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Dear readers, thank you so much for your patronage.  Some time ago I posted an entry in which I indicated this blog would go inactive after the start of the New English Missal on November 27, 2011.  Shortly thereafter I received a flood of emails begging me not to quit blogging.  Some of them were very touching.  Many of them indicated that this blog has served as a "ministry" that has helped them in their walk of faith.  Some even stated that their conversion to the Catholic Church was due in large part to this blog. Needless to say, after such a flood of positive support and appeals to keep blogging, I talked it over with my wife and we decided I should keep it going.

Now with that said comes the other shoe to drop.  You will notice that in the upper corner of the left sidebar is a new link to THE KNIGHT'S ARMORY.  Actually, this is an old idea I had a long time ago, but it has now been resurrected for present use.  I don't really want to go into the details as to why I was contemplating a shut down of this blog a while back, but suffice it to say that my wife and I agree it needs to be a little more "productive" to justify the time I put into it.  Now there are many other bloggers out there who regularly ask for donations to their blogging ministry.  I have resolved from the beginning never to do this.  I received the message I preach free of charge, and I will not leave my readers with the impression that they should donate for the same message.  If it came to me free of charge, than I will pass it on to you the same way.  So instead of requesting donations, I decided instead to open a web store through  That way my readers can shop to acquire actual things while a portion of the proceeds go directly to me, which in turn go toward my childrens' education in Catholic school.  So by shopping through THE KNIGHT'S ARMORY, you're not only helping this blogger, but you're helping his kids and their local parish school.  By simply clicking on the link, and visiting the store, you can order from the items I've provided, or you can search for more items (not necessarily Catholic related), and a portion of every dollar you spend helps us out.

I feel a lot better about doing it this way.  By taking donations, it would be like you're paying for what I write on this blog, and I've always resolved that I would provide this blog free of charge.  However, by providing a web store, you're getting something tangible for your money, and you're helping my family out at the same time.  The way I see it, this is the way it should be.

I am open to suggestions.  If you see an item that you think should be offered in THE KNIGHT'S ARMORY please let me know.  If you have any editing suggestions, I am open to that too.  Don't like a product you got through the ARMORY?  Let me know, and I may get rid of it.  The ARMORY is there for you, my readers, and I want to do the best I can to make it work well for you.  My email address is:

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Slaying The Political Orthrus

Orthrus: A Vicious Two-Headed Dog From Greek and Roman Mythology
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Two-hundred and twenty-three years ago the United States Constitution was ratified. It remains to this day as founding document of the world's oldest republic. Today our republic is threatened, and the reason why is because our nation's constitution has largely been ignored by our governing politicians and judges.

Now personally I am a monarchist. I don't believe republics work so well and that they often produce more instability and unnecessary bloodshed than a more traditional form of governance. That's not to say that monarchies are perfect. History is littered with examples of what happens when kings (and queens) go bad. Nevertheless, when we step back and look at the big picture, we find that overall, monarchies produce more good than bad, with far more stability and they are, for the most part, far less intrusive to the daily life of the common man. Monarchy is the most natural form of human government and most in line with the natural law. It always has been and always will be. I am also a monarchist for religious reasons, as God himself rules his Church through monarchy, with Jesus Christ as the King of kings and the pope as his prime minister. In the history of ancient Israel and medieval Europe we see plenty of examples of how God blesses and chastises his people through the instruments of his appointed royalty.

That being said however, the United States of America threw off it's colonial monarchy two centuries ago, and for good reason, to create an idealized republic of our own design. Comparatively speaking, it hasn't worked so well. In less than a hundred years the republic was plunged into civil war. What emerged from that was a highly politicized president that increasingly looked more like a dictator in the decades and century to follow.

We can go through the panorama of American history to explore the benefits and drawbacks of a democratic republic but these things are better left to the professional historians. Suffice it to say, the American republic has been aptly named "The Great Experiment" and indeed it has been just that.

The origins of the modern breakdown of our republic can be traced as far back as the Civil War, but the economic catalyst that has brought us to the brink of chaos can be specifically traced back to the year 1913. This was the year three things happened that created the mechanism for America's economic implosion. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913, as was the income tax (16th amendment) and the popular election of senators (17th amendment). These three changes created a recipe for disaster that would not be fully realized until the second decade of the 21st century. By that time the annual federal deficit had reached $1.5 trillion with a national debt of well over $14 trillion. To ease the burden of this staggering debt, the Federal Reserve ordered the U.S Treasury to print money for the sake of buying up it's own government bonds, resulting in the deflation of the US dollar, and the rest is history (or soon will be).

The two-party political system (Republican and Democrat), has become the status quo in this country, but it is really a one-party system. It's a two-headed Orthrus, designed to herd the masses into voting the way a faceless oligarchy would have us to vote. The two heads of the Orthrus bark at each other, so as to convince the masses that they are in competition, but regardless of which head wins the vote, the same body benefits. The Democrat head appeals to those who don't take their religious faith very seriously when it comes to the affairs of public discourse. While the Republican head is designed to appeal to those who do take their faith seriously. However, they're both working together toward the same end. Whichever head eats the spoils of political victory, the same belly gets to digest it. Social issues like abortion and gay-marriage are designed to be a distraction. The Republicans have had it within their power to allow states to ban abortion as they see fit, simply by removing the jurisdiction to hear abortion cases from the federal courts, rendering Roe v. Wade a toothless paper tiger. Yet, every time they have gained control of Congress they did not do this. Why? Could it be that the issue of abortion works too well at garnering conservative Christian votes? Could it be that the Republicans really don't want this issue to be solved, because they would no longer be able to use it for their political gain? Would it disrupt the competing illusion of the political Orthrus? On the issue of Pro-Life itself, what does it say of a political party that preaches the sanctity of human life, and then authorizes the senseless bombing of human life over in the Arab world? Meanwhile, Democrats attack Republicans for their hypocrisy and war-mongering, but then when they get into power, they engage in the same sort of war-mongering. Why is it that the largest individual contributors to both political parties often happens to be the exact same people!?! Am I the only one who sees this? Am I the only one who can call the system what it is -- a two-headed Orthrus! -- a political illusion designed to control us!

So if the two-headed political machine really is an Orthrus, designed to manipulate and herd voters to do the will of the body, than what is the body of the Orthrus? If the Left head is the Democratic Party, and the Right head is the Republican Party, than what is the singular body that benefits from their activity? Who's singular belly is fed when one of the Orthrus' heads eats the spoils of political victory? It certainly isn't the American people. None of us benefit from this. We cannot know for sure because it's identity is hidden from us, but we can know for sure that it isn't us. We can know for sure that it does not have our best interests in mind. This is what I call the "oligarchy." It is likely a cartel of large international corporations, banks, labor unions and Marxists. These are working together to enrich themselves and enslave the populations of the world to a hybrid socialist-capitalist (class system) hegemony that the Christian philosopher and economist, Hilaire Belloc, referred to in 1912 as the "Servile State." In other words, the United States political system, the belly of the Orthrus, is actively using the United States government to recreate a two-class system not seen since the ancient world, wherein only two classes will exist. One will rule and the other will serve. Marxist Socialism is simply being used as a temporary tool to counter Laissez-Faire Capitalism, which in turn is being used to counter Marxist Socialism. It's an artificial tension created by the oligarchy and designed to move the world into the Servile State. What exactly is the Servile State? In a nutshell, it is a legal system in which the rich ruling class are charged with the social care of the working poor class, and the working poor class is totally and utterly dependent on the rich ruling class for their very sustenance and survival. Debt is the tool through which this new system will be leveraged into existence. The laws of this system force the poor to work for their rich whether they want to or not, and refusal to do so will result in the denial of food, clothing and shelter. It may even result in criminal prosecution and debters' prison. In this new world order, the state and big money are one in the same, each working together to manage the new system. If you want to know who's involved, follow the money trail. You will see it winding through all the major governments of the world, including our own government, which is run by the oligarchy -- the belly of the Orthrus.

Only a Christian monarchy can stand up to such a beast. Only a Christian monarch, which cannot be bought, because he already has all the material wealth he could ever want, and all the power he can wield; only he (appealing to Christian justice) could stand up to and stop such a beast from having it's way. However, the founders of the oligarchy have worked well for centuries to eliminate all royal influence over the Americas and destroy every vestige of monarchy in Europe. So here we are, under the political rule of a republic made by our own design, with all of the problems that faced previous republics throughout history, eventually to be ruled by the same Servile State and dictatorship produced by previous republics. I'm afraid that history is not on our side, and our trajectory is leading us toward a similar end, but we are not totally powerless to resist it -- that is if we're willing to think outside the box.

Even though I am a monarchist in principle, the fact remains that the United States is a republic, and so long as it continues to remain so, than by principle alone, I must insist that the United States federal government abide by the very Constitution that created it. Yes, so long as the Constitution exists as our ruling document, it can be used to our advantage. That's not to say it wouldn't be better to replace it with a new constitution, should one of better design ever be created, but for the time being however, what we have now is what we have to work with, and sadly, we the American people have done very little to use this resource at our disposal.

To save our nation from the international oligarchy we must break free from the Orthrus they've created. The Republican and Democratic parties are simply two heads of the same creature. They bark at each other, creating the illusion that they are in competition, but in reality the same belly is fed regardless of which head eats the spoils of political victory. No matter what, the Orthrus wins, the belly of the oligarchy is fed, and the barking goes on to continue the illusion. So long as we the people continue to support the beast, by voting for it's candidates (on either head) we continue to feed their common belly. We must break free of the Orthrus by abandoning the two-party system the oligarchy has created.

There are three viable political minor parties in the United States. They are only minor parties in the sense that they still hold only a minority of voters. Just as soon as they begin holding the majority, they become majority parties and effectively replace the Orthrus created by the international oligarchy. These three parties are...
  • The Constitution Party is based on the original intent of the U.S. Constitution and the roots of Western Christian culture. It is based on the principle that civil rights come from God not government, and that in order to preserve these rights, the U.S. republic must not only rigorously abide by the limits proscribed in the Constitution, but it must do so in fear and respect of the God that created western civilization to begin with, particularly as that relates to the moral laws of our Christian culture. The Constitution Party calls for the radical reduction of federal government, a transfer of power and money back to state governments, the elimination of the Federal Reserve, a strong national currency based on intrinsic value (gold, silver, or copper, etc.) and respect for the Christian roots of our civilization. The motto of the Constitution Party could best be described as "government governs best when it governs closer to the people."
  • The Libertarian Party is based on a more humanist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, wherein civil rights are derived not from government but from the sovereign self of individuals, and that human beings are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, provided of course that their freedoms do not infringe on the same rights of others. The Libertarian Party likewise calls for the radical reduction of the federal government, a transfer of power and money back to the state governments, and a radical reduction of the state governments as well. Libertarians are strong on national defense and policing of crimes that directly result in the violation of civil rights. However, they generally do not recognize "victimless crimes" meaning crimes of an ethical or moral nature that do not directly infringe on the civil rights of others. The motto of the Libertarian Party could best be described as "the government that governs best governs least."
  • The Green Party is based more on direct democracy than the tradition of a democratic republic created by the U.S. Constitution. However, the Green Party does plan to operate within the framework of the U.S. Constitution to accomplish it's goals. Decentralization does play a part in Green Party politics as it does advocate a transfer of power and money away from the federal government and back to the states. The major difference in the Green Party is based on the name. It appeals to the relationship between man and the ecology. The traditional Christian culture upon which our civilization and Constitution were built is not a factor in Green Party politics, and the Libertarian rights of the sovereign self come secondary to the health of the planet. The motto of the Green Party could best be described as "grassroots democracy is the government that serves our people and ecology best."
Now you can imagine which party The Catholic Knight would likely agree with the most. Yes, the Constitution Party is the party that best represents the interests of traditional Catholics and conservative Protestants. In fact, that is the party's base and core constituency. Yes, a surprising number of traditional Catholics have joined with conservative Protestants in creating this party and making it the third largest party in American politics. Charges of anti-Catholicism within the Constitution Party have proved to be false and are likely the product of accusations coming from the Orthrus that now rules America's political spectrum. In fact, the Constitution Party is not only promoted by high profile traditional Catholics, but the party itself runs Catholics for political office consistently. For this reason The Catholic Knight would like to encourage each and every one of my readers to review the political platform of the Constitution Party, pray about it, and join the party with a dues paying membership to help keep the party accountable to it's core constituency. Then start voting for Constitution Party candidates whenever possible. Perhaps even consider running as a Constitution Party candidate yourself!

The Hercules Project

Of course the question is always posed as to how we can possibly achieve victory when the Orthrus controls the national media and the political playing field.  Well, here is the secret and I call it "The Hercules Project."  (Hercules slew Orthrus in Greek Mythology.)  The Orthrus rules American politics from the top-down, not the bottom-up.  It relies on huge national presidential and senate campaigns to carry election wins for the two major parties down to the state and local levels.  That's where the oligarchy puts it's big money and resources.

So to slay the beast, we must literally go for it's soft underbelly by working from the bottom-up.  The national elections should be put on the back-burner for now.  We should let the economy collapse, as nothing can stop that from happening, and let the Democrats and Republicans take the heat for it.  After all, they caused it and so they deserve it.  Constitutionalists, on the other hand, should focus our money and resources on state and local elections almost exclusively.  Sure, we should run candidates for those big federal offices too, if for no other reason than to get names on the ballot for party recognition.  However, it should be the state houses, county government, and city halls that we should be focusing on and pouring nearly all of our money into.  Let the Orthrus continue to control Washington DC for now, but in the mean time we should rob it of every state capitol, county government and city hall.  Then, once we have a few of our people in the governor's mansions around the country, our time to strike will come.  It will be time to run our EXPERIENCED Constitutionalist state congressmen and senators for U.S. congressional and senate seats, while we simultaneously run one of our Constitutionalist governors for president.  I guarantee, any Constitutionalist in a three-way debate with a Republican and Democrat will make mincemeat out of both of them.  Victory will certainly be within reach.

Now as for the other two parties I mentioned above (Libertarian and Green), I am not not too personally keen on their views or positions. Nevertheless, I understand their necessity if we are to slay the political Orthrus that now rules this country. The seat of the international oligarchy's power rests in the two-party system, and that is why America's two major parties (Democrat and Republican) work together to keep the minor parties disenfranchised in minor party status. All three of the minor parties I listed above call for the decentralization of the federal government, each in their own way, and it is no accident that each of these minor parties happen to be the three largest of all the minor parties. There are literally dozens of minor parties in the United States, but these three have risen to the surface as the three largest of them all, and this is likely because of their call for federal decentralization while each appeals to their own different type of constituency. I believe these three parties represent the views and attitudes of most Americans today. They remain locked in minor-party position only because of the overarching media control of the political Orthrus. That Orthrus can be defeated however through Internet communication, which is why I am convinced that in the not-too-distant future both the Republican and Democratic parties (the two heads of the Orthrus) will end up supporting strict Internet regulations. It will be the dying gasp of the political Orthrus before it is slain.

Now the Libertarians and Greens work into "The Hercules Project" in this way.  Both the Libertarians and the Greens appeal to Liberals (Modernists) of different stripes.  The Greens appeal primarily to the radical Marxist types which are typically socially liberal and fiscally liberal.  While the Libertarians appeal primarily to the social liberals who may happen to be fiscally conservative for whatever reason.  Now many Republicans and Neocons have been attracted to the Libertarian Party over recent decades, but the allure rarely lasts if they have so much as a drop of socially conservative blood in them.  For these reason I believe the Libertarians present us with a tremendous opportunity to crack the Democratic Party wide open.  By pointing out the pure hypocrisy of the Democratic Party on issues like the environment and civil rights, we can portray the Democrats as simply the party of the labor unions, by the labor unions and for the labor unions.  Thus the Democratic Party will simply be known as the labor union party, while the true Liberals will find a real home among the Libertarians and Greens, depending on how fiscally conservative they may be.

Yes, we can do this! It can be done. All it takes is the Internet and word of mouth. Start sending emails out to your friends and families. Start talking about it. Refer to this article, and direct them to one of the three minor parties, linked to above, depending on their disposition. To slay the Orthrus we must first get people out from under it's influence. There needs to be a mass exodus from the Democratic and Republican parties. These three parties linked above are certainly not the only options available, but they do represent the most viable and available options at this time. As a general rule, we need to STOP voting for candidates with a "D" or an "R" behind their names. We need to abandon both political parties entirely. The designation of "Democrat" or "Republican" needs to become an anathema to any political candidate running for office. This can only happen one way, and that is with us, by spreading the word, getting the message out, and leaving the Orthrus behind for the junkyard dog that it is. The Orthrus is designed to herd us into slavery. It has already successfully done so to millions of Americans, and it will continue until all but the elite are enslaved. America has now hit it's economic and political brick wall. We the people can act now for the sake of our freedom, or we can just let the Orthrus herd us into slavery. Which shall it be? The answer lies within you. Now is the time for you to decide. So, which is it?

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A Vision Of America's Near Future

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The video is not intended to panic you. It is intended to jolt you awake. This above account of the future is fictional, but it is based on real trends and historical examples. Yes, this is the trajectory the United States is on. Yes, this could very well become our future.

We cannot know if things will happen this fast. It is all together possible that such a chain of events could happen within a day, or a week, or even a month. Any one of these time tables would be a catastrophe. Or we could see a more controlled and managed decline of the dollar over a period of years. That's not good either, but it's a lot better than the above crash-inflation scenario. Slow and gradual inflation gives people a little more time to react, breath and make adjustments little by little. Crime will likely increase under gradual inflation, but widespread panic and chaos in the streets will not likely be the case. We can only hope and pray for the latter scenario, but we should likely prepare for the former just in case.

There are many things we cannot know about the future, but there are some things we can know and we do know. The United States dollar has declined rapidly over the last year, is declining right now as I'm writing this, and it will continue to decline considerably for a very long time. Before the end of the decade, our small children now will be dealing with American dollars that are on par with Mexican pesos by the time they are grown, that is if they're still using dollars at all by then. Yes, the American dollar is collapsing, and it will continue to collapse. This we know for sure. There is no doubt, no debate, no question about it. It is a fact. It is sure. So we better learn to deal with it.

We also know that with this dollar decline, the United States federal government is going to have to make some radical changes in the way it does things, or else it's currency decline will be followed by a political decline. In other words, if the American republic wants to stay in business for another generation or two, it's going to have to balance it's checkbook. The first thing to go will be the American hegemony overseas. Military bases will have to be closed. Troops will need to be brought home. Strategic bombing campaigns will have to be suspended. That is, if our leaders are smart enough to deal with reality. If they're not, and they think they can somehow bomb our way back into prosperity, than we're going to be in for a whole new set of problems. The second thing to go will be our current entitlement program. America's welfare state (which includes Social Security) takes up the majority of all federal spending. It will have to be seriously cut back, and this will come just as the nation's "baby boomers" reach retirement age. Seeking to meet it's obligations to America's senior citizens, it is all together likely that the nation's welfare recipients will be completely thrown under the bus. That is, if our leaders are dealing with real numbers. If they're not, and they think they can just use the crisis to expand the welfare state instead, than total political collapse will be just around the corner. The third thing to go will be the federal governments bureaucracy, as Washington D.C. will need to go through a massive down-sizing. Tens of thousands of government employees will be laid off. Entire offices and departments will close. Power will be shifted back to the states, where it belongs, as the federal government will have to learn how to live with less. That is, if our leaders understand what's happening. If they don't, and they think they can use the fiscal crisis to grow and expand government, than they're in for one hell of a surprise!

Politically a few things need to happen to make the best out of a bad situation. Any talk about avoiding the coming financial meltdown is fantasy land. It is coming, and indeed it is already here. The only question is how fast will it come, and will we have time to react and make enough adjustments to ease the pain. The first thing that we the people need to do politically is disassociate with the two-party political system (Democrat and Republican) that currently rules this nation. The second thing we need to do is call for an emergency constitutional convention to put forward the following amendments to the U.S. Constitution....
  1. The sixteenth amendment is repealed.  No entity of the federal government shall have the power to tax private income.
  2. The seventeenth amendment is repealed.  One of each state's two senators shall henceforth be appointed by the governors of the states.  The other shall be appointed by each state's legislature.
  3. The Federal Reserve System is abolished.  The value of the United States dollar shall be fixed to the measure of a commodity.  Congress shall enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  4. The office of president shall be extended to an eight year term, and shall be limited to one term per office holder.  This article shall go into effect during the term of the next president sworn into office following ratification of this article by the states.
  5. Congress shall not introduce legislation for a final vote until it has first stated it's constitutional authority to enact such legislation. 
  6. The federal government shall not intervene in a state's legal efforts to protect human life.
  7. The federal government shall not intervene in a state's legal efforts to protect the institution of marriage.
  8. No portion of this constitution may be misconstrued to prohibit the free exercise of religion on public or private property, and agencies of the federal government shall not manipulate the free speech of religious clergy through tax exemption or property liens.
  9. The size of the House of Representatives, and the number of members therein, cannot be limited without constitutional amendment.
  10. Each state shall retain the right of secession from this federal union, by means of popular vote consisting of no less than fifty-five percent of the voting electorate in said state, provided the registered voter turnout was no less than a fifty percent.
Assuming something akin to the above proposed amendments were added to the U.S. Constitution in the near future, they could insure the survival of the United States for another century, providing a significant level of political and economic stability, with real democratic representation and states rights.  There is a good reason for each of the amendments I've proposed above.  Feel free to ask about them, one at a time please, in the comments section below.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Banana Republic USA

Headlined on DrudgeReport 4/20/2011
Corsi's Book Hit Mainstream
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's either the ultimate publicity stunt in the history of book selling, or this is the biggest news of the century. Knowing the history of this investigative reporter, I suspect it's the latter. Jerome Corsi has a personal stake in this story. When rumors of Barack Obama's illegitimate candidacy hit the mainstream back in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Corsi (a Roman Catholic and member of the Constitution Party) went to Kenya to investigate. While there he not only uncovered evidence of Obama's birth outside the United States, but also his involvement as a US senator in the 2007 Kenyan presidential campaign of Raila Odinga. Enlisting Senator Barack Obama's support to gain over $1 million in donations, Odinga campaigned on the promise to establish Shariah Law in Kenya if elected. His failed election resulted in deadly violence that destroyed 800 Christian churches throughout the country. As a result, Odinga was later appointed prime minister after the tragedy to quell Islamic unrest. Corsi's findings were reported on WorldNetDaily by Bob Unruh.

Shortly after this Corsi was kidnapped by the Kenyan government and held illegally to prevent him from holding a news conference in Kenya to report his findings. Thousands of dollars were paid in bribes for his release according to WorldNetDaily. Considering the nature of Corsi's investigation, and the potential ramifications not only to the United States, but also dozens of governments around the world, it is likely that Corsi's life may be in danger. By reporting his findings in the form of a book, as opposed to series of press releases, Corsi may be attempting to secure his own safety and insure that the story is told to Americans in full and without government intervention. The sensational headlines on the 4/20/2011 morning-edition of the DrudgeReport are likely designed for this as well. When you have information that could bring down a US President, toppling an entire administration and possibly destroy an entire political party, the release of this sort of information must be carefully planned. Is this really the revelation of the greatest political scandal in American history? or just a publicity stunt? We won't know the answer until the book is released, and that answer will be revealed in the pages thereof. If Corsi's book sheds no new significant light on the origin of Obama's birth, than we know it was simply done for publicity. However, if it reveals something new, something explosive and scandalous, than we know the publicity was designed to protect the information and the reporter who exposed it.

Journalist Author Jerome Corsi
Now, the question arises, what if it's true? What if Barack Obama truly wasn't eligible to run for president back in 2008? Now what? Well, from a legal and constitutional perspective, he would have to resign or face impeachment and removal by the Congress. If Obama failed to resign, and the Congress failed to remove him, the United States would be tumbled into a constitutional crisis unparalleled since the Civil War. The United States would be governed by a KNOWN ineligible "president" and that will not sit well with the people, the states or the military. The US military would be forced to take action to defend the Constitution and forcefully remove Obama from office. Should any military leaders side with Obama, we will have a full-blown military civil war on our hands. That is the worst case scenario.

However, it's far more likely that what will happen will be denial from the Whitehouse entirely, while simultaneously attempting to smear the reporter and the information he uncovered as revealed in the book. I expect the Whitehouse's first move will be to prevent or delay publication of the book. When that fails, the Whitehouse will simply ignore it, and possibly try a smear campaign. Privately, behind the scenes Corsi and his publisher can probably expect an IRS audit as well as an FBI probe. Of course, such government actions will only lend to speculation that the information in the book is true. Should anything more come of it, we can expect nothing short of an army of lawyers to emerge defending Obama in the courts. That's where this is inevitably going to land you see. About that time we can expect Obama to finally, after years of stonewalling, produce his actual Hawaii long-form birth certificate. Who knows if it will be real, or if the CIA will be covering for him with a forgery to prevent a constitutional catastrophe. Whatever the case, I think one thing it certain. Somebody, somewhere in the United States government knows the truth. Unless that somebody does the right thing, and reveals that truth soon, we may never know where Barack Obama was actually born, or if he really is the president of the United States.

Is Barack Obama just playing with conservatives? Does he really have his long-form Hawaiian birth certificate stashed away somewhere? Is he trying to get conservatives whipped up into a frenzy so he can deliver a political death blow to them in the 2012 presidential election? Who knows? One thing is certain. Even if he ever does manage to produce a real Hawaiian long-form birth certificate at this point, there will always be doubts, from this time forth and forevermore. Whether he is just playing the political system, or if he really is ineligible, this whole mess (along with everything else going on) is slowly turning the United States of America into a banana republic that is clearly run by an faceless oligarchy.

UPDATE 4-27-2011...

The Whitehouse released what it claims to be Barack Obama's long-form Hawaii birth certificate today. In a rare press conference, Obama himself stated he hopes this will put the issue to rest. However, within hours of it's release problems were discovered. The certificate appears to have been altered and consisted of many "layers" upon digital examination, suggesting the possibility of a forgery. These observations have been reported by dozens of analysts with credible experience in such matters. Jerome Corsi has responded on WorldNetDaily saying that "Obama blinked" suggesting that the impending release of Corsi's book this May caused Obama to release the document in a panic, which is now creating more questions than it answers. He compared this to former President Nixon's release of the Watergate audiotapes, with vital information omitted, in an attempt to quell the Watergate scandal, but in actuality it only made it worse. Corsi claims the book, to be published this May, will reveal on multiple levels why Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president of the United States. read more here

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The Crucified Rabbi

The Catholic Church IS Israel

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As we prepare to celebrate Maundy Thursday, the date we mark the passover seder Jesus celebrated with his apostles, which we call the "Last Supper," it is appropriate to bring attention to the Hebraic origins of Catholic Christianity.  Therefore I would like to encourage my readers to get a copy of the book featured in the video above and to the right.  This book will not only help Catholics gain a better understanding of how the Catholic Church fulfills all of the messianic expectations of the Davidic kingdom originally promised to the Jewish people, but it will open the eyes of many non-Catholics (particularly Evangelicals) to the Hebrew origins of the Catholic Church.  This is particularly important to Evangelicals, and I would highly recommend if you have Evangelical family and friends you would like to see come into the Catholic Church, this book will be a valuable tool toward that end.  Evangelicals base a lot of their anti-Catholic beliefs on the notion that Catholicism is so far removed from the Jewish faith of Jesus and the apostles that it can't possibly be true.  However, a book such as this will shatter those false impressions.  In it they will see a simple transition from the early Christian Church (very Jewish in nature) to the rich tradition of Roman Catholicism.  If you want to shake an Evangelical down to the core, and then help him/her understand what Catholicism is really about, I highly recommend this book.

Rabbi Jesus the Messiah
teaches in the synagogue

Monday, April 18, 2011

Unions and Marxists Confront TEA Parties

One Example of a Catholic Tea Party Sign or Flag
Complements to the Subsidiarity Blog
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Even though I am a monarchist and a distributist, I know that so long as republics exist I am free to participate in them, and indeed the Catechism of the Catholic Church encourages me to do so if I am so inclined.  That being the case, I have frequently encouraged Catholic readers of this blog to participate in the nation's TEA Parties as I myself have participated in them.  Indeed, I encourage every practicing Catholic to go to the TEA Parties.  Bring your rosary.  Pray for our nation, and educate people about the governing Principle of Subsidiarity.  You can check out this article to see how Catholic TEA Partiers are coming up with some creative ways to get the message across.

After two years of demonizing the TEA Parties as "racist" and "hate filled" the Leftist Modernists in the USA got a wake up call.  Their favorite political party -- the Democratic Party -- was crushed in the November 2010 congressional election largely due to TEA Party activism.  As a result the Republican Party has been given a second chance, but has also been placed on probation while the grassroots TEA Partiers watch and wait to see what the outcome will be.  (Keep in mind the TEA Parties are not an organized political party, but rather a grassroots network of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are fed up with the current political status quo in America.  We want smaller national government, less taxes and an elimination of the national deficit with a balanced federal budget.)  So having realized that their demonizing tactics have largely failed, the Leftist Modernists have gone to their "Plain B" which is to take to the streets and confront TEA Party demonstrations with yelling, screaming, chants, drums, air horns and threats.  They are organized by unions and Marxist groups.  The only thing missing are the hired anarchists and professional rioters.

Below is a video of a TEA Party speech given by a fourteen-year-old girl in Madison Wisconsin.  Her name is Tricia Willoughby.  She is a homeschooler and a "veteran" of the TEA Party movement.  This speech, and the person giving it, is a perfect encapsulation of what the TEA Party movement is and represents.  Please watch it...

What you may have heard in the background are the chants, screams, drums and air horns of the Leftist Modernists. They really don't have any kind of message to convey, other than they hate the TEA Party and want to make things miserable for those who participate. Take a look at the video below, and there you will see what was going on at the edge of the crowed while this fourteen-year-old patriot was giving her speech....

So here we have the poster-boy of today's Democratic Party. This is the "best and brightest" the Left in this country has to throw at the TEA Party. As you can see, he really has nothing constructive to say at all. He has no positive message, no solutions, and nothing he really stands for, other than he hates the TEA Party and everyone associated with it -- even a fourteen-year-old girl who he describes as a "f***ing brat." He is visibly angry and defiant, hate-filled and bitter, perhaps even bigoted. No, this man is not a loose canon, nor is he off the Modernist reservation. No, this man is EXACTLY the sort of thing the Leftist Modernists want to see more of at the TEA Parties. He was likely encouraged to behave this way, and if anyone were to ask him that point blank, he would probably admit it. Since their slander and demonizing of the TEA Parties hasn't worked, this is the Left's "Plan B" for how they plan to deal with the TEA Parties from now on.

The time for straddling the fence is over. America financial crisis is now polarizing the nation into two clear groups. You either stand with the TEA Parties and this fourteen-year-old Tricia Willoughby, or else you stand with the unions, Leftists and that middle-aged, foul-mouthed screaming man in the crowed.  Who's side are you on?  As America's economy plummets, the dollar tanks and food and energy prices soar, the time for fence-sitting will come to an end.  Watch the two videos above again, and tell me, which one more represents the kind of demonstration and activism Jesus Christ would approve of?  Which one more represents the social teachings of the Catholic Church?   Which is it?  Who's side are you on?  Because the days of ignoring this will soon come to an end -- very VERY SOON.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A New Constitutional Convention !!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Over the last couple decades America's debt crisis has sparked an initiative among the states to call for a constitutional convention. Calls for the Balanced Budget Amendment have echoed in the chambers of the U.S. Congress ever since the Reagan administration (1980s), however when it came down to the wire, Congress failed to pass such an amendment regardless of which party was in control at the time. Because of this, many state legislatures felt the only way to get the job done was to do it themselves, calling for a constitutional convention creating the amendment, circulating it among the states without approval from the U.S. Congress and thus ratify it in spite of the Democrats and Republicans controlling our nation's capitol. Over the last two decades, a number of states have signed on to the idea by officially calling for a new constitutional convention. These states are...

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota

The magic number to legally make a constitutional convention happen is 34 states. There are 29 listed above that have already passed resolutions calling for one. Another 3 states have also called for one (Alabama, Florida and Louisiana) but they recently rescinded their call based on fears that convention may do more harm than good. However, those rescissions have not yet been challenged in court, and there is a good chance they may be invalid. If so much as two more states, anywhere in the Union, were to pass resolutions calling for a Constitutional Convention, a chain of events would be set into motion that would be virtually unstoppable. The rescissions of Alabama, Florida and Louisiana would immediately be called into court on the grounds that they are invalid. Regardless of the outcome of the cases, the news of this hitting the airwaves would spur at least a few other states to call for a convention too, causing a bandwagon effect, effectively making the previous 3 state rescissions a moot point. Just two more states is all it will take to set the ball into motion. Just two more states will have the opportunity to make history. Which states will they be?

It is ironic that the call for a Balanced Budget Amendment is what spurred so many states to call for a constitutional convention. It was the inaction of both parties in the U.S. Congress that made this possible. Their insatiable appetite to spend more money is what stopped them from doing what needed to be done. After decades of calling for fiscal sanity they would not deliver. Finally the states decided to take it upon themselves, and now after two decades, their actions are about to come to fruition. At the time of this writing the next constitutional convention floats in limbo, awaiting the final two states to put everything into motion. I predict it will remain in limbo for a little while longer, until the double-dip recession hits us. That will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. That, compounded with inflation, high energy costs, rising unemployment (again) and perhaps even a default on the interest payments on the national debt, will tip the scales. The states will demand action. The federal government will go into crisis mode, and the only way out for the nation will be for the last remaining two states to call for a constitutional convention.

When the time comes for the convention, Americans will have already witnessed just how tyrannical the American Republic has become. I do not know exactly what sort of measures the federal government will put in place in their attempt to restore order, but I do know they will be draconian, unnecessary and completely unacceptable to the American people. By the time the convention comes, all of America will have seen just how much the republic no longer represents us or our American values.

When that day comes, it will be more than a Balanced Budget Amendment the constitutional convention will be considering. History will again repeat itself. When the original 55 delegates of the original constitutional convention convened in 1787, they thought they were just attending the "Philadelphia Convention" as it was originally called. The purpose of the "Philadelphia Convention" was to just fine-tune the Articles of Confederation, and that's all everyone thought they were going to do. However, when they got to Philadelphia, it wasn't long before they threw out the Articles of Confederation and started over from scratch, creating what we know today as the U.S. Constitution. In all likelihood, history will repeat itself with this new constitutional convention. The delegates (however many there may be) will quickly come to realize that 200 years has demonstrated the current U.S. Constitution no longer works (indeed if it ever did properly at all), and that nothing short of scrapping it for a whole new document will be necessary. Again, I remind you this will come after the U.S. federal government has just demonstrated unprecedented tyranny in the name of restoring order. It is only in this context that the actions of the next convention will be fully understood. We cannot fully understand that until it happens, but mark my words, IT WILL HAPPEN. You're just going to have to take my word for it, because I'm afraid my family knows this government just a little too well.
The next constitutional convention will be marked by significant trial and error. It may be a fairly long convention, as several new plans will be floated and shot down. In the end, this is what I think will emerge...
  • a strong emphasis on states' rights, with secession options, and strong checks and balances from the states aimed toward the national government.
  • a mandate for a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility.
  • a significantly smaller and scaled back national government, less than 1/8 the size of the current national government.
  • a transfer of all social security and entitlement programs to the states.
  • a mandate to eliminate the direct taxation on the American people by the national government, national taxes will likely be limited to state tributes, tariffs on imports, and excise taxes. National income taxes and entitlement taxes will likely be eliminated and replaced with state revenue methods. Individual states will handle the bulk of the tax burden on the people.
  • a reform on the election process, probably eliminating the bicameral legislature, lengthening the terms of congressmen, and increasing the size of congress to keep districts small and closer to the people, effectively making it more difficult for "big money" to capture the government.
  • a lengthening of the term of the president to at least ten years, and perhaps limiting it to one term. This only gives him two more years than a current president can have, but it effectively eliminates his need to campaign once he attains the office. OR ELSE, the office of president may be eliminated all together in favor of a king who will be appointed by a process and called to serve a term of 25 years. Again, either measure would be designed to get "big money" out of the Whitehouse. The first option of a decade presidency merely limits it, while the second option of a quarter-century king eliminates it almost completely.
  • a new Bill of Rights will emerge, looking strikingly like the old one, but perhaps modernized and enhanced a bit. Yes, there will most certainly be a measure for individuals to keep and bear arms, as the delegates of the convention will know that nothing less will spark a civil war.
  • a measure of some kind will be included that at the very least recognizes the Christian heritage of the American people and Western civilization.
  • a measure of some kind will ensure the religious freedom of pastors behind the pulpit to preach as they see fit.
  • a measure of some kind will ensure that no state will be required to recognize a "gay marriage."
  • a measure of some kind will ensure that no state will be required to provide abortions.
Anything less than these items will not go over well among the states, likely resulting in a split of the nation upon ratification. To maintain the UNITED States, all of these measures will likely be produced and then some. Anything less will result in two, or more, countries that once made up the United States. This is because the necessary number of states will most certainly ratify the new constitution to put it into effect. New elections will be called for immediately, and those states that refuse to ratify it will simply have to hold their own elections and try to piece together what remains of the old Republic, or just start over and have their own constitutional conventions.

Yes, we are approaching the end game for the old Republic. A new national government will emerge from a new constitutional convention eventually, probably after the double-dip recession becomes reality and the dollar plummets in value. What we as Americans need to be focusing on right now are just two things -- our own prayer lives and our state legislatures. Pray that God will give our legislators the courage they need to appoint good Christian delegates to the upcoming constitutional convention. Then make sure we elect local state legislators that are worthy of that calling.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Is This The End of America?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Regular readers of this blog are well familiar with my pessimistic views about the current state of affairs in the United States and the world. However, it is specifically my American readers this article is directed toward. Based on the evidence of current events I think my negative views are warranted. My time tables have been off a bit, but the general predictions have come to fruition so far. In late 2008 to early 2009 I predicted that unemployment would soar to 10% by Christmas 2009 and approach 20% by Christmas 2010. I was right on both counts when you look at the "real" unemployment rate put out by private research companies and not the cooked government numbers Washington DC keeps spitting out. Also back in late 2008, trough all of 2009 and 2010, I predicted runaway inflation to come in the not-too-distant future. Once again I was proved right as we are starting to see that happen now. To be real, I have to say that I didn't come up with these predictions myself. Lots of other people were making them too. My only credit is that I happened to listen to the right people -- most of the time. So is my pessimism warranted? Yes, sadly I'm afraid so.

Now when you read this blog, and others like it, you might start to get the feeling that the sky is falling. This is only in part because of the news and opinions we report. A lot of that feeling has little to do with your reading material and everything to do with your world view. When blogs like this one talk about impending economic collapse and a political implosion to follow, you might start to get the idea that America is over. Of course some people are of the mindset that when America falls the world will be over. Well I'm here to tell you that if that's what you think than you're happily mistaken.

First of all, the world got along just fine without the United States for at least six-thousand years, but probably a lot longer than that. If the world could exist just fine before 1776 than I can guarantee it will do just fine in the event of America's demise. Granted, there will be a few bumps in the road for a while and it will take time for the world to adjust but it will go on -- guaranteed.

Second, the good news is the United States of America is not going anywhere anytime soon, and the rumors of America's demise have been greatly exaggerated. What is likely to happen in America is a complete economic meltdown, but guess what? That isn't the first time this has happened. What is also likely to happen in America (perhaps further down the line) is a complete political implosion, maybe even resulting in the fall of our democratic republic. Guess what, the United States would survive this and it wouldn't be the first time it happened. We lost our government no less than three times in American history and all we did was replace it with another. The first time we lost our government was intentionally in 1776 through an armed insurrection. The second time we lost our government was again intentionally when we abolished the Articles of Confederation and put the Constitution in its place in 1788. The last time we lost our government was in 1861-1865 through a bloody Civil War, but this time we didn't even have to change our Constitution. We just added a couple of amendments and turned the whole thing upside-down. The next time we lose our government it is much more likely to resemble 1789 and it will be to avert another 1861. The reason for this is because America faces a debt crisis unparalleled in it's history, and an entitlement crisis that will threaten civil unrest if not remedied. Yes, our current government will fall. It is inevitable, but that doesn't mean America will fall. You see the reason why is because WE are America. I am America. You are America. Our family and friends are America. America is a people not a government. America is a Union of fifty sovereign states, each with it's own government, bound together by history, language, culture and common experience. The demise of our federal government is not going to break this Union apart. It will most certainly redefine it, but it will not destroy it. It will change our way of life, but it will not obliterate it. The federal republic may not survive this coming upheaval but the United States of America most likely will.

What will emerge on the other side of this coming upheaval is any one's guess. There will most certainly be a new constitutional convention at some point. Whether the current constitution survives, or is replaced by a new one, cannot be known at this time. What type of government we end up with is not as important as the rights we demand it to defend. Is this the end of America? No. Not yet anyway, and probably not for some time. We are going into a period of upheaval not seen in American history for over a century. We are going to emerge very different than how we are now. There is nothing we can do to change these circumstances we will soon find ourselves in. However, when the time comes to define WHO we are, and HOW we shall express our national identity, this is something we can control, and it is something we definitely should be thinking about ahead of time (right now).

To my fellow Americans I would recommend we begin this process by considering just three documents as a reminder of who and what we are as Americans, serving as a foundation to build on. That being the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Star Spangled Banner (all four stanzas). The latter I suggest because it is a poem, like no other, that expresses who we are and what we are about. From there we can move out, exploring other pertinent documents that define who and what we are as Americans.

Once we have recalled who we are, we'll need to start thinking about where to go from here. Americans are a religious people, and Christianity has always been key to our culture, legal system and politics. Catholic Christianity is the single largest Christian denomination in the United States and it's growing fast. As waves of Latino immigrants enter the United States, many of them bring their Catholicism with them. Protestant denominations are shrinking, and even the most conservative Evangelical and Pentecostal groups are simply holding the line. Most of their members are converts from traditional Protestant groups and dissident Catholics. In the decades ahead, America will become a far more Catholic nation. We're going to have to grapple with that. This supposed impenetrable "wall of separation" between church and state has been a complete and utter disaster. The United States should be based on religious tolerance, with public recognition of it's Christian heritage, and not a denial of it. Religious tolerance comes from Christianity, and that is the very reason why America has tolerated people of various religions. If, for example, America were a Muslim nation, could we expect the same religious tolerance? Historical and contemporary example tell us "no." (Sorry, that's just the facts.) Yes, yes, I know. There was once a time when Christians attacked, persecuted and even killed each other, over nothing more than doctrinal differences. But can anyone honestly say these people were acting as Christians? Is that the sort of thing Jesus Christ would condone? I think not. As time passed more sober minds prevailed, and eventually Christians on this continent came to understand that nobody is going to find your Christian denomination attractive if you're not acting like the Christ you claim to follow. As a result, American Christian culture embraced religious tolerance, and it became a cornerstone of American civilization. So if you're an American who enjoys your religious freedom, or your freedom to be non-religious, than thank an American Christian who's culture of Christian charity helped make that possible. Yes, there has to be some kind of recognition of this, perhaps in our Constitution or Bill of Rights. There also has to be freedom for religious leaders to guide America's conscience, and this begins with complete and total freedom to preach politics from behind the pulpit. Now I know that's not a very popular thing to say, and many Americans are of the opinion that religion should stay out of politics. Regardless of how you feel about it, you will have to admit one thing. Based on the current income tax code, the U.S. federal government has already breached the so-called "wall of separation" by forbidding certain political topics from being preached in churches. This is clearly a violation of the establishment clause as intended by the founding fathers. Whatever government we end up with in the future, it should be one that understands this sort of thing simply cannot go on. If a pastor wants to tell people how to vote, he should be free to do so, just as people in his congregation are free to "vote with their feet" if they don't like it.

Remember that while the democratic process is part of our American tradition, so is monarchy (English, French and Spanish), and there is nothing "un-American" about being a monarchist, anymore than there is anything "un-American" about being a democrat or a republican. It's simply part of who we are. That being said, whatever government we end up with needs to recognize that America is a union of sovereign states, not a consolidated country with mere provinces. Sovereignty resides in the states, but they loan their powers to the national government. That government can be a federal republic or a king's realm, but it must always be understood where it's powers come from and that they can be revoked at any time should their abuse become severe. This is why for any new system of government to work in the future, it simply MUST include in it a legal mechanism by which as state (or group of states) can lawfully secede from the union or realm. The national government must be constitutionally obligated to accommodate such a move if it should happen. This is the ultimate check and balance on the national government. It is the ONLY way to insure that Americans are never forced to live under a tyrant without some form of recourse. Finally, considering the debt and entitlement crisis that will ultimately bring us to the brink, Americans must create a government that will be tight with the purse strings, small and unobtrusive, able to live within it's means without taxing the people beyond what is reasonable. Yes, this can be done, but not in an environment as politically charged as our current republic is now. I'm afraid this cycle is just going to have to play out, and when it's done we can start over with something new.

So in the words of Pope John Paul II "Do not be afraid." If our hope is in Christ we have nothing to fear anyway. Live for Christ and you will prevail -- one way or another -- victory is assured. A lot of people simply cannot imagine a world were America is not the greatest economic and military superpower. I call this the "Ameri-pocalypse Syndrome." It's defined by the notion that if anything really bad happens to America it must be the end of the world. A lot of this comes from Protestant dispensationalism, a heretical theology that is highly nationalistic and will soon by disproved by coming historical events. Yes, more bad times are coming, but this does not mean the end of the world, and it doesn't even mean the end of America. Be prepared for many changes in the months and years ahead, but don't assume they mean the end is near -- not yet anyway.

The Star-Spangled Banner

O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
’Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country, should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war’s desolation.
Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust;”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Untold Story of America's Second Civil War

Chief Sitting Bull
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Yes, the American republic did suffer a second civil war, but it is not one often recorded as such in the history books.  I'm talking about the republic's war on the Native American peoples.  I'll leave the history of the battles to the historians and just point out a couple highlights often overlooked (perhaps intentionally) in our nation's government-funded public schools.

During America's first Civil War (the one everyone talks about) from 1861 to 1865, a good number of Native American tribes sided with the Southern Confederacy.  That's not to say all of them mind you, but a fairly large number of them.  Why?  Could it be they saw in the Confederacy a better chance of civility than in the Union?  Could their reason have been remotely similar to the sympathies the Confederacy gained from the Vatican?  Nobody knows the answer to this for sure, but it does make an interesting footnote to the next untold story.

America's second Civil War was fought between the republic and the native tribes of North American Indians.  Of course we know what the outcome of this conflict was.   The United States was dominated by Protestant Christians, and it was the practice of Protestants to not only convert the "savages" but also assimilate them into Protestant culture, giving them proper second-class citizenship of course.  All vestiges of Native American culture, dress, music, food and customs were to be abandoned.  While Native American converts were to become mirror images of white Protestants -- except of course they weren't white.  Of course there were always those who simply could not assimilate and assume their second-class roll in society.  For them there was always the reservations.  This method of "evangelism" differed significantly to the Catholic method employed in Central and South America.  While the Catholic Europeans and Native Americans of Central and South America had their clashes, to be sure, and the results of those clashes were often catastrophic to Native American civilizations, in the end the Catholic Church encouraged intermingling between white Europeans and Native Americans even to the point of blessing marriages between them.  Elements of Native American culture, dress, music, food and customs were adopted by Catholic Europeans, eventually forming an amalgamate culture in what we know today as Latin America. 

Suppose for a moment that Catholicism were not limited to the one English colony of Maryland at the time of the American Revolution.  Suppose for a moment that millions of Irish Catholics migrated to the English colonies before 1776 instead of after.  Suppose all of New England, Richmond and Charleston had become large Catholic population centers in addition to Maryland.  Suppose the majority of America's founding fathers were Catholics.  How would this have changed American history?

Well if the British colonies in America were essentially Catholic prior to 1776, there still would have been a bloody revolution no doubt.  Only the cry for liberty and independence would have taken on a distinctly more religious tone.  King George III wouldn't have just been seen as a tyrant.  He would have been seen as a "Protestant tyrant," and the liberation of the colonies would have been seen as an opportunity to create a new system of government that would right the wrongs of the English Reformation and all subsequent actions of the English Protestant monarchy.  There is no way to know if a Catholic constitutional convention would have produced a monarchy or a republic.  I suspect the republican influence would have still been very strong at the time.  Regardless of the type of government formed, it is the American culture that would have been most important in it's dealing with the Native Americans.  Perhaps a Catholic America would have sought to follow the example of Latin America, by refusing to codify racial segregation into law, and permitting intermarriage between white Europeans and Native Americans.  In this sense America's second Civil War might have been averted all together, as American society would have adopted much more influence from Native American tribes insofar as culture, dress, music, food and customs.  Thus Native Americans themselves would have gained a much higher social status during the 1800s.  One can only imagine what America would look like today if such a thing had happened.

Enough with the fantasies though.  That didn't happen, and both the American republic and culture were thoroughly Protestant in every sense during the 1800s.  The Native Americans didn't take kindly to it, and the following excerpts from Father Berghold's book "The Indians Revenge" sheds some light on a dirty little secret in American history...
Through the kindness of a benevolent German gentleman from Chicago who is an active friend of the German Catholic Sioux Missions at the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations, we are enabled to give extracts from letters of an experienced Catholic missionary, who, in company with others, devotes himself, with a noble self-sacrifice, to the education of the Sioux children, and, if possible, to the civilizing of the adult Sioux. If the treatment of the Sioux were entirely placed in the hands of the "black-gowns" and the devoted Sisters of Charity, there would be no more Sioux wars. That the present troubles have not assumed greater proportions, may be safely attributed to the zeal of the good missionaries, and that many of the Sioux are now desirous of making peace. [P. 117]


According to the principles of our free institutions every one of the condemned was at liberty to choose the religion in which he wanted to die, and they were officially notified of the fact. The Government also offered to procure the spiritual advisers of their choice. Strange as it may appear, thirty-six out of the thirty-nine became Catholics, though they had always been under the spiritual guidance of Protestant ministers who, as has been said, were in the employ of the Government for years past at the different agencies. Their Catholic spiritual adviser was the Rev. Father Ravoux, who is at present attached to the Cathedral at St. Paul as Vicar-General of the diocese.* Martial law was proclaimed at Mankato by Stephen Miller on the 24th of December...

* The different Indian tribes who, some years ago, held a great council with the representatives of the Government also wanted only Catholic priests, a fact which was reported in every paper throughout the country [Ibid, p. 146]
Now this is something you'll probably never hear in a public school classroom or find in a public school history textbook. It is an interesting snapshot on the life and times of Native Americans during their era of great struggle against the American republic and it's European Protestant culture. Featured above, at the top of this article, you will notice a popular photograph of Chief Sitting Bull who led the Dakota people in their decisive victory against General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn. You will notice the Native American Chief is wearing a few beaded necklaces, but the largest one is also the one that hangs the lowest. Yes, this particular necklace is usually cropped out of American history books to hide it's presence. Yes, it is a crucifix.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mr. "Compassion" and the Fall of the American Republic

(WSJ) - In a midday speech in Washington, Mr. Obama will propose a plan that includes cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicare, limits on military spending and an overhaul of the tax system designed to bring in more revenue....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's funny how Democrats are characterized as "compassionate" and "generous" to the elderly, poor and working families. However, it is the Democrats who most often cut entitlement programs to the elderly, poor and raise taxes on working families. It just goes to show how well the American propaganda machine works as the mainstream news media has become nothing more than an appendage of the Democratic Party.  So today, "Mr. Compassion" himself, America's "messiah" and the darling of the DNC, will announce his plan to cut Medicare and raise taxes.  He will of course receive some criticism from his own party, and perhaps a little heat from the mainstream news media.  However, it will only be a fraction of the fire that would be dished out on a Republican president.  Why?  Well, anyone can see -- silly!  President Obama has a "D" for Democrat behind his name, while any Republican president would have an "R," and any fool knows that just makes everything so much worse!

The politics of the American republic are laughable.  I say that as an American and a monarchist.  Any system where two men can do virtually the exact same thing, but one receive more criticism than another, simply because of the letter behind his name, is a joke of a system to say the least.  Of course on paper the American republic isn't supposed to work this way, but since when has the American republic ever worked according to how it is spelled out on paper?  What is really sad and scary is how many Americans actually buy into this nonsense.  I point the finger at myself first, having bought into this system for most of my adult life.  Of course I was raised in it, and it was all I knew, so I suppose most Americans do have that to say in their defense.  However, if they would just stop the rhetoric for a minute, step back and look at that big picture, they would see that they're being manipulated by ideologues on both sides of the political spectrum, to the point where something as simple as two letters, and "R" and a "D," will influence their thoughts and emotions.   Tell me, if this were 2007 and President George W. Bush announced that he was proposing cuts to Medicare, would there be any end to the media frenzy?  Wouldn't Democrats announce the end of the world, and that Bush is trying to starve senior citizens?  Wouldn't we see political cartoons of elderly people eating dog food so they could save enough money to pay for their prescription drugs?  Of course we would!  But this is 2011 and a Democrat is in the Whitehouse now, so the Democrats will go soft on him, and the mainstream media will tone down the rhetoric significantly.  That's how it works you see.  I've been watching this game for a very long time -- maybe a little too long.

The rhetoric goes both ways of course, as we see a similar pattern on conservative talk radio shows and some FoxNews personalities.  In recent years the influence of these neoconservative media outlets has started to increase, approaching the size and scope of the mainstream news alphabet networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, etc.).  Of course this presents a threat to the Democratic Party, which has controlled media outlets for decades, and as a result the Democrats are now calling for media censorship in the form of the "fairness doctrine." 

Again, it's laughable, those who call themselves the champions of "free speech" and "openness" turn around and call for censorship when it doesn't work in their favor.  Of course the Republicans blame the Democrats, and the Democrats blame the Republicans, but the sad reality is that both parties are merely different flavors of the same kind of criminals.  Choosing between the Democrats and the Republicans is a lot like picking which mafia cartel you want to live under.  Shall it be Italian mafia this year, or the Mexican mafia next year?  Pick your poison.  We can give America's founding fathers some credit where credit is due.  The system of divided powers they set up in the U.S. Constitution did manage to delay the fall of the American republic for at least a century, making it very difficult for the criminals that rule us to destroy us overnight.   They had to work on it, for a very long time, incrementally step by step, until we finally reached the point where we are now.  To do it they needed some tools to undermine the safeguards set in place by America's founding fathers.  The whole process began in the year 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the passage of the 16th (income tax) and 17th (popular election of senators) amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  All three measures together spelled the beginning of the end for the American republic.  They were the tools the criminals need to subvert the republic and take over.

Nearly one-hundred years later the damage has become irreversible.  The United States is over fourteen trillion dollars in debt, running national deficits of over one trillion a year.  The value of the U.S. dollar has depreciated to less than one-twentieth it's value in 1913.  What would cost you $1 in 1913, would now cost you $22.35 in 2011.  That's an inflation change of 2135.4%.  Guess what!  It's about to get worse -- a lot worse -- and very quickly.  We are now approaching the end-game for the U.S. dollar.   Here is where the real danger is.  According to the Financial Times (FT.Com) the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just stated that the United States now lacks credibility on it's solution to the national debt and that only tough austerity measures will restore that credibility.  This is a HUGE problem.  The United States needs debt credibility to maintain it's gold-plated AAA credit rating.  If our credit rating is downgraded, it will mean the United States will have to pay higher interest rates to borrow money, and with us borrowing nearly one and a half trillion dollars a year, a higher interest rate would cripple us -- literally!  Then of course there is the impending problem with reserve currency.  One of the reasons why the United States has been able to float so much debt for so long is because the U.S. dollar remains the world's reserve currency.  That is about to change as nations flee the dollar and turn to a new IMF reserve currency.  Once that happens, the United States will be saddled with trillions of dollars in debt, nobody to buy it, and a dollar that is near worthless.  At that point the only thing the U.S. can do is print more currency, buy it's own debt, and effectively pay its creditors off with funny-money (a process that has already started).  This will destroy the credit rating of the United States permanently and leave our currency worthless.  Americans will no longer use American dollars and we will not be able to borrow money either.  The results on the American economy will be catastrophic and lasting.

This explains why "Mr. Compassion" is willing to cut medical coverage to the elderly while simultaneously raising taxes on working class families.  Make no mistake about it, his budget proposal is strategically calculated to boost his chances for reelection in 2012.  Obama is effectively staring down the barrel of an economic canon aimed at the American republic.  He knows there is no way out, and if the United States loses it's credit rating before he leaves office, the chances of his reelection in 2012 will be nil.  So to save his presidency, he is throwing everybody under the bus.  By everybody I mean his party, the elderly, and middle-class working families.   It's a calculated risk to be sure, but make no mistake about it, it's designed to save his presidency not the American republic.

That's the problem with democratic republics.  Politics eventually becomes about politicians and parties, not preserving the system that makes them possible.  It's a system that works great on paper, but in practical reality it doesn't work so well at all.  Those who think we can save the system by simply switching parties are delusional.  It's a delusion I once shared not long ago.  The system itself is flawed, it will collapse, and it will be replaced.   The days of the American republic are coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the United States will cease to exist along with it.  More likely, the United States will go on as a nation long after the republic falls, but under a different system of government all together.  What Americans need to be thinking about right now is what kind of system that will be and how we will bring it about after the republic falls.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Major Schism in U.S. Catholic Church Underway

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT is a friend to all priests and bishops in full union with the pope.  However, it pains me to say that a certain number of American priests and bishops have not been in full unity with the Holy Father, especially on matters related to liturgical reform and sound catechesis.

The U.S. Catholic Church is about to suffer a major schism.

Yes, that's right, soon there will be two "Catholic churches" in the United States.  One will be the legitimate Roman Catholic Church in union with the pope, while the other will be a schismatic "American Catholic Church" headed by the "American Catholic Council" and giving lip service to Rome, with no real tangible unity with the Holy Father.  There is no word yet on how many properties will be wrestled away from diocesan bishops in this coming schism, or how quickly Rome will respond with the excommunications.  However, there are many indicators that seem to suggest this schism will be real and sizable, perhaps on a level not seen since the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the 16th century. 

While there is already a schismatic "American Catholic Church" in existence, the emerging American Catholic Council within the mainstream U.S. Catholic Church threatens to draw many Catholics away from the pope and those U.S. bishops in communion with him.  It is unknown whether this emerging American Catholic Council will attempt some from of ecumenical merger with the schismatic "American Catholic Church" or attempt to create some new type of ecclesiastical body.  What is certain is that the schism already exists in the hearts and minds of many U.S. Catholics and that schism will be realized when the American Catholic Council meets for the first time on June 10th through 12th in Detroit.  The Catholic Knight blog has received numerous search engine hits for a previous article written on the American Catholic Council, indicating an increasing interest on the Internet as the council's convention date approaches. 

Far too few bishops have condemned this event, and sadly, this is symptomatic of the problem in general.  The reason why this schism is happening, indeed the reason why it will be much larger than anyone expects, is because so many U.S. bishops have been lax in their approach to liturgy, catechesis and discipline.  As a result, progressive modernists within the Church now have a sense of entitlement.  They are convinced their movement is the product of Vatican II, and it is the old structure of the Catholic hierarchy that stands in their way.  Indeed, a simple review of their website demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that what these people want is nothing short of a complete restructuring of the Catholic Church into a democracy with female clergy, acceptance of artificial birth control, openness toward homosexuality, and elected bishops.  It's a model that already exists within the Protestant Anglican Communion.   Sadly, this message will resonate with hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of Catholics across the United States, creating a crisis and schism that nobody within the USCCB can comprehend at this time.