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Monday, June 30, 2008

Only One Man Can Save Anglicanism Now?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Ironically, the future of orthodox Anglo-Catholicism now rests firmly in the hands of the Bishop of Rome - Pope Benedict XVI.  Only this one man has the authority to pull Anglo-Catholics together and free them from the "tyranny of relativism" which now plagues the Anglican Communion.  Only this one man has the ability to rescue from obscurity those Anglo-Catholics who have already broken with the Anglican Communion.  Only this one man has the audacity to give high-church Anglicans another option, a way to preserve their traditions under the safety of a strong Church unwilling to compromise with the forces of liberal relativism.  Only this one man can rescue Anglicanism from itself.  Only this one man already has a working model for how he can do it within his own ranks.  If I were a high-church orthodox Anglican, I would be praying right now, praying that this one man will act soon. 

Now Church of England Is About To Split

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  As if things were not bad enough for the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury, now we have this news about the Church of England...
(AFP) — More than 1,300 Church of England clergy have written to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, threatening to leave the church if proposals allowing women to be consecrated as bishops are passed, The Times reported Tuesday.

Citing a copy of the letter that it had seen, the newspaper reported that the signatories, 60 percent of whom are serving clergy, including 11 bishops, will only accept the plans if there are areas where worship is led exclusively by males.

The letter comes with less than two weeks to go before the start of the 10-yearly Lambeth Conference meeting of bishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion on Canterbury, southeast England....

read full story here

U.S. Episcopal Church To Become Center Of Anglican Schism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Welcome to the war zone! The schism affecting the whole Anglican Communion will come to a head in the Episcopal Church of the United States (ECUSA).  The United States has effectively become an Anglican battlefield...
(Time) - A group of conservative bishops meeting in Jerusalem have raised anew the possibility of a schism in the worldwide Anglican church, largely over the contentious issue of gay priests. But a nearly simultaneous court ruling in Virginia has increased the chances that the battle over Anglican unity could come to a head in the United States. Says conservative Canon Kendall Harmon with the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina: "[The U.S.] has become a hot zone, and it's going to become much hotter."...

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To summarize, American constitutional law appears to be on the side of those parishes that wish to break away from their diocese, and those diocese that wish to break with the ECUSA. A court has ruled that church property can be retained by those who wish to break away. Such a break with the ECUSA is necessary, if these congregations wish to remain in full-communion with the worldwide Anglican Communion. Parishes that break with the ECUSA will have to affiliate with the 'Fellowship Of Confessing Anglicans' (FOCA) though one of the approved organizations listed on the following website: Otherwise their status within the worldwide Anglican Communion will be lost.

Individual U.S. Episcopalians who are not part of a parish wishing to break with the ECUSA will have to leave that parish, and join one already affiliated with FOCA though the one of the approved organizations listed on the following website: Otherwise their status within the worldwide Anglican Communion will be lost.

U.S. Episcopalians and Episcopal parishes that choose to remain within the ECUSA will automatically lose their status within the worldwide Anglican Communion.

A Portrait Of Failure, The Price Of Liberalism & Lessons From Anglicanism

5-6-2008: (The Catholic Herald) - The Vatican has said that the time has come for the Anglican Church to choose between Protestantism and the ancient churches of Rome and Orthodoxy.

Speaking on the day that the Archbishop of Canterbury met Benedict XVI in Rome, Cardinal Walter Kasper, the president of the Pontifical Council of Christian Unity, said it was time for Anglicanism to "clarify its identity".

He told the Catholic Herald: "Ultimately, it is a question of the identity of the Anglican Church. Where does it belong?

"Does it belong more to the churches of the first millennium -Catholic and Orthodox - or does it belong more to the Protestant churches of the 16th century? At the moment it is somewhere in between, but it must clarify its identity now and that will not be possible without certain difficult decisions."

He said he hoped that the Lambeth conference, an event which brings the worldwide Anglican Communion together every 10 years, would be the deciding moment for Anglicanism....

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6-30-2008: (London Telegraph) - The Archbishop of Canterbury has been sidelined by a new orthodox movement which claims to represent almost half of the world's 80 million Anglicans.

Leaders of the organisation, that styles itself as a fellowship of confessing Anglicans, said Dr Rowan Williams would just be "recognised for his historic role" as the head of the worldwide Communion.

They added that in the "post-colonial reality" of a Church dominated by traditionalists in developing countries rather than England, he would no longer be the sole leader.

Organisers of the movement, which was formally announced at the end of the Gafcon summit in Jerusalem, also failed to mention the Archbishop of Canterbury in their declaration of the 14 central tenets....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Behold the price of liberalism and the portrait of a failure - Rowan Williams - the Archbishop of Canterbury. Though my criticism may seem a little harsh, it is warranted, and I think a good number of our Anglican separated brethren would have a hard time arguing with that.

The good Archbishop can redeem himself though. Not all hope is lost. But to do so would require him to take up action that so far has been out of character for him.

Like it or not, this particular archbishop finds himself at the focal point of English Christian history. The crossroads of England's Protestant past, and her Catholic future, intersect right beneath his feet. He alone will choose the fate of English Christianity. One way or another, Great Britain will be Catholic again. The only question that remains now is, will the Church of England play a role in that, or will she silently fade into the scrapheap of failed ideas and forgotten history? One way or another Anglicanism will once again find it's home within the universal Catholic Church centered in Rome. The only question is, will the Archbishop of Canterbury play a role in that, or will he simply be replaced by a group of conservative primates who are more willing to do his job for him?

The pieces are already in place for the creation of an Anglican Rite within the Roman Catholic Church. A successful test-run has already been in play for 25 years in the form of the 'Anglican-Use Pastoral Provision.' Some 400,000 members of the 'Traditional Anglican Communion' (T.A.C.) have already petitioned Rome for entry into the Catholic Church. Rome is ready. Anglo-Catholics are ready. The only person who isn't ready is Rowan Williams, the presiding Archbishop of Canterbury.

To be fair, we can't place all the blame on his shoulders. The crisis the Anglican Communion finds itself in today is the product of 30 years of Liberalism run amok. It wasn't just this Archbishop who was responsible, nor the Archbishop before him, but rather what we have is a collective blame on the Anglican bishops of the western world as a whole, along with those who served as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Liberal relativism doesn't work. It's failed everywhere it has been tried, and the Anglican church's failure is in conforming to secular trends, instead of challenging them. Had Anglicanism retained it's form and structure from the 1950s and early 60s, it would already be reunited with Rome by now. That didn't happen. Anglicans sought to push the envelope, so to speak, challenging time honored Christian traditions, to see how much of the secular world they could push into the Christian church. It began subtly with the acceptance of artificial birth control in the early part of the 20th century. Then in the 1960s and 70s, more radical changes entered the Anglican Communion. Women were ordained priests. The Book of Common Prayer was altered to accommodate liberal innovations. All of this later gave rise to the acceptance of homosexuality. Openly gay men were ordained priests as well. Then as women ascended to the episcopacy in North America, it wasn't long before a homosexual man was consecrated a bishop as well. This was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back, and as if that was not enough, insult was added to injury with the acceptance of "gay marriage" within North American Anglicanism.

The most egregious of these innovations (gay-marriage and homosexual ordination) happened under Rowan William's watch, and so now the poor fellow finds himself the man the whole Catholic and Orthodox world will be watching for the next 36 days. (Lucky him!) He finds himself in this undesirable position mainly because of his own lack of action, which adds to the litany of problems leading up to this historic Lambeth Conference in July. You see, the Archbishop of Canterbury has basically one power, outside of his own diocese, which makes him the "head" of the worldwide Anglican Communion. That power is simply the right to determine which national churches are in communion with him, and which are not. To exercise this power, all he would theoretically have to do is publicly dissociate himself from a particular national Anglican church, or even a diocese within that national Anglican church. What makes Rowan Williams negligence so damning is the fact that he already had the legal justification to do what needed to be done to stop this crisis from occurring. The 1998 Lambeth Conference, the last one to be held, came out with an official position on homosexuality. It stated that homosexuality is not in accord with God's will, and that while the Anglican Communion offers sympathy to those who suffer from homosexual inclination (or temptation), it cannot condone the activity. That was all Archbishop Williams needed. When the Episcopal Church USA decided to consecrate an openly gay bishop, Archbishop Williams should have acted quickly. He should have publicly dissociated himself from the Episcopal Church USA, citing the 1998 Lambeth Conference as his reason, until it repented of this action and removed the openly gay bishop from office. That did not happen. Instead, Archbishop Williams called for calm and patience. Five years past, with continual pleas for intervention from the majority of the Anglican world. The Archbishop of Canterbury offered virtually no action. In the face of such overwhelming negligence, it is no wonder why the Anglican primates of the third-world decided to take matters into their own hands at the GAFCON meeting in Jerusalem last week.

Archbishop Williams has just one last chance to save his reputation in history, and heal the internal schism already torn into the fabric of the worldwide Anglican Communion. He must be bold. He must be brave. He must act like a friend of his, who happens to occupy the Apostolic See of Rome, and intervene as a true leader, not as a mere negotiator. He must be brazenly uncharacteristic of the Rowan Williams we have all come to know. These extraordinary circumstances, which he helped create, must stir him to become an extraordinary leader, or else he's finished. Not just him; but every Archbishop of Canterbury that succeeds him will be effectively neutered of any real Anglican authority.

How can he do it? The answer is simple. He must submit, then take over. By that I mean, he must submit to the will of the third-world bishops at GAFCON, and join them in their cause. He must champion their message, then publicly declare his own dissociation from the Episcopal Church USA, and the Anglican Church of Canada, effectively putting them outside the Anglican Communion. Then once he has the majority of the Anglican Communion cheering him on, he must take the reins of power and announce a new direction for the Anglican Communion. It must be a direction of bringing the authentic gospel back to the western world, and restoring long shattered ties with the Apostolic See of Rome. If he does that at Lambeth, he will go down in the newspapers as a controversial figure, but history books will eventually write of him as the hero who saved English Catholicism. Failure to act in this way, may gain him some mercy in the press, but relegate him to a weak and impotent loser by historical standards. The choice now is his. Let us watch and see what happens.

'Birds of a Feather' - The Satanic Influence of Liberal Catholicism

( - A church modeled in part after one in Miami but with a ''revolutionary'' spirit that praises Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is now at the center of a religious and social controversy in Venezuela.

Although it has adopted many of the symbols and rites of Roman Catholicism, the new Reform Catholic Venezuelan Church departs from traditional belief in some key ways.

For example, reformists consider that ''homosexuality and bisexuality are not sins in and of themselves.'' Divorce is allowed and priests do not take vows of chastity.

The church, which was publicly announced last week, also lines itself up squarely behind Chávez's ''Bolivarian Revolution'' and its socialist agenda.

Venezuelan Catholic leaders, who reacted sharply to the new church, claim Chávez is bankrolling it with petroleum proceeds.

But whether that's true or not, Reform Catholic leaders line up squarely behind the Venezuelan president.

''We completely support the socialist project led by Chávez,'' said Enrique Albornoz, one of the new church's first bishops -- a group that is to be ordained on Sunday.

The ordination of the bishops is scheduled to take place in Ciudad Ojeda, a small oil-rich town in the Venezuelan state of Zulia.

According to its leaders, the reformist church seeks to establish an institution that is ``inclusive, participatory and with a strong Bolivarian spirit that recognizes Jesus Christ as the Lord of History. He is present in the revolutionary process that is occurring in Venezuela.''

A former Roman Catholic priest, Jon Jen Siu Garcia, was elected coadjutor, and noted to the Venezuelan press that his mission is to ``liberate people from capitalist values.''...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Does anything here sound familiar? Let's see.... Divorce is okay. Homosexuality is okay. Bisexuality is okay. And state-sponsored socialism is God's will!

That's the gospel according to "Liberation Theology" which was soundly condemned as heresy by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. It's also the gospel of many so-called "progressive" Catholics here in the United States.

The two philosophies seem to come from two totally different localities, and from two totally different sources. However, the end result is virtually the same. Could it be that they have a common origin? Could it be that the mastermind behind them is the same person? If so, I wonder who that could be?

WHAT NOW? A Guide For U.S. Episcopalians And Canadian Anglicans

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Following the Jerusalem Accord of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) is no longer connected to 75% of the Anglican Communion. Anglican primate bishops from all over the world rejected the authority of U.S. Episcopal bishops this Sunday, and effectively "excommunicated" the entire national organizations of the ECUSA and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). By this is meant that they no longer recognize these bodies (ECUSA & ACC) as part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

If you are a member of the U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA), or the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC), you are in an organization that is no longer part of the Anglican Communion. That doesn't mean YOU have been excommunicated personally. It just means your national church is no longer a legitimate part of the Anglican Communion. Membership in your ECUSA or ACC parish no longer represents membership in the Anglican Communion.

All is not lost however. U.S. Episcopalians, and Canadian Anglicans, wanting to maintain full partnership with the majority of the Anglican Communion can do so simply by moving into an Anglican Church that is a member of the "Common Cause Partnership" of North American Anglicans. These "approved" North American parishes are in full communion with the primate bishops who met at GAFCON, and now refer to their organizational body as the "Fellowship Of Confessing Anglicans" (FOCA). FOCA represents the overwhelming majority (about 75%) of Anglicans worldwide.

Here's the website:

Use it to find a nearby parish, and give them a call today. I'm sure they'll be glad to hear from you. May God bless you for your courage!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conservative Anglicans Re-Open Door To Talks With Rome

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: With the restoration of traditional Anglicanism, comes a renewed opportunity for ecumenical talks with Rome. Previously, the Vatican warned Anglican bishops that they risk creating an insurmountable obstacle to dialog with the adoption of liberal policies toward female clergy and approval of homosexuality. Now with the emerging power-shift within the Anglican Communion putting control of the organization in the hands of traditionalists in Africa and Asia, the possibility of further talks with Rome becomes a reality again.

The Catholic Church has already established an "Anglican Use Pastoral Provision" for Anglo-Catholics who left the Episcopal Church USA after the first round of liberal revisionism in the late 1970s. Disaffected Episcopalians still have the opportunity to enter the Catholic Church, under this provision. Speculation has it that this is a trial run, a 'test tube' or 'incubator' if you will, of which may eventually emerge a full-fledged Anglican Rite within the Catholic Church sometime in the future.

GAFCON Bishops Overtake Canterbury - Reinvent Anglican Communion

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Much to my surprise, it would appear a revolution has begun within the Anglican Communion. Just yesterday it appeared as if the "Global Anglican Future Conference" (GAFCON) in Jerusalem was a flop, with conservative Anglican bishops unable to agree on a way to break away from the Anglican Communion and create something new with a worldwide Anglican majority. That didn't happen. What did happen, however, is even more interesting. The bishops of GAFCON appear to be challenging the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury and redefining what it means to be an Anglican within the Anglican Communion. Representing the majority of the world's Anglicans (about 58 million or 75%), these bishops are effectively taking control of Anglicanism's future, wrestling away influence from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In all reality, the Archbishop of Canterbury is a figurehead anyway. He has no real authority over Anglicans outside his own diocese. For centuries, Anglicanism has been defined by a bishop's status of communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. As of today, this is no longer the case. The GAFCON bishops (representing 75% of the Anglican world) are now the new authority.

For Anglicans in Africa and Asia, virtually nothing has changed. For Anglicans in Great Britain, Australia and North America, there will be changes. In the Church of England, and the Anglican Church of Australia, a network will be formed, consisting of parishes and diocese loyal to the catechism and prayerbook of the GAFCON bishops. In North America the changes will be more radical.

The Episcopal Church USA, and the Anglican Church of Canada have effectively been excommunicated. By this I mean not a literal excommunication, but the closest thing to an excommunication that Anglicanism can offer. In other words, the GAFCON bishops no longer recognize these church bodies. They're authority is null and void, as the bishops of these churches have committed apostasy by ordaining a homosexual bishop and consecrating homosexual unions (i.e. "gay-marriage"). From now on, Episcopalians in the United States, and Anglicans in Canada, will no longer be in communion with 75% of the Anglican world so long as they remain part of those national churches. Instead, a new province has effectively been established in each country, in affiliation with one (or more) of these organizations...
  • American Anglican Council
  • Anglican Coalition in Canada
  • Anglican Communion Network
  • Anglican Essentials Canada
  • Anglican Mission in the Americas
  • Anglican Network in Canada
  • Anglican Province of America
  • Convocation for Anglicans in North America
  • Forward in Faith North America
  • Reformed Episcopal Church
North American Anglicans who are members of parishes affiliated with one (or more) of these organizations remain in full communion with the entire Anglican world, including the 75% of Anglicans led by the GAFCON bishops. Here is the story...
(Times Online) - ...The 300 bishops and archbishops in Jerusalem insist they do not want to split from the 80m-strong Anglican communion. This is partly a recognition that a formal schism would involve protracted legal disputes about ownership of churches and other properties.

However, they last night declared their plans for a new “primates council” made up of the senior bishops and archbishops at the Jerusalem meeting. The new fellowship also represents a direct challenge to the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In a statement last night they challenged the role of the archbishop as primus inter pares of the bishops of the Anglican communion. “While acknowledging the nature of Canterbury as an historic see, we do not accept that Anglican identity is determined necessarily through recognition by the Archbishop of Canterbury,” it said.

The new fellowship will return to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and the 39 articles of religion, train its own priests and insist on more orthodox practices in its churches. Although the instigators claim they are focused on reform from within it is said to represent the worst blow to church unity in the West since the Protestant reformation of the 16th century.

Central to the announcement was a “Jerusalem declaration”, which will form the basis of the new fellowship. In the declaration the archbishops and bishops said: “We reject the authority of those churches and leaders who have denied the orthodox faith in word or deed.” It accused the leaders of the Episcopal Church of the United States and the Anglican Church of Canada of proclaiming a “false gospel”. The fellowship’s first task will be to create a new Anglican body in North America.

Jerusalem was chosen as the location to announce the fellowship because of its precedence over Canterbury in the Christian hierarchy. A fellowship will be seen as a partial victory for Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, who was not at last night’s meeting but who argued for reform from within. Unity, he said, was “a very precious thing”....

read full story here
Following the Jerusalem Accord of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) is no longer connected to 75% of the Anglican Communion. Anglican primate bishops from all over the world rejected the authority of U.S. Episcopal bishops this Sunday, and effectively "excommunicated" the entire national organizations of the ECUSA and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). By this is meant that they no longer recognize these bodies (ECUSA & ACC) as part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

If you are a member of the U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA), or the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC), you are in an organization that is no longer part of the Anglican Communion. That doesn't mean YOU have been excommunicated personally. It just means your national church is no longer a legitimate part of the Anglican Communion. Membership in your ECUSA or ACC parish no longer represents membership in the Anglican Communion.

All is not lost however. U.S. Episcopalians, and Canadian Anglicans, wanting to maintain full partnership with the majority of the Anglican Communion can do so simply by moving into an Anglican Church that is a member of the "Common Cause Partnership" of North American Anglicans. These "approved" North American parishes are in full communion with the primate bishops who met at GAFCON, and now refer to their organizational body as the "Fellowship Of Confessing Anglicans" (FOCA). FOCA represents the overwhelming majority (about 75%) of Anglicans worldwide.

Here's the website:

Use it to find a nearby parish, and give them a call today. I'm sure they'll be glad to hear from you. May God bless you for your courage!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally! Black Churches Join Pro-Life Cause

(The Christian Post) - Dozens of black pastors and pro-life advocates converged on Capitol Hill Thursday to protest outside the Democratic and Republican National Headquarters because of what they claimed was a silence on “racist” abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Abortion, they said, has hit black communities hard. Eighty percent of Planned Parenthood facilities are in minority neighborhoods, and nearly 40 percent of all black babies are aborted every year, according to surveys – a statistic that black pro-lifers say is no accident.

Earlier this year, the pro-choice organization was rocked with scandal after videos released by a pro-life student group at UCLA alleged that the abortion provider had accepted donations solely for the purpose of aborting black babies...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Well it's about time! Thank God, and welcome aboard! It's something the Catholic Church and the pro-life movement has known for decades, and we've been screaming it at the top of our lungs. Only now, after 30+ years, has the African-American community finally heard us. Abortion is primarily a racist business.

It Begins! - Anglican Bishops Defect To Rome

(London Telegraph) - At least one Church of England bishop will defect to Rome soon after the Lambeth Conference, I gather from Anglo-Catholic sources. And there could be more to follow.

I can't tell you much more than that at the moment, because the negotiations with Rome are so sensitive - and the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, who distrust Anglican traditionalists, are quite capable of throwing a spanner in the works....

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more of these in the weeks and months ahead. As the GAFCON meeting in Jerusalem fizzles, and Lambeth promises little hope at putting down the "tyranny of relativism" within the Anglican Communion, more Anglican bishops are defecting to the Roman Catholic Church. Within Catholicism there is at least a spark of Anglo-Catholic renewal under the Anglican-Use Pastoral Provision, with the hope that it will one day result in a full-fledged Anglican Rite in full communion with the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Burke Of St. Louis Promoted To Vatican Position!

(St. Louis Catholic) - Today brings the confirmation of the long-rumored appointment of Archbishop Burke to be the head of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome. From the Vatican website:

Il Santo Padre ha nominato Prefetto del Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica S.E. Mons. Raymond Leo Burke, finora Arcivescovo di Saint Louis.
This position ordinarily carries a promotion to Cardinal as well, which is of some solace to those His Grace leaves behind in St. Louis.

It is certainly a bittersweet announcement for those in St. Louis and around the world who have rejoiced in the Archbishop's stalwart defense of orthodoxy, his courage, his perseverance, and his wise and faithful pastoral care. He has been a shining example of how a Bishop should guide and govern.

Of course, this promotion will almost certainly obtain for him the Cardinal's red hat, and thus a seat at any conclave that may occur for the next twenty years. His Grace turns 60 at the end of the month. May it be in the plans of Almighty God that someday Cardinal Burke appears on the balcony in St. Peter's Square; whatever may come for him, however, we can be assured that His Grace will fulfill his duties with the same zeal he has shown in St. Louis and in the past...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The universal Church will be served well by this man, but St. Louis (indeed all of Missouri) has just lost a giant of orthodoxy and liturgical reform. God speed Archbishop Raymond Burke.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters Should Consider Bob Barr

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: To make myself perfectly clear, 'The Catholic Knight' is now out of the business of formally endorsing political candidates. However, I have no problem commenting on them - even being specific about what I like and don't like. Regular readers of this blog know I cannot stand John McCain, but I also think Barack Hussein Obama is worse. Regular readers of this blog know I once endorsed Mike Huckabee, and then after he dropped out, I tried to help Alan Keyes. All of which was a futile exercise.

So that being said, I have no intention of endorsing another candidate. I will however comment on them at my discretion.

Ron Paul has dropped out of the presidential race. His concession can be read on his official website here: This means he will NOT appear on the November ballot, and a "write in" campaign will also be a futile exercise. However, all is not lost for Ron Paul supporters. Another candidate virtually identical to Ron Paul in ideology is appearing just over the horizon. His name is Bob Barr (, and he has just been nominated to run for president in 2008 on the Libertarian Party ticket. Unlike Ron Paul, Barr actually can be on the ballot in all 50 states. Now if the Ron Paul supporters would only support Barr with the same kind of zeal they gave to Paul, this election would easily become a three-man race, effectively making Libertarianism a household name.

OFFICIAL FROM ROME: Communion Will Be Received On The Tongue While Kneeling At All Papal Liturgies

(CNS) -- Receiving the Eucharist on the tongue while kneeling before the pope will become the norm at papal liturgies, said the Vatican's liturgist.

While current norms allow the faithful to receive the Eucharist in the hand while standing, Pope Benedict XVI has indicated a preference for the more traditional practice, said Msgr. Guido Marini, master of papal liturgical ceremonies.

Kneeling and receiving Communion on the tongue highlights "the truth of the real presence (of Christ) in the Eucharist, helps the devotion of the faithful and introduces the sense of mystery more easily," he said in a June 26 interview with the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano.

Pastorally speaking, he said "it is urgent to highlight and recover" these aspects of the sacredness and mystery of the Eucharist in modern times.

Generally at papal Masses, those receiving Communion from the pope stand and the majority choose to receive on the tongue.

But starting with a May 22 Mass outside the Basilica of St. John Lateran, two ushers placed a kneeler in front of the altar and the chosen communicants all knelt and received on the tongue...

read full story here

How To Vote Catholic

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The message of God's politics is not only for the United States, but all free nations. However, this message is particularly important for Catholic Americans. ALL Catholics, no matter how much, or how little, they practice the faith, have a moral responsibility to vote in a manor that is most compliant with God's politics. What is God's politics? Simply put, it is the way in which God's natural law (the law of nature) applies to man's political expression. For Catholics, this is particularly important, because the principles of God's politics are outlined and explained in the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

It does not matter if we are Democrats or Republicans. It would be better if Catholics held no allegiance to any political party. That being said, there is nothing inherently sinful about being a member of most political parties. Regardless of our political affiliations, or lack thereof, ALL Catholics are bound to the same basic voting principles....

  1. Human Life - All Catholics are bound by Church law to vote for a candidate that is the most "pro-life" of available choices. This prohibits Catholics from voting for candidates who are the most "pro-choice" (pro-abortion). Not all available candidates will be ideal, and none may be totally "pro-life," but that being said, Catholics are bound to vote for the one that is the "lesser of evils."
  2. Traditional Family - Catholics are bound by Church law to vote for a candidate who is the least threat to the traditional family. Gay-marriage and homosexual civil-unions are completely unacceptable and undermine the freedom and integrity of traditional married partners (man and woman). Therefore, Catholics are bound to vote for candidates who will uphold the traditional family, or at least those who are the least threat to it.
  3. Religious Freedom - Catholics are always bound by Church law to vote for candidates whom they know will not threaten the freedom of religion, or the rights of individuals to practice their religion.
  1. School Choice - Catholics are called to vote for politicians who will protect and support the rights of parents to educate their children in the best manor they see fit. This means parents should not only have the freedom to educate their children in private and religious schools, or in home schools, but they should also have the financial liberty to make that choice. Public funding of such schools, or public reimbursement to parents, should be a Catholic priority.
  2. Universal Healthcare - Catholics are called to care for their neighbor, and this means in our public lives, as well as our personal lives. No person should be without basic healthcare, which includes (but is not limited to) preventative medicine. Socialized medicine (where the government controls everything) does present significant problems and is not always the best possible solution. However, solving this problem in some way should be a Catholic priority, and Catholics should be open to creative alternatives.
  3. International Peace - Catholics are called to avoid unnecessary wars. However, while the Catholic Church has condemned various military actions in the past, it acknowledges that it is ultimately up to national leaders to decide when a war is "necessary" or not. This leaves room for Catholics to disagree on the matter. That being said however, avoiding international conflicts, that involve bloodshed, should always be a Catholic priority.
  4. Affordable Energy - Catholics have recently been faced with the reality that high-cost energy prices, particularly in the area of oil and gasoline, are a major culprit behind the starvation and death of the poor in third-world nations. Therefore, while Catholics must seek to be good stewards of the environment, they must not do so at the expense of human life. Expensive energy = expensive food = starvation of the poor. Therefore, Catholics should make affordable energy a priority.
Hopefully this basic guide of Catholic voting has helped you this election year. If you would like to review a Catholic analysis of the 2008 presidential candidates, you can do so by clicking here.

SSPX Rejects Vatican Offer

(Reuters) - The leader of a breakaway traditionalist Catholic group has rejected a Vatican offer to rejoin Rome, accusing Pope Benedict of trying to silence dissenting voices.

Bishop Bernard Fellay, head of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) that broke with Rome 20 years ago, said conditions set by the Vatican amounted to muzzling the traditionalists who claim to be the only true Catholics since Church reforms in the 1960s.

Keen to end this schism, Benedict agreed last year to their demand to restore the old Latin Mass. But he insists they must accept the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) before he can lift excommunication decrees against them.

"Rome is telling us, okay, we are ready to lift the excommunications, but you cannot continue this way," Fellay said in a sermon last Friday now posted as an audio file on the U.S.-based Voice of Catholic Radio website.

"So we have no choice... we are continuing what we've done," the Swiss-born Fellay said in English at an SSPX seminary in Winona, Minnesota. "They just say 'shut up' ... we are not going ... to shut up."...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  I suppose we should not be surprised by this. The SSPX is now truly a schismatic sect. For the first time, they have actually CHOSEN to break with Rome, and they have set themselves on the path toward irrelevancy and obscurity. The Holy Father is now free to move on with the 'Reform of the Reform" without them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Is Significant

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: While I'm not willing to go so far as to say this event signals an end to the schism between the eastern and western Church, I will say it is a very significant event in the history leading up to that blessed day. Whenever it may be...
(The Holy See) - Holy Mass of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles, presided by the Holy Father Benedict XVI, with the participation of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I

On Sunday, June 29, 2008, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles, the Holy Father Benedict XVI will celebrate the Eucharist, at 9:30, in the Vatican Basilica, with the participation of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I.

The Ecumenical Patriarch and the Holy Father will deliver the Homily, jointly recite the profession of faith [Creed], and impart the blessing.

The new Metropolitan Archbishops, on whom the Pontiff will impose the holy Pallium taken from the Confessio of the Apostle Peter, will concelebrate with the Holy Father....

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The Utter FAILURE of American Catholic Education

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The following two stories illustrate the utter failure of Catholic education in America. They illustrate that the majority of U.S. Catholics have absolutely no idea what their religion is about, or else they just don't care. Who's fault is this? The blame lies squarely at the feet of U.S. clergy, and lay religious instructors. It is the result of embracing various modernist ideas, and watering down the most basic Catholic teachings....
(California Catholic Daily) - Many Americans are very religious, but few are dogmatic in their faith, according to a report issued yesterday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

The report is the second from the Pew Forum on the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. The first part, released in February, gave information on the size, internal changes, and demographics of major U.S. religions.

Yesterday’s report details American religious beliefs and practices, as well as the social and political ideas of various religious groups. Its conclusions were based on more than 35,000 interviews of American adults -- conducted in English and Spanish.

According to the Pew report, while 56% of Americans say their religion is “very important” to them, only 27% say there is only one way to interpret the teachings of their religion, and only 24% believe their religion is “the one, true faith leading to eternal life.” Twenty-four percent of Americans said they attend religious services at least once a week.

The percentage of Catholics saying their religion is very important did not differ from the national average, while 79% of Evangelicals and 85% of those belonging to historically African-American churches said their religion was very important. Only 19% of Catholics asserted that there is only one way to interpret the teachings of their faith, compared to 41% of Evangelical Christians.

Among Catholics, just 16% said they thought their religion was “the one, true faith leading to eternal life,” while 79% said “many religions can lead to eternal life.”...

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( -- A new study of Catholic voters conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University shows them leaning more towards the Democratic Party this election. That could be a plus for pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

With more than 47 million potential voters, Catholics are a popular group for outreach efforts of both political parties.

The study included a survey showing Catholic attitudes on social, political and moral issues have shifted during the Bush administration, although it concluded opinions regarding abortion and social justice issues have remained relatively stable.

The poll found a shift of three percent in favor of the pro-abortion position from 2002 to 2006.

But the shift on other political issues could lead more Catholics to support Obama over John McCain, who opposes abortion and has repeatedly voted for sensible limits.

Fewer Catholics self-identify as Republicans in 2008 than in any previous election year since 2000 in CARA polls. Only 21 percent are either strongly or weakly affiliated as a Republican in 2008. By comparison, 31 percent identified as Republican in 2004.

“Overall, these shifting Catholic attitude trends ... may favor the Democrats and Obama,” said Mark Gray, director of CARA Catholic Polls....

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Just to clarify, 'The Catholic Knight' does not endorse John McCain or the Republican Party, but at the same time, the news that a majority of U.S. Catholics plan to vote for an extremely radical pro-abortion politician like Barack Hussein Obama, is very discouraging.

Communion On Tongue While Kneeling

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, sets an example for the rest of us....
(AP) — A papal aide says Pope Benedict XVI intends to return to the old way of distributing Communion at Masses.

Benedict's master of liturgical ceremonies said in an interview Wednesday in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano that the pontiff will place the Communion host in the mouths of the faithful who kneel before him....

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anglican Schism - Hot Air?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Amid strong words, high emotions, and what looked like the conservative majority in the Anglican Communion FINALLY growing a backbone, it would appear now the GAFCON meeting of over 250 Anglican bishops in Jerusalem will amount to little more than the bellowing of hot air.  It looks as if the last hope for worldwide Anglicanism just fizzled out, with conservative Anglican bishops unable to make the difficult choices necessary for combating the rise of militant homosexuality and feminism within the denomination.  The conference will near completion later this week simultaneously, and quite coincidentally, with a gay-pride parade scheduled for the streets of Jerusalem....
(America) - The news from Jerusalem, where 280 "orthodox" Anglican bishops are meeting before the Lambeth Conference, is something of a non-story. There are no plans, after all, for a split or schism.

Given that the Global Anglican Future conference (Gafcon) started with just such a prospect on the horizon, this is an important development with a potentially huge impact on the future possibility of "Bible-believing" Anglican Churches in developing countries co-existing in the future with the liberalising Anglican Churches of North America.

According to Ruth Gledhill, the London Times religion correspondent who is in Jerusalem, "the agenda is now reform from within rather than starting a breakaway conservative Anglican church". The de facto leader of the worldwide Anglican rebellion against gay bishops and same-sex marriages, the Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, has said legal schism would be not only undesirable but impossible in practice....

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Newsweek Nails It! - What The Tridentine Latin Mass Means To The Novus Ordo

(Newsweek) - ...Will this Benedictine reform-of-the-reform mean that every Catholic parish will soon have at least one Sunday celebration of mass in Latin, using the Missal of John XXIII? It seems unlikely, not least because very few priests today are competent Latinists. But in those places where the Latin mass of 1962 is celebrated reverently and without nostalgic accretions (lace-bedecked older vestments, for example), it will be a source of spiritual nourishment for the minority that prefers this way of worship, even as it introduces a new generation to what will be, for them, a new form of liturgy. In international settings, the use of this rite in Latin may help revive that ancient tongue as a common Catholic language for common worship--no small matter in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic church. Among scholars and parish clergy alike, the more widespread celebration of mass according to the Missal of John XXIII may prove to be the reformist magnet that Benedict XVI wants it to be, encouraging those who are already at work re-sacralizing the liturgy.

And the net result, over time? Almost certainly not "Latin days are here again" in every Catholic parish but rather a more reverent, more prayerful celebration of mass according to a reformed missal of 1970--and according to what the Second Vatican Council actually prescribed....

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A.M.A. Pushes Abortion Drugs - Persecutes Pro-Life Pharmacists

SSPX - Vatican Agreement?

(Rorarte Caeli) - URGENT: Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli reports today in Il Giornale that an agreement of the Holy See with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) may be very near. Some days ago, the Superior General of the Fraternity, Bishop Bernard Fellay, met with the President of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei" and, before next June 28, the Fraternity should decide to accept the five conditions proposed by Rome....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In analysis, if the reports are true, it would appear the Vatican has made its last and final ultimatum to the SSPX. It is, in fact, the SSPX's last chance to survive as an institution. If the SSPX accepts the terms, which center around acceptance of the Second Vatican Council, then it will enjoy full communion within the Catholic Church. The excommunications of Archbishop Lefebvre, and the bishops he consecrated, will be removed. The SSPX will become a personal prelature of the pope, much like Opus Dei. They will continue to operate freely throughout all the diocese of the world. They will continue to ordain priests freely within their organization. In all of this, they will enjoy the personal protection of the pope. The SSPX couldn't have asked for a sweeter deal than that.

If however, they refuse, this offer will expire. The Vatican will probably move ahead with plans to beef up the Fraternal Society of St. Peter (FSSP), as the pope's personal prelature instead, which will operate much in the same way as the SSPX would have, had they accepted the offer. The SSPX will then be left to fade away into obscurity and irrelevancy.

Apparently, the SSPX has until June 28 of this year to make its decision. That's just five days away from the date of this blog entry.

In the opinion of 'The Catholic Knight,' the leaders of the SSPX would be insane to reject this offer. Failure to accept it will spell certain doom to the organization. Pope Benedict XVI has already restored the Extraordinary (Tridentine) form of the mass, with plans to make it available to the faithful in every parish eventually. The Tridentine mass was the primary force driving the success and growth of the SSPX in decades past. Now that they no longer have a virtual monopoly on it, thanks to Pope Benedict XVI, the only thing they have left that distinguishes them from the rest of the Catholic world is their apparent rejection of Vatican II. As Pope Benedict XVI continues to move the Church toward a more orthodox and traditional interpretation of Vatican II, the message of the SSPX will slowly become more irrelevant.

The time has come for the SSPX to return to Rome. If it doesn't, it's over. The SSPX will die a slow death, fading into obscurity over a period of several years. The SSPX cannot survive without the papacy. It needs the papacy, but the papacy does not need the SSPX. Pope Benedict XVI is capable of making the necessary reforms in the Church with, or without, the help of the SSPX. Therefore, the advice of 'The Catholic Knight' to the SSPX is "TAKE THE DEAL!" You'll never get another opportunity like this again. If you want to honor the life and memory of Archbishop Lefebvre, take the deal! Remember, Archbishop Lefebvre never chose to leave the Catholic Church. He never chose schism with Rome. He never chose to be excommunicated. These things just happened, and they happened because of actions taken by Rome in response to Archbishop Lefebvre's lack of obedience to Pope John Paul II. Had Archbishop Lefebvre had a choice in the matter, he would have never picked to break away from Rome. Had Archbishop Lefebvre been given an offer like this, he most certainly would have taken it. If the SSPX refuses to accept the Vatican's offer, then the SSPX has for the first time ever, actually CHOSEN, to break with the Roman Catholic Church.

Now we shall wait and see what happens.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anglican Rift Widens - Now 'Church of England' Bishops Break With Canterbury

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As word of the massive schism in the Anglican Communion gets out, shock waves are already ripping through the Church of England. Now some English bishops are refusing to attend the Lambeth Conference and are effectively breaking communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. More will certainly follow their lead in the days ahead. This Tsunami will hit the United States and Canada next, as conservative Anglicans in North America prepare to announce their own break with Canterbury.
(London Telegraph) - The Church of England will be thrown into turmoil this summer following the decision of leading bishops to boycott a landmark Anglican summit in protest at the presence of pro-gay bishops.

In a move that marks a significant split in the established Church, at least three bishops, including the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, will decline an invitation from Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to attend the Lambeth Conference.

Up to six more bishops are understood to be considering similar action because of Dr Williams's decision to allow controversial figures to be at the gathering of worldwide Anglican bishops, which meets only once in 10 years.

The boycott will intensify the row over gay clergy, which was reignited when The Sunday Telegraph disclosed last week that two gay priests had exchanged vows in a version of the marriage service.

It threatens to undermine the authority of the Archbishop, who is battling to maintain unity in the Church in the face of bitter rows over homosexuality and women bishops.

He has already been snubbed by 250 Anglican bishops, mainly from Africa, who are meeting this week at a rival conference in Jerusalem, but the absence of English bishops would be a highly significant development for the future of the Church of England.

Six bishops and about 60 clergy from the Church of England will be at this week's meeting of conservatives, the Global Anglican Future Conference, at which Bishop Nazir-Ali will deliver a key-note address on the way ahead for the Anglican communion.

He will not go to the Lambeth Conference, however, as he believes that it has been compromised by the inclusion of American leaders who consecrated the Anglican communion's first gay bishop.

Friends of Bishop Nazir-Ali, who is one of the most prominent and influential figures in the Church, said that he has made the decision on a matter of principle. He considers the Americans' action to have been "unscriptural" and "disobedient", and feels unable to meet those he holds responsible for causing the schism in the worldwide Church...

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A day of reckoning has come for Anglicans and Episcopalians around the world, and especially in the United States. No more can priests and bishops straddle the fence. The time has come to pick a side. If they don't, decisions will start to be made for them. Nothing can stop this from happening now. The liberal Anglican/Episcopalian priests and bishops in North America and England have brought this upon themselves. They selfishly chose to push their own social agenda, even at the expense of the worldwide communion it took them centuries to build. It's all over now.

After the last 30 years, this was bound to happen. It had to happen. And in a way, it's a good thing that it is happening. Because in the midst of all this darkness, a beacon of light is shining through. Within the watered-down lukewarm Anglican Communion, a healthy and robust conservative Anglican majority is emerging. God bless them! They're standing up to the tyranny of relativism, facing it down, and showing it that Jesus is Lord! In the heat of this battle, they're courageously shouting that Christ came to forgive our sins, not condone them. It's inspiring! It's invigorating! May God Almighty BLESS them, for their courage brings tears to my eyes. I tell you this, we have not seen such valor among so many clergy in our lifetime. These men are heroes of the faith. I pray that Rome opens her doors wide to them, and soon, for the Catholic Church needs more men such as these.

Friday, June 20, 2008

FINISHED! 58 Million Anglicans To Break With Canterbury

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Church of England, along with Anglicans and Episcopalians in North America, may not be able to admit it, but the Anglican Communion is effectively finished. It's over. Done. Kaput. Why? Because approximately 75% of the communion's 77 million members (that's nearly 58 million members) are poised to make an exodus within a matter of days. This will effectively leave the old Anglican Communion reduced by 75% to a mere 19 million members limited primarily to the U.K. Canada, U.S.A. and Australia. News of this massive schism will surly create shock waves in these national churches as well, paving the way for more internal schisms within. As the traditional and orthodox Anglican world realigns under a new African leadership, the only question that remains is their status with Rome. Will the new Anglican leadership seek full-communion with Rome for a fully restored Anglican Rite within the Catholic Church? What will Rome do in response?

Behold the fruit of liberal relativism and innovation. Let what is happening this summer in the Anglican world stand as a testament that Christianity is completely and totally incompatible with militant feminism and homosexuality...
( - A month before the Lambeth Conference, the leaders of the "conservative", or traditionally Christian wing of the Anglican Church have declared that the Worldwide Anglican Communion no longer exists.

The declaration comes in a 94-page book, titled "The Way, the Truth and the Life," from the church leaders meeting at the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Jordan.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports that in the book, Archbishop Peter Akinola, the Primate of Nigeria, states, "There is no longer any hope, therefore, for a unified Communion". The book was prepared by GAFCON Theological Resource Team and provides the theological and historical foundation for the movement of orthodox Anglicans that is meeting in Jerusalem June 22 - 29.

"We have made enormous efforts since 1997 in seeking to avoid this crisis, but without success. Now we confront a moment of decision. If we fail to act, we risk leading millions of people away from the faith revealed in the Holy Scriptures and also, even more seriously, we face the real possibility of denying our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ," Akinola writes.

The leadership of the Global South contingent of the Anglican Church, representing 75 percent of the world's 77 million Anglicans were meeting in Amman, Jordan this week with plans to move to Jerusalem next week to discuss directions for the Church in the face of the growing crisis over the acceptance of homosexuality in the West.

The Global South group says that after years of emergency meetings and ultimatums, they have been "ignored," "demonized" and "marginalized."

A group of bishops and laymen were gathered in Jordan for a period of prayer and reflection prior to the conference. Due to difficulties with Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola's visa at the Jordan border, the conference has been moved early to Jerusalem. In total, more than 1,000 Anglican leaders from 25 countries, including 280 bishops, are expected to attend the conference....

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How Long Before The Fall Of America?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Shortly after posting my previous commentary on how God has used homosexuality to judge America (read here), the following article was posted on Catholic Exchange. The article explores a study that deals with the exact same topic, but from a more scientific and sociological perspective....
(Catholic Exchange) - A friend recently asked: “How long do we have left as a society?” In answer to that question I informed her about an interesting and comprehensive study that a renowned British anthropologist, Joseph Unwin, PhD., presented to the British Psychological Society in 1935. Unwin sought to prove that the traditional monogamous model for marriage was not essential to the maintenance of a healthy society. After studying 86 different cultures, across time and continents –and much to his surprise — he came to the inescapable conclusion that the traditional male-female monogamous model for marriage was indeed the best foundation for a healthy and productive society.

Unwin found that societies that adopted this model typically took about three generations to reach their peak of productivity and progress. After that, frequently, a gradual development of complacency and licentiousness would take place and what he described as an ”outburst of homosexuality” would sometimes occur. When that happened, and the society started to move away from the traditional model of male-female monogamous marriage as its foundation, it would begin to unravel. It would then take another three generations of deterioration from that point for the society to collapse....

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got Monks?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  We do!  It has been known for some time that the American South (Old Dixie) is the home of revived Catholic tradition and orthodoxy.  Now, however, we're seeing that movement spread to the American Midwest at the foot of the Ozark mountains....
( - It’s been said that when the revolution comes, you won’t read about it in the newspapers.

Indeed, when the history of this part of the world is written, it may point to the recent establishment of a monastery amid the rolling hills and lakes of eastern Oklahoma as an event of momentous consequence for fostering a renaissance of Christian culture.

On my return drive to Minnesota after living for a year in Texas, I chose to spend some time at Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek monastery where an order of Benedictine monks, known as the “Clear Creek monks,” is attempting to rebuild monastic life and Christian culture in America from the ground up -- literally.

There, along with sharing in the common life of the monks, I spoke to the monastery’s prior, Father Philip Anderson, about the history and mission of this new monastic community...

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Homosexuality - God's Wrath On Western Civilization

This ancient Roman cup features an
'artistic' representation of common
sodomite sexual practices in Rome.
The Romans thought little of such things
and wrote about them casually.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The first thing we have to remember is that America is not the Church. Contrary to the notion of many Evangelicals, God's interest in the U.S.A. is no greater than his interest in Canada, Australia, the old British Empire, or ancient Rome. Our vanity as American Christians (Catholics and Protestants) must cease. All too often, American Evangelicals are convinced that no ill can befall them, because after all, this is the United States, and the "rapture" will come before that ever happens. This attitude is just as unbiblical as it is arrogant.  Christians have endured hardship all over the world for the last 2,000 years.  Why should we American Christians be any different?  For those of you still convinced of a "pre-tribulation rapture" I'll direct you to what the Bible has to say about it here. The rest of you know that America (like all other nations before her) will pay for her sins.  Just as she has in the past, so she will again.

We are often prone to think of homosexuality as a sin that cries out to God for justice. Indeed it is, but there may be something more to it. A close examination of this New Testament reference to homosexuality reveals much about the fall of the Roman Empire, and sheds some new light on our own modern civilization today...
For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and injustice of those men that detain the truth of God in injustice: Because that which is known of God is manifest in them. For God hath manifested it unto them. For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; his eternal power also, and divinity: so that they are inexcusable. 
Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened. For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things. 
Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.

And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy. Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.

-- Romans 1:18-32 (Douay-Rheims)
Let's follow the chain of events described above...
  1. God provides knowledge of himself through nature.
  2. Yet people chose to ignore God and serve created things (idols) instead.
  3. Therefore as punishment, God allowed them to fall into self-destructive sins.
  4. The most notable being homosexuality.
  5. Leading to an assortment of more self-destructive sins.
  6. Ultimately, as history tells us, resulting in the total collapse and fall of that civilization.
It would seem, according to this passage, that homosexuality itself, while not only a sin that cries out to God for justice, but widespread homosexuality is in actuality a judgement of God against a civilization that chooses to ignore him. In other words, when a civilization has given up on God, it would seem, God gives up on that civilization, and hands it over to self-destructive sin, that will ultimately destroy the civilization itself.

According to this understanding, widespread homosexuality is a judgement of God.  Therefore, those homosexual activists who promote homosexuality, may very well be thought of as unwitting agents of God's wrath against a society.

The fall of western civilization began in the early decades of the 20th century. It was manifested in Europe through the embrace of eugenics and neopaganism (the occult). Europe fell quickly, with World War II marking the beginning of the end. After the Second World War, the United States and Canada likewise followed Europe down the road of social decay. The 1960's saw the rejection of God both in popular culture and in government. It was followed by the worship of sex, money, drugs and New Age occultism (neopaganism). Now after 30 years of unbridled abortion-on-demand, the rise of euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research and human cloning, it is clear that the United States, along with the rest of western civilization has no intention of repenting, and turning back to God.

Therefore, like ancient Rome, God has given us over to self-destructive sins, the most notable being widespread homosexuality. The United States, along with the rest of western civilization, has been judged by God. His verdict - guilt by idolatry. His sentence - death by homosexuality.

The widespread acceptance of homosexuality, coupled with government promotion, will lead our people into total reprobate minds. Eventually, all social taboos will dissipate, resulting in the complete functional breakdown of the western world. Around that same time, the reprobate minds running our world will look for a scapegoat, indeed they're already searching for one, and that scapegoat will be us -- Christians! Our governments will attack us. They will abridge our freedom. They will demand we renounce certain tenets of our religion, if not our total religion outright. They will commit injustices against us - solely because our faith is not congruent with their "political correctness." Indeed, this is already beginning in some places, and it's going to get worse, much worse! By failing to address the real problem, and by attacking the only people who kept society stable (Christians); our governments will only accelerate the social breakdown. Eventually, the social breakdown will be complete. Governments will eventually collapse, plunging the western world into another Dark Age.

What will become of our world after that? I suppose a lot of that is left up to us and our children. Rome didn't fall in a day. It took a couple hundred years for it to happen. Likewise, I wouldn't expect our civilization to collapse overnight. That rarely ever happens. More realistically, the collapse of western civilization will probably take at least another 50 to 100 years. But it will happen. What comes after our world depends a lot on what we do now. If we work on strengthening our personal families, and parish communities, we will be ready to rebuild. This means we have to start being good Catholics and obeying the Church's teachings on everything from artificial birth-control to a regular monthly tithe. It means sanctifying our homes with ritual prayer, and attending mass, vespers and confession at least once a week. The monasteries of Europe saved the sciences and laws of western civilization once before, they can do so again.

The threats that we will most probably encounter in the world of tomorrow will probably range from the advance of Islam, to the general instability of our own population. As governments fall (and they most probably will fall), people will once again turn to the only institution still standing -- the Church. By that I mean the Catholic Church, because Protestant bodies are so dependent on civil governments that they will probably fall right along with them. I suspect some Protestant bodies will remain, but not in the size and influence they once had. Make no mistake about it, from the ashes of western civilization, new nations shall emerge, along with new governments to rule them. What those nations and governments of tomorrow will look like depend a lot on how strong the Catholic Church is in our own families and communities today. Our obedience and fidelity right now will plant the seeds for our children's future.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Are They Hiding? - Vatican Demands Israel Open Secret Archives

(AFP) — A Vatican representative on Tuesday expressed regret that some 15 Israeli archives do not allow access to documents relating to Pope Pius XII and his attitude during the Holocaust.

Walter Brandmuller, president of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences, one of the organisers of a meeting due to take place in Rome in November on the 50th anniversary of the death of Pius XII, cited in particular the World Jewish Congress.

"I do not understand some critics as most of the Vatican documentation is accessible... while others do not make their documents available," he told reporters at the Vatican.

Historians are demanding that they be allowed to freely consult all of the Vatican archives concerning World War II. Only parts are currently accessible.

According to Brandmuller, however, 15 Israeli archive collections keep documents to which they do not allow access....

read full story here

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OFFICIAL FROM ROME: Catholics May Receive Communion Kneeling and On The Tongue

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Cardinal Arinze explains that faithful Catholics need not fear, nor do they need to obey the United States Bishops on the regulations concerning how to receive communion. Currently, the U.S. Bishops have legislated that the "normative way" for Catholics to receive communion is in the hand while standing. The official word from Rome is this...
  1. Bishop conferences do have the authority to legislate "normative ways" for receiving communion.
  2. But the lay faithful are not obligated to obey them if they don't want to.
  3. Lay faithful may receive communion in the hand or on the tongue, and they may do so while standing or kneeling.
  4. No priest or bishop has the authority to deny communion to anyone based on the way they choose to receive communion.
With that in mind I tried something.  Last Sunday I attended mass at one of the most liberal parishes in town.  There I proceeded to the front of the communion line, knelt down, and opened my mouth.  Guess what!  The priest placed the host on my tongue without reservation.  I got up, crossed myself, and moved back to my pew seat were I knelt for the remainder of the time, until the priest gave the call "let us pray."  There was nothing unusual about it.  Nobody made a fuss, and the amount of looks and attention I received was barely noticeable.  It's as if it was no big deal at all.

The point I'm trying to make here is this.  If you're afraid to do things the "old fashioned way" (such as kneel, receive communion on the tongue, or wear a chapel veil), the only thing stopping you is yourself.  Your limitations are constructs of your own mind.  Granted, you may not have put them there.  They may be the product of 40 years of bullying by liberal modernists in the Church, but they are just mental constructs none the less.  They're as easy to overcome as just ignoring them.  I did.  I did it in the most liberal parish in town, and it worked just fine.  Maybe you should give it a try too. In addition to that, it's nice to know the Vatican backs you on things such as this. 

The Catholic Liturgical Crisis Fully Explained

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the above video clip, Cardinal Arinze nails it! As a convert to Catholicism from Evangelicalism, I have a perspective on the Church's liturgical crisis that some cradle Catholics may find refreshing. After coming into the Church, it wasn't long before I was exposed to the whole thing. I was astonished to see how polarized the factions were.

On the left were the modernists, who claimed Vatican II, and the new Missal of Pope Paul VI, gave them license to do whatever they wanted with the mass. They could create novel innovations and explore "new ways" of worshipping God. This group gained control of much of the American Church after the Second Vatican Council. New chapel designs explored the limits of modern art. Traditional iconography was often eliminated. The tabernacle was moved off to the side, away from the center of the sanctuary. This was accompanied by "new ways" of interpreting Catholic doctrine, in the "spirit of Vatican II." On the issue of morality, a greater emphasis was placed on "personal conscience" than on the absolute teachings of the Church.

On the right were the traditionalists, who claimed Vatican II ruined the Church and the Missal of Pope Paul VI ruined the mass. They wanted to go back to the "good ol' days" when mass was said exclusively in Latin, and the missal used was of Pope Pius V. Some of the more extreme cases even went so far as to deny the validity of the Second Vatican Council. Those who held to this extreme opinion often ended up leaving full unity with the Church for the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

As an outsider coming into the Church, and a former Evangelical pastor, I saw a classic example of what happens when one faction is given too much control over the whole church body. Almost immediately I was expected to choose sides, and it was at first assumed that I would be on the left with the modernists. Then over time, it became apparent that I hadn't picked a side, and immediately the modernists reacted negatively to my sympathies to traditionalist ideals. But the most extreme traditionalists found my position just as frustrating, because I refused to go along with all of their conclusions. So I define myself as a traditionally-minded Catholic, but one who sees some positive effects of the modernist trends in the Church. The problem I see in western Catholicism is one of control. For far too long the modernists have been given unlimited, even unquestioned, control over local parishes, diocese, and even the national conference of bishops. This "blank check" given to modernists in the 1970s, has continued through the 1980s and 1990s, into the liturgical crisis the U.S. Catholic Church (along with many other national churches) finds itself in today.

What modernists, and those clergy who sympathize with them, fail to understand is that traditionalism (of any kind really) is almost exclusively a reactionary movement. Never does traditionalism spring up on it's own. It must have a catalyst. It must be provoked. Traditionalism is the natural result of change that has gone too far and much too fast. It's as normal as the force of gravity. What goes up, must come back down. If the apple never moves, indeed if it stays on the ground, the gravitational force pulling it downward is neutralized. But if somebody picks up the apple, and throws it into the air, it will go up for a while, until the gravitational force takes over again, and pulls it back down. This is what is happening in the Catholic Church. The modernists were given a "blank check" in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, to change the Church in whatever manor they thought best. (The apple was thrown up.) Now the traditionalists are starting to gain the upper hand, much to the absolute terror of many modernists, and the Church is slowly moving back to its previous state. (The apple falls back down.) In the midst of all of this change, there are some people who don't adapt well. Traditionalists who couldn't stomach the motion of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, left the full unity of the Church for borderline schismatic organizations like the SSPX. I should point out here, that the overwhelming majority of traditionalists did not go with the SSPX, but instead swallowed their pride for 30 years, and chose to remain within the full unity of the Church. One should give them credit for this. Now as the pendulum starts to swing back in the other direction, (the apple comes back down), we have modernists who are threatening to leave the Church. Make no mistake about it, some eventually will, and we may very will see an exodus of these people to the Anglican Communion, or else the creation of a modernist organization similar to the SSPX. It is unfortunate when anybody leaves the Church, but it does reveal something about them. Schism is the result of spiritual immaturity. It's the childish "take my marbles and go home" mentality playing itself out among adults. It is not limited to any particular ideology. Modernists are just as prone to it as traditionalists, and it was this very mentality that gave us the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago. Catholics feeling the urge to leave the Church would do well taking a lesson from the traditionalists who chose to stay within the Church over the last 30 years. While like-minded Catholics were moving over to the SSPX, they swallowed their pride and chose to remain in full unity with Rome, their bishop, and their local parish. They never gave up their beliefs, but they endured the changes nonetheless.  This is a sign of maturity we must all look up to and try to emulate.

Now for my analysis of the problem. Who is right and who is wrong? Is it the traditionalists or the modernists? The answer in my opinion is as follows. They're both right, and they're both wrong. The Church made a huge mistake by giving modernists a "blank check" over the last three decades. In doing so an injustice was perpetrated not only upon traditionalists, but especially upon the modernists themselves. Because the modernists were falsely misled to believe they had all the answers. They were misled to believe their ideas were somehow superior to those of the traditionalists. Like a small child who is permitted to rule over his twin brother as his superior, both of them were made to suffer. Modernists and Traditionalists need each other. They should be listening to each other, and carefully weighing what the other says. They shouldn't be opposing each other, nor should one be given authority over the other. That's the problem in the western Church, particularly the United States, and the sooner things are put back into balance the better.

Yes, the future Catholic Church will look a lot more "traditional" than it does now, but that's only because it's moved so far into modernist thinking in recent decades. What goes up must come down. But even though we can expect a return to tradition as a natural reaction to the advance of modernism, we must recognize that when the "apple" finally comes to rest again, it will have been permanently changed in character from the apple it once was before.

The truth is as follows. The missals of Pope Pius V (Tridentine or "extraordinary') and Pope Paul VI (Novus Ordo or 'ordinary') are equal. They are both valid, and they are both edifying to the body of Christ, when they are celebrated properly. The problem we're now seeing is just as Cardinal Arinze pointed out. A growing number of Catholics, (particularly young Catholics), are growing tired of modernists being given a "blank check" with the liturgy, parish design, catechises and Church policy. As a result, they're turning back to more traditional ways, and the growing popularity of the extraordinary (Tridentine) form of the mass is a manifestation of that. This 'problem' (if we should even call it that) can be easily remedied in every parish, at every level, and without any strife. All it takes is a slight attitude adjustment which anybody can make on a personal level with little discomfort.

Basically, it involves a simple recognition that what goes up must come down. Traditionalism is a reactionary force, and it's just as natural as gravity. Traditionalism is not the problem anymore than modernism is. The problem is this erroneous notion that one faction should rule over the other. The fact is, traditionalists have something extremely valuable to bring to the table, and they should be listened to. Likewise, modernists possess the same, and they should be listened to as well. In all of this, the historic precedence of Catholic patrimony must be adhered to. If this is done, there will be no need for conflict and competition.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Historical Fact - Christianity Is Author Of Freedom!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's about time the truth be told once again. Christianity is the REASON for human freedom and dignity in the western world.

Pope Honors President Bush

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Whether you love the man, or hate him, you have to give credit where credit is due.  There is one promise President George W. Bush has kept without wavering.  He has defended the unborn by opposing abortion and embryonic stem-cell research.  For that, the pope honored him...
(AKI) - Pope Benedict XVI personally thanked US President George W. Bush on Friday for his defence of "fundamental moral values".

The pontiff expressed his gratitude "for the warm and exceptional welcome he had received in the United States of America and at the White House during his visit there in April, and for the president's commitment in defence of fundamental moral values".

Details of Benedict's meeting with Bush were included in a statement released by the Vatican after the meeting on Friday morning.

The pontiff greeted Bush, who was accompanied by his wife Laura and by Mary Ann Glendon, the US Ambassador to the Holy See, at the Medieval St. John's Tower located in the Vatican Gardens.

During the meeting, Bush and Benedict discussed issues of international politics, and relations between the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Peace efforts in the Middle East as well as globalisation and the food crisis were also discussed.

The Pope and the president exchanged gifts before strolling around the Vatican Gardens where the choir of the Sistine Chapel sang hymns.

"What an honour, what an honour," was Bush's comment when he was received by Benedict in the Vatican gardens.

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U.S. Bishops 'Blow It!' - English Novus Ordo At Risk

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As I pointed out in a previous story the best thing liberal Catholics can do is not resist the traditional trends in the church. The addition of "innovation" and "modernization" to the liturgy will only result in an impending exodus of young people to the extraordinary-form (Tridentine) liturgy. What liberal Catholics fail to realize is that the pope's actions, regarding the Tridentine liturgy, are primarily prompted not only by his love for this historic faith but also by a renewed interest among the Church's youth. The biggest threat to the Novus Ordo (ordinary) liturgy is not the Tridentine mass, but continued innovation and modernization of the liturgy by misguided (but perhaps well-meaning) priests and bishops.

What is needed in the Novus Ordo liturgy is a renewed sense of the sacred - solemnity. The new English translation of the Novus Ordo is an important part of that, because it does much to help restore that sense of solemnity by the type of English we use. The failure of the American bishops to approve this reformed English translation is to the detriment of the Novus Ordo liturgy, and threatens it's very existence in the United States. The Vatican has already revoked the American bishop's permission to celebrate the mass according to the translation we currently use (read more here). Failure to approve a new translation - immediately - may result in further action from the Vatican. It would not be unthinkable for the Vatican to force the total revocation of the current English translation without a new English translation already in place. What would this mean? It means if the American bishops don't get their act together soon, they may very well find themselves celebrating the current Novus Ordo in it's original Latin instead of English, since the Latin is the only version of the Novus Ordo liturgy still approved by both the Vatican and American bishops....
(CNS) - Following a lively debate, the U.S. bishops left a 700-page translation of one section of the Roman Missal in limbo June 13 when it failed to obtain the number of votes needed to approve the text or to reject it. The translation of the proper prayers for Sundays and feast days during the liturgical year requires the approval of two-thirds of the 250 Latin-rite members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. But after more than a dozen bishops spoke against the translation, results of the voting were inconclusive. Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago, USCCB president, did not announce the vote totals but said the document had not obtained the 166 "yes" votes needed to approve it or the 83 "no" votes that would have resulted in its rejection. USCCB members not present at the spring general assembly in Orlando will vote by mail on the issue. "John and Mary Catholic have the right to have prayers that are clear and understandable," said Bishop Donald W. Trautman of Erie, Pa., in speaking against the translation that had been in the works for more than two years....

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