Monday, March 12, 2007

Brave Priest Stands Up To Gay Agenda

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Thank God for brave priests like Rev. Cliff Jacobson. We need a whole lot more just like him. His actions here were an act of love, not only for the Body of Christ, but also for the sinners who were corrupting it...

By BRANTLEY HARGROVE, News-Record Writer

Leah Vader grew up in the Catholic church. She went to Catholic school. She took communion every week. But on March 1, she got a letter from the Rev. Cliff Jacobson, the pastor of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, which she attends.

The letter said that “because of your union and your public advocacy of same-sex unions, that you are unable to receive communion.”

Vader and her spouse, Lynne Huskinson, were married in Canada. They’ve been outspoken advocates for gay rights. Vader brought Huskinson to the church and she was baptized in 2000. The two have been a fixture at the church since 1998...

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