Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Democrats Crack Up - Compare Barack Obama To Jesus Christ, And Sarah Palin To Pontius Pilate

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This insane analogy was uttered by Representative Steve Cohen, Democratic congressmen from Tennessee, on the floor of the U.S. Capitol House of Representatives. I'm sure these sentiments are shared by many people on the political Left. Representative Cohen just happened to articulate them.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Senator Barack Obama has been likened to a messianic figure since the early days of his campaign for president back in 2007. It began with fainting spells at his rallies. Followed by depictions of him in photographs and artwork with glowing halos of light or a cross in the background. His supporters began to refer to him as "The One," and the frenzy only escalated from there. Barack Obama did nothing to distance himself from this kind of stuff, but in many ways allowed it to flourish.  His triumphant entry came with his magnificent descent from Mount Olympus unto the 'Obamacropolis' stadium in Denver Colorado. Only a massive temple, complete with Greek columns, surrounded by uncountable throngs of adoring worshippers, would be fitting for such an occasion. So it was, and the world witnessed the sensation of America's first political cult.

If Obama was to be "America's messiah," then his political undoing could only be the work of Pontius Pilate himself - or maybe I should say "herself" - in the form of the beautiful and charming governor of Alaska. Congressman Cohen's comments make perfect sense when you really think about it. They were inevitable. If you're going to have a political messiah, as the Democrats so desperately want - then it only stands to reason that his political crucifixion would soon follow.

On the night of Obama's nomination acceptance speech, a Thursday, he took praise from the masses, and gave thanks to those who supported him.  The following day, a Friday, McCain's nomination of Governor Sarah Palin was announced.  "The One" fell quickly, but unlike Jesus, in three days this "messiah" did not rise again.  His poll numbers went down, and stayed down. 

'The Catholic Knight' warned of the dangers associated with political messianism (read more here and here). Obama has been treading on thin ice with this for over a year. Now he's paying the consequences for it, and in the process, he's taking down the whole Democratic Party.