Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What It Means To Be Catholic In Today's World

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Anti-Catholicism is on the rise in a very BIG way. Some of the trials Catholics face are old ones. They've been around for generations. Others are relatively new, but make no mistake about it, to be a Practicing Catholic (meaning a Catholic who believes all of what the Church teaches, and tries to practice it) is to be hated, ridiculed, despised and persecuted. Jesus warned us that if they (the powers of this world) would do it to him, they will do likewise to us. Yes, being a Practicing Catholic means being a target. I suppose that might be one reason why so many Americans are Cafeteria Catholics. Perhaps they think they can duck what it means to be Catholic if they just don't believe or act like one.

Click on the links below to read, learn and understand what it means to be a Practicing Catholic in today's world...