Republican candidate for governor Bobby Jindal of calling Protestants "scandalous, depraved, selfish and heretical" has prompted a firestorm of criticism and calls Tuesday from the GOP to take the ad off the air.

Political watchers questioned whether the ad went too far and whether it accurately reflects Jindal's writings on Catholicism. Republicans and the head of a national Catholic organization called the ad a smear campaign.

Democrats say the 30-second TV spot — running in heavily Protestant central and north Louisiana — simply explains Jindal's beliefs with his own words, using portions of Jindal's religious writings through the 1990s, before he was an elected official....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is called "religion baiting" and it's disgusting. There is no excuse for it. In my opinion, this puts the Louisiana Democratic Party on the same level as the KKK. About seven years ago, a Republican presidential candidate (Senator John McCain) did this in his primary race with then Governor George W. Bush. McCain ran a telephone ad, in which Catholic households were called and told that Bush spoke at Bob Jones University -- a known anti-Catholic institution. He neglected to point out that virtually every Republican presidential candidate had spoken there for decades, and it was a regular stop on the Republican campaign circuit, along with stops at Catholic universities as well. It was at this point I lost all respect for John McCain, and I've never trusted him since. Back then I called him a menace to the American political process, and I meant it. I still think the same today. To my knowledge, John McCain has never renounced that telephone ad campaign, nor has he apologized to either Catholics or Protestants for his despicable behavior back in the 2000 primary elections.

Now the Louisiana Democrats are doing the same thing, only in reverse. They're running television ads that attack a Republican candidate for his Catholic views, smearing and twisting those views along the way, making them out to be an attack on Protestants, and running them exclusively in Protestant counties. They've really crossed the line on this one, and make what John McCain did pale in comparison. This is the lowest of the low, and it's a tactic reminiscent of the KKK smearing Catholic beliefs and statements to make it look like they're a threat to Protestants. I'm seriously thinking of buying a truckload of white hooded sheets and sending them by Fed-Ex to the state headquarters of the Louisiana Democratic Party. What a bunch of bigoted backwood losers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bring Back The Missouri Flag

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A buddy of mine picked up on a recent post here on 'The Catholic Knight' and decided to start a petition, check it out....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pope Says 'War' Is Only Way To Peace

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Spiritual War that is...
( - In his Angelus audience on Sunday, August 19, Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) said that true peace is not the absence of conflict, but the product of a constant battle against evil.

Speaking to the crowd gathered at midday in the courtyard of the apostolic palace in Castel Gandolfo, the Holy Father concentrated on the words of Jesus from the day's Gospel reading: "Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division."

Those words are a reminder that Christ's followers will always encounter conflict, the Pope said. Anyone who has the courage to pursue "truth without compromise" will meet with opposition and perhaps even outright persecution.

read full story here

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Government Will Use Clergy To Control American Christians

(WND): Sandy Davis, director of the Caddo-Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said there are several advantages, but primarily, "these clergy would already be known in the neighborhoods in which they're helping to diffuse that situation."

So government orders to abandon homes, turn over guns, leave livestock behind, or whatever would come to the minds of various officials during an "emergency," would be easier for people to accept, the report indicated.

The report said one of the biggest tools the clergy members would use would be the Bible itself, specifically Romans 13, where Tuberville said the Bible states "the government's established by the Lord, you know. And, that's what we believe in the Christian faith. That's what's stated in the Scripture."

Civil rights advocates have raised questions about the idea of using clergy in such a fashion, noting the balance clergy would have to maintain when asked to do what the government wants under color of their status as a religious leader.

A blogger for the Christian education site, Chalcedon noted that the training has been going on in secret for over a year already.

"The clergy are being advised to use Romans 13 to encourage parishioners to submit to the sudden and massive expansion of government control that takes place during martial law," the writer said....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Notice how the federal government has no problem with the "separation of Church and State" when it comes to using religion to gain more power and deprive citizens of their rights? This is very disturbing, and it would appear the U.S. government fully intends to use this option when the time is right. American Christians will not know who their clergy are working for -- God or the government? Fortunately, for American Catholics, we have at least one member of the clergy that our government cannot hire -- the pope! In the event of a national crisis, I believe American Catholics would do well to listen to him, (and perhaps his closest emissaries), rather than local clergy. So long as our local clergy are in full agreement with the pope (and his closest emissaries) we can probably trust them. But if we see a big discrepancy between what our clergy are saying, and what the pope and his closest emissaries are saying, than we know something suspicious is afoot. In such a scenario, we should probably listen to the pope first. I fear American Evangelicals (and other Protestants) will not have such clear guidance available to them if (or when) the time comes.

EWTN To Broadcast Tridentine Mass

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It has been reported that EWTN will begin broadcasting the Extraordinary (Tridentine) form of the mass on September 14th, 2007 at 8AM EST.

This is good news for the laity all over America, who will now be able to view this ancient form of the mass on their television screens. It's bad news for liberal bishops, who would rather hide this form of the mass from the laity for as long as possible.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Congress Poised To Ban Free Speech In America

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is no joke! The Democrat controlled US Congress is poised to pass sweeping legislation that would effectively ban free speech and certain forms of religious expression in America. Catholic and Evangelical Christians are the primary targets of this legislation. S.1105, also known as the "hate crimes bill" or "Matthew Shepherd bill" will criminalize any public criticism of homosexuality. Yes, that's right folks. The Democrats in Congress are about to pass a bill that will make it ILLEGAL to criticize the homosexual "lifestyle," classifying such criticism as a "hate crime." Many European countries have already passed similar legislation, and the consequences on free speech and religious expression are chilling. Watch the following video to see what the Democrats in Congress want to bring to the United States...

Would you like to see your priest or pastor behind bars for preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality? Would you like the police knocking on your door simply because somebody overheard you tell your children that homosexuality is wrong? Here's what you can do to stop this kind of law from coming to America. Simply write your Senators and tell them to oppose S.1105. Your freedom depends on it. All you have to do is CLICK HERE

Monday, August 13, 2007

Spain Prepares To Marginalize Catholic Church

....The socialist added that the Catholic Church must back down from criticism of its plan or suffer consequences. "If this new climate is not obtained in the next legislature," he wrote, "it will be necessary to address the topic of the actions and situation of the Church and establish a new status, that puts them in their place and that respects the autonomy of the civil authority."

The warning, made in the Spanish socialist newspaper "El Pais", followed on the heels of a speech by Spanish President Emelio Zapatero on July 22, who said, in defence of the Education for Citizenship program that, "no faith can impose itself on the law", a statement understood as a reference to the Church, and subsequently cited by Peces-Barba in his article. According to Spanish media sources, the ruling socialists are eager to make changes to the existing legal status of the Catholic Church in that country.....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: The trend now exists on all continents of the world. Anti-Catholicism is taking shape worldwide. It is the so-called "progressives" (or liberals) who are driving it. In Australia, government officials are calling Catholic bishops into inquisition style hearings. In the United States, leading officials in the Democratic Party have threatened to tax the Catholic Church, as well as levy any other kind of sanction they can muster. Also, in the United States, Catholic charities have been driven out of business in liberal states due to laws requiring they embrace homosexuality. Furthermore, in the USA, legislation is currently pending in the US Congress to make criticism of homosexuality illegal, which would criminalize Catholic clergy simply for preaching Church doctrine. (President Bush has threatened to veto it.) In Canada, the Catholic clergy weave and dodge criminal prosecution for criticizing homosexuality. The same is true in various parts of Europe, and now Spain joins in the chorus of Anti-Catholicism over homosexuality. Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, attacks the Catholic Church regularly in his fascist rhetoric. In Africa and Asia, Muslims regularly assail the Catholic Church mercilessly, killing religious and laymen on a regular basis. In China the Catholic Church is controlled by the government, and "dissidents" to state control are thrown into prison. The list goes on and on. Not since the days of Stalin and Hitler has the Catholic Church seen so much persecution.

Let this be a warning to other Christians out there (Protestants, Evangelicals & Pentecostals). PREPARE FOR PERSECUTION! You're next!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

National Distress! America Is In Danger!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Mark and Deborah Kuhn of Asheville, North Carolina were trying to make a political point. As a result, the local police did more to prove their point than they ever could. read the story here

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Old & New Mass - A Comparison

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here we have one video in two parts, explaining everything you would ever want to know about the old and new forms of the Roman Rite. These videos illustrate the liturgical differences before and after the Second Vatican Council, and the "reform" period which followed. It also delves into the questions of why the changes were made, and where do we go from here. Enjoy....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Missouri First

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Raise Missouri's battle flag, because we're taking this state back! Yes, the flag you see above is the battle flag of the State of Missouri, used by the Missouri State Guard during the Civil War. Unofficially, it was Missouri's first state flag. Today, it belongs to all Missourians, especially those who love Missouri and believe in the preamble of the Missouri State Constitution...
We the people of Missouri, with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His goodness, do establish this constitution. for the better government of the state.
God is officially recognized by our state's constitution, and we acknowledge his goodness. Missouri is a state founded on Christian principles. St. Louis is unofficially known as the "Rome of the West," due to its relatively high Catholic population (in comparison to the rest of the Southern Midwest), and its spectacular cathedral basilica downtown. It is fitting that one of America's most conservative archbishops, Raymond Burke, should preside over this particular archdiocese.

Today an evil threat looms over our beloved homeland. Liberal corporate forces, combined with allies in Jefferson City, have duped Missourians into ratifying Amendment 2 (The Human Cloning Initiative). This amendment WILL eventually be nullified in one way or another. Either it will be repealed outright, or else neutered by a future amendment defining cloning as "somatic cell nuclear transfer." Once that is done, the human cloning ban, under the same amendment, will take effect.

Make no mistake about it. The evil forces that brought Amendment 2 to Missouri voters were national and international in origin. Missouri was used as a experimental state, designed to become a model for bringing human cloning to other states. Once again, Missouri was betrayed by forces outside the state, working together with greedy scalawags inside the state. What Missouri needs right now, more than ever, is a resurgence in state patriotism.

A few years back I visited my aunt in South Carolina. I was absolutely amazed by how much pride people have in their state flag. It is a beautiful flag to be sure. But it wasn't just the design of the flag that seemed to excite people. It went much deeper than that. South Carolinians were proud to be South Carolinians, and display of that flag was a way of showing it. I saw a similar attitude among Texans when I visited their beautiful state. This same kind of state pride needs to be refreshed in Missouri.

'The Catholic Knight' would like to pose a challenge to all of his Missouri readers....
  1. First and foremost, join Missouri First, and educate yourself about our state, what it stands for, and its place in history. Membership is free.
  2. Second, renew your patriotism for our state. Yes, we are all familiar with American patriotism, but the founders of this nation were profoundly patriotic to their states as well. In fact, most of them considered themselves citizens and patriots of their respective states even BEFORE they were citizens and patriots of the USA. It all goes back to the "governance close to home" principle. The best government, is the government that is closest to the people, and there is no better example of that than our state governments. Besides, our federal government derives all of its powers from the consent of the states. That being the case, you could not have a "United States" without there first being individual "states" to loan their powers to the Union. Without individual states, there is no "United States." So you really can't be an American patriot, without first being a patriot to your home state. This is a fact that simply MUST be taught to our children. But it doesn't just apply to government. Patriotism also applies to the people, the land, the ideals and the history of a state. So 'The Catholic Knight' challenges you, to be a Missouri patriot, even before an American patriot, because in doing so, you will be fulfilling authentic American patriotism to the letter, according to the ideals of our nation's founding fathers.
  3. See the blue flag displayed above? It's the Missouri battle flag, and it is the first flag of Missouri. It was flown during the Civil War. It is not a confederate flag, though some people call it that. It is neither a confederate nor union flag. It's a distinctly Missouri flag, and that's how it should always be remembered. Right click on it to download it to your hard drive. Display it with pride on your blog or website. In addition, you can purchase this same battle flag here, and fly it on your property. (Personally, I fly both a Missouri battle flag, and a Vatican City-State flag on my property. It strikes up interesting conversation.) Let's make the Missouri battle flag a sign of solidarity for Missourians, who believe in state sovereignty and the Christian principles this state was founded upon.
  4. Lastly, let's work together to educate our fellow Missourians about our state, its history, and particularly the principles outlined on the Missouri First website.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Saint Michael McGivney?

(AP):NASHVILLE, Tennessee: The Vatican's No. 2 official — making his first U.S. appearance since taking over as secretary of state last year — celebrated Mass at the Knights of Columbus annual meeting in Tennessee and pledged to work for sainthood for the group's founder.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone conveyed Pope Benedict XVI's "cordial greetings" and used his Mass homily Tuesday to speak about the origins of the Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization for Catholic men considered one of the world's largest lay Catholic groups.

He praised the work of the Knights of Columbus founder, the Rev. Michael J. McGivney, and said he would work to have the U.S.-born priest declared a saint...

read full story here

Monday, August 6, 2007

Catholicism, Dixie & America's Culture War

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is a truly fascinating article, and a must read for any Catholic American...
(Taki's Blog): ...But outside of pleasure, the problems of the South remain. She too is slowly being absorbed by the Hideous Strength that seems ever more dominant throughout the land. What can be done to unify her, to make her able to play a part in the battle that looms around us?

Two things come to mind. One is that, in many ways, as Walker Percy, Margaret Mitchell and Flannery O’Connor perceived, in the current struggle between the “Modernity” foisted on us by our elites and those who hold to the traditions they brought to this country--religious and cultural--Protestant Southerners and Catholic Midwesterners and Yankees are natural allies. Both sides must realize this.

On the other, the race issue must somehow be laid to rest. It seems to me that the best way to begin with this is an honest reevaluation of the historical relationship between the races, freed from current political agendas. One thing that I have noticed in candid conversations with white Southerners is that while they have often expressed to me disdain for blacks as a group or (more often) as a political force, when asked if they know any personally, the answer is generally “yes.” When pressed as to whether they dislike any of these acquaintances, the answer is just as often “no.” In the North and West, when folk are asked how they feel about blacks, the response is usually some variation on “they’re wonderful.” But when asked if they know any, these same people will usually say “no.” The Southern attitude would appear to be something to build on.

Beyond that, Southern whites really need to look at Black history. Some of it is propaganda, some of it is not. The Jim Crow-era led to many evils (not least of which were spoiling literacy tests for voting by making them racially based) from which the country still suffers. But blacks too must look at their history, and realize that all is (if you’ll pardon the pun) black and white. There were black Confederate troops, such as the Louisiana Native Guards, and the steadfastness of Slaves under Yankee occupation we have referred to. The South as it is, and as it was, is as much the creation of blacks as whites, and Southerners of both races have more in common with each other than they do with their fellows in the rest of the country. I personally would make the 1942 autobiography of Zora Neale Hurston, Dust Tracks on a Road, required reading in every high school in the South—or the North, for that matter. A more realistic—and mutually sympathetic—commentary on the relationship between the races would be hard to find; of course, in one of her novels, the protagonists are all white, a feat that few black authors would be able to get away with today. The epitaph on Miss Hurston’s grave is particularly fitting—“A Genius of the South.” When Confederate-descended Blacks can happily and proudly join the SCV, and when Southerners of both races can together defend their beliefs against those who would impose an alien and materialistic set of values upon them, and deprive them of the traditions that give them their identity, then the South will truly be healed—to the great advantage of us all. For the forces that are dominant in this land today mean to end all that our fathers held dear: in religion, in customs, in law. They would replace these with a manner of life, conceived in New York and hatched in Hollywood, which is as immoral as it is oppressive—far worse than anything either Whig or Tory, or Rebel or Yank, could conceive of either imposing upon or receiving from the other....

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

ALERT: Pope Declares Vatican II Changed Nothing!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's an important point lost in most conversations on the topic these days. Thankfully, Pope Benedict XVI is reminding us of this on a regular basis. The Second Vatican Council was pastoral in nature. That means it didn't change a single doctrine. It didn't add any new doctrines either. Nor did it issue the customary anathemas of false doctrines. It simply elaborated on existing doctrines, and represented them in a modern way to accommodate the pastoral needs of the Church. That's it! There was no watershed. There was no reinvention. In order to properly understand Vatican II, one must interpret Vatican II in the context of historic Church tradition used before and during Vatican II.

Pope Benedict XVI warns us against interpreting Vatican II as a "rupture" in the Church's tradition. That has been the source of the Church's problems in this post-conciliar period. After the Council completed its work, many Modernists (i.e. Liberals) inserted their own ideologies into their interpretation of the Council documents, rather than sticking to the context of historical tradition. This error has wreaked havoc on the Church's development in Western nations for the last 40 years. It's a form of chaos that must be corrected, and is currently being corrected, with much pain and difficulty for Western Catholics who have become accustomed to a Modernist misunderstanding of Vatican II.

The following is an excerpt of Pope John XXIII's Opening Address to the Second Vatican Council, given on October 11, 1962. I've emphasized those remarks that point out the pastoral context of Vatican II. The entire address can be viewed by clicking on the link below....
The salient point of this Council is not, therefore, a discussion of one article or another of the fundamental doctrine of the Church which has repeatedly been taught by the Fathers and by ancient and modern theologians, and which is presumed to be well known and familiar to all.

For this a Council was not necessary. But from the renewed, serene, and tranquil adherence to all the teaching of the Church in its entirety and preciseness, as it still shines forth in the Acts of the Council of Trent and First Vatican Council, the Christian, Catholic, and apostolic spirit of the whole world expects a step forward toward a doctrinal penetration and a formation of consciousness in faithful and perfect conformity to the authentic doctrine, which, however, should be studied and expounded through the methods of research and through the literary forms of modern thought. The substance of the ancient doctrine of the deposit of faith is one thing, and the way in which it is presented is another. And it is the latter that must be taken into great consideration with patience if necessary, everything being measured in the forms and proportions of a magisterium which is predominantly pastoral in character....

read full address here

Anglicanism Now Saturated With Homosexuals

(CNA).- The Church of England would be close to shutting down if it wasn't for its gay clergy, said the Anglican Communion's first openly gay bishop in an interview with The Times of London.

Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, who lives with his partner, said he finds it "mystifying" that the Church of England is unable to be honest about the number of gay clergy in its ranks.

"If all the gay people stayed away from church on a given Sunday, the Church of England would be close to shut-down between its organists, its clergy, its wardens it just seems less than humble not to admit that," he was quoted as saying.

He said many clergy live with gay partners, with the full knowledge of their bishops. But their bishops warn against their relationships becoming public....

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Friday, August 3, 2007

British Anti-Catholicism Rears It's Ugly Head Again

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's been 300 years for heaven's sake! Official policies like this have got to go!
(CNA).- Peter Phillips, the Queen of England’s eldest grandson, may have to give up his place in the line of succession for the throne because his fiancĂ©e is Roman Catholic.

This past week Buckingham Palace announced the engagement between Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly, a Canadian management consultant, but no mention of a date for their marriage was made.

Even more interesting, is the fact that Autumn Kelly is Catholic. Ms. Kelly’s Catholicism brings to the light of day the 1701 Act of Settlement which bars any member of the Royal family from becoming or marrying Catholics. If Mr. Phillips has to renounce his rights to inherit the throne, it would be an embarrassment to the royal family and to the government.

Catholics have repeatedly called for a repeal of the act but thus far attempts to change the law have failed. Under the act, Mr. Phillips will be required to renounce his right to the throne -- he is 10th in line at present-- or Ms. Kelly will have to formally renounce her Catholic faith...

read full story here

Here's a little history lesson on British Anti-Catholicism from
Anti-Catholicism in England has its origins with the English Reformation under Henry VIII. The Act of Supremacy of 1534 declared the English crown to be 'the only supreme head on earth of the Church in England' in place of the Pope. Any act of allegiance to the latter was considered treason. It was under this act that saints Thomas More and John Fisher were executed.

Although the Act of Supremacy was repealed in 1554 by Henry's daughter, Queen Mary I, who was a staunch Roman Catholic, it was reenacted in 1559 under Elizabeth I.

Anyone who took public or church office was forced to take the Oath of Supremacy, and there were penalties for violating that oath. Attendance at Anglican services was also made obligatory. Those that refused were fined as recusants.

In the time of Elizabeth I, the persecution of the Protestants during the reign of her half-sister Queen Mary I was used as anti-Catholic propaganda in the hugely influential Foxe's Book of Martyrs. The Convocation of the English Church ordered in 1571 that copies of the "Book of Martyrs" should be kept for public inspection in all cathedrals and in the houses of church dignitaries. The book was also exposed in many parish churches alongside the Holy Bible. The passionate intensity of the style and the vivid and picturesque dialogues made it very popular among Puritan and Low Church families down to the nineteenth century. The fantastically partisan church history of the earlier portion of the book, with its grotesque stories of popes and monks contributed much to anti-Catholic prejudices in England as did the story of the sufferings of those Protestants burnt at the stake by Mary and the notorious Bishop Bonner.

In 1570, Pope Pius V sought to depose Elizabeth with the papal bull Regnans in Excelsis, which declared her a heretic and purported to release her Roman Catholic subjects from allegiance to her. This rendered Elizabeth's subjects who persisted in allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church politically suspect.

The failed invasion of England by the Spanish Armada has been cited as an attempt by Philip II of Spain to put into effect the Pope's decree, and to enforce a claim to the throne of England he held as a result of being the widower of Mary I of England.

Elizabeth's persecution of Roman Catholic Jesuit missionaries led to many executions at Tyburn. Those priests who suffered there are accounted martyrs by the Roman Catholic church; and, more recently, a convent has been established nearby to pray for their souls.

Later episodes that deepened anti-Catholicism in England include the Gunpowder Plot, in which Guy Fawkes and other Roman Catholic conspirators attempted to blow up the English Parliament while it was in session. The Great Fire of London in 1666 was blamed on the Roman Catholics and an inscription ascribing it to 'Popish frenzy' was engraved on the Monument to the Great Fire of London, which marked the location where the fire started (this inscription was only removed in 1831). Later, the "Popish Plot" involving Titus Oates further exacerbated Anglican-Roman Catholic relations.

The beliefs that underlie the sort of strong anti-Catholicism once seen in the United Kingdom were summarized by William Blackstone in his Commentaries on the Laws of England:

As to papists, what has been said of the Protestant dissenters would hold equally strong for a general toleration of them; provided their separation was founded only upon difference of opinion in religion, and their principles did not also extend to a subversion of the civil government. If once they could be brought to renounce the supremacy of the pope, they might quietly enjoy their seven sacraments, their purgatory, and auricular confession; their worship of relics and images; nay even their transubstantiation. But while they acknowledge a foreign power, superior to the sovereignty of the kingdom, they cannot complain if the laws of that kingdom will not treat them upon the footing of good subjects.

— Bl. Comm. IV, c.4 ss. iii.2, p. *54

The gravamen of this charge, then, is that Roman Catholics constitute an imperium in imperio, a sort of fifth column of persons who owe a greater allegiance to the Pope than they do to the civil government, a charge very similar to that repeatedly leveled against Jews. Accordingly, a large body of British laws, collectively known as the penal laws, imposed various civil disabilities and legal penalties on recusant Roman Catholics. These laws were gradually repealed over the course of the nineteenth century with laws such as the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829.

In spite of the Emancipation Act, however, anti-Catholic feeling continued throughout the nineteenth century, primarily as a response to the influx of Irish immigrants into England during the Great Famine.

Even now, however, a member of the British Royal Family automatically gives up any chance of succeeding to the throne if he or she joins the Roman Catholic Church or marries a Roman Catholic.