Thursday, September 11, 2008

News Media's Take On Palin

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  After watching some of the interview of Governor Sarah Palin by ABC's Charles Gibson, and taking in everything the mainstream news media has said about Governor Palin over the last two weeks, I have come to two conclusions.

One, Governor Palin holds up well to some of the worst media anal exam ever dished out in recent memory.  And two, the mainstream news media really, really, REALLY hates her - almost as much as the Democrats hate her.  When you consider how anti-Catholic and anti-Evangelical the mainstream news media is, that in itself is enough reason for me to like her.

Prepare for things to get worse, much worse. Already reports are coming in about journalists cruising bars in Alaska, offering money for any dirt on Palin. At this rate, it won't be long before people start making things up. As we've seen on the Internet, some people are more than willing to manufacture stories just for political reasons. Throw money into the mix, and no telling what kind of whoppers will come next.