Friday, September 19, 2008

Joe Biden May Cost Obama The Election

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In nominating Senator Joe Biden as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama hoped Biden's "Catholic" identity would help him net the Catholic swing vote. However, in nominating a backsliding Cafeteria Catholic, Obama made a catastrophic miscalculation, and now that just may cost him the Catholic vote entirely.

The idea that Obama was specifically targeting the Catholic vote with his V.P. nominee pick is almost indisputable. During the selection process, news agencies across the nation reported Obama's probable short list - the overwhelming majority of those on it being "Catholic." All of them, however, would have backfired this year, because of the Vatican's crack down on pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians. However, the selection of Biden was quite possibly the worst pick imaginable at this time.

This is the fist presidential election held in the United States during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI, and he is definitely having an impact. Indeed, it is no secret that the current pontiff wants to influence the world's social politics - especially on matters of human life. In short, he wants Catholics to put aside their partisan politics, and start voting like Catholics. That means Catholic voters must be educated, and communion must be withheld from them when they knowingly vote for pro-abortion politicians. It also means that bishops must take an aggressive stand against Catholic politicians who espouse heresy in a public setting (such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Joe Biden) and deny them communion so long as they fail to uphold the Church's teachings on life. It also means that Catholic organizations, like the 'Knights of Columbus' must aggressively work toward educating the general population about authentic Church teaching, and squarely oppose Catholic politicians who misrepresent it. All of these things, Pope Benedict XVI has aggressively pushed for during the last few years, and he's indicated he'll continue to push harder.

If Senator John Kerry thought he had it rough in his run for president in 2004, he had better thank his lucky stars that his name isn't Joe Biden who is running for Vice President this year. Indeed, Obama miscalculated severely, and picked a supposed "Catholic" who only irritates more Catholic voters than he draws. The last two elections has done nothing but prove that the selection of ANY pro-abortion Cafeteria Catholic (like John Kerry or Joe Biden) has become more of a political liability than an asset. This doesn't just apply to Democrats. Mayor Rudy Giuliani, also a pro-abortion Cafeteria Catholic, discovered this during the Republican primary season. Obama's pick of Biden, in this Benedictine papal era, may very well cost him the election.
(WorldNetDaily) - Members of the Knights of Columbus Catholic organization have taken out ads to appear tomorrow in USA Today, the Washington Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and Delaware News Journal asking Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden to correct his statements about abortion.

Reminding him that under Catholic teaching, "abortion is a grave sin to be avoided at any time during a pregnancy," the organization attributes to Biden a "unique responsibility" to be correct when making public statements about the faith.

"Sen. Obama stressed your Catholic identity repeatedly when he introduced you as his running mate, and so your statements carry considerable weight, whether they are correct or not. You now have a unique responsibility when you make public statements about Catholic teaching," the letter says.

The issue of abortion has become a flashpoint in the 2008 presidential election for the Democratic nominees, Sens. Obama and Biden, at least in part because Obama is an ardent abortion proponent who has gone beyond the desires of even the National Abortion Rights Action League in advocating for the controversial procedure....

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