Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain / Palin More Aligned With Catholic Social Justice

John & Cindy McCain visit the shrine of Our Lady in Guadalupe Mexico.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: After careful evaluation of the top two presidential candidates (read more here), as well as their vice presidential running mates, 'The Catholic Knight' concludes that the McCain / Palin ticket is the one most sympathetic to the social teachings of Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church. There are third-party candidates who are more sympathetic and far more ideal. However, as far as the two major party candidates are concerned, McCain / Palin wins by a fairly large margin.

The criteria was based on the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI on the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church. In 2006, the Holy Father issued a statement in which he identified a three-point rule of primary concern for Catholic voters in the world today (read more here). This three-point rule is to be used by Catholics as a quick and simple way to evaluate any candidate who runs for political office. It should be used for all candidates running in local, state and national elections. It is particularly applicable to presidential candidates. If the candidate scores high with this three-point rule, he/she can be considered "acceptable" for a Catholic vote. Candidates who do not score well with this three-point rule, should be excluded from the Catholic vote.

The pope's three-point rule is as follows...

1. Pro-Life: the candidate must oppose abortion outright
2. Pro-Family: the candidate must oppose gay-marriage outright
3. School-Choice: the candidate must support public funding for private education

When candidates perform well on this three-point rule, they can be further evaluated by Catholic Social Justice with more scrutiny. Issues such as healthcare, option for the poor, and environmental conservation can then be applied. However, they must first pass this initial three-point rule, or they are not worthy of the Catholic vote at all. Both Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin score well with the pope's three-point rule, promoting a Pro-Life and Pro-Family campaign. John McCain is an ardent promoter of School-Choice, which happens to be a subject highly favored by Pope Benedict XVI.

In contrast, both Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden oppose the pope on every single point of this three-point rule. Because of this, Senator Biden, himself a "Roman Catholic," has actually been barred from receiving communion by Vatican edict, and many U.S. Catholic bishops will not allow him to approach the communion rail at all. Because of these reasons, the Obama / Biden ticket is significantly less aligned with the pope's three-point rule (even opposing it outright), which according to the Holy Father, should exclude Obama / Biden from the Catholic vote entirely.

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