Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mitt Romney Is NOT Pro-Life

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: When it comes the the 'Culture of Life,' Mitt Romney certainly has all the right rhetoric. A quick stop by his website will reveal most of what a social-conservative wants to hear on this issue, even though Romney still admits that abortion should be kept legal for rape, incest or health issues. (Which still amounts to "abortion on demand" when you really think about it.) Romney's got all the right rhetoric, sort of, but the real problem is his record.

I live in Missouri - the 'Show-Me State' - and when it comes to the issue of Life, Mitt Romney really doesn't have much to show me at all. You see, here in the Midwest, we believe actions speak louder than words, and the only actions Mitt Romney has to show us is a 100% Pro-Abortion record.

Oh sure, anyone can change, and Mitt Romney claims he has. People in the Midwest are also about giving people a second chance too, especially if they admit they were wrong, and this is where Romney's rhetoric might have pulled a little weight, if it really had shown a significant change. Unfortunately, under close scrutiny, it doesn't. Romney's current position claims to be "Pro-Life," BUT with exceptions for rape, incest and health concerns. That means Mitt Romney believes it's okay to kill an innocent unborn child if his father is a rapist, or his mother is incestuous, or if some doctor said his mother has "health concerns" (whatever that means). So in the case of rape, Mitt Romney believes children should be punished for the crimes of their fathers. In the case of incest, Mitt Romney believes children should be punished for the crimes of their parents. In the case of "health concerns," Mitt Romney believes children should be made to die in order to reduce the alleged "suffering" of their mothers -- all based entirely on some doctor's subjective OPINION! But as if that were not enough, Mitt Romney also believes (according to his own words) that abortion laws should vary from state to state. So Mitt Romney believes it's okay to kill babies in Massachusetts, but not necessarily in Missouri. New Jersey is okay, but maybe not New Mexico.

So there you have it. Mitt Romney really hasn't changed that much at all. He is a very weak "Pro-Life" candidate, if you could call him that. Or maybe you could say he's a very weak "Pro-Choice" candidate. It's no wonder why most social-conservatives will not support him.

I'll leave you with this stirring video of Mitt Romney on the subject of abortion from just five years ago....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Will Huckabee Resurrect the Reagan Coalition?

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: Would, and if so, why -- why would Ronald Reagan endorse you? Would Ronald Reagan endorse you? And if so, why?


MIKE HUCKABEE: I think it would be incredibly presumptuous and even arrogant for me to try to suggest what Ronald Reagan would do, that he would endorse any of us against the others.

Let me just say this, I'm not going to pretend he would endorse me. I wish he would. I would love that, but I endorse him, and I'm going to tell you why.

It wasn't just his specific policies, but Ronald Reagan was something more than just a policy wonk. He was a man who loved this country, and he inspired this country to believe in itself again.

What made Ronald Reagan a great president was not just the intricacies of his policies, though they were good policies. It was that he loved America and saw it as a good nation and a great nation because of the greatness of its people.

And if we can recapture that, that's when we recapture the Reagan spirit. It's that spirit that has a can-do attitude about America's futures and that makes us love our country whether we're Democrats or Republicans. And that's what I believe Ronald Reagan did -- he brought this country back together and made us believe in ourselves.

And whether he believes in us, I hope we still believe in those things which made him a great leader and a great American.


read full text of the debate

CNN Declares Huckabee The Winner


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WARNING: McCain May Win GOP Nomination

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Senator John McCain may actually win the GOP nomination due to a split in the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Drudge Report now claims that Rudy Giuliani will endorse John McCain as early as Wednesday, effectively sending most of his left-centrist supporters over to the McCain camp.

Meanwhile the conservative wing of the GOP is split. Fiscal-conservatives are leaning toward Governor Mit Romney, and social-conservative are leaning toward Governor Mike Huckabee. The conservative wing of the GOP makes up 2/3 of the Party. Normally conservatives control the direction of the party, but so long as this group is split, it opens the door for the minority 1/3 of left-center Republicans to control the party. These center-left Republicans are otherwise known as the "Republican In Name Only" or the "RINO."

The historical alliance of fiscal and social conservatives is what is known as the "Reagan Coalition," as Ronald Reagan became the first GOP candidate to unite them into a controlling majority within the party. That coalition was split in this election cycle, due to the party putting forward candidates weak on social-conservative issues. Social-conservatives responded with the "Value Voters Summit," and put forward their own favorite candidate -- Governor Mike Huckabee. This angered the establishment within the Republican Party, which immediately took aim at Huckabee through talk-radio and the Internet. Many have said the Reagan Coalition is dead. Rush Limbaugh responded by saying it isn't dead until he says it is. Sorry but Rush is WRONG -- dead wrong.

THE 'REAGAN COALITION' IS OVER! It died in the summer of 2007, when the GOP couldn't put forward a candidate that satisfied the demands of social-conservatives. Now the conservative wing of the Republican Party is split, between the social-conservatives (who overwhelmingly support Huckabee) and the fiscal-conservatives (who tend to lean toward the establishment favored Romney).

As Romney and Huckabee duke it out for the 2/3 conservative vote of the GOP, the left-leaning RINO McCain will ride into first place with a solid 1/3 left-center Republican vote -- especially after Giuliani supporters jump on board his bandwagon. A McCain nomination would spell certain disaster for the GOP in November, as McCain will have difficulty garnering the social-conservative vote. He may actually gather some of the fiscal-conservative vote, but only for fear of a Hillary victory. Without the social-conservatives on board, no Republican candidate can win in the general election this November.

A Romney nomination would present the same problems as a McCain nomination, but less so. Romney would be able to gain the support of the RINOS and most fiscal-conservatives, who ironically seem to be enamored by him, even though he was a successful governor of a very Liberal state (Massachusetts). But one group Romney will have great problems with is the social-conservatives, the group he needs most. While some social-conservatives will cast their vote toward him for fear of a Hillary victory, some will not. A good number of Evangelicals will simply stay home in November, rather than cast their vote for a man they believe to be dishonest about his supposed 'Pro-Life' beliefs. How any governor could claim to be 'Pro-Life' while approving $50 abortions in Massachusetts is beyond the capacity of most social-conservatives to overlook. Unfortunately, the Mormon thing is also an issue. Though most practicing Catholics wouldn't let that get in the way, the issue becomes a bit more sticky with Evangelicals who typically view Mormonism as a "cult." In the general election, Romney will not be able to garner enough social-conservative votes to beat Hillary on his own steam. His miserable loss to McCain in both Florida and South Carolina demonstrate that beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Huckabee is expected to do well in the Midwestern states on Super Tuesday, and early indications seem to point toward victory in the old South as well. This is the Bible Belt, and virtually all the political analysts agreed that Huckabee would have taken South Carolina by a good margin had Fred Thompson not still been in the race at that time. So as long as enough social-conservatives continue to turn out for the vote, it looks like Huckabee will remain a viable spoiler in the conservative wing of the Republican Party. As it was in Iowa, so it is on Super Tuesday. Regardless of where McCain stands in the polls, this race in the GOP is really between two men -- Romney and Huckabee. The winner will determine the fate of the party. If the two battle it out long past Super Tuesday, the conservative vote will continue to be split, and McCain will win the nomination based on his appeal to the 1/3 left-center wing of the GOP. A McCain nomination will result in a Hillary victory in November, and may even result in social-conservatives breaking away from the GOP. If Romney knocks Huckabee out of the race on Super Tuesday, than he may get enough support from the social-conservatives to knock McCain out of the race before the GOP convention. In doing this, he may save the party, but he won't get enough support from the social-conservatives to beat Hillary in the general election. If by a long shot, Huckabee actually manages to edge Romney out of his lead, causing him to eventually drop out of the race, than he stands a chance at not only saving the party, but perhaps even beating Hillary in the general election. As to what's going to happen, your guess is as good as mine now. We shall see. As for me, I'll be praying for Huckabee.

Chapel Veils

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This information is for the ladies who wish to participate in the ancient Catholic and Biblical custom of veiling (1st Corinthians 11: full explanation here). Canon Law no longer requires women to wear veils, but the custom is quickly returning to local parishes all around North America.

The following is a short list of online retailers who specialize in chapel veils and prayer shawls for women....
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Mike Huckabee Is The Best Catholic On The Ballot

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: 'Catholic Online' is the leading Internet news provider for North American Catholics, and it also happens to be the only Catholic news outlet that has seriously examined the positions of the 2008 U.S. presidential candidates. Their conclusion? Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, is the best 'Catholic' on the ballot!

By that they mean that Mike Huckabee is the only presidential candidate running on either ticket that is most in line with the principles of Catholic social doctrine. It's a conclusion 'The Catholic Knight' came to months ago, and it's feels good to finally be validated.

The message is clear. If a Catholic wants to vote like a Catholic, than the only choice left of all the presidential candidates is Mike Huckabee...
(Catholic Online) - Catholic voters find themselves just as bewildered as other Americans this election year.

Faced with a more colourful line-up of candidates touting a wider array of viewpoints than ever before, an unprecedented number of voters remain undecided.

On the Democratic side, the race for the White House pits the first viable African-American candidate against the first viable female candidate, while the Republican field includes a bona-fide war hero running against a former Baptist preacher, a multi-millionaire business executive, a prime-time TV actor, and a guy who likes to be called “America’s Mayor.”

This time around, however, Catholics have been given extra-help in making wise choices at the ballot box. In a recent document entitled “Forming Consciences for Faithful citizenship” (2007), the US Conference of Catholic Bishops provided the faithful with a voter’s guide that can help them exercise their democratic responsibilities in accordance with the Church’s social teachings.

Of course, the Bishops of the Church offer no detailed social program; they claim no expertise in the finer points of economics or foreign policy. What they do provide, however, is an outline of general moral and social principles, clearly laid out and prioritized in a way that can enable Catholics — and, indeed, all people of good will—to apply those principles to the great issues of the day.

Here is a salutary exercise for every Catholic who wants to cast a well-informed vote this year: go to each candidate’s website, and read over their public statements of where they stand on the issues. Then, immediately after that, read the Bishops’ statement on “Faithful Citizenship.” Compare and contrast what you find.

When this exercise is done fairly and without prejudice, many Catholics will be surprised to discover that the presidential candidate whose viewpoints seem most “in sync” with the Church’s guidance is none other than the most devout Evangelical in the race: Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee has advertised himself during this presidential election as a “Christian [that is, Evangelical Christian] leader,” whose faith “not only informs me, it defines me.”

Then how could he be the most “Catholic” candidate on the ballot? ...

read full story here

Monday, January 28, 2008

Catholic Online Compares Huckabee To Biblical David

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: 'Catholic Online' is one of the leading Internet Catholic media outlets. Their intensive coverage of Mike Huckabee says a lot about the Republican field of candidates. Their most recent front-page story likens Huckabee's uphill battle with the establishment to the Biblical story of David and Goliath.

'The Catholic Knight' would like to point out that the political establishment's condescension toward "Evangelicals" and "Evangelical candidates" is one and the same with their sentiments toward practicing Catholics.  The establishment sees no distinction between the two.  Both are viewed as gullible "religious zealots" who cannot lead, but must be led by the establishment elites in the Republican Party.  The mainstream media shares this sentiment.  Keep in mind, when the establishment dismisses Evangelicals and their favored candidates, they are doing the same to practicing Catholics who share the Evangelical Pro-Life and Pro-Family ethic...
(Catholic Online) - The likelihood of the Governor from Hope taking on the Goliath of the Republican establishment and winning the Republican nomination seems minimal. However, has anyone checked his pockets? There just might be five smooth stones in there.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Pope Begins Phase 2 of Liturgical Renewal

(CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI has no intention of launching a liturgical "return to the past" but would like to recover some important elements that have been lost or forgotten in recent decades, the Vatican's liturgist said.

Msgr. Guido Marini, master of papal liturgical ceremonies, made the comments in an interview Jan. 19 with Vatican Radio. He was asked about fears that the pope wants to abandon the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council.

"These are certainly incorrect inferences and interpretations," Msgr. Marini said. The path of Catholic liturgy is "development in continuity," in which change never loses touch with the church's living traditions, he said.

"This may also require, in some cases, the recovery of precious and important elements that along the way have been lost or forgotten," he said....

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Pope Benedict XVI's liturgical reform has been the subject of much confusion in the Catholic Church. This is mainly because so many Catholics don't know this pope, have never read his works, and do not understand his intentions. I've had several conversations with clergy in my diocese, and I've found this to be no less the case here in Southern Missouri. It seems there is an overarching fear, even among the clergy, that this pope seeks to undo the reforms of Vatican II and take the Church back to the pre-conciliar period. Personally, I believe their fears are unfounded, and I am reminded of Pope John Paul II's first words to the world upon his instillation in 1978: "Be not afraid."  Those words could just as easily be applied here.  Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, was John Paul II's close personal friend.  Though they differ radically in style, they are virtually the same in ideology.

At the heart of concern is Pope Benedict's motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, which liberalizes usage of the pre-conciliar Tridentine liturgy (traditional Latin mass). What many Catholics don't realize is that this was just Phase 1 of the pope's agenda for liturgical reform. Since issuing the motu proprio, the pope has revealed that his reasoning was a bit different than what many thought. Turns out, Summorum Pontificum was not the result of an overwhelming affection the pope had for the Tridentine mass, but rather the result of overwhelming abuse of the Novus Ordo liturgy (new mass). In other words, the pope revealed, liberals who abuse the new mass, brought this motu proprio upon themselves. The implication being that Summorum Pontificum would have never come about, if only liberals in the Church hadn't abused the new liturgy, and tried to marginalize Catholics who (in frustration) wanted to return to the old. Summorum Pontificum was in effect, a chastisement of the liberal wing of the Catholic Church, for failing to show Christian charity to the conservative wing, and for abusing the treasure of the new mass.

The purpose of Summorum Pontificum now serves to complete the original intention of Pope John Paul II's motu proprio Ecclesia Dei, which was to allow the two forms of the mass to exist side-by-side, and thus influence each other. This was designed to cause them to eventually grow together organically. The idea was that while the reforms of Vatican II were perfectly legitimate, and necessary, their implementation came about in a very defective way -- especially in the English-speaking world.  As a result of that many abuses of the liturgy crept in, and consequently, there evolved a "rupture" of sorts between the liturgical tradition of the pre-conciliar Church and the post-conciliar Church. Such a rupture is unnatural, and harmful, both to the liturgical health of the Catholic Church, and to the spiritual health of individual Catholics. Pope John Paul II sought to correct this problem in a gentle way, allowing the rupture to heal itself. His efforts, however, were met with significant resistance, further liturgical abuse, and the open suppression of the Tridentine liturgy by many bishops around the world -- especially in English-speaking nations.

Pope Benedict XVI fully understands the meaning of that Latin saying: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, which means "the law of prayer is the law of belief." He knows swatting down heresies and abuses in the Church isn't enough by itself. If the root cause of these things is allowed to remain, the problems will continue to resurface over and over again. The liturgical rupture in the Church has become a root source of the problem, and this rupture must be healed if the Church is to put down many of the modern heresies and abuses that plague her.

Now that the pope has enshrined the free celebration of the Tridentine liturgy into Church law, the effort of liturgical orthodoxy can no longer be suppressed. Its influence will not be limited to the celebration of the traditional Latin mass. As the older form of the mass expands, it will directly compete with the celebration of the new mass, especially as portions of the old mass begin to be celebrated in the vernacular languages. This competition will force celebrants of the new mass to return to a greater sense of solemnity and reverence, effectively bringing back many of the ancient customs of the pre-conciliar period to accomplish this.

The pope has wasted no time in guiding the reform of the new liturgy by leading through example. This is where Pope Benedict XVI's heart really lies. Make no mistake about it, the pope's love for the new mass is the primary force driving this whole thing. He has no desire to abolish the Novus Ordo, but rather renew it, and energize it for the next century. Now enters Phase 2 of the pope's agenda.

The pope begins Phase 2 by turning back toward the Lord. By this I mean ad orientem -- in which the celebrant of the mass faces "east" with the congregation during the liturgy, in accordance with the most ancient custom of the Church. The idea here is that the priest leads the congregation toward the Lord, representing them, by facing the same direction. Many Catholics mistakenly believe the priest is "turning his back to them" when he does this. Such a statement reveals a profound misunderstanding of the liturgy. Priests never "turn their backs" to the congregation. Rather, they "turn their faces toward the Lord" together with the congregation, acting as a leader and a representative of the congregation. This simple but profound act, is something that has been virtually discarded since the Second Vatican Council. It is an example of "throwing the baby out with the bath water," an act that played a key role in the rupture of the Church's liturgical tradition. It is the first step in a long marathon of renewal. The pope is showing the priests and bishops of the world, by example, how to heal the rift in the Church, and energize the new liturgy for the 21st century.

In the English-speaking world, the changes coming to the new mass will be more profound than in other places, primarily because the English-speaking world has drifted so far from the historical tradition of the Church. For starters, the Vatican has determined the English translation of the mass we now celebrate is "defective," and has revoked the American Church's permission to keep celebrating it. A new missal has been completed now, and is under review. It will more faithfully render the Latin text of the new mass into English. So English-speaking Catholics can expect a whole new translation of the new mass in the near future. This combined with the ad orientem posture of the priest, the return to kneeling for communion, the use of Gregorian chant, among many other things, will give English-speaking Catholics a sense that the old and new have been re-married in a new format, something much more familiar to the liturgical development of the Catholic Church over the last 2000 years.  In other words, prepare for a greater sense of solemnity, reverence and mystery in the new English mass.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Duncan Hunter Endorses Mike Huckabee

(CNN) - California Rep. Duncan Hunter, a former presidential candidate, announced Wednesday he is endorsing Mike Huckabee's White House bid.

“I got to know Governor Huckabee well on the campaign trail,” Hunter said in a statement. “Of the remaining candidates I feel that he is strongly committed to strengthening national defense, constructing the border fence and meeting the challenge of China’s emergence as a military superpower that is taking large portions of America’s industrial base...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bye-Bye Baby Blunt

(NewsMax) - In a stunning announcement Tuesday, Blunt said he had decided not to seek a second term because he had accomplished virtually everything he set out to do when he ran for governor four years ago.

Blunt already had raised millions of dollars for a potential re-election campaign. But he has trailed in the polls to Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon, who has been campaigning against Blunt for several years already....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: And I say good riddance! Here's the part the news clip won't tell you. The reason why Republican Governor Matt Blunt can't get re-elected is because he hacked off the very base that got him elected in the first place. By that I mean his pro-life social-conservative base. Matt Blunt was a key player in the hideous "stem-cell cures" act that voters approved last year. This legislation actually redefined human cloning into something else, and then enshrined the practice into Missouri's state constitution, making it illegal to even challenge it. This evil legislation, actually puts human cloning and fetal stem-cell research as the #1 top budget priority for the state government. Funding is to go to human cloning and fetal stem-cell research BEFORE everything else -- and that includes education, law enforcement and even highway maintenance. Missouri voters passed the initiative thanks to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign telling voters that the bill actually banned human cloning (a complete lie) and promised them immediate cures for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Diabetes if passed. (To date, no "cures" have yet been found.) Governor Blunt's involvement in this legislation caused the 'Missouri Right to Life' to publicly withdraw their endorsement of him.

We call him "Baby Blunt" because his father (Roy Blunt) has served in the U.S. Congress for so long nobody can remember when he was first elected. Roy has earned the designation of "Papa Blunt" and his son is affectionately referred to as "Baby Blunt." Governor Baby Blunt has become the epitome of the Pro-Life betrayal in the Republican Party. Here we have a candidate who campaigned on a Pro-Life platform, only to give us THE most anti-life piece of legislation in our state's history. The reason why he's trailing in the polls is because his core constituents won't support him anymore. He was a miserable failure as far as the Pro-Life movement is concerned, an example that if you elect a Republican who is weak on Pro-Life issues, he could do more damage to the Pro-Life movement than any Democrat could ever hope to do on his best day.

Thompson Out - Huckabee Still In

(AP) - Republican Fred Thompson, the actor-politician who attracted more attention as a potential presidential candidate than as a real one, quit the race for the White House on Tuesday after a string of poor finishes in early primary and caucus states.

"Today, I have withdrawn my candidacy for president of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort," the former Tennessee senator said in a brief statement...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: And then there were three. The Republican presidential race is now down to three candidates -- John McCain, Mit Romney and Mike Huckabee. (Sorry Ron Paul supporters - your guy doesn't stand a chance.)

So 'The Catholic Knight' calls upon all Thompson supporters to consider the following. In 2008 you have three possible candidates to run against Hillary Clinton. You can have....

  1. Senator John McCain -- a.k.a. "Mr. Amnesty"
  2. Governor Mit Romney -- the flip-flopping Massachusetts liberal, who's the Republican answer to John Kerry
  3. Governor Mike Huckabee -- a man with a solid Pro-Life record, and a supporter of the "FAIR-TAX"

So who do you think can beat Hillary in the general election? Better yet, which one of the above three would you rather see in the Whitehouse?

Many Candidates Use MLK To Campaign, But Only One Honors Him

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Many 2008 presidential candidates used the Martin Luther King Holiday as an opportunity to campaign for the black vote in America. Most of them addressed black churches yesterday, or else they used surrogate speakers to address these churches for them. But one candidate stood out. His name is Mike Huckabee, who sat quietly with the King family, to pay tribute to the fallen crusader. The Vatican has had serious discussions in recent years about honoring Dr. King with the official Church designation of "martyr."
(AP) - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee paid tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. at a lengthy memorial service Monday at King's old church and was endorsed by several black religious leaders.

While his main GOP rivals campaigned in Florida, Huckabee sat quietly through a nearly four-hour King ceremony at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. He was overshadowed by fellow Arkansan Bill Clinton, who received a long ovation for his 18-minute address.

The former president acknowledged Huckabee, who did not speak. "We don't agree on much, but he is a very good man," Clinton told the audience of several hundred....

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Anti-Catholicism On The Rise In Europe - Will Hate Crimes Soon Follow?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I boldly assert that militant Secularists hate Catholicism (and therefore all Catholics) almost as much as militant Islamists do. Hatred for the Church makes such strange bedfellows...
(Reuters) - Students at Italy's top public university protested against the Roman Catholic Church on Thursday after forcing Pope Benedict to cancel a visit.

Riot police stood guard near the loud but peaceful march at Rome's La Sapienza university, which was founded by a pope more than 700 years ago and is now at the centre of a national debate about the role of religion in secular society.

Students marched in the rain with banners reading "Freedom for the University", after decrying what they view as Church meddling in Italian affairs through its public stance on issues like abortion, gay rights and euthanasia.

The tone was different inside at the ceremonies marking the start of the academic year, with speakers warning of censorship of religious leaders in the name of secularism after the Pope decided on Tuesday to scrap his appearance...

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Huckabee on Illegal Immigration & Border Control

(The Washington Times) - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee yesterday continued to move to the right on immigration during this year's presidential campaign, signing a pledge to enforce immigration laws and to make all illegal aliens go home.

The pledge, offered by immigration control advocacy group Numbers USA, commits Mr. Huckabee to oppose a new path to citizenship for current illegal aliens and to cut the number of illegal aliens already in the country through attrition by law enforcement — something Mr. Huckabee said he will achieve through his nine-point immigration plan.

"Some would say it's a tough plan. It is, but it's also fair and reasonable," Mr. Huckabee said....

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Romney Won Michigan

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: That's my take on that. ;o)

Kiss of Death - Hugo Chavez Will Persecute Catholic Leaders

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Dictators have a nasty reputation, especially those of the socialist bent. The European socialist dictators, like Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, persecuted Christians with a vengeance. Hitler even attempted to kidnap Pope Pius XII due to the pontiffs opposition to Hitler's Third Reich.

Now a brave Catholic soul has challenged Hugo Chavez, and it is my opinion (based on history) that this bishop just signed his own arrest warrant -- at the very least. He may have even signed his own death certificate.

To date, Chavez remains an icon of illiberal Left-wing socialists in both South and North America. His rhetoric is reminiscent of European fascists in the 1930s. We have yet to see the real dark side of this man, but I predict it's about to come out. That's what happens when their absolute power is challenged.
(CNA).- The archbishop of Caracas, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, is demanding that President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela show more respect for the Church and her representatives, after he accused the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Giacinto Berloco, of protecting a “criminal”—student leader Nixon Moreno—in the Nunciature.

During a speech to the National Assembly, Chavez said Church officials should “reflect,” and he criticized Archbishop Berloco for hiding a “criminal” at the Nunciature. Moreno has been taking refuge at the Nuncio’s residence since March of 2007.

“We deserve to be respected by officials and by the president as well, who the Apostolic Nuncio, Giacinto Berloco, and I have treated with all due respect….We deplore his attacks, offenses and lack of understanding,” Cardinal Urosa said.
Likewise, he recalled that mechanisms exist for the government to make known its complaints. “These requests or criticisms can be made with having to insult Church officials,” he pointed out....

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Christianophobia On The Rise

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Personally, I prefer the term "Christophobia" to "Christianophobia," but whatever works. The point is the illiberal Left-wing Secularists hate Christianity almost as much as Islamic fascists do. As they gain more power in Europe, and begin to rise to power in North America, Christians in these areas can expect to see some real persecution in the not-too-distant future. Some of them already are being persecuted economically and socially. Are you ready to be persecuted? I guarantee, those of you reading this will see it come within your lifetime....

(Zenit) - International organizations need to know that being a Christian in Europe sometimes means being the victim of Christianophobia, say the promoters of a new Web site detailing this phenomenon.

The "Europe for Christ!" network launched from Vienna to both explain what Christianophobia is, and to tell how Europeans have experienced it.

"Christianophobia means irrational fear or hatred of Christians, or Christianity in general," explained Gudrun Kugler, founder of the site. "It includes anti-Christian bias, and also manifests itself in the slow marginalization of those confessing the Christian faith."

The site includes cases of mockery or ridiculing of the Christian faith, the removal of Christian symbols from public places, restrictions on wearing symbols of Christian faith, and attacks in movies and television broadcasts.

The site also details the persecution of "politically incorrect" positions intrinsic to the Christian faith, such as the opposition to abortion and gay "marriage." Cases range from people being fired or sentenced to pay a fine...

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pope Offers Mass Ad Orientem

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This historic event marks the beginning of Pope Benedict's reform of the Novus Ordo (vernacular) mass...
( - Pope Benedict XVI baptized 13 infants, the children of Vatican employees, in keeping with a Vatican tradition on the feast of the Baptism of Christ.

The Holy Father used the ad orientem posture, facing in the same direction as the congregation, using the magnificent altar of the Sistine Chapel rather than portable altar that had been set up in previous years. This provoked widespread comment, with many journalists reporting that the Pope had revived an old liturgical tradition. (In fact, the ad orientem posture was never abolished.)...

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

SSPX Coming Home To Rome

( Six months after Benedict XVI issued an apostolic letter on the extended use of the 1962 missal, the Vatican says it is seeing fruits of reconciliation with Catholics who objected to the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

"Summorum Pontificum," allows for more availability of the Latin-language Mass, a rite the document dubs the "extraordinary form." The letter, issued "motu proprio" (on his own initiative), brought attention to the situation of schismatic groups such as the Society of St. Pius X, that refuse to celebrate the "Novus Ordo" Mass established by Vatican II.

Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos told ZENIT that after the June 7 document, one group has already asked to return to full communion with the Church....

......Requests, he continued, are coming in from around the world: "Many of the faithful have contacted us, written and called, to say they want full communion."

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mike Huckabee -- A REAL Conservative

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Unfortunately, some other Republican candidates are trying hard to chip away at Mike Huckabee's lead in the polls. One of them, Senator Fred Thompson and his supporters, are attacking Huckabee for supposedly not being a "true conservative." I believe the "L" word was tossed around a bit. Now 'The Catholic Knight' has no problem engaging in a little politics on my blog, but I'm not going to lower myself to attacking a political candidate on issues that have absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism. So Fred gets off the hook from me tonight. I will however, defend the record of the man he is defaming...

Libertarian radio talk-show host, Neal Bortz, set the record straight too. Mike Huckabee is a tax-cutting conservative, and his Arkansas record proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. Those who are trying to defame his record in Arkansas are citing isolated incidences and taking them out of context.

Now on to Mike Huckabee's CONSERVATIVE tax plan for America. It's called the FAIR-TAX, and it amount to the largest tax-cut in the history of the world for the working middle class. It also eliminates all taxes for the poor, and even cuts taxes on the "rich" too. It eliminates the IRS. It stops all federal withholdings from your paycheck, and you never have to file another tax return again. What does Fred Thompson, and other Republican candidates, say about the Fair-Tax? They say they might consider it if Congress ever passes the bill, but they will not take the lead to push for this issue. So far, only Huckabee, has promised to push to get this plan passed.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Real Anti-Catholics Hate Mike Huckabee

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The broadcast was supposed to be an Anti-Huckabee skit, but the real butt of this joke was the Catholic Faith. This only goes to show that real anti-Catholics hate Mike Huckabee in addition to Catholicism. Make no mistake about it. Real anti-Catholics see no significant difference between the two...
(Catholic League) - On January 7, an anti-Huckabee skit trashed Jesus on a radio show, “Fair Game with Faith Salie.” It aired on KCPW, Utah’s National Public Radio station. Here is a transcript of the offensive segment:

[Woman’s voice]: And now another Huckabee family recipe leaked by his opponents.

[Male Voice]: Tired of bland unsatisfying Eucharists? Try this Huckabee family favorite. Deep-Fried Body of Christ--boring holy wafers no more. Take one Eucharist. Preferably post transubstantiation. Deep-fry in fat, not vegetable oil, ladies, until crispy. Serve piping hot. Mike likes to top his Christ with whipped cream and sprinkles. But his wife Janet and the boys like theirs with heavy gravy and cream puffs. It goes great with red wine.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bishop Says Catholics Should Kneel And Receive Communion On the Tongue

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Mother Teresa was SHOCKED when she visited the United States and observed how Catholic Americans receive communion in the hand while standing. She couldn't believe that respect and adoration of the Eucharist had degenerated so far in the western world...

(CNS) -- The reverence and awe of Catholics who truly believe they are receiving Jesus in the Eucharist should lead them to kneel and receive Communion on their tongues, said a bishop writing in the Vatican newspaper.

"If some nonbeliever arrived and observed such an act of adoration perhaps he, too, would 'fall down and worship God, declaring, God is really in your midst,'" wrote Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, quoting from the First Letter to the Corinthians.

In a Jan. 8 article labeled a "historical-liturgical note," Bishop Schneider reviewed the writings of early church theologians about eucharistic reception and said the practice of laypeople receiving Communion on the tongue was the predominant custom by the sixth century.

The article in L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, appeared under the headline, "Like a nursing child in the arms of the one who nourishes him."

Bishop Schneider said that just as a baby opens his mouth to receive nourishment from his mother, so should Catholics open their mouths to receive nourishment from Jesus.

"Christ truly nourishes us with his body and blood in holy Communion and, in the patristic era, it was compared to maternal breastfeeding," he said...

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Germany Drives Home-Schoolers Out Of Country

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Most people don't know about German hostility toward home-schooling families, which comes in the form of an official state policy left over from Hitler's Nazi era...
( - A German family has completed its flight to Great Britain after the mayor of their hometown filed a court action to give custody of the children to the state because the parents have been homeschooling, according to officials at Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit, an advocacy organization addressing such issues.

Officials there said Klaus and Kathrin Landahl and their five children, including four of school age, "are in safety in England. They reached Dover on Saturday midnight."

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Huckabee Catholic Outreach Goes National

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: To put it bluntly, anyone who thinks Huckabee is anti-Catholic is smoking crack! The Catholic Knight defies anyone who thinks so to take the Mike Huckabee Anti-Catholic Challenge. Not only does this man champion the moral side of Catholic Social Doctrine, but he's one of the few Republicans in recent memory to champion the economic side of Catholic Social Doctrine as well, which is why many in the Republican establishment don't like him...
(Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee sees his conservative religious base as reaching beyond evangelical Protestants to Catholics as well.

Huckabee, an ordained Baptist preacher, won the Iowa caucus last week which kicks off the nominating process for the November presidential election, largely because of support from the state’s numerous evengelical community.

While campaigning in New Hampshire — where he is hoping for a solid third place finish in the state’s Tuesday primary — Huckabee told reporters on the bus on Monday that he felt his broad message resonated with many Catholics.

“Catholics were a major source of support for me in Arkansas. And they have been nationally. And it’s not only because of the pro-life and pro-family issues,” he said, refering to his opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage.

“I certainly believe that Catholics are right about talking about poverty, disease and hunger. Things I talk about … I think a lot of evengelicals have not talked enough about it quite frankly,” he said.

Huckabee’s remarks point to a strategy that sees a broader coalition than the old “Religious Right” — one that unites not only socially conservative Catholics and evengelicals but also those who see Biblical sanction for helping the poor.

Huckabee said that much of his campaign staff was Roman Catholic — so much so that when he looked at the list last August he said he thought “we need some Baptists in this bunch here.”

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Living In The Evangelical Shadow?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Dear brothers and sisters in the U.S. Catholic Church. Tonight I come to you with a challenging question. Why do Evangelicals lead, while Catholics lag?

When I say "Evangelicals lead," I mean they lead by evangelism, and social influence. Evangelicals are incredibly aggressive when it comes to evangelism, and they are incredibly successful when it comes to social influence on a political level. They're constantly reaching out in every direction, to lead more people to Christ, and get them thinking about their own lives, and the moral decay of our society. As a consequence, their pews fill and their church memberships swell. It was the Evangelicals who coined the term "mega-church," and it was the Evangelicals who decided the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Likewise, they will probably decide the 2008 election too, if the right candidate wins the G.O.P. nomination.

As Catholics we can sight various reasons why we don't like the Evangelical method. We could point out a long history of anti-Catholicism. Though it may not be true in every case, it is a perfectly valid point. We could say that some Evangelicals target Catholics to convert them. We could also point out obnoxious methods used in public places, such as street preaching.  We could point out a variety of things, and all of them would probably be valid points, but they don't answer the question. Why do Evangelicals lead, while Catholics lag?

Some might be inclined to point out that Catholicism, by its nature, just isn't a very evangelistic religion. They might say that Catholicism relies more on birthrate than conversion. If they're talking about Catholicism in the United States, they would be 100% accurate, but to apply that same theory to Catholicism worldwide would be a terrible mistake. In Africa and Asia, Catholics are very evangelistic. These are also the areas where the Catholic Church is growing at a breakneck speed, much faster than Evangelicalism in those areas. It's even growing faster than Evangelicalism in North America. So the notion that Catholicism isn't an evangelistic religion is just pure silliness, based entirely on an Amero-centric world view.

Others might point out scandal in the U.S. Catholic Church, claiming that this paralyzes Catholicism, making it impossible to reach out. That sounds like a convenient excuse, but it doesn't explain why Evangelical groups continue to grow after numerous scandals within their ranks over the years. (Do the names Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart ring a bell?)

Then of course, there are those who say the reason why Catholicism does not gain more converts is because it's much too conservative. These people tell us that if the Church would only drop it's opposition to abortion, gay-marriage, birth-control, and women in the priesthood, it would grow by leaps and bounds. These same people seem to ignore the statistical examples of liberal Protestant churches that have implemented this exact agenda. Take the U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA) for example. Here we have an organization that mirrors Catholicism in every way, except for it's liberal social gospel. The ECUSA has a very liberal view of abortion and birth-control, has not only blessed gay-marriage, but even ordained gay men to the priesthood, and elevated one to bishop. Women have been ordained as priestesses in the ECUSA for over three decades now, many have become bishops, and one currently leads the national denomination. In effect, the ECUSA is EVERYTHING they say the Catholic Church should be, and yet what have we seen? In the 1970s, the denomination consisted of 3.6 million members. Within a decade after ordaining women, it lost nearly a third of it's membership, down to 2.6 million. In the decades to follow, the denomination continued to fracture and disintegrate. Now it's very existence is in question, as schism threatens not only the national Episcopal Church, but the entire worldwide Anglican Communion as well. It would seem that those who advocate the Catholic Church adopt the same policies as the ECUSA don't have the best interests of Catholicism in mind. It would instead appear that many of them are political opportunists, seeking to further their own social agenda, at the expense of any Church or denomination they claim they want to help. In contrast, Catholicism in Africa and Asia has surged, not because of a liberal message, but by espousing an extremely conservative message, harkening to the ancient traditions of the Church. Likewise, Evangelicals in North America do not gain massive converts with a liberal message. They espouse a very conservative Protestant message, and as a result, they build churches the size of stadiums. Statistics worldwide make it very clear that Liberalism is a one way ticket to nowhere. Not only does it fail to help churches grow, but it leaves them in ruin.

Whether we Catholics like the Evangelical method or not, we have to admit that whatever it is they're doing, it works! When it comes to following the great commission, it's the Evangelicals who are taking the Catholics to school, at least in North America anyway. The time has come for us to stop criticizing them and starting watching them, learning from them. We have to figure out exactly what they're doing, not for the purpose of imitating them, but rather to correct and improve upon what they've done. If Evangelicals can accomplish what they've done with just part of the gospel, just imagine what Catholics could do having ALL of the gospel! A quick glance at Evangelicalism reveals a few important traits...
  1. They're highly conservative. They take the basic premises of Protestantism and stick to them with zeal. They generally don't compromise with Secular Liberalism on anything. Though their critics have claimed this makes them look foolish, their numbers continue to grow.
  2. They're message is simple and consistent. They preach it over and over again, never straying or losing focus. Ironically, the basic premise of it is the same as the Catholic faith - Jesus Saves!
  3. They're not afraid to use every method of the new media at their disposal. In addition to using the time honored practice of circulating gospel tracts, they make movies, broadcast on television and radio, and they use the Internet.
  4. They're primary evangelists are laymen. They focus almost entirely on getting their message out through the laity, particularly the young people. With Evangelicals, it's all about bringing an "unsaved" friend to church.
  5. They're outreach to "unsaved" friends is twofold. Getting them into their church is only half of the strategy. Once there, the pastor always makes sure to set aside a few minutes during the sermon to explain the gospel message, and then extend an invitation for conversion. Sometimes this is done through an "alter call," and sometimes the invitation to speak with a counselor after the service.
Imitating Evangelicals isn't going to turn the U.S. Catholic Church around. Catholics are going to have to do better than this. They're going to have to examine the Evangelical model of evangelism, improve upon it using the tenets of the Catholic faith, and then implement it. This is not something that can be manufactured in an episcopal committee. It's something some brave bishop somewhere is going to have to take upon himself to start. Once he's demonstrated remarkable results, he can present the plan to other bishops in neighboring diocese, and so on. Priests can also take the initiative upon themselves within their own parishes. Insofar as canon law permits, they can find ways to make their parishes more evangelistic, using the Evangelical model and improving upon it. Once remarkable results have been demonstrated, he can present the plan to his bishop to be implemented in other parishes throughout the diocese. As for lay Catholics, they too can take some initiative, by familiarizing themselves with the basic gospel message as taught by the Catholic Church. They can purchase Catholic gospel tracts (available here), and use them as talking points while evangelizing friends. They can also leave them in public places like Evangelicals sometimes do. Most importantly, they can try to invite a friend to mass every Sunday.

Granted, it's not all about numbers. Having a large parish isn't very impressive if the parish is watered down with unorthodoxy and liberal attitudes toward liturgy and morality. However, the Evangelical model isn't based on liberal attitudes. It's based upon conservative Protestant teaching, and they stick to it with a passion. Sticking to their faith seems to work for them. Doesn't it stand to reason that it would work for Catholics too? The largest single denomination in the United States is the Catholic Church, making up about 40% of all Christians in this country. No Evangelical denomination comes close to that number. Yet as a group, these numerous Evangelical groups tower over us, both in size and influence. It seems that U.S. Catholics have become all too comfortable living in the Evangelical shadow. Maybe it's time we stepped out into the light and showed this country, and this continent, what our faith is really all about.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Worldwide Anglican Communion Fractures

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Behold the end of the Anglicanism as we know it. Confirmation of this meeting signals the announcement of a formal schism developing in the Worldwide Anglican Communion. This is the fruit of Liberalism. Were it not for the conservative influence of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, the same thing would be happening in the Catholic Church. Thank God for the Chair of Peter. News of this opposing meeting will only serve to solidify fractures in the U.S. Episcopal Church.....
(LifeSiteNews) - After years of speculation, rumors that a number of leading conservative Anglican clergymen may call an opposing conference to the upcoming 14th decennial Lambeth Conference seem to have been confirmed this past Christmas Eve.

In a press release dated December 24, nearly twenty archbishops, bishops and clergymen announced their decision to convene the so called Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFC) in Israel. The main precipitating factor behind the decision to call the controversial conference appears to be the increasing movement of mainstream Anglicanism towards accepting homosexual behavior and clergy.

Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, one of the most prominent figures on the list of those who called the GAFC, has been hinting at the possibility of a split with the global Anglican Communion over the matter of homosexuality for a number of years already. In 2003 he told BBC radio: "We claim we are Bible-loving Christians. We cannot be seen to be doing things clearly outside the boundaries allowable in the Bible. This is only the beginning. We would sever relationships with anybody, anywhere... anyone who strays over the boundaries we are out with them. It is as simple as that."...

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Pope Calls On All Catholics For Historic Emergency Prayer

(Times Online) - Pope Benedict XVI has instructed Roman Catholics to pray “in perpetuity” to cleanse the Church of paedophile clergy. All dioceses, parishes, monasteries, convents and seminaries will be expected to organise continuous daily prayers to express penitence and to purify the clergy.

Vatican officials said that every parish or institution should designate a person or group each day to conduct continuous prayers for the Church to rid itself of the scandal of sexual abuse by clergy. Alternatively, churches in the same diocese could share the duty. Prayer would take place in one parish for 24 hours, then move to another.

Vatican watchers said that there was no known precedent for global prayer on a specific issue of this kind. There are about one billion Roman Catholics worldwide...

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Huckabee Makes Catholic Outreach

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Apparently, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee not only reads books written by Catholic authors, but he quotes them in his speeches as well. After winning the Iowa caucus, Huckabee loosely quoted G.K. Chesterton by saying "in warfare we don't fight because we hate those in front of us, but we fight because we love those behind us." He went on to explain that this is his way of thinking toward his political opponents (i.e. Romney, McCain, Thompson and Giuliani).

Huckabee was a Baptist minister before entering politics. He then served two terms as governor of Arkansas. G.K. Chesterton was a British convert to Catholicism back around the turn of the last century (1900's), and wrote some popular books defending the Catholic faith.

It would seem that Huckabee opponents, along with accomplices in the mainstream media, have tried to prevent a Catholic-Evangelical alliance in this campaign, by associating him with the anti-Catholic remarks of some tele-evangelists who's shows Huckabee has appeared on attempting to reach Evangelical voters. Huckabee has distanced himself from those comments, stating that he doesn't agree with them and does not hold to any anti-Catholic views. He has also addressed this issue directly in an interview with 'Catholic Online' (, pointing out that nearly all of his top campaign advisors are Catholics.

It is interesting that a former Baptist minister would surround himself with Catholic advisors but not surprising. Many Baptists (even Southern Baptists) hold a very favorable view of Catholics, and respect for the Catholic religion, though they themselves do not practice it. Yours truly, 'The Catholic Knight,' personally works with some Southern Baptists, here in the 'Bible Belt' of the USA, who fit this description perfectly. They frequently refer to me as their "Catholic brother in Christ." So I can personally attest to this phenomenon among some Southern Baptists, which is why it doesn't surprise me that Mike Huckabee would follow a similar persuasion.

The bogus anti-Catholic accusations made against Huckabee in this election cycle are strikingly similar to the bogus anti-Catholic accusations made against G.W. Bush in the 2000 election. Back then, political rival John McCain seemed to capitalize on these accusations during the primary season to the point where I started to believe he (or his campaign) was actually behind them. I don't know if the McCain camp has any involvement with these current accusations against Huckabee, but I do find it interesting that this kind of attack appears once again at a time when John McCain is seeking the G.O.P. nomination for president. I'm not accusing him (or his supporters) of anything here, I'm just saying it seems very coincidental. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if this was totally the mainstream media's doing. Somehow that seems like a more plausible theory to me.

Whatever your views are on this, one thing cannot be denied. Mike Huckabee is attempting to reach out to everyone, and this would include both Evangelical and Catholic voters. His appearances at Evangelical churches and tele-evangelist shows make this quite obvious. His interviews with 'Catholic Online,' and speech references quoting popular Catholic authors, demonstrate not only the offer of an olive branch to practicing Catholic voters, but also a willingness to engage in open dialog with them. It will be interesting to watch Huckabee in the coming weeks and months to see where this will take him.

Huckabee's Iowa Victory Speech

Friday, January 4, 2008

Huckabee Election Update #1

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So far Huckabee has won Iowa (1/4/08). He cannot win New Hampshire (1/8/08). McCain is in the lead there. Huckabee will probably place a strong third in New Hampshire, but if he's diligent and spends a lot of time there, he could steal second place from Mit Romney. In Michigan (1/15/08), Romney and Huckabee are in a statistical tie, repeating the same picture we saw in Iowa. Huckabee stands a very good chance of winning in Michigan. Next comes Nevada (1/19/2008), and this is another state Huckabee cannot win. But on the same day South Carolina holds their Republican primary (1/19/2008). Huckabee is strong in South Carolina, and stands a very good chance of winning there. Following that, there is Florida (1/29/2008), and Huckabee is poised to steal Rudy Giuliani's lead there. Huckabee also places well in other states, but based on the above information, this is how it looks like it could go down for January.

Iowa - Mike Huckabee √
New Hampshire - John McCain
Michigan - Mike Huckabee
Navada - Mit Romney
South Carolina - Mike Huckabee
Florida - Mike Huckabee

Naturally, this is all still a very fluid. Things can change, but based on conservative and reasonable expectations, I think this is pretty accurate.

Huckabee on Boarder Security and Illegal Immigration

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Mike Huckabee has a 9-point plan, complete with dates and time-tables, to secure the boarder with Mexico and virtually stop illegal immigration in this country. It addresses nearly all aspects of the problem. So far, it's one of the best plans I've seen... read the plan here... ...more here

ALERT: England Officially Persecutes Bishops For Being Too Catholic

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here we have a PERFECT example of Secular Anti-Catholicism hard at work. It's difficult to believe that in this modern age, in a society that boasts of being so 'tolerant,' British Members of Parliament (MP) would become such models of Anti-Catholic hatred...
(Guardian Unlimited) - Roman Catholic bishops are to appear in front of a powerful committee of MPs amid fears that they are pushing a fundamentalist brand of their religion in schools. Bishops have called on parents, teachers and priests to strengthen the role of religion in education. In one case the Bishop of Lancaster, Patrick O'Donoghue, instructed Catholic schools across much of north-west England to stop 'safe-sex' education and place crucifixes in all classrooms...

read full story here

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Huckabee Wins Iowa!!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Massive turnout of Evangelicals and Practicing Catholics seal victory for Mike Huckabee at the Iowa Caucus by a spread of nearly 10 points! Behold the new social-conservative coalition! (read full analysis here)

OFFICIAL: Voting Catholics Must Support School-Choice

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It doesn't matter if it's vouchers, tax credit, rebate, etc. The OFFICIAL teaching of the Catholic Church is that parents have a RIGHT to send their children to private or religious schools. They even have the RIGHT to home school. Therefore it is the state's duty to fund this activity, and if it doesn't, the state commits a grave injustice against the rights of parents....
The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

241. Parents have the right to found and support educational institutions. Public authorities must see to it that “public subsidies are so allocated that parents are truly free to exercise this right without incurring unjust burdens. Parents should not have to sustain, directly or indirectly, extra charges which would deny or unjustly limit the exercise of this freedom”[548]. The refusal to provide public economic support to non-public schools that need assistance and that render a service to civil society is to be considered an injustice. “Whenever the State lays claim to an educational monopoly, it oversteps its rights and offends justice ... The State cannot without injustice merely tolerate so-called private schools. Such schools render a public service and therefore have a right to financial assistance”[549].

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How To Vote Like A Catholic

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Back in November of 2006, Pope Benedict XVI issued a plan to help voting Catholics clarify and simplify their decision making process when going to the polls. You can read more about this story here.

The pope's three-point agenda is...
  1. "Pro-Life"
  2. "Pro-Family"
  3. "School-Choice"
I believe the pope was successful in obtaining his goal. The three-point agenda is clear and simple. Voting Catholics in democratic countries must select candidates who are Pro-Life, Pro-Family and favor School-Choice.

By Pro-Life, the pope means candidates who believe human life is a sacred RIGHT that comes directly from God, and that every human life, from conception to natural death, must be protected. This means the candidate must oppose abortion in all circumstances. It also means the candidate must oppose euthanasia in all circumstances. In addition, the candidate must oppose human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research. (Adult stem-cell research is okay, because it does not destroy human life.)

By Pro-Family, the pope means candidates who believe the traditional family is the basic building block of civilization, and the institutes of government must be structured so as to protect it. This means the candidate must oppose gay-marriage, and any other type of nuptial perversion, that is designed to undermine and trivialize matrimonial commitments between a man and a woman. The candidate must also believe in fostering a family-friendly society that allows parents to raise their children according to their religious beliefs and cultural norms, without excessive interference or harassment from government.

By School-Choice, the pope means that candidates must believe that parents are the primary teachers of their children, and that they know how best to educate their offspring. This means the candidate must oppose all government policies that use economic pressure to force parents to send their children to government schools. The candidate must be in favor of some means, by one way or another, of allowing parents more economic freedom to send their children to private schools, or to educate their children at home. (read more on this here)

Naturally there are many other issues that should be of concern to voting Catholics, but these TOP THREE should become the PRIMARY ISSUES at the forefront of every Catholic mind entering the polling booth. They are in effect "deal breakers." If a candidate does not meet the standard of these three issues, the Catholic voter should seek another candidate to elect. The three issues are listed according to their level of importance. The number one issue for voting Catholics is always the right to life. It outranks not only the following two issues on the pope's agenda, but all other political issues in total. A candidate who believes its alright to medically slaughter innocent unborn children, and helpless elderly invalids, is not worthy of anyone's vote. If however, a candidate meets this standard, then on to the next. Is the candidate Pro-Family? If yes, then on to the third issue. Does the candidate favor School-Choice? If yes, then the candidate meets the agenda and is worthy of a Catholic vote. If more than one candidate meets the agenda, then the Catholic is free to discern between them based on his own well-informed conscience using the social teachings of the Church as a guide. These can be found online via the Vatican website:
The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

Growing Catholic Support For Mike Huckabee

(Catholic Online) - ...So, in what is now a hotly contested Republican Presidential primary, pundits and prognosticators should pay attention to a group of voters that has remained relatively unnoticed.

It appears that this new candidate from Hope, Arkansas does not just speak to evangelicals. His message - and his manner- are beginning to draw the interest of another very large group of Americans.

Catholics are starting to look seriously at this new former Governor from Hope. Many like what they see.

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In spite of mountains of criticism from his political opponents, the mainstream media, Republican elites in the GOP, and hyper-critical bloggers, Mike Huckabee continues to broaden his base of support. Practicing Catholics, mindful of the Church's teaching on Life and Family, make up one of these fastest growing groups.

In what has clearly become a TWO MAN national race between Mike Huckabee and Mit Romney, practicing Catholics are beginning to gravitate toward the man with the most reliable Pro-Life record (Mike Huckabee), while other Republican hopefuls (Giuliani, Thompson and McCain) continue to flounder in state polls. Huckabee and Romney are either in the lead in state polls, or else they remain poised to steal the lead from all of these other candidates, positioned within one or two points striking distance. Both Huckabee and Romney are on the rise, while everyone else is on the decline. It seems at this point that one of these two men WILL BE the G.O.P nominee. All that remains now is to see which of these two candidates Republican voters prefer.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Romney's Mormon Problem

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I’ve got no problem with Mit Romney over religion. Naturally, I don’t agree with the Mormon faith, and I have some serious issues with it on a theological level, but when it comes to politics I think a man’s creed is almost irrelevant.

The mainstream media has focused on Romney’s religion like a laser beam, and I believe that is by design, to distract Pro-Life Christians away from his poor record defending the unborn. Basically, Romney says he believes he’s Pro-Life now, but this is after a long history of running on a Pro-Abortion platform in Massachusetts.

One would think that Romney, who served as a bishop in the Mormon Church, would know better. After accepting the endorsement of a Massachusetts Pro-Life organization, he turned on his constituency and adopted a Pro-Abortion position for political gain. It helped him win the governor’s mansion. While there he signed legislation making it easier for women to procure abortions, and topped it off by signing a bill allowing women to obtain abortions with just a $50 co-pay.

Contemplating a run for president of the United States, Romney understood that national Republicans would demand a Pro-Life candidate. So Romney’s views on abortion “evolved” (his word not mine) to a Pro-Life position. He now runs for president in the 2008 election as the only Republican candidate claiming a Pro-Life position, but having a 100% Pro-Abortion record.

No, Romney’s problem as a candidate is not his religion. We shouldn’t mind that he’s a Mormon. We should only wish he were a better one.

Fred Thompson Responds To 'Catholic Online'

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The third presidential candidate has now responded to Catholic Online's challenge.  We now know of three presidential candidates (Huckabee, Romney and Thompson) who take the practicing Catholic vote seriously....
(Catholic Online) - On December 18, 2007 Catholic Online issued a challenge to all of the candidates running for the Presidency in 2008, in both major political parties. With the Iowa Caucus only days away, we present the responses to our questions that have been sent to us by Senator Fred Thompson...

read full interview here