Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Does Financial Bailout Harken To One World Government?

(Spirit Daily) - Lost in the hullabaloo over the economy is the trend toward global consolidation. Astonishingly, the United States has taken over private financial institutions and may now send hundreds of billions into additional private interests on Wall Street, as it absorbs debt and assumes a degree of control. It is a "soft" socialism -- something that would have been unthinkable just a couple years ago and places tremendous power in the hands of the Federal Reserve, which long has been feared as a behind-the-scenes player that will control the economy and work toward a consolidation (first of businesses, then of nations) which in turn would lead to a new world order, and perhaps even a single world system of finance and governance.

For many years, this has seemed in the realm of wild conspiracy, but to increasing numbers, it is not quite so wild any longer. No one here is saying that a single small group of strategists is controlling the world, but terms like "secret governing" directed by a relatively small number of officials are a consideration that has grown more acute in recent days. We have long said the conspiracy is more a spiritual one -- a spiritual trend -- than the work of any single brilliant Geneva-or-Brussels-based cabal. Many different entities, some large, some small, some open, some secretive (see: "Bohemia Grove," or the Bilderberg Group), are moving in the same direction: consolidation first of finances, then of governments. One sees this most starkly with the United Nations, the European Union, and now the move (at least at the level of finances) to dissolve borders too in the Western Hemisphere (a former leader of Mexico even used the term "North American Union" as a goal for his nation; and a number of U.S. presidents -- including Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush (Sr.) -- have employed the term "new world order"). Recently, former British leader Tony Blair, a Catholic, was at Yale speaking of the need to merge faith with globalization.

Now, we believe that one can go too far with all of this. Not everything is a conspiracy. But something about what is occurring on Wall Street (and at the Treasury) does not seem right. In the wake of the reputed financial crisis (no one is really sure what is occurring), we see headlines to the effect that "global firms" (as one article put it) are "set to move in." That's disquieting. Do powerful financiers actually manipulate developments and markets to such a degree as to change the landscape almost single-handedly, and for the strategic goal of a single governance (and perhaps also a single spirituality)? This is the fear because a single system could be controlled, then, or at least decisively influenced, by a personage of evil....

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