Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gays Targeting Knights of Columbus

Lesbians Want More Than Just Fine for Knights of Columbus: Launch Appeal
Blogger captures “travesty” K of C v. lesbians Human Rights tribunal decision

Homosexual Advocate Lawyer Barbar FindlayEDMONTON, December 2, 2005 ( – Two lesbians, Tracey Smith and Deborah Chymyshyn, said yesterday that they are appealing a BC Human Rights Tribunal decision that granted $2,000 in damages for the “humiliation” they suffered for being denied a hall to celebrate their same-sex “wedding” from the Knights of Columbus.

“This is going to be the first real legal test of the (same-sex marriage law),” said the couple’s homosexual advocate lawyer, Barbara Findlay. Findlay is the founder of both provincial and federal “national queer lawyers’ groups” at the Canadian Bar Association. “We want the court to make the call – how far does freedom of religion extend under the charter? Where do we draw the line?”

“Basically the Knights were punished for bad manners, not discrimination,” Findlay emphasized. “We won the battle. We’re nowhere near winning the war.”

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Here's the deal. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic religious organization. These two lesbians deceived the knights by reserving the knight's hall for a wedding reception. The knights were under the impression that this was a typical wedding between a man and a woman, and made the reservations for them. When it later came out that the wedding was for two lesbians, the knights returned their money and politely told them they could not host the event in good conscience because the hall is a Catholic religious facility, and homosexuality defies the teachings of the Church. So these two lesbians did what any good homosexual activist would do -- they sued! Thanks to Canada's liberal court system, they won the lawsuit -- sort of. They were awarded two-thousand dollars for the inconvenience placed on the lesbian couple. But like any good homosexual activist would do -- they appealed the decision because that wasn't good enough for them. They want to use Canada's new gay anti-discrimination law to bring the Knights of Columbus to its knees. They want bigger fines, more money, and perhaps even a chance to bring down the whole organization in Canada.

I submit to you the following. It is the opinion of this blogger that this was the intention of these lesbian activists all along. They intentionally hid the nature of their wedding from the knights, so they could get the reservation. Then they intentionally let the cat out of the bag, knowing the knights would cancel the reservation, so they could bring the lawsuit. This isn't about their stupid perverse "wedding" reception. This is about making an "example" out of the knights. They intended to bring this lawsuit from the very beginning, and they intend to take it as far as it will go. Their intention is to destroy the Knights of Columbus in Canada, and then as soon as they're done, other homosexual activists will go after other religious organizations. All other Christian organizations in Canada beware. You're next!